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7 4th fanclub meeting (Norway), Jun 2000

The meeting was held in Hovedgården on Langøya, Telemark, Norway, June 16-18th 2000. Despite many cancellations the last week prior to the meeting, the meeting was a tremendous succes. The official part of the meeting was set to start on Saturday the 17th of June, but the majority of the members arrived on Friday. So that day was just to prepare the concert and various activities that were schedule for the next day. The only person missing, who had announced her arrival, was Maggan. She was also the longest traveller, a mere 1200 kilometres. The mystery solved itself the following morning, when Joachims mobile phone rang. Maggan had arrived, well sort of. Actually she arrived lat Friday evening, but the phone number she had been given was wrong ! So a mere 1200 kilometres alone in a car, just to end up sleeping in the car one a pier, a few hundred meters from the meeting…

After a good breakfast, the time before the official meeting, was spent in the nearby “city” Langesund. We started the meeting by listening to some of the contributions to the coming tribute album, and already on the obscure side, we watch AV songs, performed by other artists. Amongst them “für immer jung” performed by Germanys answer to Helmut Loti. After this eye “candy”, it was time some show, meaning our chef had arrived. Yep, our own chef was here to barbeque for us. It was the first time I ever had joined a barbeque with more than 300 guests. 15 invited and about 300 seagulls. The eatingfrency went on just fine, until the point where the seagulls sprung to action. And after a short but intensive battle the chops were saved. After the barbecue, Artwork did three sound checks, while the remaining participants, chilled. What´s a meeting without a competition ?. We teamed up two and two, and with the question sheet, we scattered around the house dreaming of fame and fortune. 30 minutes later it was all over, Maria and Andreas was the pair with the biggest brains at that time. Unfortunately, due to the last minute cancelling, there were no funds for any prices, so they had to settle for the fame.

And then there was Artwork show. Up some stairs down a narrow small hallway, all the time accompanied by candlelights, that were placed as a beckon to follow. Ending in a cosy concert hall. (more about the concert online later…) After the concert we held a fotosession, with an alter that had candlelights spelling AV as the center of all the pictures that were taken. The rest of the night was so called AV disco, 6 hours of pure pleasure. Isn´t it strange, all of AV`s song are really danceable ? Wait, it might have something to with mass hypnoses, or whatever that means. And it went of till the crack of dawn or in lack of better words, it was stopped due to the fact that there were people that were driving the next day, and were in the need of some sleep. Håkan went to drastic actions, as he found his way to the shower and felt asleep in it. Two hours later the first people woke up, getting ready four the long way home.

First departures was Patrick, Fredrik and Håkan, because that Patrick had to work the same day, (hope you didn´t make it). The rest of the bunch were in such a hurry to leave, that they chilled out consuming a large breakfast, (for some that meant eating with a spoon directly of the fudge box). But all good things has to end. Thanks, all new and old friends for an unforgettable weekend:

Joachim, Birgitte, Narve, John, Maggan, Maria, Fredrick, Patrick, Andreas, Leena, Håkan and Staffan

Hugs and kisses


Heidi og Sten Roar

"Alphaville ohne Bernhard ist wie eine Apfelstrudel ohne apfel"
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