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New AV Box Set in the Planning

While the LA Concert Group is setting up for live streaming during the Whiskey A Go Go weekend, they are also making a box set to commemorate the event!

No streaming necessary to pre-order this thing, it's gonna have more discs (combined DVDs and CDs) than even Dreamscapes, and considerably cheaper...$200 US (plus a $20 fee).

The weirdest part is that you get a "ticket" that usually gets redeemed for concerts, but as far as I can tell, it will merely act as a receipt. I doubt I'd have to show it to get it out of my post office box, but you never know.

As far as the streaming goes, there are two choices that you'll see in the link.

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Old 14 May 2018, 20:36   #2
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Isn't this just the boxset of the two live shows plus blu ray + DVD.
It's a nice boxset and I respect the business idea but in my view it is too expensive.
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It is... The thread title is poorly worded. I know 1077 had good intentions, but the way he / she worded the topic's title could have been a bit better.

I'm hoping to Christ on a cracker that a new Dreamscapes will come out some day... I've heard conflicting information from 2 different people who have close ties to the band regarding it...
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Old 14 May 2018, 21:10   #4
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I would buy this boxset if they chucked even 2 DS discs as a bonus. But it is too expensive for me, even with the complete FY album being performed live.
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20 years ago, financial crisis hit my country and the local currency plunged an incredible rate against US Dollar. I could only sit idly and watch with envy other fans getting their DS boxset. I am not going to let the chance slip by this time, now that I can afford to purchase the WAGG boxset :p

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