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Yes I agree for the quieter section being essential, a bit like in Call Me, the tempo drops for a moment which allows a musical bridge with or without lyrics, before ascending again. For a Single version, I would keep it but shorten it a bit, you can't break the beat too long on dancefloors ;)

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Thanks Willy !
Hello friends ! Today I am first time in that Forum, but I agree: new songs are like old Alphaville (Questions Of Happiness, Monday's For Good and Heartbreaker - Demo 8.
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Thunderbaby 2021

Hi All !

Marian said in a radio interview: "The new album "wird in 2021 veröffentlicht" :)

I think thats a very good news ! We got 2 remastered album and 1 new album.

I tried to collect some information about tne new album :

1.) No title so far for this one
2.) Channing Way
3.) Mad Tornado
4.) Truth
5.) Days like These
6.) Archangel

Seems the album's direction will be kind of spiritual. On "Archangel" Jakob played a heavenly drumsolo. I think it's about time for drumsolos.

Blow, wind, blow, so swift and low, blow over the ocean
Waves roll in from far away in never ending motion
Catch us, crow! Carry us, kite! Take us away till the apples are ripe!
Will the cow jump over the moon and the dish run away with the spoon?
What kind of visions make your face shine so bright?
(„All through the Night“, lyrics from the „work in progress“ album 'ThunderBaby')

And 2 another song name:

And Marain said some years ago, 3 songs left from Strange Attractor. Maybe these songs wil be on it.
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I did move the topic to the topic around the album Thunderbaby

"Alphaville ohne Bernhard ist wie eine Apfelstrudel ohne apfel"
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Is there any news about this new album?
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