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9 Chat Transcript with Marian Gold and Martin Lister 08 Nov 2005

(11/08/2005 21:21:45, room alphaville) marian: Hi everybody
(11/08/2005 21:21:46, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: there's a marian crawling into our chatroom........ can it be our marian?
(11/08/2005 21:21:57, room alphaville) FallenAngel (to marian):
(11/08/2005 21:21:57, room alphaville) Neil: Hi
(11/08/2005 21:22:00, room alphaville) Lisa (to marian):
(11/08/2005 21:22:01, room alphaville) slam (to wii): Mine was 26%.... now getting better
(11/08/2005 21:22:05, room alphaville) ivoton: hi
(11/08/2005 21:22:12, room alphaville) lu: Hi marian:How are you?
(11/08/2005 21:22:15, room alphaville) Jonatan_Nice (to marian): Hejhej!
(11/08/2005 21:22:25, room alphaville) Fabby: hmmm I suggest the real marian registers the name "marian" with a password so not anyone can log in as marian
(11/08/2005 21:22:27, room alphaville) slam (to marian): Hello, Marian!
(11/08/2005 21:22:31, room alphaville) Katrin(Guest): Oh,hello Marian!
(11/08/2005 21:22:37, room alphaville) Fabby: although it might be him
(11/08/2005 21:22:38, room alphaville) MalilaM (to wii): I can't believe... I have 70%
(11/08/2005 21:22:40, room alphaville) (to marian): hi, marian.. herzliche grüsse aus Tschechien
(11/08/2005 21:23:01, room alphaville) wii (to MalilaM): I´m at 90% now
(11/08/2005 21:23:03, room alphaville) Neil: Are you the real Marian Gold?
(11/08/2005 21:23:03, room alphaville) Alien (to MalilaM): This time we beat him mine was 7$
(11/08/2005 21:23:12, room alphaville) ngrg: n abend mr gold!
(11/08/2005 21:23:15, room alphaville) Susan_B.: Hello Marian.Wonder if you remember me A blonde girl you've met in Plock.By the way did you evnjoy staying in Poland?
(11/08/2005 21:23:21, room alphaville) marian: i had some problems on my way home. they closed the m3 to bracknell and i got lost between london and somewhere
(11/08/2005 21:23:23, room alphaville) slam (to wii): Me too!
(11/08/2005 21:23:30, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Alien):
(11/08/2005 21:23:28, room alphaville) wii (to marian): first question - will there be a DVD called "Live in Tipi"
(11/08/2005 21:23:31, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to marian): Hello mr voice
(11/08/2005 21:24:00, room alphaville) Poul (to marian): so far are you with the new album?
(11/08/2005 21:24:02, room alphaville) Neil: That hurts
(11/08/2005 21:24:02, room alphaville) marian: thats why im late
(11/08/2005 21:24:08, room alphaville) anja (to marian): MARIAN... HOW WAS THE ROAD
(11/08/2005 21:24:21, room alphaville) Fabby: oooh since Marian is in England (not so far from me actually!) I guess he's probably been mixing the album...?
(11/08/2005 21:24:23, room alphaville) FallenAngel (to marian): and a live cd from the concert in 'Tipi'?
(11/08/2005 21:24:31, room alphaville) slam (to marian): What's the name of the new album going to be, Marian?
(11/08/2005 21:24:36, room alphaville) wii (to anja): is that Martin and Anja ?
(11/08/2005 21:25:07, room alphaville) paulg (to marian): bracknell ?? can we visit we are only up the road
(11/08/2005 21:25:08, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: my question: will there ever be any DVD and any album released?
(11/08/2005 21:25:16, room alphaville) marian: no dvd in the near future
(11/08/2005 21:25:16, room alphaville) MoonStoneClare (to marian):
(11/08/2005 21:25:30, room alphaville) Susan_B.: We're making in Poland an official website&fanclubwhith the support of Olek Trembowiecli!!!!
(11/08/2005 21:25:42, room alphaville) wii (to marian): but the concert was recorded, right ?
(11/08/2005 21:26:00, room alphaville) MoonStoneClare (to Fabby): where do you live in England?
(11/08/2005 21:26:03, room alphaville) Avil_: Gaaah, finally back!!
(11/08/2005 21:26:17, room alphaville) paulg: no dvd there goes my christmas present
(11/08/2005 21:26:18, room alphaville) marian: its going well with the new album. i just started to work on it again with martin. started yesterday
(11/08/2005 21:26:42, room alphaville) marian: really cool songs
(11/08/2005 21:26:43, room alphaville) Neil: Release of the new album? March 2006?
(11/08/2005 21:26:52, room alphaville) marian: im quite excited
(11/08/2005 21:26:54, room alphaville) MalilaM (to paulg): and mine
(11/08/2005 21:27:02, room alphaville) Poul (to marian): we would really like to get the unplugged session from leat on a CD !
(11/08/2005 21:27:10, room alphaville) lu: it,s a pleasure talk to you!
(11/08/2005 21:27:08, room alphaville) wii (to marian): THE GUITAR on vacation, right ?
(11/08/2005 21:27:18, room alphaville) (to marian): songs like from album Forevr Young?
(11/08/2005 21:27:19, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: since when did you actually start working on the new album, marian?
(11/08/2005 21:27:31, room alphaville) Forever..
(11/08/2005 21:27:37, room alphaville) marian: too much to do at the mo to think of anything conneccted with the tipi event
(11/08/2005 21:27:39, room alphaville) Susan_B.: Ihave qestion not very connected,but...Do you still have contact with Ricky&Bernhard??
(11/08/2005 21:27:40, room alphaville) Alex (to wii): hush
(11/08/2005 21:28:00, room alphaville) Fabby (to MoonStoneClare): I'm in Huddersfield at the moment (still haven't worked out how to do this "to xxx" thing)
(11/08/2005 21:28:03, room alphaville) wii (to Alex): yeah, I know.....
(11/08/2005 21:28:18, room alphaville) Fabby: ooh it worked!
(11/08/2005 21:28:52, room alphaville) Jonatan_Nice (to marian): Will there be a little preview of the the sond of the new album on the webpage this week?
