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Old 17 Dec 2003, 20:48   #11
Invisible Impact
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1. That's all
2. Freedom
3. Flying
4. I have to name the 4th also, because I had to struggle with the 3rd and the 4th. It's Ice

"Miksi luonnolliset ja helpot asiat eivät voi olla luonnollisia ja helppoja toteutua?"
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Old 17 Dec 2003, 22:03   #12
poul e
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So the forum AP chart is like this:

1. World (21)
2. That's all (16)
3. Flying (9)
4. Games (6)
5. Ice (5)
6. Freedom (4)
7. Skin (3)
8. Living (2)
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Old 18 Dec 2003, 09:13   #13
Arranged in White
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Skin is the most under-rated track in this forum!!

Take care
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Old 11 Feb 2004, 14:44   #14
Random Motion
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It took me a while to decide, but lately I seem to be listening to

1. Games
2. World
3. Ice (french version too)

*wishing we would hear some news*

I must be going crazy or the brandy's won the race 32
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Old 11 Feb 2004, 17:47   #15
Dream Keeper
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yes, dying for something new by the Popes!!!!

***This life is expensive, but at least it comes with a free trip around the sun!***
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