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Mail by Marian

Hello everybody!

By travelling the internet I accidently stopped at the New Horizons Website (really nice site) and read some mails on the forum-page concerning the subject of cover-versions. I am very flattered that my version of "Say It Ain´t So" is so much appreciated by the fans but please allow me to make some remarks to the topic in general. When I decide to do a cover, it is basically because I am entranced by the original version and I respect the artist, otherwise I wouldn´t do it. I don´t feel like being in any kind of competition with the author or interpreter. All I try to achieve is to add a personal perspective to the song and it is only its original version which inspire me to do so. I don´t think that it is possible to top the original model but even if I am wrong to my eyes it would be an unnessessary and useless attempt anyway. When people listen to one of my coversongs I hope to introduce them to the work of the original artist as well as to mine. When I heard Murray Head singing ´Say It Ain´t So´ for the first time in my life, I was so touched by his performance that I was close to tears. I have to admit that I had never heard any of Murray´s songs before. Rupert (Hine) played it to me when we were looking for an existing song to find out if we could work together. It was an honour for me to sing this song. And that goes for all the other cover-versions I´ve done and will ever do as well. Bless you all. Marian Gold
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