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7 Chat Transcript with Marian Gold 01 May 2016

(05/01/2016 21:03:29, room alphaville) Marian: hello
(05/01/2016 21:03:32, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Welcome Marian!
(05/01/2016 21:03:32, room alphaville) Natalia: Hallo Marian!
(05/01/2016 21:03:34, room alphaville) Mumu: Hello Marian ù
(05/01/2016 21:03:36, room alphaville) kragame704 (to Bazooka74): ?? There was a concert no late than 23 april, french tour was only a one time event
(05/01/2016 21:03:36, room alphaville) Apollo: Good evening Claudia, Marian
(05/01/2016 21:03:36, room alphaville) wii: :-] :-] @Claudia :-]
(05/01/2016 21:03:37, room alphaville) Karen: hey Marian!
(05/01/2016 21:03:37, room alphaville) Dimitraville: Hello Marian!
(05/01/2016 21:03:37, room alphaville) AmberVon: YAY!
(05/01/2016 21:03:39, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): Hello Marian! How are you?
(05/01/2016 21:03:40, room alphaville) tobias.prohl: moin ihr zwei :)
(05/01/2016 21:03:42, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): Hello my derest Marian !!!!
(05/01/2016 21:03:43, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): :-]
(05/01/2016 21:03:45, room alphaville) marielle: Hi Marian from Argentina
(05/01/2016 21:03:45, room alphaville) Karen: hey Claudia!
(05/01/2016 21:03:46, room alphaville) dmitri1575: hi Marian
(05/01/2016 21:03:47, room alphaville) mark-uk: :crazy
(05/01/2016 21:03:56, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Claudia): :-]
(05/01/2016 21:04:00, room alphaville) vinicio: hola marian
(05/01/2016 21:04:02, room alphaville) Mumu: Hi Claudia !
(05/01/2016 21:04:05, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Welcome Marian :)
(05/01/2016 21:04:13, room alphaville) AmberVon: Hello Claudia and Marian :D
(05/01/2016 21:04:13, room alphaville) marielle: Hi claudia
(05/01/2016 21:04:14, room alphaville) Yulia: Hi, Hartwig
(05/01/2016 21:04:16, room alphaville) WineOfDesire: I'm so excited, this is the first time for me... Hello Marian
(05/01/2016 21:04:17, room alphaville) Marian: I'm sitting here with bonnie on my lap
(05/01/2016 21:04:17, room alphaville) kragame704: Hello Marian & Claudia
(05/01/2016 21:04:17, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): Hello again :)
(05/01/2016 21:04:19, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Claudia): Hello!
(05/01/2016 21:04:24, room alphaville) Andrei: hellooooooo
(05/01/2016 21:04:27, room alphaville) Claudia: :D :D
(05/01/2016 21:04:31, room alphaville) mark-uk: Hello bonnie
(05/01/2016 21:04:31, room alphaville) dmitri1575: wating u in Estonia
(05/01/2016 21:04:36, room alphaville) mark-uk: lol
(05/01/2016 21:04:37, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Claudia): Hello :)
(05/01/2016 21:04:37, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil: hi Claudia!
(05/01/2016 21:04:40, room alphaville) Marian: she does not want to sleep
(05/01/2016 21:04:50, room alphaville) mark-uk: nor do we
(05/01/2016 21:05:06, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Give her a drink ;)
(05/01/2016 21:05:10, room alphaville) AmberVon: It's only 12pm here.
(05/01/2016 21:05:30, room alphaville) Jully: Hello Marian, hello friends!
(05/01/2016 21:05:31, room alphaville) vinicio: its 1pm here
(05/01/2016 21:05:45, room alphaville) marielle: who is bonnie?
(05/01/2016 21:05:48, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): Yes, because she must take care of you :)
(05/01/2016 21:06:03, room alphaville) Claudia (to tobias.prohl): hi
(05/01/2016 21:06:06, room alphaville) WineOfDesire: hi Claudia !
(05/01/2016 21:06:18, room alphaville) Sabrina: Moin Marian, moin Claudia ! :)
(05/01/2016 21:06:31, room alphaville) tobias.prohl (to Claudia): always a pleasure
(05/01/2016 21:06:46, room alphaville) Didier: Marian, Claudia, greetings from Belgium!
