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Ah, yeah. FLAC does have level 1-8 compression options. One of these days I'd love to read how FLAC compression even works... I personally prefer WAV over FLAC since the filesize difference isn't enough for me to justify using them (usually a few MB difference)
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Mart,I haven't listenend to all the cd's or dvd's even.When I do,I'lltell
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OK. The whole remastered discs are up on Youtube for over a week now

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So, really happy with this release. So far didn't came across any malfunctions. As far as my laptop can tell the sound is great. I found calling the short speed version of FY 'version rapide' a nice touch instead of 'new single mix' as it is more well known.
Nothing too special with the documentary but I liked it, especially the inputs of original producer & earing Bernd playing single parts of songs.

As it's more easy to critisize than praise, the only thing I would have done differently is skip 'Colours' & 'Romance' and replace them with 'Iron Gate' & 'Carol Masters' without the new vocals. 'Colours' was remixed so much in 1998 that parts of it sounds late nineties - fine in DS context but strange in this one ('Le Tone - Joli Dragon - 1998' came to mind for some reasons).
One mistake is the printed duration of 'Jet Set' video, 4:23 instead of 3:50. Surely a nice allusion to my birthday (or maybe it was a confusion with the lenght of 'Red Rose' single, who knows).
Obviously the original videos 'tapes' were nowhere to be found, it looks like youtube transfers color saturated (my eyes where bleeding after SLAM). And why SLAM is only 3:31? Still happy to have these in DVD format.
Booklett is very nice but I miss the original lyrics inlay, something it seems the viny-only edition have.

All in all I'm delighted with this near perfect release! A dream comes true for competists. So thank you very much AV for a job well done.

ps for no one but myself: hey the 47th track is the one featuring 'Alphaville' in the lyrics.

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