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Interesting idea for a title! We shall see how it's put to use, I'm sure.

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My guess is the album art will be a bit like CrazyShow, or even Catching Rays On Giant.
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Now that would be experimental, wouldn't it?

Originally Posted by Kaz View Post
OK with more rock. Thunderbaby though...Sounds like it starts out with a promise of James Bond and ends up in a Teletubby nursery.

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That's a great new, let's see what it will be.

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Old 24 Aug 2017, 21:41   #15
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im thinking autumn 2027?
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Old 24 Aug 2017, 22:58   #16
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No way on Earth.

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Originally Posted by MarianGoldfan123 View Post
I wish I knew what he meant by "ambient big screen-orchestral vein". Not very descriptive!

Sounds great to me (didn't like Strange Attractor very much tbh)


Big screen



that sounds like an amazing Album lies ahead.

I would describe Songs like For A Million, Lassie Come Home, Apollo that way. Hope some songs are going to be epic (in a Pink Floyd-like way)

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Now that I've heard just about every one of his songs at this point, I can picture the next album as having something akin to Like Thunder (that's a very ambient / slow and peaceful track; reminds me of an aquarium / the inside of a zoo with the glass panes so you can look at the various fish swimming by). I think the one unreleased tune which would fit this album perfectly, and I'm hoping it makes it's way to it in some form, is the piano track "Demon Eyes". That one is quite nice!
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Old 16 May 2018, 06:16   #19
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next week is the Alphaville Story at the german TV Show "Sing meinen Song", mybe there will be an annocement for thunderbaby and new song....lets hope so :-)
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Normally taking part in a tv show like that is the best time to present a new album, but I guess, we would have already heard of it before, if there was something new ready to be published.
I only hope, Marian does not still promote SA, as in my opinion this has been the worst AV record ever.
By the way, BRING MICH NACH HAUSE has shown the best chart performance of all
songs from the last show, making it to the Amazon Top10 and debuting on 22 on Itunes. It is still No.20 in the Amazon pop download charts.
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