(05/01/2016 21:06:59, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): When is your new album coming out?
(05/01/2016 21:07:04, room alphaville) AmberVon: Marian! I am extremely excited for the Cancun shows!! It's only 9 hours of flying for me instead of 12+ hours of flying to Europe! MWUAH!!! (not excited about Starship but... I don't have to watch them)
(05/01/2016 21:07:06, room alphaville) mark-uk (to Marian): Will you ever come tour in the UK?
(05/01/2016 21:07:21, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): Have you any news for us about new album, new concerts?
(05/01/2016 21:07:21, room alphaville) karli (to Marian, Claudia): Hi, welcome
(05/01/2016 21:07:23, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): So, what's the news about the new album?
(05/01/2016 21:07:28, room alphaville) Marian (to Bazooka74): 2016
(05/01/2016 21:07:49, room alphaville) Apollo: 2016? Sure ? ^^
(05/01/2016 21:07:55, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): When in 2016?
(05/01/2016 21:07:57, room alphaville) MalilaM: 2016 is soon enough for me. :))
(05/01/2016 21:07:59, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): That´s very specific ;)
(05/01/2016 21:08:12, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): I know this album will be great! I can't wait!
(05/01/2016 21:08:15, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): Any concert party planned to release the album? :)
(05/01/2016 21:08:22, room alphaville) Yulia: your sleep-dreams come true?
(05/01/2016 21:08:26, room alphaville) alfa_romeo: call me original demo remix in great sound
(05/01/2016 21:09:04, room alphaville) Marian (to wii): the masters for the songs have all been done. single will be out between august september, album later on. single will presumebly be Heartbreak City
(05/01/2016 21:09:06, room alphaville) AmberVon: I find it fitting that Alphaville plays in Mexico and it's at the "MOON PALACE"
(05/01/2016 21:09:09, room alphaville) marielle: hey Marian are you havin plans to visit Arentina to show us your new music, we are witin for you please
(05/01/2016 21:09:24, room alphaville) vinicio: which of alphaville previous albums will influence more the new one?
(05/01/2016 21:09:29, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): Great news, thanks a lot.
(05/01/2016 21:09:31, room alphaville) Andrei: please , tell us something new!! about the album
(05/01/2016 21:09:44, room alphaville) dmitri1575 (to Marian): thank u for the music
(05/01/2016 21:09:47, room alphaville) Marian (to vinicio): none
(05/01/2016 21:09:49, room alphaville) kragame704 (to Marian): Any chance for a b-side (like LMFP)
(05/01/2016 21:09:51, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Cool, releaseparty in Berlin winter 2016?
(05/01/2016 21:09:56, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): Thanks for the info! I'm looking forward to this new album! It will be great!
(05/01/2016 21:09:57, room alphaville) peter: When will new album be released?
(05/01/2016 21:09:59, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): Is your song "fantastic dream" really coming from your dreams?
(05/01/2016 21:09:59, room alphaville) vinicio: oh!!!
(05/01/2016 21:10:01, room alphaville) mark-uk (to Marian): Will you ever tour in the UK?
(05/01/2016 21:10:26, room alphaville) Karen: would be nice to see a release in Romania, since Alphaville is on the TV almost daily
(05/01/2016 21:10:33, room alphaville) marielle (to Marian): hey
(05/01/2016 21:10:40, room alphaville) Dimitraville (to Marian): how many songs will be on this album?
(05/01/2016 21:10:41, room alphaville) tobias.prohl (to wii): intriguing idea :)
(05/01/2016 21:10:41, room alphaville) AmberVon: The UK is so lucky to be so close to where Alphaville usually plays :p
(05/01/2016 21:10:42, room alphaville) peter: was sad about cancelled concerts in Cologne, but Wortegem in Belgium is actually better :-)µ
(05/01/2016 21:10:44, room alphaville) Sabrina: How many songs will be on the album ?
(05/01/2016 21:10:54, room alphaville) Marian (to wii): there will definitely a release party. I hope before winter
(05/01/2016 21:11:09, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): and would be nice to see you in Hamburg. Here you have many fans
(05/01/2016 21:11:12, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): In Berlin?
