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7 2nd fanclubmeeting (Denmark), Jun 1998

The second fanclub meeting was this time set at Hotel Jørgensen in central Copenhagen. At the hotel a large basement conference room was made available for us. (Not entirely private, but it worked out anyway). We had set up a TV, Video, CD, speakers etc. And of course hung up a large number of Alphaville posters around the room. Joachim made a selling both, where he sold a lot of copies of So long Celeste and United. Claus Nielsen also sold some of his old Alphaville stuff.

Many new faces showed up since the last fanmeeting last year. Both new members, but also some of those who coudnt make it last year. This time most of the Danes were able to join, but unfortunately many from Sweden coudnt come. We also had a special guest all the way from Germany; Roland Krude.

When most of the members had arrived about 18:00 we presented the program of the evening.We then displayed various Alphaville videos and TV-performances. Later in the evening we all watched the great Alphaville concert in Budapest on video.

No meeting without a quiz. Willy had made some strange recordings of rare Alphaville songs and remixes. A mix of 23 short takeout of Alphaville songs were played in one big mix and the task was to write down as many you could recognize. The winner with most correct (not counting myself of course, I couldn´t participate) was Lars Hedegaard. With 17 out of 23. The price was a framed and signed picture of Marian and Bernd. A different quiz was arranged by Joachim. He had made all of Alphavilles singles and album releases in small cards. Then each member should lay the cards in absolutely correct order of release dates. No prices here, but funny to see how easily you get it wrong.

Here are in few words some of the other highlights of the evening:
- Andreas presented the list of the best Alphaville songs ever. A vote we all had done through Headlines some time earlier.
- Joachim had the crazy idea to photograph the management in strange places and positions.
- We “did” the Cover for Universal daddy.
- Staffan had been in contact with KP and presented some ideas we all could work on to get Alphaville to Scandinavia.
- We saw some of last year’s party on video.
- At midnight most of us left the hotel and went out in Copenhagen’s nightlife. Some hours later we returned to the hotel to sleep for a few hours.

Next day we split, and the Swedes went back to Sweden, and Roland went back to Germany. We briefly spoke about next years party and we came down to this: Wouldn’t it be great if we could rent a boat, and hold the fanclub meeting on the sea!?!?


Written by David Witkowski
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