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7 Concert in Copenhagen (Denmark), Nov 2004

I´m waiting for an event
Wednesday dinner and I´m sitting at a local resturant in Emmaboda and eating fillet of beef and enjoying a cold beer. Is thinking about what I will experience the coming week, sure Alphaville be a part of that event. But what more? I will meet lots of old Alphaville fans that I haven´t meet since the wonderful 20th anniversity party in Berlin / Germany. But will also meet more new Alphaville fans, that will be fun.

Denmark next
The train leaving Emmaboda and the start of a wounderful week begins. Three hours later in Malmö I got company from Lisa Larsson that are joning at the train to Denmark. At the centralstation in Copenhagen we meet Poul-Erik, Michael and Miguel. For Miguel it was the first Alphaville concert and he was full of expectations over what he would see this night After som talk we said we should meet again at the trainstation. Poul-Erik, Michael and Miguel walked away to find their hotel, and Christina would come to the station a bit later so Lisa and I took a look at town Copenhagen. Some time later we meet Christina at the trainstation and the trip to Amager Bio begins for this nights show. It was easy to find the the concerthall and outside did Alphaville´s red tourbuss stand. We just hade to take a look inside the buss that the best band in the world was travelling in. Inside the local was Steffi standing and selling Alphaville stuff and my eyes was looking at once on a keyholder that was very cool. I don´t use keyholder but on this it was the name Alphaville on and now it´s hanging at my cd-collection. I was talking with other Alphaville fans, old and new. It was nice to meet everybody from the Berlin trip agein and have a beer together agein.

The clock was on the way to 8 pm and the support band Sparkling should get on stage. They started to play and it sounds like heavysynth and opera I think, nothing for my ears. A funny thing was that the singer was talking danish between the songs. Now we where a big international crowd infront of the stage with people from Norway and Sweden and I hade some beers during the day so I screamed to the singer that he should talk in english. He looked a bit surprised at me and smiled but after that he talked english between the songs. But the only thing I was waiting for was the nights happening that should come.

Let the show begin
The clock was ticking and was now 9 pm. Time for the show we was waiting for – Alphaville!!! The song Hurricane was streaming out of the loudspeakers and Marian Gold looked to be on very good mood. Myself was enjoying the show totally and was jumping like a crazy to all the songs I heard several times already. I should not say anything but I was crazy during the song A Victory Of Love (like always and so it should be). Like during the shows down in Berlin this summer they played new song from the coming album and the best songs was Sweet Dreams and I’ll Die For You Today. Marian said some weeks ago that he loved to play some where outside Germany and he appeard to be in a very good mood tonight. After around 1,5 houres the show was over and the last song was Apollo that I think is a very good end song of a Alphaville-concert.

After a wonderful concert we went outside the concerthall to talk with fans over the show. I got a poster free from Steffi, don´t know why but very nice from her. Not long time after that Pierson and David went out and talked to us, and some time after that Martin was joining too. Lot´s of photos and autographs was given, and more would it be when Marian was joining to. I got a autograph at the poster from Marian, so the poster will be somewhere on the wall home in my apartment later. After a lot nagging from the guards we had to leave the building and Poul-Erik, Michael and me was looking for a bus. When we was standing there waiting for a buss I was wondering where Lisa and Christina was and left Poul-Erik and Michael to look for the girls. I found the girls in the near of Amager Bio and the red Alphaville tourbuss. After som talk we found a taxi and was leaving for a party we heard about at the airport, but that changed very fast, we got information about the hotel Alphaville was using, so we went to that hotel instead.

We went into the foyer at the Scandic-hotell we saw Marian, David, Pierson, Steffi and some fans sitting at the pub and my heart started to jump faster than before. We went to the bar and and orderd something to drink. Badly Martin left the pub to sleep but we hade a nice time with the others. 30 minutes later the pub closed and Pierson orderd a beer to all before we hade to leave the bar and sitt down at some tables some meters away. At some point Marian disappear, but get back fast agein and this time with a Nike-bag with his mini-bar from the room. He satt down and appeared to be very happy and gave all what they wanted from his bag, at the same time Steffi joined with a bottle of red wine. Not many minutes later David joind with his mini-bar to, so the party was not over yet. There we were sitting and drinking beer and wine with Alphaville. Imagine that we were sitting in the middle of the night with my biges idols at their hotell and drining beer. What can I say? It´s Wonderful!!! A funny noits that I can tell are that Marian was sitting on the floor with his legs crossed sometime during the night and said – “I´m not drunk”; “or maybe a little.”

Afterparty Part 2
The hours went away and Marian left to his room, tired but happy. Left was Lisa, Christina, Pierson and me when Pierson asked if we didn´t want to join his room to take a look at this mini-bar, so we did that and was happy that the party wasn´t over yet. And there the houres rushed away agein. I had a trainticket home to Emmaboda at 7 am in the moring, but think at that point we just stopped to party. Around 12 am we woke up after that the cleaning-woman visit us several times. There we was sleeping Lisa, Christina and me in the drummers bed and that´s not all, Pierson was there to. After we where awake and said goodbye to Pierson than we went to the foyer to see if Marian & co was there, but no one there. We went back to the trainstation with a memory for life. A wondeful memory!! That night I will never forget and I think that it will be the same for Lisa and Christina.

Home and to a new event
Eight houres later than thought I´m sitting at the train back home to sleep one night and than to the tintius-festival in Stockholm and Alphaville´s one and only gig in Sweden this tour When I was sitting in the car on the way to Stockholm, I had wonderful memorys with me. A wonderful concert and a great party with Alphaville at their hotell. A memory that I Never will forget, be sure of that! Then in Stockholm I got the chance to meet more new Alphaville fans and see another great concert. At this concert a bit to many people infront of the stage and a to short gig but that´s another story.


01. Hurricane
02. A Victory Of Love
03. Gallery
04. Shadows She Said
05. Ways
06. Summer In Berlin
07. Sounds Like A Melody
08. Sweet Dreams
09. Around The Universe
10. My Very Blood
11. Jet Set
12. Monkey In The Moon
13. Jerusalem
14. I’ll Die For You Today
15. Big In Japan


16. In The Mood
17. Forever Young

Encore 2

18. Apollo

Jeder geht allein
Jeder für sich
Auf seinem Weg nach Alphaville.


Photos by Lisa Larsson and Christina Hsu

By: Peter “Krapplund” Krappinger

"Alphaville ohne Bernhard ist wie eine Apfelstrudel ohne apfel"
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