(05/01/2016 21:11:13, room alphaville) Marian (to Sabrina): 13 songs
(05/01/2016 21:11:22, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): I will DEFINATELY be there, as always :)
(05/01/2016 21:11:25, room alphaville) marielle (to Marian): please let me know if you are gonna visit us here in Argentina
(05/01/2016 21:11:33, room alphaville) tobias.prohl (to Marian): we should consider a release party at the Haifischbar in Hamburg
(05/01/2016 21:11:34, room alphaville) alfa_romeo: new album in summer??
(05/01/2016 21:11:36, room alphaville) AmberVon (to wii): so jealous
(05/01/2016 21:11:40, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): What are you excited most about this album?
(05/01/2016 21:11:44, room alphaville) Marian (to FelipeBrazil): most likely
(05/01/2016 21:11:55, room alphaville) Sabrina: Good idea Tobi !!
(05/01/2016 21:11:58, room alphaville) wii (to AmberVon): You can join, done it before, remember?
(05/01/2016 21:12:03, room alphaville) marielle (to Marian): we are waiting for you from long time,
(05/01/2016 21:12:09, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): Are all 13 songs very new, or are there a few remakes/old songs?
(05/01/2016 21:12:26, room alphaville) Marian (to tobias.prohl): great idea! We gonna do it there!! Yesss!!
(05/01/2016 21:12:36, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): no releaseparty in Stockholm? ;)
(05/01/2016 21:12:37, room alphaville) AmberVon (to wii): Possibly - but I'm going to Cancun next month for Alphaville. Not sure if I can manage a European trip in the same year. I guess we'll see :)
(05/01/2016 21:12:44, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): will be on new album song "cold ash" ?
(05/01/2016 21:12:47, room alphaville) alfa_romeo: i am fan best in italy!!!
(05/01/2016 21:12:51, room alphaville) dmitri1575 (to Marian): can u shared video live concert from Bierut?
(05/01/2016 21:12:54, room alphaville) Marian (to alphaandre): yes
(05/01/2016 21:13:08, room alphaville) wii (to AmberVon): Releaseparties are always something special...
(05/01/2016 21:13:24, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): Thanks for starting playing again Jerusalem ... this is a must in any setlist :D
(05/01/2016 21:13:31, room alphaville) Claudia (to Natalia): no "Kalte Asche"
(05/01/2016 21:13:32, room alphaville) Yulia: when you arrive in Russia?
(05/01/2016 21:13:43, room alphaville) AmberVon (to wii): lol had I known there would be a release party before I made Alphaville Cancun plans ... I would have waited and done a release party!
(05/01/2016 21:13:47, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): How about the sound of the new album lots of synths, like you promised me?
(05/01/2016 21:13:51, room alphaville) Marian (to wii): Haifischbar haifischbar.....although its a little bit small???
(05/01/2016 21:13:54, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Marian): Hamburg would be great for a release party...i like the city very much :)
(05/01/2016 21:14:05, room alphaville) Olek: Hello!
(05/01/2016 21:14:11, room alphaville) Apollo: Hamburg for a realeas party sounds manageable
(05/01/2016 21:14:11, room alphaville) Jully: I'm very anxious for your album!!
(05/01/2016 21:14:20, room alphaville) Olek: Shit, I'm late
(05/01/2016 21:14:21, room alphaville) tobias.prohl: well, small but cozy. ang great fischbrötchen
(05/01/2016 21:14:22, room alphaville) Natalia (to Claudia): "cold ash" is english version of "kalte asche" but I think both will be great
(05/01/2016 21:14:22, room alphaville) WineOfDesire: (to marian) Please, we often hear that your titles are inspired by dreams. This is not your only inspiration I guess what you get inspired for this album?
(05/01/2016 21:14:22, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Have I been there? Not sure....