(11/08/2005 21:29:06, room alphaville) Adi_23: WOW ! crowded chat
(11/08/2005 21:29:06, room alphaville) Jonatan_Nice: (sound)
(11/08/2005 21:29:13, room alphaville) slam (to marian): Are you saying that there is hope about the Tipi DVD, not in the near future, but some time?
(11/08/2005 21:29:24, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: i wonder if these 5 songs we were lucky to hear at the concert are planned to be released on the new album?
(11/08/2005 21:29:28, room alphaville) Adi_23: hallo everyone, marian, martin...............
(11/08/2005 21:29:30, room alphaville) marian: yea
(11/08/2005 21:29:30, room alphaville) spacetourist: are you considering to take on board a professional producer (f'rom outside') for the album?
(11/08/2005 21:29:49, room alphaville) Claudia2: hi adi
(11/08/2005 21:29:53, room alphaville) Blue:
(11/08/2005 21:29:56, room alphaville) marian: yea, maybe
(11/08/2005 21:30:05, room alphaville) Adi_23: hey claudia !!!
(11/08/2005 21:30:06, room alphaville) Neil (to marian): Another question: Was Alphaville in 1989 near a brekup? I've read this in a book....
(11/08/2005 21:30:14, room alphaville) Susan_B.: Is it truth that as aboy you had a little black dog called Daniel and that he dissapeared one day???
(11/08/2005 21:30:24, room alphaville) wii (to marian): any names for a producer yet ?
(11/08/2005 21:30:34, room alphaville) marian: we're doin demos at the mo. I am not thinking any further
(11/08/2005 21:30:38, room alphaville) Fabby: to be honest I think there were too many subtle mistakes in the tipi concert to release it on dvd without spending ages editing it
(11/08/2005 21:30:38, room alphaville) Fabby: it was very good though
(11/08/2005 21:30:41, room alphaville) ngrg: i read you d be on a ferry soon. not scared of getting seasick marian?
(11/08/2005 21:30:44, room alphaville) Avil_: Marian, can we expect something new/spectacular at the show next week?
(11/08/2005 21:31:05, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: marian, when you right 'yeah', please specify which question it is an answer to
(11/08/2005 21:31:05, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: marian, when you right 'yeah', please specify which question it is an answer to
(11/08/2005 21:31:02, room alphaville) paulg (to marian): is it going to be a single album or a box set
(11/08/2005 21:31:20, room alphaville) Adi_23 (to marian): wasssssssssup ??
(11/08/2005 21:31:39, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to marian): can´t you fix so I get a sign CD of Elektrisch???
(11/08/2005 21:31:45, room alphaville) marian: no, we played on a crzuiser already a couple of years ago. Nice feeling going up and down with the waves when you're playing
(11/08/2005 21:31:59, room alphaville) Lady_Bright (to Fabby): are you THAT fabien?
(11/08/2005 21:32:32, room alphaville) hector: did you like mallorca!?
(11/08/2005 21:32:33, room alphaville) Neil: Why the chat thrown me out?
(11/08/2005 21:32:38, room alphaville) ngrg: i read about mr feuerstein doing a lecture and actually gettting sick!! it's nicki btw
(11/08/2005 21:32:40, room alphaville) wii (to marian): will there be more synths less guitar this time ?
(11/08/2005 21:32:42, room alphaville) Fabby (to Lady_Bright): yep, that's me!
(11/08/2005 21:32:44, room alphaville) paulg (to marian): on the aida the ship with the eye and lips on it?
(11/08/2005 21:32:50, room alphaville) Neil: Problems with the connection?
(11/08/2005 21:32:59, room alphaville) MARTY: NO
(11/08/2005 21:33:01, room alphaville) Neil: Why MARTIN left?
(11/08/2005 21:33:09, room alphaville) Krapplund-: hihihi
(11/08/2005 21:33:11, room alphaville) wii (to Neil): are you on AOL ?
(11/08/2005 21:33:14, room alphaville) marian: we're using lots of synths on the new stuff
(11/08/2005 21:33:16, room alphaville) ngrg: the nostalgia fabien?? my compliments!
(11/08/2005 21:33:21, room alphaville) Fabby (to Lady_Bright): although I can't really remember where I met you... Reminders Day!?
(11/08/2005 21:33:27, room alphaville) wii (to marian): GREAT !!!!
(11/08/2005 21:33:36, room alphaville) Neil (to wii): yes
(11/08/2005 21:33:42, room alphaville) Adi_23: good !!!!!!!!!! synth !!!!!!!!!!!!! me like it !!!!!!!!!!
(11/08/2005 21:33:44, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: synths!!!!!! cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(11/08/2005 21:33:50, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to marian): some influense from Wolfsheim?
(11/08/2005 21:33:52, room alphaville) Susan_B.: You said oncethat Mightymaomoondog was your daimon while travelling trough Utopia?Can you explain it more?(I wonder how such creature looks like?)
(11/08/2005 21:34:09, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: fabien, i traded some av rarities with your mom in the toilet of tipi..... lol
(11/08/2005 21:34:11) wii (to all chat users): to direct a message to a specifik user just click on the little icon left to the username with a little pen on it
(11/08/2005 21:34:16, room alphaville) marian: no influence from Wolfsheim
(11/08/2005 21:34:17, room alphaville) slam (to marian): That's great to hear, Marian!
(11/08/2005 21:34:19, room alphaville) Adi_23 (to Fabby): no she want at aidsGala
(11/08/2005 21:34:19, room alphaville) Neil (to marian): Synths? This is "back to the roots" and I like it! Applause (I really mean that)
(11/08/2005 21:34:38, room alphaville) paulg: extended synth mix of "I die for you today"
(11/08/2005 21:34:41, room alphaville) ngrg: mao moon dod. anything to do with mao tse tung?? always wondered....
(11/08/2005 21:34:53, room alphaville) marian: no not back to the roots . up to the future.
(11/08/2005 21:35:06, room alphaville) wii (to marian): I´m glad our little talks about the guitar pays off
(11/08/2005 21:35:10, room alphaville) Fabby (to Lady_Bright): oh... Olga!!!!! Sorry... didn't immediately associate Lady Bright with you...
(11/08/2005 21:35:16, room alphaville) Krapplund-: YEAH Back to the future = AVOL!!
(11/08/2005 21:35:20, room alphaville) MARTY: HI, MARTIN HERE AS MARTY ... COULDN'T LOG IN OTHERWISE !
