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7 3rd fanclub meeting (Sweden), Jul 1999

The third fanclub meeting was this time held on the island Finnhamn just outside Stockholm.

Willy and myself left Copenhagen early Saturday morning for the fanclub event. Joachim and some of the others had been on the island since Friday, but the official event was tonight. We had a long journey ahead of us. Going through Malmö, the trip to Stockholm took about 6 hours. After a long days travelling we finally arrived in Stockholm. At the harbour, waiting for the boat, we met Ulrica Bakklund and Roland Krude. Roland joined us from Germany for the second year in a row. During the boat trip to Finnhamn we met a couple of the new members, who recognised us by our Alphaville talking. When we arrived at Finnhamn a welcoming party was there to greet us and show us the way to the Cottages. This island was really a nice place, and instantly Willy and I regretted that we didn’t come on Friday as the others. In fact we could spend an entire week there.

The Fanclub meeting took place in a nice area with 6 small cottages, we had rented. 3 of the cottages were sleeping cabins. Then there were a kitchen house and a toilet house with baths and a sauna!. The party itself took place in a cottage with one big conference room.

When we arrived, the conference room was already prepared for the meeting. As usual a table was set up with AV-records and all sorts of material, the members had brought for exchange deals. Also various photo-albums and articles were presented for display. In the far part of the room a small stage was set op for a live performance by “Artwerk”. An Alphaville tribute band created by Joachim, Staffan Westin and Marie Blomberg. They were going to play a few songs later in the evening.

The official meeting started at 6 PM. Joachim welcomed everybody and presented the program of the night. Many of the familiar faces were there, as well as a few newcomers. Unfortunately Willy and I were the only Danes joining this time.

Soon after we had all been introduced, we went to a small restaurant, located elsewhere on the island. Here we ate dinner and got fuelled up to the party.

After dinner we returned to the conference cottage where we began the night with a quiz. The quiz was this time not written by any of the fanclub leaders, which was nice, so we could participate as well. The quiz was divided in two categories, a core and a hardcore. The hardcore questions were really… well hardcore, and I’m afraid to say, that us leaders didn’t even come close to winning this competition. The competition was this year won by Andreas Engfeldt. The prize was a t-shirt from the new German fanclub “Golden feeling”.

The highlight of the evening was the performance of Artwerk. With leadvocals by Maria, and synths/guitar/backing vocals by Joachim and Staffan, they went on to play a small set of songs: “Monkey on the moon”, “feathers and tar”, “life is king”, “carry your flag”, and “sounds like a melody”. By a demand for more, from the audience, they finished of with “forever young”. Their interpretation of Life is king, were my personal favourite, but all the songs were great. It was a terrific moment of the evening, and it almost felt like a real Alphaville mini-concert.

After the concert we partied all night. In the kitchen house a video was showing Alphaville concerts, behind the stage, and other tourmaterial compiled by Joachim. Off course a few video’s were showed as well. The conference room had now turned into a discotheque, and we danced only to the sounds of Alphaville. Before going to bed, some of us went into the sauna, and even later a few went swimming in the sea in the middle of the night.

The following day we all got up and packed. We shared a nice breakfast outside in the good weather, before we started to break up and began the journey home. The 3rd official fanclub meeting was over. It was a great success. Probably the best fanclub meeting we have had so far. (But we will make an even better one next year).

See y’all next year!


Written by David Witkowski

"Alphaville ohne Bernhard ist wie eine Apfelstrudel ohne apfel"
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