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Mr. Olek
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Phantom member?

I'm wondering who is Mr. Erdmann. It was a surprise to me that he and Max wrote almost all songs. I was convinced that it was rather Bernhard and Max.

It looks even stranger to me when I think of Bernhard just playing somebody else's compositions.

Bernhard, why there is only one your composition on the album?

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Dream Master
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Where are you Bernd? I would like to read the answer to this one?

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Bernhard Lloyd
Bell II
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iīm right here.
erdmann is an old friend of max.
they wrote songs together more than 12 years ago before they split up.
i loved them a lot, so over these years of working with max on those songs they became "my" songs. nevertheless they are originally co-composed by erdmann like itīs mentioned on the booklet.
for me itīs not at all important who composes a song ....itīs only about if the song has quality or not...
i would work on a chris de burgh song if it was good.
btw: there are 4 of my songs on the album: world, freedom, thatīs all and flying (which has a wrong credit on the booklet)
we all make mistakes...
to make things clear: AtlanticPopes is just me and max ...and everybody who feels like a pope.....

everybody is a pope......
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The dream
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Well said Bernhard! So speaks a true artist!
*a pope*

~/~/~Crystal vibrations~/~/~
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