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Location: Cape Town, South Africa
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MacAngel enters the Dreamroom forum...

Spring Greetings from MacAngel in Cape Town, South Africa

Whew, the last 3 months of my life have been hectic ( ) but I'm here to answer your questions...

I've just read through some messages on this forum & I'd like to thank you all for supporting Bernhard, AtlanticPopes, Alphaville and also for your interest in my track that Bernd ReMixed last year, "Le Mystique Sonar".

This track features on my debut album "Sample This" and can be purchased online at in South Africa (

I'm sure that you're all curious to know when the new MacAngel album "Summer in Berlin" will be released?

Well this is all work-in-progress at the moment and I am currently in negotiations with 2 South African Record Co's about prospective Licensing and/or Album opportunities

A launch date and/or release date is unconfirmed at this stage BUT I already have a backlog of pre-orders from fans on my 'VIP' list

More soon...
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Dream Keeper
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hmmm...... sounds cool! The title of your new album.... does it have anything to do with Alphaville's Summer in Berlin?

***This life is expensive, but at least it comes with a free trip around the sun!***
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Welkom Mac. Remember I am one of those VIP fans

da m@j0r AKA Norman van Wyk

da mAjor
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Some Kind Of Angel
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Welcome to the forum MacAngel!!

Bought your debut album 'Sample This' and I really loves it... I am waiting for the second one...

Wish you all the best in your future projects and thank you for joining us!

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You can kill or you can die
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But you'll never lose your style
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Welcome to the forum!
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big in japan
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Welcome !
Nice to have you here

"Ok Adi, this song is for you..." Freiberg 13.8.2005
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The dream
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Hope you will enjoy your stay and not only stay in the AP-forum :)
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Old 16 Sep 2003, 08:49   #10
Join Date: 10 Sep 2003
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Posts: 26
MacAngel is back

Apologies for my delayed responses, I will attempt to publish news updates and answers to your questions once a week.

OK, let me start by saying THANK YOU ALL for welcoming me to the forums! It is gr8 to be here and to feel your positive energy

-Time to answer some Q&A starting with "russharvey".
Thanx for your gr8 question about my new album title "Summer in Berlin"...
strictly speaking my MacAngel - Summer in Berlin album title was decided between Bernhard & myself. I wanted to use a title that would reflect our collaboration in Berlin and it just worked out that I would be in the studio with Bernd in June, which is Summer in Germany & Europe. Furthermore, once we got chatting about "Summer in Berlin", Bernd informed me of some of the Historical significance behind the title so this meant that "Summer in Berlin" ultimately had 2 conotations, gr8 stuff:)

Incedently the Alphaville song "Summer in Berlin" deals with the Historical aspect
of "Summer in Berlin".

-Now for a response to "mAjor".
Thanx for your vote of confidence Norman You have been added to my VIP order list
and once I'm ready to publish a release date you & the rest of the forum will be the first to know!

As a matter of interest, "VIP" orders will be despatched before the official launch party which will be held in Cape Town but this date, like the release date is still work-in-progress.

-"Fallen Angel", many thanx for your warm welcome and your comments regarding my 1st album "MacAngel - Sample This" [spin]
Sample This is a gr8 album which has done well for me in South Africa, after I released it independently in July 2002.
If you would like to view some pics of the launch party at Buddhabar in Cape Town pls visit:

Once again for those of you who are interested in buying a copy of "MacAngel - Sample This, final edition" pls visit:
or direct link:

PLEASE NOTE: that this album is on SALE and there are only limited CD's available. Once the current stock of "Sample This" gets sold out, NO MORE COPIES WILL BE PRESSED!!! This means that there will only be a limited number of CD's in the world and therefore "Sample This" will become a collectors item...

OK, that's it for this session, I hope you enjoyed my comments and I look FW to receiving more Q&A from all of you soon:)

Chat again in a week...


...this MacAngel BEAT just can\'t go wrong...

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