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Songs that sound similar to Alphaville songs?

I was wondering if any of you know of songs that share the same chord progressions / melodies found in Alphaville songs?
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Ah, now THAT would be a challenge!

Not sure about actual music that you'd hear on radio or CD or whatever, but I have one of those puzzle vidgames, where the chords sound much like a slower "Sounds Like a Melody". It's a Sudoku game for the PlayStation.

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Interesting. What is the game's exact name?
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There are a few italo disco artists that have a similar sound to early Alphaville, even a bit of Hubert KaH with Wenn der Sonne..... Love that song :)
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Thanks to somebody's comment on a YouTube video with "Golden Feeling" in it, I found out that there is a song with a similar melody to the chorus of it, and it's called

Duran Duran - Rio
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Old 17 Nov 2015, 19:59   #6
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I think that another artist could be Human League

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Another song that is almost the same as an Alphaville song! Here it is. It's from a game called Frozen Fruits. The entire song is almost identical to "Sounds like a melody"


Found yet another one after some research! My Mine - Can Delight is the name of this one. It is very similar to Big in Japan. The beat is much like it. Even the main synth sounds like the one found in said song.

Yet another one that is like Big in Japan is..... Savage - A Love Again

EDIT again (2):

Yet another one. This one is so much like Big in Japan that it'll make you wonder if the guy who made it stole the song from Alphaville. The verses are very similar to BIJ's and the main beat is very much like it as well. Oh, and the verses before the chorus starts is a bit like the guitar from Can Delight by My Mine (I know!).

Fair Control - Symphony of Love

A website said they sampled BIJ, but I highly doubt it. I can guarantee you it was either a coincidence, or even just outright stolen.
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Are we human or are we dancers, I found this mentioned on the forum as having the same sound, and now I too feel that it sounds like an AV song.

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If you like Heartbreak City, you might like the new The Killers single
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To be clear: I'm meaning songs which share similar melodies to AV songs, and not songs which sound like they're in the style of AV.

I recall someone mentioned the intro to Control sounded like a U2 song (I think it was that band) but I cannot for the life of me find where I saw it.
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