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Gregorian - Forever Young

Well, I think this is quite innocent and harmless and I can't hate this cover version since it's pretty respectfull to the original, what do you think?

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Funny...I like Gregorian a lot, but I didn't know they covered FY. Still think AV does it best and better and always will, but this version is OK. Thanks for sharing. Gonna go download it off youtube now.

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Thanks for posting, indeed a good cover.

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Terrible, really!!

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Gregorian have done very many great covers of great songs and this one definitely is good. I hadn't heard it before either.

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Stick to the chanting guys. It's what you do best.

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I like it!

I've heard some of the chanting stuff before, long time ago, but this is new to me!

Great job by those guys!

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