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Primacom Family Day (Germany), Sep 2010

It was last tuesday that I met our dearest *ariAna*, who had some job matters to do in my hometown again. And she told me of that secret gig that only become official by moonbase right the same day.
Well, I hate events like that. Primacom is a German internet/tv/phone provider and all those promotion activities may be necessary, but quizzes and bouncy castles, having beer just to bear all the omnipresent salesgirls trying to obligate you forever (in medial supply) isn't what I like about
a conservative concert.
But you can't seriously refuse an Rhinelander's request, could you?
And furthermore my researches on the event led me to the real rare opportunity to visit the former
airport tower of Leipzig-Mockau for I have some memories of the agrarian planes and watching
those parachutists and pre-paratroopers with their rounded caps in the eighties.

So I jumped into the car and drove through town and nasty rain.
I may have to add I was in a very bad mood, don't ask...

The venue was open air and right on the Primacom area which got built on the former flight path.
After on some half-illegal parking site, I had a look at the venue and the rainy tragedy, anyway, I found shelter at that tower, which contained a massive Leipzig flight history exhibition plus AV music inside and offered lots of interesting impressions and stories (one of the oldest German airports, my friends!).

Getting back to the concert site I saw a couple of known faces of Golden Feeling, but you know,
I'm not so fanclubbish... All those stands offering sausages, beer, coffee, fish and stuff couldn't
please me and it became painful real to me that I was wearing the definitely wrong clothes.
Then the mobile rang:

Unfortunately our fab rhinelander hadn't asked the natives how to get to the Leipzig fairground, which is nearby, so she went a total wrong direction and had to do some efforts to find the path again.
But some hilarious compensation came along as she met gorgeous Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top.

Then the three boys entered the stage and started playing the intro, extended version...
and a little more extended...and extended again... Then Marian came up, mumbling something
of a traffic jam, but in a… very perfect mood.

I can't recall the exact setlist, but they started with DWM, followed by Monkey In The Moon,
there was AVOL, SLAM, Jerusalem, I Die For You Today and BIJ.
I really enjoyed Marian performing like I haven't done since 1999! He was moving and dancing
and braving the rain by wearing just a thin black shirt – he really must be a powerful singer to
risk a cold. The sound was simply perfect to me (needless to say I stood next to the front of house
mixer again...); precise and powerful. Marian mentioned some technical difficulties and took
off his in-ear monitors, but he obviously really felt like singing and performing.
Shitty weather, there were hardly one-hundred people and the band is in excellent shape – the
old story how things can go...
Btw. I think it was only the first time for me to see the band playing with Jakob on drums.
I had said that before after some yt-songs around: I really like his style!

Right after BIJ was done, the entire power supply crashed with a bang; Lights, sound and everything left without saying goodbye. Well, distributors and water, I'd say...
Some fans in the first rows started chanting Golden Feeling and Marian grinned, clapped his hands and joined in, So did Jakob on drums and the whole crowd began to clap their hands too.
Unfortunately it became obvious that there couldn't be a return, so Marian and the boys bowed
and waved.
For me it was time to leave, my sister needed my help again...
Sorry Ana!
She and some other fans will have had a fine time backstage and at the fab pubs of this town...
Maybe she'll take over...



Между нами дураками естъ один большой дурак.
Раз, два, три - Это верно ты!
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Old 27 Sep 2010, 18:54   #2
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Great review so far, J!!!

I'll take over, promised, but not today.
After a whole week away I need a somehow quiet evening now (was on a business trip today again ).

I took some photos and will upload them. Am I allowed to post the wonderful portrait of Billy Gibbons as well?

G - O! Let's go!
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Old 27 Sep 2010, 19:29   #3
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Old 27 Sep 2010, 19:38   #4
Take it easy!
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Great review! Thanks Ja x 3!!!

Ana, we will be waiting for your pics (when you have time, of course).

Nunca te arrepientas de lo que hagas. Arrepiéntete de lo que no has hecho. [kitty]
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Old 27 Sep 2010, 20:06   #5
Forever Young(ish)
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Great to hear about this - thank you!
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Old 27 Sep 2010, 20:10   #6
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Cool review J-Man! Sounds like it was a lot of fun!

Before you judge me, make sure you're perfect.
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Old 27 Sep 2010, 20:12   #7
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Great Ja-cubed !!! Thanks!

"Alphaville ohne Bernhard ist wie eine Apfelstrudel ohne apfel"
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Old 28 Sep 2010, 01:32   #8
Random Motion
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Great review, J, thanks for sharing!
It's great to know AV changed your bad mood into something good.

I must be going crazy or the brandy's won the race 32
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Old 28 Sep 2010, 14:22   #9
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@*a: I think Mr Gibbons would feel fine at your private Gallery...

Между нами дураками естъ один большой дурак.
Раз, два, три - Это верно ты!
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Old 29 Sep 2010, 12:15   #10
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Great review, JaJa!!! Arrr, I had not known that you was also there too:-(

It was absolutly not the best Av concert ever, but it was nice to met some peoples there again! ^^ .
I had made only one pic from the concert... my cam was to expensive to take it in the rain.
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