(11/08/2005 21:35:21, room alphaville) Poul: hehe Willy
(11/08/2005 21:35:37, room alphaville) Adi_23 (to marian): would you say that the new album is something between SALVATION and CS + new stuff ?
(11/08/2005 21:35:55, room alphaville) wii (to MARTY): hi Martin
(11/08/2005 21:35:56, room alphaville) Adi_23 (to MARTY): LISTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(11/08/2005 21:36:03, room alphaville) marian: hey martin, do you still like the new song?
(11/08/2005 21:36:03, room alphaville) Susan_B. (to marian): Are you planning to play in Poland again??
(11/08/2005 21:36:06, room alphaville) MARTY: THERE'S ALWAYS BEEN LOTS OF SYNTHS BTW !
(11/08/2005 21:36:19, room alphaville) MoonStoneClare: I hope it'll be a CD that'll be as individual as all the others
(11/08/2005 21:36:26, room alphaville) Neil (to marian): I'm sorry Marian
(11/08/2005 21:36:30, room alphaville) Apollo (to Leif): Hallo to Leif from Leif
(11/08/2005 21:36:33, room alphaville) Adi_23 (to ivoton): where have you been ? you got my packet ??
(11/08/2005 21:36:33, room alphaville) Fabby: I guess the chat is too busy to have my question noticed but... I'll try anyway...
(11/08/2005 21:36:41, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to MARTY): hello!! let´s have some drinks 17th
(11/08/2005 21:36:45, room alphaville) Lady_Bright (to Fabby): Lady Bright is my trade mark since 1997
(11/08/2005 21:36:47, room alphaville) Lisa (to marian): will you perform some preview from coming album on the show next week?
(11/08/2005 21:36:49, room alphaville) Neil: Hi Martin. Are you here?
(11/08/2005 21:37:03, room alphaville) Leif (to marian): you plan a concert near christmas time again?
(11/08/2005 21:37:04, room alphaville) MARTY (to marian): WHICH SONG? WE HAVE SO MANY NOW !!
(11/08/2005 21:37:07, room alphaville) Fabby (to marian): listening to some Bowie stuff I noticed that he used the term "moonboy" in a song in the early 70s... is that where the inspiration came from?
(11/08/2005 21:37:41, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: a very important question for mr.lister: WHY AREN'T YOU TRAVELLING TO RUSSIA TOGETHER WITH THE BAND THIS TIME?
(11/08/2005 21:37:43, room alphaville) Neil (to marian): Hey Marian, one question: Was Alphaville in 1989 near a breakup? I've read that in a book....
(11/08/2005 21:37:46, room alphaville) marian: we won't play any of the nnew-new songs next week.
(11/08/2005 21:37:48, room alphaville) ivoton (to Adi_23): yes, i have not anough time to answer, i write you in the next days
(11/08/2005 21:37:50, room alphaville) marian: ...or may be one?
(11/08/2005 21:37:52, room alphaville) slam (to Silke): You don't happen to be Silke from Hamburg?
(11/08/2005 21:37:53, room alphaville) wii (to marian, MARTY): How many songs would you consider to be complete and done at this time
(11/08/2005 21:37:54, room alphaville) MARTY (to Krapplund-): OH YES ... OF COURSE
(11/08/2005 21:38:20, room alphaville) Claudia2:
(11/08/2005 21:38:25, room alphaville) Adi_23 (to ivoton): wondrful ! ich bin zufriden
(11/08/2005 21:38:25, room alphaville) lu (to marian): greets from italy
(11/08/2005 21:38:26, room alphaville) marian: to wii: none
(11/08/2005 21:38:24, room alphaville) Lisa (to marian): ohh, i´ll hope for at least one
(11/08/2005 21:38:34, room alphaville) ivoton (to marian): you play in this year again in germany?
(11/08/2005 21:38:36, room alphaville) Avil_: marian, that's too bad
(11/08/2005 21:38:49, room alphaville) hector: do you already know which is going to be the record company you are releasing the next album with?
(11/08/2005 21:39:06, room alphaville) Fabby (to Lady_Bright): yes I know, but I can be quite forgetful... not to mention that in 1997 I didn't really know anything about AV!!! Never mind!
(11/08/2005 21:39:11, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to MARTY): Yeah....and i will sing for you before the concert....hehehe....and the other fans vill join me
(11/08/2005 21:39:17, room alphaville) wii (to marian): so, a release can´t be expected until sometime next year, right?
(11/08/2005 21:39:27, room alphaville) Mags:
(11/08/2005 21:39:25, room alphaville) marian: to ivito. Not this year
(11/08/2005 21:39:33, room alphaville) MoonStoneClare (to Mags):
(11/08/2005 21:39:33, room alphaville) Susan_B. (to marian): On one of chats you claimed that playing with your doughters is one of your fave activities.what else you like doing in your free time????
(11/08/2005 21:39:44, room alphaville) Adi_23 (to MARTY): is Anja here somewhere...........?
(11/08/2005 21:39:46, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Mags): hello!
(11/08/2005 21:40:11, room alphaville) MARTY: ANJA'S NEXT TO ME
(11/08/2005 21:40:24, room alphaville) slam (to Mags): Hello, Magsie!
(11/08/2005 21:40:21, room alphaville) Adi_23 (to Mags): hey !!!
(11/08/2005 21:40:25, room alphaville) paulg (to Mags): hello Berlin
(11/08/2005 21:40:27, room alphaville) Neil: Is it right that the chat throw people out, cause of bad connection?
(11/08/2005 21:40:32, room alphaville) marian: to wii. Not this year
(11/08/2005 21:40:34, room alphaville) Fabby: I think if Marian ever buys a huge house he should call it "Villa Alphe"
(11/08/2005 21:40:43, room alphaville) Adi_23 (to MARTY): kisses to both
(11/08/2005 21:41:04, room alphaville) Mags (to paulg, MalilaM, slam): nice to see you
(11/08/2005 21:41:09, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Adi_23): hello EDDIY
(11/08/2005 21:41:16, room alphaville) Neil (to marian): Hey Marian: Are you fan of a german soccer-club. Bayern Munich or Schalke 04?
(11/08/2005 21:41:25, room alphaville) Alex (to MARTY): hello, did you still get some tickets?
