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poul e
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Esbjerg Rock Festival 2012

The names for Esbjerg Rock Festival 2012 have now been announced. It will be a 2 day festival held on June 1st and June 2nd.

Friday is jam band day with these copy artists:
  • Die Herren (U2)
  • Back In Black (AC-DC)
  • Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode)
  • The Boss (Bruce Springsteen)
And the names for Saturday:
  • Kim Wilde
  • Nik Kershaw
  • Alphaville
  • Belinda Carlisle
  • T'Pau
  • Midge Ure
  • Rocazino (Danish act)
  • Dodo & The Dodos (Danish act)
In my opinion a really good lineup and even if I have already experienced these names live before I really look forward to all names perhaps with the exception of Dodo & the Dodos and T´Pau....

Until 30/4 it's possible to buy tickets at cut price 410DKK for Saturday. Use this link (in Danish):

If you need help getting tickets or finding a place to stay during the festival weekend you can contact me here or by mail

Fans will be staying at Cab Inn Hotel in the middle of the city. The hotel has reasonable prices and a fine breakfast.
Checkin between 15 and 18. Checkout before 11.
Prices at CabInn (if you order through me - I get a special discount!):

Captains tripleroom incl breakfast Kr. 795,00 for each night
Commodore tripleroom incl. breakfast Kr. 695,00 for each night
Commodore doubleroom incl. breakfast Kr. 650,00 for each night
Standard doubleroom incl. breakfast Kr. 625,00 for each night
Standard singleroom incl. breakfast Kr. 525,00 for each night
It's possible to be 4 people in a tripleroom....3 beds and a bunkbed Kr. 925,00 for each night

On Friday evening we will arrange a gettogether/fanmeeting at Cab Inn. We have the basement for ourselves....more about that later!!

These fans will attend:
Poul Erik Andersen (poul e) (Denmark)
Michael Yde Soinjoki (zipler) (Denmark)
Morten Toftdahl (Denmark)
Thomas Toftgaard Sørensen (Denmark)
Peter Krappinger (Krapplund) (Sweden)
with Johnny Hjelm (Sweden)
and Alberto Rubbo (Sweden)
Richani & AC van Efferen (Netherlands)
Svein-Erik Vatle (soulman) +3 (Norway)
Fredrik Erlandsson (Babble) (Sweden)
Andreas Engfeldt (Sweden)
Patrik Karlsson (patten) (Sweden)
with Kim (Sweden)
Michael Hezekielsson (Sweden)
Angelica Almlöv (Sweden)
Elena (Alien) (Russia)
Tapio Hansson (TheBlue) (Finland)
Sami Koskinen (Finland)
Lisa Larsson + John Eriksson (Sweden)
Maria Cederwall (Sweden)
Leena Aho (Sweden)
Christina Hsu (Sweden)
Joachim Hollander (Sweden)
Mike Schwartz + brother (US)
Håkan Andersson + wife (Sweden)
Sabrina Heitmann + Silke (Germany)
Clare (UK)
Jerome Martin (Austria)
Willy Nielsen (wii) (Denmark)
Marie Reyes (USA)
Mark Ferrigno (USA)

Here is our booking:
Captain's Tripleroom: Lisa Larsson, Christina Hsu, John Eriksson (2 nights Friday-Sunday)
Captain's Tripleroom: Leena Ahoo, Maria Cederwall, Joachim Hollander (2 nights Friday-Sunday)
Captain's Tripleroom: Richani & AC van Efferen, Elena Amosova (Friday-Sunday)
Captain's Tripleroom: Patrik Karlsson, Kim Lundström, Fredrik Erlandsson, Tom Svendsen (2 nights Friday-Sunday)
Captain's Tripleroom: Poul Erik Andersen, Michael Yde Soinjoki, Morten Toftdahl (2 nights Friday-Sunday)
Commodore Tripleroom: Peter Krappinger, Johnny Hjelm, Alberto Rubbo (2 nights Friday-Sunday)
Commodore Doubleroom: Marie Reyes & Mark Ferrigno (2 nights Friday-Sunday)
Commodore Doubleroom: Mike Schwartz, John Schwartz (2 nights Friday-Sunday)
Standard Doubleroom: Svein-Erik Vatle, Frode Jørgensen (2 nights Friday-Sunday)
Standard Doubleroom: Håkan Andersson, Setareh Andersson (2 nights Friday-Sunday)
Standard Doubleroom: Willy Nielsen, David Witkowski (2 nights Friday-Sunday)
Standard Doubleroom: Michael Hezekielsson, Angelica Almlöv (2 nights Friday-Sunday)
Standard Doubleroom: Sabrina Heitmann + Silke Ossenbrueggen (2 nights Friday-Sunday)
Standard Doubleroom: Tapio Hansson, Sami Koskinen (1 night Saturday-Sunday)
Standard Singleroom: Andreas Engfeldt (2 nights Friday-Sunday)
Standard Singleroom: Trond Sørøy (2 nights Friday-Sunday)
Standard Singleroom: Jerome Martin (2 nights Friday-Sunday)
Standard Singleroom: Clare Barton (3 nights Thursday-Sunday)
Standard Singleroom: Jarl Gjessing (2 nights Friday-Sunday)
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poul e
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Peter....should I add your name to the list??
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WOW what a line up !! Damn I should really try to join it this time..

~~ Ријaнa [love2] Алфaвил ~

~You gotta fight, for your right to party~
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poul e
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You should Richani!! It's a really great festival held in very nice surroundings! The festivalarea will be even bigger this time as they will add a big piece of the forest around the festivalarea and use it for special 80s inspired tents.
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Oh yes, me too

Originally Posted by Krapplund View Post we come again
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That sounds good. I've got a feeling I might be going too.

"I've had many sobering thoughts in my life.... was them what drove me to drink!" [drunk]

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As usual, I know I won't be going. Not in June. But we've still got Paris...

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Nik Kershaw and Kim Wilde? I'm glad to hear they're stilll around! I'm absolutely tied down to Brussels right now amd cam't leave at all, but if things change, I will try and go. But it would be last minute.

“Therefore, let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you.”
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poul e
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I'm wondering how many rooms to book at Cab Inn.....I think there will be quite a few Alphaville fans there this time....

I'm also wondering....IF several fans are coming on Friday already perhaps we should have some sort of gettogether???
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