(05/01/2016 21:14:22, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): O2 World in Berlin
(05/01/2016 21:14:26, room alphaville) Thomas0208: hello
(05/01/2016 21:14:35, room alphaville) karli: Oh Kalte Asche is magic, it will be a magical
(05/01/2016 21:14:37, room alphaville) Karen (to Apollo): not for me, oh well
(05/01/2016 21:14:45, room alphaville) Marian (to wii): lots of synths and lots of guitars
(05/01/2016 21:14:46, room alphaville) alfa_romeo: i am wine in mind
(05/01/2016 21:14:57, room alphaville) Marian (to nicole): that its been done
(05/01/2016 21:15:07, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Olek): not that late
(05/01/2016 21:15:07, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Ha, ha...good answer :)
(05/01/2016 21:15:18, room alphaville) tobias.prohl (to wii): but true
(05/01/2016 21:15:21, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): HAs Maya Kim left the band? Since she was not in the last concert.... :-(
(05/01/2016 21:15:26, room alphaville) vinicio: whats the main concept behind the new album? like saying is this concerned with green environment or something like that?
(05/01/2016 21:15:26, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): I bet! It will all be worth it in the end!
(05/01/2016 21:15:28, room alphaville) Apollo (to Karen): You took a wrong turn for Alphaville :-( Romania is a bit far
(05/01/2016 21:15:34, room alphaville) peter: Is the new album done with analog synths? I prefer plugins to work with.
(05/01/2016 21:15:36, room alphaville) Sabrina: What songs are on the album we heard of / know ??
(05/01/2016 21:15:46, room alphaville) marielle (to Marian): Hey please Argentina when... ç
(05/01/2016 21:15:50, room alphaville) Claudia (to Natalia): there is no English version of Kalte Asche
(05/01/2016 21:15:50, room alphaville) Jully: Hi, my friend Felipe!!1
(05/01/2016 21:16:00, room alphaville) mark-uk (to Marian): Looking forward to another album from you, add to my collection
(05/01/2016 21:16:01, room alphaville) Karen (to Apollo): but way interesting - love it here
(05/01/2016 21:16:19, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil: MArian, please release party in Mongolia, lol :D
(05/01/2016 21:16:30, room alphaville) AmberVon: lol
(05/01/2016 21:16:48, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): How do you train your voice ?
(05/01/2016 21:16:50, room alphaville) Apollo (to Karen): that's why I said "for Alphaville" ... as long as for the rest of your life it was the right choice ...
(05/01/2016 21:16:52, room alphaville) Marian (to Andrei): we will shoot a video in about six weeks. shooting location will be ccc studios in berlin, same location where we shot big in japan.
(05/01/2016 21:17:04, room alphaville) mark-uk: Cracks open another beer
(05/01/2016 21:17:12, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Jully): Oi meu amor :)
(05/01/2016 21:17:12, room alphaville) AmberVon: oooooh video
(05/01/2016 21:17:16, room alphaville) tobias.prohl: cheer mark-uk
(05/01/2016 21:17:28, room alphaville) hajak1: Will question of happieness be on the new album?
(05/01/2016 21:17:34, room alphaville) karli (to Marian): Cool
(05/01/2016 21:17:36, room alphaville) Karen (to Apollo): probably not for life - might be hading back to DE in year or so
(05/01/2016 21:17:42, room alphaville) mark-uk (to tobias.prohl): cheers
(05/01/2016 21:17:43, room alphaville) tjommen (to Marian): is a handfull of darkness still in the tracklist for the new album
(05/01/2016 21:17:48, room alphaville) Claudia (to FelipeBrazil): Maja is of course still in
(05/01/2016 21:17:50, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): a new video is always great news! =)
(05/01/2016 21:17:52, room alphaville) alfa_romeo: in italy music no like
(05/01/2016 21:17:53, room alphaville) kragame704 (to Marian): Here's my vote for LMFP as a b-side
(05/01/2016 21:18:02, room alphaville) tobias.prohl (to hajak1): no
(05/01/2016 21:18:07, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil: Thanks, Claudia, love her!!