(11/08/2005 21:41:35, room alphaville) slam (to Mags): and you!
(11/08/2005 21:41:40, room alphaville) Adi_23 (to Krapplund-): das ist mich :-D
(11/08/2005 21:41:40, room alphaville) Mags (to marian, Neil): I would think Hertha ......
(11/08/2005 21:41:59, room alphaville) Claudia2: by the way: HAPPY BIRTHDAY FORUM!
(11/08/2005 21:42:01, room alphaville) Leif: And i would think Arminia Bielefeld
(11/08/2005 21:42:03, room alphaville) Neil: That's possible. Or he's no fan
(11/08/2005 21:42:04, room alphaville) Adi_23 (to Krapplund-): wie geht's ?
(11/08/2005 21:42:19, room alphaville) MARTY (to Alex): YEAH WE GOT TWO TICKETS, LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU
(11/08/2005 21:42:20, room alphaville) Fabby (to MARTY): hey Martin, you probably won't remember me, but I'm the guy you bought a beer in Berlin and who later told you the last section of SLAM sounded like a Polka
(11/08/2005 21:42:31, room alphaville) wii (to Claudia2): thanks - 5 years ! amazing
(11/08/2005 21:42:34, room alphaville) Susan_B. (to marian): What was the last book you've read???
(11/08/2005 21:42:38, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Adi_23): i´m tired but fine....and you...hows your german today?
(11/08/2005 21:42:47, room alphaville) Apollo: Maybe Preussen Münster? No just joking ...
(11/08/2005 21:42:48, room alphaville) Neil: That's why we're here, or? I gratulate the forum to it's 5th birthday too!
(11/08/2005 21:43:07, room alphaville) MARTY (to Fabby): POLKA !! NICE !
(11/08/2005 21:43:07, room alphaville) Mags (to Leif): true.....
(11/08/2005 21:43:19, room alphaville) Alex (to MARTY): great, I'm glad too... need a break..
(11/08/2005 21:43:21, room alphaville) Neil: Oh, he's gone....take a dring :-)))
(11/08/2005 21:43:28, room alphaville) Claudia2: you did a great job, willy
(11/08/2005 21:43:33, room alphaville) MoonStoneClare: and me, Congratulations forum!!!!!!!!
(11/08/2005 21:43:51, room alphaville) wii (to Claudia2): thank you, lot of work
(11/08/2005 21:44:03, room alphaville) Adi_23 (to Krapplund-): just came back from a german lesson....head hurts..........blaaaaaaaaaaa. buti love it
(11/08/2005 21:44:04, room alphaville) Neil (to MARTY): Hey Martin: How do you like working and perform with Alphaville?
(11/08/2005 21:44:25, room alphaville) MARTY: LOTS OF WORK TO GO WITH THIS ALBUM, BUT WE WANT IT TO BE A GREAT ONE ..... AND IT WILL BE
(11/08/2005 21:44:45, room alphaville) paulg: thanks willy for five years
(11/08/2005 21:44:47, room alphaville) slam (to MARTY): Since when have you been playing the synth, Martin?
(11/08/2005 21:44:49, room alphaville) Apollo (to Adi_23): Did you make your class listen to one of the German songs by Alphaville?
(11/08/2005 21:44:58, room alphaville) Adi_23 (to MARTY): i have no bloody doubt !
(11/08/2005 21:45:06, room alphaville) wii (to MARTY): how many songs have you written for it Martin ?
(11/08/2005 21:45:04, room alphaville) Jonatan_Bad (to MARTY): Better than CS?
(11/08/2005 21:45:25, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: marian, is that true that you don't mind lipsyncing at the russian TV show? i can't imagine you pretending to sing....
(11/08/2005 21:45:43, room alphaville) Neil (to MARTY): It will be an album for all stores in Germany or just like "CrazyShow" over internet?
(11/08/2005 21:45:45, room alphaville) Fabby (to Jonatan_Bad): hopefully
(11/08/2005 21:45:55, room alphaville) Adi_23 (to Apollo): not yet.............maybe next year............he he he
(11/08/2005 21:46:01, room alphaville) marian: to lady bright. why not. its funny
(11/08/2005 21:46:22, room alphaville) Susan_B. (to marian): I've heard when you once said that you don't know where does the inspiration to your songs come from,but I still wonder how this whole proccess look like.Do you think a lot or is it spontanious??
(11/08/2005 21:46:32, room alphaville) Alien (to Lady_Bright): I told you it's funny
(11/08/2005 21:46:31, room alphaville) marian: to bright. Haven't done it for some time.
(11/08/2005 21:46:40, room alphaville) paulg: would love another box set, crazy show was so special and exciting
(11/08/2005 21:46:45, room alphaville) ngrg: why not lipsyncing some completely differnet lines???
(11/08/2005 21:46:48) wii (to all chat users): this message again - if you feel the chat is a little slow, clear the screen by writing "/clear" (without the ")
(11/08/2005 21:47:05, room alphaville) Lisa (to marian): will there ever be a re-release (in some kind) of dreamscapes?? (i haven´t got it :()
(11/08/2005 21:47:19, room alphaville) slam: listening to Colours
(11/08/2005 21:47:23, room alphaville) Adi_23 (to MARTY): you can release the rest as solo
(11/08/2005 21:47:27, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: since alphaville will perform 2 songs only, you can allow yourself drinking backstage before the show
(11/08/2005 21:47:43, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to marian): will the new album be a one CD or a 2-CD?
(11/08/2005 21:47:50, room alphaville) Poul (to paulg): more songs is not always the best.....quality is a lot more important than quantity !!!
(11/08/2005 21:47:58, room alphaville) Adi_23: VODKA ??????
(11/08/2005 21:48:10, room alphaville) Fabby: actually I have to go... hope this wasn't the last chat with the Alphas
(11/08/2005 21:48:14, room alphaville) marian: to susan. Yea. Most of it is spontanuous. Even if you plan the writing sessions carefully, the results are always different from what you expect
(11/08/2005 21:48:20, room alphaville) wii: I hope for 1 great synth album in 2006
(11/08/2005 21:48:25, room alphaville) Fabby: see you all in the mailing list!
(11/08/2005 21:48:25, room alphaville) VODKA DOSLA GRR
(11/08/2005 21:48:37, room alphaville) Poul (to wii): me too !
