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Chat Transcript with Marian Gold 31 Jul 2003

marian_gold jumps into AlphavilleChat.
Karen|WychOfAvalon|click on the @ symbol next to the name of who you want to talk to
Adi-Jewel|got my color back :-)
Trent|Hallo siropik...glad you could make it mate
Karen|soksy|hi from England also!
shadow|Hallo Trent
wii|marian_gold|YEAH !
MalilaM|claudia|too bad
Krapplund|soksy|hello from sweden
Judith|wii|was nice talking to you, too!!
Cassiel|Hello Marian
Adi-Jewel|ohhhhhh look who's here :-)
alphaandre||claudia|bitte, denkt noch mal drüber nach, es ist das erste richtige konzert in Dtl. 2003. okay i write in english now again ;))
Burley|hi marian how are you?
Hayley|Yep - I'm the one from Manchester!
marian_gold|hello hello
FallenAngel|Krapplund|feed the hungry belgians Krapplund :-)
Frostfern~|Hi GOLD!
shadow|hallo Mr Gold
Mags|marian_gold|Hi Marian!!!! =)
WychOfAvalon|'allo Mr. Marian
wii|Judith|visit me anytime in Copenhagen
Adi-Jewel|marian_gold|GUTEN ABEND
marian_gold|good to see you all here
Clare|soksy|good to see you here
siropik|marian_gold|Good Evening Marian!
Karen|hi Marian!
MalilaM|wii|how long can I stay silent without being kicked out?
FallenAngel|marian_gold|Hello Marian!
kakstorie|Hi Marian
alphaandre|hello marian
frostfern~|marian_gold|GOLD BABY...
dustin|marian_gold|Hi Mr. Gold
anni|bloddy laptop!!! mac is rubbish!!!
wii|marian_gold|how are you marian ?
trent|Greetings Marian
clare|marian_gold|Hi Marian
jesus|Marian, Greetings from SPAIN;)
wychofavalon|Macs rule
marian_gold|I´m fine
wii|anni|chat works fine with Macs
jarka|hi Marian
adi-jewel|50 people are gonna say HI to Marian :-)))))
frostfern~|This is crazy...
little|Hi Marian.
marian_gold|we rehearse at the mo
anni|marian_gold|how are the boys? eating pasta?
marian_gold|the boys are in berlin
malilam|wii|chat works with the connection it likes, whenever it likes :-P
cassiel|marian_gold|one curious question: how did it come to the work with DAN on Crazyshow?? cause of Starman??
wychofavalon|I love Macintosh
kakstorie|Marian, greetings from South Africa
anni|marian_gold|it means rest for me and spaggeti mit ketschup
marian_gold|we hope to play some old-new songs on the upcoming concerts
adi-jewel|marian_gold|hmmm.......we need to talk about........;)
soksy|Hi Marian from Jared
wii|marian_gold|when will Seeds be ready for live performance ??????
kakstorie|gunnar|hello gunnar
trond|marian_gold|The song "Say It Aint´t So, Joe", when will you play it on stage live?
karen|wii|I thought I was asking that? :-P
marian_gold|god, seeds!! forgot for this time
marian_gold|next time
wii|marian_gold|next time ?
adi-jewel|anni|yeah :-)))))))
anni|I told martin about SEEDS
clare|Karen|thought you were sitting quietly?? :-)
wii|marian_gold|this year ?
cassiel|marian_gold|how did it come to the work with DAN on Crazshow?? cause of Starman??
karen|Clare|I am now :-(
gunnar|kakstorie|hello! interesting name!
Krapplund|marian_gold|Will it be a new album in 2004??
wychofavalon|My outspoken and saucy self has suddenly beenreduced to a shy and blushing uber nerd...
anni|maenner sind einfach nur vergesslich :-)
marian_gold|maybe this year
marian_gold|I really hope to do it!
marian_gold|maybe in zwickau
hervelam|Hello everybody!
clare|Karen|no you're not!
karen|marian_gold|later in the year?
mags|marian_gold|we would really love to hear Seeds this year...
wii|marian_gold|then I will come for sure to Zwickau
karen|in Zwickau would be brilliant
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