(05/01/2016 21:18:13, room alphaville) mark-uk: Maja is cool in the band
(05/01/2016 21:18:15, room alphaville) Marian (to tjommen): yes
(05/01/2016 21:18:22, room alphaville) marielle (to Marian): Marian what came to your mind to create this new material that is upcoming
(05/01/2016 21:18:30, room alphaville) AmberVon (to Marian): A compilation of videos would be great. It's not ideal to watch bad quality Alphaville videos on YouTube. Or maybe there's a dvd out there that I don't know about with all the videos? (including I die for you Today ,etc)
(05/01/2016 21:18:53, room alphaville) Didier (to Marian): It's forbidden to cancel the show in Wortegem in August :) The last time I attented a show was the anniversary show in Paris. Then I bought tickets for the 80’show in Munich (cancelled). Koln (postponed), Koln (cancelled), Brussels -top 50- postponed....
(05/01/2016 21:18:53, room alphaville) Jully: FelipeBrazil :)
(05/01/2016 21:19:03, room alphaville) Yulia: We love you so, come to Russia
(05/01/2016 21:19:07, room alphaville) vinicio: yes. whats the new main concept ?
(05/01/2016 21:19:11, room alphaville) alfa_romeo: no speak english!
(05/01/2016 21:19:13, room alphaville) AmberVon (to Didier): ouch
(05/01/2016 21:19:20, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): Do you have a alltime favourite song from another star?
(05/01/2016 21:19:47, room alphaville) peter (to Didier): Alphaville replaces Anne Clark and it's a festival ...
(05/01/2016 21:19:56, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): How exciting! This album will be a success, I know it! Thanks Marian, for all you do for us fans! :)
(05/01/2016 21:20:04, room alphaville) mark-uk: Travelling to Sopot Poland last year, only to be unwell to attend :-(
(05/01/2016 21:20:11, room alphaville) Marian (to marielle): i dont know. many things happened. Martin died. Rainer died. it was a tough time. i am living in a different world. i am a different person now. the album is a paradigm shift.
(05/01/2016 21:20:14, room alphaville) karli (to Marian): Has the name Strange Attractor an inrtinsic meaning?
(05/01/2016 21:20:16, room alphaville) Jully: Perfect Yulia, coming to Brazil too !:)
(05/01/2016 21:20:23, room alphaville) Andrei: the voice of Martin Lister will be heard ?
(05/01/2016 21:20:42, room alphaville) Elf (to Marian): Hi Marian,How I Love Thee...!❤️Will you ever play in the UK Glastonbury for example or somewhere equally mystical...?
(05/01/2016 21:20:44, room alphaville) dmitri1575: around the universe great video playing in my mind
(05/01/2016 21:20:48, room alphaville) alfa_romeo: alphaville no more in italy!!
(05/01/2016 21:21:22, room alphaville) mark-uk: Its very strange how the death of friends can change our lives forever
(05/01/2016 21:21:43, room alphaville) Marian (to karli): yes, but this is not the right place to explain it. Listen to the music and the words. Then maybe you understand
(05/01/2016 21:22:03, room alphaville) Dimitraville: What is your favorite song from this new album?
(05/01/2016 21:22:19, room alphaville) karli (to Marian): Thank you very much, Marian
(05/01/2016 21:22:37, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): For what would you go on a protest?
(05/01/2016 21:22:43, room alphaville) Marian (to tjommen): RENDEZVOUS didnt make it and THE WINE OF ASTONISHMENT
(05/01/2016 21:22:45, room alphaville) Sabrina: [@Marian] Has the cover layout already been done ? What does it look like ?
(05/01/2016 21:23:13, room alphaville) Marian (to tjommen): ...and LIONHEART
(05/01/2016 21:23:26, room alphaville) Yulia: at least we are on the same continent
(05/01/2016 21:23:35, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): are you planning to record a cover of David Bowie's song?
(05/01/2016 21:23:35, room alphaville) AmberVon: ooof. Dying to hear these songs already.
(05/01/2016 21:23:41, room alphaville) Marian: all these songs will be on the next album that is already in the making
(05/01/2016 21:23:54, room alphaville) Karen (to Marian): as you say you are a different person now, does that mean your priorities have changed and / or that future plans for Alphaville have changed in some way?