(11/08/2005 21:48:45, room alphaville) Adi_23: ciao Fabby !
(11/08/2005 21:48:45, room alphaville) MoonStoneClare: @Fabby
(11/08/2005 21:48:59, room alphaville) wii: @Fabby and the forum:
(11/08/2005 21:49:02, room alphaville) paulg (to Poul): i liked the packaging
(11/08/2005 21:49:08, room alphaville) Claudia2: bye Fabby
(11/08/2005 21:49:09, room alphaville) MoonStoneClare: I'm always late!
(11/08/2005 21:49:15, room alphaville) Neil (to marian): Can everyone buy the album? Or just via internet?
(11/08/2005 21:49:34, room alphaville) MARTY (to MoonStoneClare): BETTER LATE THAN NEVER !!
(11/08/2005 21:49:37, room alphaville) Neil: Alphaville back in the LP Top 10!
(11/08/2005 21:49:37, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: marian/martin, have you listened to any releases of 2005 and what do you think of them?
(11/08/2005 21:49:39, room alphaville) Poul (to paulg): yes the packaging was beautiful !
(11/08/2005 21:49:59, room alphaville) marian: to Neil. You will hopefully buy it
(11/08/2005 21:50:18, room alphaville) MoonStoneClare (to MARTY): true
(11/08/2005 21:50:35, room alphaville) MoonStoneClare (to Keith_M):
(11/08/2005 21:50:44, room alphaville) Neil: Yes, 100% - but can I buy it in Karstadt or other stores?
(11/08/2005 21:50:45, room alphaville) MARTY (to Lady_Bright): YES LOTS I'M A BIG FAN OF KT TUNSTALL AND JEM !
(11/08/2005 21:50:56, room alphaville) Susan_B. (to marian): I'd love to see you again...Will you play in Poland again???Maybe by that time we'll have fanclub so more people will come to greet you.but...just COME!!!
(11/08/2005 21:51:04, room alphaville) Blue:
(11/08/2005 21:51:17, room alphaville) marian (to Neil): yes, for sure
(11/08/2005 21:51:21, room alphaville) Mags (to MARTY, marian): good evening from both of us (Mags and Marie)
(11/08/2005 21:51:26, room alphaville) spacetourist: the JEM song with the Bach-Sample is great
(11/08/2005 21:51:38, room alphaville) Mags (to MoonStoneClare): hi Clare
(11/08/2005 21:51:44, room alphaville) marian (to Susan_B.): do my best
(11/08/2005 21:51:51, room alphaville) Poul (to paulg): I wouldn't mind getting unreleased songs and demoes and stuff but I still prefer a "real studio album" which is perfectly mixed and produced!
(11/08/2005 21:51:59, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: speaking about fanclubs, we were promised something like an afterparty here in russia..... marian, what do you think of that?
(11/08/2005 21:52:01, room alphaville) marian: hi mags
(11/08/2005 21:52:08, room alphaville) MoonStoneClare (to Mags): hi to Marie as well!
(11/08/2005 21:52:11, room alphaville) Adi_23 (to marian): are you planning any remixes \ versions or will all the songs be brand new ?
(11/08/2005 21:52:27, room alphaville) wii (to Poul): yeah, like Salvation !
(11/08/2005 21:52:29, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: marie, did you move to berlin?????
(11/08/2005 21:52:40, room alphaville) paulg (to marian): will there be a tour next year to promote the cd? perhaps northern germany as we have travelled to most of the other parts!
(11/08/2005 21:52:45, room alphaville) Poul (to wii): exactly !
(11/08/2005 21:52:55, room alphaville) marian (to Lady_Bright): if there's time, i hope to see you there after the show
(11/08/2005 21:53:01, room alphaville) Neil (to marian): That's great
(11/08/2005 21:53:01, room alphaville) (to marian): DU ANTWORTEST NICHT FÜR PRIVATE MESAGES?
(11/08/2005 21:53:06, room alphaville) Jonatan_Bad: An outside producer is really important, in my opinion
(11/08/2005 21:53:07, room alphaville) marian (to Lady_Bright): somewhere
(11/08/2005 21:53:40, room alphaville) Neil (to marian): What's up with your favourite soccer-club in Germany?
(11/08/2005 21:53:40, room alphaville) marian (to no. there's too much goin on
(11/08/2005 21:53:44, room alphaville) Adi_23 (to paulg): i dont mind going to berlin for the 100th time he he he................
(11/08/2005 21:53:56, room alphaville) Susan_B. (to marian): I don't now if you noticed my question,I asked at the beggining:what Mightymaomoondog was??Was he taken from some religion or legend or just your invention???
(11/08/2005 21:54:15, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: marian, i hope this time we won't have to wander hopelessly across our big city hoping to meet you by chance 'somewhere'
(11/08/2005 21:54:18, room alphaville) MARTY (to Jonatan_Bad): IS THAT A PRODUCER WHO ONLY WORKS OUTSIDE ? COULD GET A LITTLE COLD !
(11/08/2005 21:54:32, room alphaville) paulg (to Poul): there is so much time between releases the songs should be very good!
(11/08/2005 21:54:36, room alphaville) Poul: haha Martin
(11/08/2005 21:54:46, room alphaville) Alien (to Lady_Bright, marian): and let's not forget we have a nice reason for a party - my birthday!
(11/08/2005 21:55:05, room alphaville) Jonatan_Bad (to MARTY): Hehe, no, but someone like John Fryer
(11/08/2005 21:55:09, room alphaville) (to marian): NA, DAS IST SCHADE, ABER DAS IST DEIN PROBLEM
(11/08/2005 21:55:19, room alphaville) Lisa (to marian): will there ever be a re-release (in some kind) of dreamscapes?? (i haven´t got it )
(11/08/2005 21:55:24, room alphaville) MoonStoneClare (to Alien): What a birthday!!
(11/08/2005 21:55:29, room alphaville) Mags: Marie here briefly...can't stay long because Mags and I are both busy people, but I have a question to Willy, Claudia, and whoever sets up these chats..
(11/08/2005 21:55:30, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: exactly - marian, did you know alien secretly sponsored your trip to russia this time to celebrate her birthday?!?!?!
(11/08/2005 21:55:30, room alphaville) Neil: oho
(11/08/2005 21:55:38, room alphaville) Poul (to paulg): the more songs you need to mix and "produce" the more time it's gonna take...
