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7 Party in Berlin (Germany), Nov 2010

Releaseparty 'Catching Rays on Giant'
Nov 18-19 2010
Club Quasimodo - Berlin
Review by Richani

Here's my review about, in my opinium, one of the best parties I've ever been.

Nov. 17:

After a long traintrip I finally arrived in Berlin and not being the only one arriving there one day too early the pre-party was about to start! Ive met Patrik at the hotel and together we went to the Irish Pub where later also Peter arrived! What a great night we've had! [drunk]

Nov 18-19: Partytime!

That day the other fans arrived as well and after having spent some time with Willy, Peter, Patrik and Mike (InBoston) we had a little preparty @ room 610 at the end of the afternoon (Dont worry guys, I wont put *that* vid that I recorded online... too painfull to watch )
Around 19:10 we left the hotel on our way to Club Quasimodo to be sure that we would be there on time. The club itself was still closed so we went to the bar to meet the other fans and to have some beer, but before we got the chance to order something we got news that we were allowed to enter the club and the first one I saw standing there was.. Marian!!
He looked rediculously good and it even looked like he's been sunbathing for a while. (Later I found his make-up artist @ the toilet and I think she knows more about this mysterious 'sun-tan'
Marian was in a great mood and it was so nice that he took the time to say a personal hello + hug to at least every fan in the club. Later Martin, Jakob and David entered the club as well and so the party could start!! Sadly only one beer was for free and if you wanted to drink more (duuhhh -_-) you had to pay for it
When Marian came to me the first thing I did (after the hug of course!!) was giving him the drawing that Ive made for him and so I did for the other guys - Gosh I was happy!!

We were surprised how many fans still joined the party since the late announcement, but it was so darn clear that too many fans were missing...

Time for the little concert!

They played 6 songs:

Sounds Like A Melody
I Die For You Today
Forever Young
Big In Japan
Carry Your Flag
Dance With Me

Its strange that they decided to play old songs during a party that has been organised for the new album. The version of BIJ was very nice though Marians voice was in a perfect shape!
Please enjoy the good quality vids that Willy has been recording of all this

After the songs have been played the guys were ready for a big party with all of us!! Lots of beer and people dancing to the sounds of the new album that has been played during the party. We were able to buy it at the event and of course not without big fat autographs on it [smile2] I also got them on my scarf and if you were in the mood for having autographs on parts of your body, that wasnt a problem at all (No, I still havent washed my arm yet )

Being a smoker definatly has its good sides; You had to stand outside in the rain and just waiting for mr. Lloyd to join you there with a fag as well [smile2] Later they made smoking possible inside the club as well (and dont ask me what kind of cigarretes Marian was smoking !! )

Around 2:00 the party was about to end and so the band took time again to say byebye to everyone! I want to thank them and the fans that joined for the great night I've had, I will never ever forget this!! But I hope they will announce the next party way much earlier so that more dear fans will join and make the party even bigger !!

With a couple of fans we went to another bar for some food and beer and I dont know at what time we got back to the hotel oh well ^^


Gallery by Krapplund:
Videos by wii

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more info

to all lucky guys who could attend the party,
could you give more info, playlist, how long was the concert etc... and did you enjoy?
thanks in advance!
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Wow! Thanks wii. It would have been so great to be there. Nice that you got good quality.

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Thanks Wii! really great
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Thanks for the great vids Wii !! You will receive the review later today

~~ Ријaнa [love2] Алфaвил ~

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Marina Orchid
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Splendid atmosphere!!! I was smiling during the whole period of watching and re-watching the video. DWM is magic! I wish I could listen to SLAM from there till the end. Love Marian's voice and his fantastic energy and aura!!
(BIJ is funny... [smile2].)

Really huge thank you for the opportunity to see it!!

And we know that we know what we know.
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Wow great video's! Thanks Willy!

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I'll be at the next one, come hell or high water!

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- as expected! You lucky people!

Thanks wii for the vids!

Actually good that I couldn't come, SLAM certainly would have made me throw away my crutches and ruin my left knee for good...

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You did miss something JaJaJa......and I was looking for you there, but go the chance to talk with lotīs of new fans there.....

"Alphaville ohne Bernhard ist wie eine Apfelstrudel ohne apfel"
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