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Ofer nahum

He just did the most horrible thing to 'because of you'. I can't believe he did this to one of the most amazing songs. Anybody viewing that would think alphaville sucks. Not good.
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Old 17 Jul 2018, 19:44   #2
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Does this really deserve a thread?

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Old 18 Jul 2018, 15:13   #3
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No. Its my favorite song. I hastily posted this
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Old 19 Jul 2018, 04:57   #4
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Yes, it does deserve a thread. When a POS such as Ofer insists on dragging the band's name through the damn mud, we have every right to call him out on his BS! I wish his channel would just get taken down already!
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Old 24 Jul 2018, 00:49   #5
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I, for one, don't mind when he finds a remix and just simply leaves it be, but I have heard a few vids where the intro is kinda messed up with a bunch of soundbites mashed together, and it's hard to enjoy when there's so much happening at once.

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