(11/08/2005 21:55:42, room alphaville) marian (to Susan_B.): my invention. Or am I his?
(11/08/2005 21:55:49, room alphaville) wii (to marian): Would you consider Andy Richards as a producer again ?
(11/08/2005 21:56:00, room alphaville) Alien (to Lady_Bright): yeah... so secretly that didn't even know it herself
(11/08/2005 21:56:01, room alphaville) wii (to Mags): yes?
(11/08/2005 21:56:26, room alphaville) marian: andy is a phenomenal producer.
(11/08/2005 21:56:29, room alphaville) Mags: This question is actually from Mark: Why can't the chats be arranged for weekends when people in the States can join?
(11/08/2005 21:56:33, room alphaville) MARTY (to Jonatan_Bad): FINDING THE RIGHT PRODUCER IS A VERY TOUGH JOB ..... WE'LL SEE WHAT HAPPENS
(11/08/2005 21:56:32, room alphaville) paulg (to Adi_23): berlin was so special, once in a lifetime but no dvd
(11/08/2005 21:56:41, room alphaville) (to marian): WAS IST LOS MIT FRANK MERTENS?
(11/08/2005 21:56:57, room alphaville) Susan_B.: Do you still have contact with Ricky???What's he doing now???
(11/08/2005 21:57:10, room alphaville) Mags: Marie again: Hi Clare and Olga!
(11/08/2005 21:57:10, room alphaville) wii (to Mags): this one is for the forum birthday which is today, but we do have a chat every sunday at 21.00 CET
(11/08/2005 21:57:13, room alphaville) Adi_23 (to paulg): i still love the city. was there 4 times and its not enough...........
(11/08/2005 21:57:36, room alphaville) townfc: hello marian why has it been so silense about alphaville this year
(11/08/2005 21:57:46, room alphaville) paulg (to Poul): oh well I will have to listen to the old stuff with my Alphaville t-shirt on
(11/08/2005 21:58:01, room alphaville) Jonatan_Bad (to MARTY): There are so many great producers...:) Are they hiding
(11/08/2005 21:58:03, room alphaville) Neil: Yep, der bin ich - kam komischweise unter meinem gewöhnlichen Nickname nicht mehr in den Chat - also hab ich einen anderen eingerichtet
(11/08/2005 21:58:06, room alphaville) Mags: why not have a 'Dreamroom birthday observed' day on the weekend then? :-p
(11/08/2005 21:58:21, room alphaville) spacetourist: I think Ben Hillier did a great Job on 'Playing the Angel'
(11/08/2005 21:58:27, room alphaville) MARTY (to Jonatan_Bad): NO .... JUST EXPENSIVE !!!
(11/08/2005 21:58:46, room alphaville) Poul (to paulg): hehe...yeah you do that :)....seems like we're going to have to wait another 5-6 months before we get some new stuff....
(11/08/2005 21:58:47, room alphaville) wii (to Mags): we can´t please everybody - marian and martin are here tonight - that´s what counts
(11/08/2005 21:58:54, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: martin, so why are you ignoring travelling with the band this november?
(11/08/2005 21:59:03, room alphaville) Adi_23: PLAYING THE ANGEL is well produced but pure crap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(11/08/2005 21:59:22, room alphaville) Jonatan_Bad (to MARTY): yeah, but less known bands can afford them... Alphaville is a big band
(11/08/2005 21:59:26, room alphaville) Apollo (to marian): What do you think about the recent development of German songs in the (German) charts? Any chance you'll be doing anything in German again?
(11/08/2005 21:59:30, room alphaville) wii (to Adi_23): only 2 real good songs on that album
(11/08/2005 21:59:34, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: playing the angel should've been titled playing the crap
(11/08/2005 21:59:53, room alphaville) Mags (to Lady_Bright): Marie again one last time, maybe: I'm studying to teach English in Berlin at the moment but not brave enough to claim to have moved here yet
(11/08/2005 21:59:59, room alphaville) Adi_23 (to wii): EXACTLY !
(11/08/2005 22:00:00, room alphaville) Susan_B. (to marian): Is it truth that as aboy you had beloved littlt black dog which dissapeared one day???:)))))
(11/08/2005 22:00:02) wii (to all chat users): the transcript from this chat will be on our forum later:
(11/08/2005 22:00:15, room alphaville) MARTY (to Lady_Bright): IGNORING !! NO NO NO, I JUST CAN'T MAKE THESE TWO SHOWS ...... I DO OTHER THINGS AND I'M PRODUCING A BAND AT PRESENT
(11/08/2005 22:00:22, room alphaville) FallenAngel (to Lady_Bright): I hope you don't consider angels as crap....
(11/08/2005 22:00:29, room alphaville) Neil: Alphaville is 100% english known!
(11/08/2005 22:00:32, room alphaville) Adi_23: WELL GUYS, GOTTA GO......... WAS GREAT TO SEE YOU.......... BYE ALL, MARTIN, MRIAN............
(11/08/2005 22:00:44, room alphaville) Jonatan_Bad: Bye Adi!
(11/08/2005 22:00:45, room alphaville) wii (to Mags): wow, another american moving to Berlin ?
(11/08/2005 22:00:58, room alphaville) Claudia2: bye adi
(11/08/2005 22:00:58, room alphaville) MARTY (to Adi_23): BYE BYE ADI XXX
(11/08/2005 22:00:58, room alphaville) Mags (to Adi_23): tschüss Adi ...... gute Nacht
(11/08/2005 22:01:01, room alphaville) MoonStoneClare (to Adi_23):
(11/08/2005 22:01:07, room alphaville) Neil: Bye Adi_23
(11/08/2005 22:01:11, room alphaville) spacetourist: maybe, but Hillier left his mark on the album, and it shows what influence a producer may have on the sound of a band
(11/08/2005 22:01:11, room alphaville) marian: bye Adi, take care
(11/08/2005 22:01:14, room alphaville) Alien (to Adi_23):
(11/08/2005 22:01:22, room alphaville) Mags (to wii): maybe.
(11/08/2005 22:01:25, room alphaville) Alex (to MARTY): will you play guitars on the new album too?
(11/08/2005 22:01:28, room alphaville) Poul: bye Adi
(11/08/2005 22:01:30, room alphaville) Adi_23: ciao...............
