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7 5th fanclub meeting (Denmark), Oct 2001

I already started
My little journey early Friday morning, and later, in Gothenburg, I catched up with most of the Swedes. We continued down to Helsingborg, but there we had to wait for Joachim & Co that seemed to have taken another…longer way. We took the ferry to Helsingör, and we all managed to miss the house the meeting was about to take place in. Finally, after some turns, and Staffan getting a little joggingtour down to the house, we were welcomed by the already arrived people; the two Danish guys and Krapplund. After yet a couple of hours, everyone had arrived, and the pre-party could begin. Everyone were quite hungry, so this first evening we ordered pizza from a local place. I wonder what the owner thought when someone called and ordered 15 pizzas…

After a nice meal
Andy E aka Andreas Engfeldt performed some of his own songs. No AV-songs were allowed this evening, but we all could hear one or two of these songs anyway. The pre-party continued all night long, with a lot of beer, loud singing, talking, and even some writing…And at exactly midnight, the first, really allowed, AV-song was played. Guess how we sounded when Big in Japan started?? The first one got to bed around two, but this didn´t stop the other ones. The singing sounded long after some peoples bedtime. More bottles of beer was put on the table, and everyone just got happier! In the end, around 4-5 am, it was only me, another swede and the Danish guys still up. We went outside and enjoyed the silence for a while. The house was located in a very peaceful place. After more bottles of beer and some angry-gameplaying it was finally time for bed. We fell to bed around 6 am, and it had already started to get light outside.

Saturday – the official meeting (party) day!
After a few hours of sleep it was time for breakfast. A couple of people dissapeared somewhere and bought some bread, milk and a cheese that didn´t smell that nice. After eating, almost everyone went down to the beach, and sat there for a while. It was a really nice view, you could see Sweden on the other side of the sea. Maria built a little mermaid, but only a moment later a danish couple happened to walk over it…We saw some cows, even one without a head, well almost…We came back around 4 pm, just in time for the events to begin. Some people started to get hungry, so we called the local foodplace again. We didn´t order so many pizzas this time, we also wanted some different dishes like chicken, fish and so on… And just like yesterday we got a bottle of wine (year 2000=) with our order. While waiting for the food, Joachim offered some cd´s and other stuff for us to buy.

After dinner
It was time for the usual competition. Joachim had put together about 20 AV/MG/AP-songs in a terrible mix, with a lot of unneccessary sounds and in a very fast speed. The winner turned out to be one of this years new faces; Jonatan Uppström. He got a price that Joachim didn´t have yet; the new remixalbum Forever Pop.

Dark outside, partytime!
Lot´s of AV-music, everyone sang the loudest they could, drinking their beer. Most people sat in the livingroom, but there was a few that could be located in some of the other rooms. Around 9 pm, Andy E entered “the stage”, this time also performing his cover of Days of wonder. And this time he had to sound really good, because Willy walked around with his small microphones, about to record both Andy E and the upcoming show.

Finally it was time for this evening´s big event: Artwork!
After the soundcheck (with all of us already there) the show began. No one was sitting down anymore, everyone was in front of “the stage”, dancing and singing. There were a few small errors in the sound, but it only maked everything even more fun. A very nice show indeed. They gave us many songs, but we “beg for more and moooore”. The time couldn´t have been very late, the evening had just started for many of us. More beer on the table, the singing become louder and louder for every hour that passed. You could only sit there and watch the others sing, I promise, it´s really funny sometimes. I had a great laugh both one and two times during the night. After a while, just like yesterday some went to bed, and you could really understand that people were tired, as much we had been singing and laughing!

During the last hours
No more AV were played, but other synthmusic like Depeche Mode and Eraure, and everyone was (almost) just as happy… We didn´t stop singing because of the non-AV music, everyone sang in every song they knew! More bottles on the table, I counted the amount to about 50-60 this evening, but I gave up after a while…It was no idea anyway..=) As the hours passed by, one by one all dissappeared into their rooms, but most people stayed up much later than the day before. Willy and Patrik were in the livingroom discussing some songs, while the other people awake, me, Jonatan and David discussed other things in our room. Well well, everything have to end somewhere, and this night ended around 6.30 am.

Sunday – the go home day…
As I wrote, everything ends somewhere and so did this meeting. It had been a great event, meeting a lot of funny people, you had fun 24 hours a day. After some minor cleaning, everyone, except for the one already gone and the two crazy Danish guys, went to the cars and began the trip back to Sweden. Finally, I ended up on the train back home to Örebro, dreaming about everything that had happend this weekend, and of everyone that attended.

Unforgettable is my word for this…


Christina Hsu

"Alphaville ohne Bernhard ist wie eine Apfelstrudel ohne apfel"
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