(05/01/2016 21:23:59, room alphaville) Guest950: Hi Marian, what a pleasure to speak with you
(05/01/2016 21:24:05, room alphaville) mark-uk (to Marian): I remember writing in to top of the pops london when Big in Japan was released, saying you must have this band on....3 weeks later there you were,lol
(05/01/2016 21:24:06, room alphaville) peter (to Marian): Wine of astonishment reminds of Hooverphonic. Very different for Alphaville, but Hooverphonic can seel that kind of songs ...
(05/01/2016 21:24:14, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Next album? You mean after this one in 2016?
(05/01/2016 21:24:17, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): When you come to Mexico will you stay in Cancún only or will you visit other places? The Mayan Route, or other places?
(05/01/2016 21:24:19, room alphaville) AmberVon: YES A BOWIE SONG! (even though Five Years)
(05/01/2016 21:24:29, room alphaville) Olek (to Marian): is there anything in today's music that inspires you?
(05/01/2016 21:24:37, room alphaville) Thomas0208 (to Marian): When does the new album :)
(05/01/2016 21:24:38, room alphaville) Marian (to Natalia): i already did that. I covered "5 years"
(05/01/2016 21:25:04, room alphaville) Andrei: marian , please tell us when we can see the videos??? before the album ???
(05/01/2016 21:25:09, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): I know. But maybe new?
(05/01/2016 21:25:17, room alphaville) marielle (to Marian): wow you really inspires me like a model to follow, even when you face hard times you keep holding on and on
(05/01/2016 21:25:39, room alphaville) Marian (to Olek): oh yeah, "flying lotus" at the mo.
(05/01/2016 21:25:45, room alphaville) Didier (to Marian): Strange attractor - also a special release on vinyl?
(05/01/2016 21:25:51, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): marian , please tell us when we can see the videos??? before the album ?
(05/01/2016 21:25:57, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): Would you do a song for david bowie to remember him?
(05/01/2016 21:26:02, room alphaville) mark-uk (to Marian): i love the live version of victory of love, featuruing i feel love - Donna summer
(05/01/2016 21:26:03, room alphaville) Claudia (to Andrei): the single release video, only
(05/01/2016 21:26:05, room alphaville) Yulia: Marian, your sleep-dreams come true?
(05/01/2016 21:26:10, room alphaville) Elf (to Marian): I believe our departed loved ones are never far from us.This is indeed a huge Paradigm Shift.It's been tough it can only get better when you stay above the mundane reality
(05/01/2016 21:26:28, room alphaville) Dimitraville: What is your favorite song from this new album?
(05/01/2016 21:26:28, room alphaville) tobias.prohl (to Didier): yes
(05/01/2016 21:26:38, room alphaville) Marian (to Didier): there will be a vinyl. But not with all the songs. Playing time of the album is 1 hour 5 minutes
(05/01/2016 21:26:49, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Claudia): are you also coming to Mexico?
(05/01/2016 21:27:19, room alphaville) Marian (to MalilaM): we are playing in cancun
(05/01/2016 21:27:20, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): I know this album will give you a lot of mixed emotions since you've been through a lot while making this album, but to be able to make it all the best for us is just amazing.
(05/01/2016 21:27:35, room alphaville) Guest950: i dont't know why but I've lost my name on this chat... anyway I am Cristina from Italy, sorry if sometimes i asked you "when you come to Italy"...
(05/01/2016 21:27:55, room alphaville) tobias.prohl: Hi Christina :)
(05/01/2016 21:28:11, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): Do you have a favourite song of all your songs?
(05/01/2016 21:28:11, room alphaville) AmberVon: I've never been to Cancun before. It's kind of exciting.
(05/01/2016 21:28:12, room alphaville) mark-uk (to Marian): wish you would tour in the UK
(05/01/2016 21:28:16, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): I know, that's so cool! I was just wonering if you will also take a holiday to look around :)
(05/01/2016 21:28:18, room alphaville) hajak1: Will it be a B-side on the single?
(05/01/2016 21:28:21, room alphaville) Marian (to nicole): it is quite autobiographical in places. especially "SEXYLAND".
(05/01/2016 21:28:41, room alphaville) dmitri1575: strange attractor its physical term
(05/01/2016 21:28:44, room alphaville) Guest950: hi Tobias
(05/01/2016 21:28:52, room alphaville) AmberVon: I hope I can fit in going to Chichen Itza.