(11/08/2005 22:01:32, room alphaville) paulg (to Adi_23):
(11/08/2005 22:01:54, room alphaville) Blue: I am off to see the Pacific
(11/08/2005 22:02:00, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: martin, can we hear the band you're producing on some website????? curious
(11/08/2005 22:02:04, room alphaville) ivoton: @Adi_23 bye
(11/08/2005 22:02:14, room alphaville) MARTY (to Alex): SOME, BUT I'M SURE DAVE WILL BE ON HERE AS WELL !!
(11/08/2005 22:02:16, room alphaville) wii (to Alex):
(11/08/2005 22:02:17, room alphaville) marian (to Alex): he already did!!!!
(11/08/2005 22:02:20, room alphaville) Neil (to marian): I'm a little bit bored: What's about my questions? Or is it too much from other sides?
(11/08/2005 22:02:54, room alphaville) Alex (to MARTY): looking forward to hear that
(11/08/2005 22:02:58, room alphaville) <Krapplund- would like to hear a remix of a new Alphaville song made by Chinese Theatre>
(11/08/2005 22:03:01, room alphaville) wii (to marian): will the next album be sold only online as Crazyshow did ?
(11/08/2005 22:03:06, room alphaville) Blue:
(11/08/2005 22:03:21, room alphaville) Susan_B. (to marian): Maybe stupid question but....What have you dreamt about last night;O)
(11/08/2005 22:03:36, room alphaville) paulg (to marian): any chance of a preview as a christmas present?
(11/08/2005 22:03:38, room alphaville) marian (to wii): No, I don't think so
(11/08/2005 22:03:41, room alphaville) Alex (to MARTY): have you heard the new supergrass album?
(11/08/2005 22:03:53, room alphaville) Blue: I'm off to see the pacific ....
(11/08/2005 22:04:06, room alphaville) MARTY (to wii): DONT WORRY, WE HAVE SOME SPECIAL "SYNTH SOUNDING" GUITARS THESE DAYS .... HEE HEE HEE
(11/08/2005 22:04:22, room alphaville) marian (to paulg): Maybe, An extract from one of the new demos. Why not.
(11/08/2005 22:04:31, room alphaville) Jonatan_Bad: Who will sing in the new album?
(11/08/2005 22:04:36, room alphaville) wii (to MARTY): great !
(11/08/2005 22:04:40, room alphaville) MARTY (to Alex): NO, I'M NOT A HUGE FAN ...... SORRY !
(11/08/2005 22:04:46, room alphaville) Apollo (to Blue): ...where the Pacific's so blue
(11/08/2005 22:05:07, room alphaville) Poul: @paulg great idea! or maybe one of the songs that won't make it onto the album made available on during x-mas
(11/08/2005 22:05:20, room alphaville) marian (to Jonatan_Bad): You?
(11/08/2005 22:05:26, room alphaville) Alex (to MARTY): me neither till I heard their latest release
(11/08/2005 22:05:35, room alphaville) Blue: amazingly blue
(11/08/2005 22:05:37, room alphaville) wii (to marian): will the new songs we heard live the past year be very different on the album itself ?
(11/08/2005 22:05:49, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: marian, do you still smoke?
(11/08/2005 22:06:13, room alphaville) Jonatan_Bad (to marian): What about a Maxi-Single?
(11/08/2005 22:06:20, room alphaville) marian (to wii): Definetly
(11/08/2005 22:06:21, room alphaville) wii (to Lady_Bright): I need one now
(11/08/2005 22:06:42, room alphaville) MARTY (to Lady_Bright): or .com YOU CAN HEAR A FEW PRE- MIXES ON LINE :0
(11/08/2005 22:06:50, room alphaville) wii: ups, wrong smiley
(11/08/2005 22:06:57, room alphaville) Neil: Answer me
(11/08/2005 22:06:58, room alphaville) MoonStoneClare: I need a glass of wine or Newcastle beer
(11/08/2005 22:07:03, room alphaville) marian (to Lady_Bright): No. Quit smoking
(11/08/2005 22:07:08, room alphaville) Neil: Please....
(11/08/2005 22:07:36, room alphaville) Susan_B. (to marian): as I said in Poland we're creating a website and I wonder if I can mention in bio some facts from your private live(on the other sites I Haven't noticed them)I asked Olek T.and he said that you won't be pleased...So??
(11/08/2005 22:07:37, room alphaville) Krapplund-: hmmm......and i need to work now...but i don´t want right now
(11/08/2005 22:07:44, room alphaville) wii (to marian): still drink beer, I hope"
(11/08/2005 22:07:51, room alphaville) Apollo (to Blue): Breathtakingly beautiful maybe ??
(11/08/2005 22:08:04, room alphaville) (to marian): SHOW MUST GO ONE... ICH GEHE RAUS. NICHT AN WIEDERSEHEN
(11/08/2005 22:08:07, room alphaville) olli (to marian): will there be any german songs on the new album?
(11/08/2005 22:08:11, room alphaville) MARTY (to Neil): DONT BEG .... IT'S SO UNCOOL !!!
(11/08/2005 22:08:37, room alphaville) Apollo (to Blue): Breathtakingly Blue beautiful, I meant
(11/08/2005 22:08:41, room alphaville) marian (to Susan_B.): Talk to claudia about this matter
(11/08/2005 22:08:47, room alphaville) Claudia2 (to Susan_B.): please contact me regarding that
(11/08/2005 22:09:00, room alphaville) slam (to marian): have you ever considered writing a book about Alphaville, Marian?
(11/08/2005 22:08:56, room alphaville) spacetourist: to me 'Around the Universe' was almost perfect the way you played it live; please, no great changes to this one!!!
(11/08/2005 22:09:04, room alphaville) Neil (to MARTY): Then give me a tip: How can I get him?
(11/08/2005 22:09:05, room alphaville) Susan_B. (to marian): THAT'S GREAT THAT YOU PUT UP SMOKING!!!It kills people!
(11/08/2005 22:09:02, room alphaville) Leif (to marian): do you have make thoughts for the name of the next album, maybe "around the universe"?
(11/08/2005 22:09:08, room alphaville) Lady_Bright (to MARTY): just downloaded the first track, not enough synths for my taste................ :):):)
(11/08/2005 22:09:13, room alphaville) Krapplund-: singing oooooohh Martin lister shalla la la la...Martin Lister
(11/08/2005 22:09:17, room alphaville) hector (to alfonso): hola chavalote!
(11/08/2005 22:09:24, room alphaville) Poul (to MARTY): will the guitar on the next album be mainly acoustic or "normal guitar" ?
(11/08/2005 22:09:28, room alphaville) Blue: absolutely Apollo but everything had double meanings
(11/08/2005 22:09:29, room alphaville) marian (to olli): no german songs so far
(11/08/2005 22:09:32, room alphaville) MARTY (to olli): SUCH AS BLAU BLAU BLUEHT DER ENZIAN !!!
(11/08/2005 22:09:46, room alphaville) Lisa (to Krapplund-): hold your horses!! wait until next thursday and i´ll join
(11/08/2005 22:09:52, room alphaville) Alex (to MARTY): ouch that hurt!!
(11/08/2005 22:10:18, room alphaville) olli (to MARTY):
(11/08/2005 22:10:19, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Lisa): YEAH.....we ageinst always when i´m in front of the stage :P
(11/08/2005 22:10:28, room alphaville) MoonStoneClare (to MARTY):
(11/08/2005 22:10:31, room alphaville) MARTY (to Poul): BOTH PROBABLY
(11/08/2005 22:10:52, room alphaville) Poul (to MARTY): ok
(11/08/2005 22:10:58, room alphaville) F*K
(11/08/2005 22:10:58, room alphaville) Lisa (to Krapplund-): i guess so... always have, always will (for me)
(11/08/2005 22:11:09, room alphaville) Susan_B. (to marian): What sort of books do you like to read and what was the last one you read??
(11/08/2005 22:11:19, room alphaville) Blue: later
(11/08/2005 22:11:46, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: marian, did you really start working on the alphaville bio - or did you lose the enthusiasm while working on the first sentence?
(11/08/2005 22:11:53, room alphaville) marian: well, you people. I have to leave now.
(11/08/2005 22:11:57, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to marian): about a book....howsgoing with the book you was planing? some new news about it?
(11/08/2005 22:12:11, room alphaville) Susan_B.: NO!!!!
(11/08/2005 22:12:20, room alphaville) marian: The book is in the making
(11/08/2005 22:12:22, room alphaville) MoonStoneClare (to marian):
(11/08/2005 22:12:23, room alphaville) Leif: ok, thanx and by marian
(11/08/2005 22:12:27, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: old news will do
(11/08/2005 22:12:28, room alphaville) MARTY (to Lady_Bright): YEAH, THEY ARE A ROCK BAND !!! ( NOT A SINGLE SYNTH) HEE HEE
(11/08/2005 22:12:33, room alphaville) Poul (to marian): thanx for joining us! and good luck with the new album!!!
(11/08/2005 22:12:50, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to marian): OK great!! and hows is it going with the opera???
(11/08/2005 22:12:57, room alphaville) Susan_B. (to marian): For long??
(11/08/2005 22:12:58, room alphaville) marian: I have to go. Bye. Enjoy the evening
(11/08/2005 22:13:06, room alphaville) Apollo: Yes, nice to have met you here, Marian. Bye!
(11/08/2005 22:13:10, room alphaville) marian: Bye-bye
(11/08/2005 22:13:11, room alphaville) ngrg: tschö und freudiges schaffen!!!!!!!!!!
(11/08/2005 22:13:12, room alphaville) Mags (to marian): thanks for coming. Tschüss!
(11/08/2005 22:13:12, room alphaville) Lisa (to marian): see you next thursday have a nice time!!
(11/08/2005 22:13:13, room alphaville) spacetourist: thank you marian for taking your time; all the best for you and the album
(11/08/2005 22:13:16, room alphaville) Lady_Bright: marian, thanks for your time
(11/08/2005 22:13:17, room alphaville) Krapplund-: see u 17th MARIAN!
(11/08/2005 22:13:22, room alphaville) MalilaM: @marian
(11/08/2005 22:13:25, room alphaville) paulg: @marian hope to meet you again someday
(11/08/2005 22:13:31, room alphaville) Susan_B.: @marian Will you come back this evening??
(11/08/2005 22:13:38, room alphaville) MARTY: @marian SEE YOU TOMORROW, SORRY FOR THE BAD TRAFFIC !!
(11/08/2005 22:13:50, room alphaville) alfonso: bye bye Marian from Spain
(11/08/2005 22:13:50, room alphaville) wii: marian has left the building
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Thanks Willy!

I had missed a part of the conversation, and now it's easier to read it all!

You can do just what you wanna
You can kill or you can die
Be a beggar or a princess
But you'll never lose your style
Ephemere - Fallen Angel

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Yeah, I did what I can to make it easy reading.

So, what can we conclude from this chat?

1. New album in 2006 with lots of synths
2. Martin Lister wrote several songs
3. It may not only be sold online
4. No DVD at this time
5. Maybe some previews of some songs before christmas
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you have perfectly summarize yesterday's chat.
It was not too informative, but we had the chance to read interesting questions and some answers.

Good initiative and happy 5th anniversary,
Héctor (Fantastic Dream).
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Thanks hector, and welcome.

You´re right, no big news, but always nice to have a few things cleared out. There were lots of people at the chat, even though it was not announced on the mailinglist (to avoid chat server crash), so Marian couldn´t answer all the questions we had, but it was fun anyway.
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Very interesting to read the chat-list wii.
But I am curious, who is Lady Bright? I believe Lady Bright was at the concert in Copenhagen, so maybe we have shaked hands.
And it´s obvious that Marian and Martin looks forward to meet Lady Bright at the boat. I think I will go in the footsteps of Bright that night, perhaps I get a chance of a nachspiel-drink with Martin Lister :-))))

\Still Falls The rain\
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It was very nice to hear that there is hope for Tipi DVD!
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10 ?

Where did you read that?

Originally Posted by slam
It was very nice to hear that there is hope for Tipi DVD!
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its maybe a mix up with all these questions and answers.
some of them are hard to connect with each other....

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poul e
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I agree Anni...the question about a possible DVD from Tipi is joined by another question which Marian answers with a "yea" hard to tell which question he answers...
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