(05/01/2016 21:28:55, room alphaville) Marian: there is also a song about Alphaville. Its called GIANTS
(05/01/2016 21:29:11, room alphaville) Karen (to ClareB): internet connection doing a highland fling?
(05/01/2016 21:29:20, room alphaville) Marian (to Dimitraville): BEYOND THE LAUGHING SKY
(05/01/2016 21:29:26, room alphaville) Olek: And I guess it's not 'Giants' from Crazyshow
(05/01/2016 21:29:27, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): Giants is definitely one of my favorites!
(05/01/2016 21:29:29, room alphaville) Dimitraville: GIANTS of course!
(05/01/2016 21:29:41, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): Great song Giants -as you, the Alphaville !!!
(05/01/2016 21:29:51, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): Are you going to stay more days in Mexico for vacation? :)
(05/01/2016 21:30:02, room alphaville) Marian (to Olek): Oh, was there a song like that? But no, no.
(05/01/2016 21:30:19, room alphaville) ClareB: karen, yes.
(05/01/2016 21:30:23, room alphaville) Elf (to Marian): That is the 3rd time I have heard 'Lotus' today.Is someone trying to tell me something!?I so love For A Million,will it ever be performed live or has it been?TY
(05/01/2016 21:30:40, room alphaville) Marian: no its not the GIANTS from CS
(05/01/2016 21:30:47, room alphaville) Guest950: Marian,is there anybody or anything in particular to which you dedicate your new album?
(05/01/2016 21:30:48, room alphaville) MalilaM (to AmberVon): I've never been there, but they say it's a fantastic place. I hope you can see it. :)
(05/01/2016 21:30:57, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): How many people are working on the album?
(05/01/2016 21:31:19, room alphaville) tobias.prohl: you herade GIANTS in paris, Here's the lyrics:
(05/01/2016 21:31:23, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): Is there a future plan that you will perform in the U.S.? Id love to get a chance to see you live!
(05/01/2016 21:31:31, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): is Sebastian Komor still involved in AV projects?
(05/01/2016 21:31:33, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): What means this part of the words from "song for no one" : "Blaze queens, their voches so mauve Joanie kings all numbers ben fierce..." ?
(05/01/2016 21:31:38, room alphaville) mark-uk (to Marian): Do you think you will ever tour the uk with the new album?
(05/01/2016 21:31:38, room alphaville) Marian (to Elf): I would love to perform it. I dont know, I am always kinda afraid to play it live
(05/01/2016 21:31:51, room alphaville) AmberVon (to MalilaM): Me too!! I think it's a 2 1/2 hour drive from the Moon Palace Resort
(05/01/2016 21:32:11, room alphaville) kragame704 (to Marian): Any link between GIANTS and Rabelais' G. & P.
(05/01/2016 21:32:25, room alphaville) MalilaM (to AmberVon): Yeah, I'm told it's not too far. :)
(05/01/2016 21:32:27, room alphaville) ClareB: got to go. sorry i lost connection earlier. life of the jetsetter😊
(05/01/2016 21:32:27, room alphaville) tobias.prohl: bam - back
(05/01/2016 21:32:29, room alphaville) Yulia: This album is beautiful in sound?
(05/01/2016 21:32:32, room alphaville) Marian (to MalilaM): sebastian contributed lots of ideas to A HANDFUL OF DARKNESS
(05/01/2016 21:32:37, room alphaville) AmberVon (to Marian): Potato.
(05/01/2016 21:32:40, room alphaville) Apollo: wb, Tobias
(05/01/2016 21:32:56, room alphaville) Elf (to Marian): Mmm I'm sure it would be out of this world FAM X
(05/01/2016 21:32:58, room alphaville) MalilaM (to tobias.prohl): welcome back. :)
(05/01/2016 21:33:04, room alphaville) Olek: Where did you people got to hear 'Giants'? Is it on a setlist now or what?
(05/01/2016 21:33:09, room alphaville) Karen (to Andrei): by the way, paste fericit (assuming you are celebrating today)
(05/01/2016 21:33:26, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Have Sebastian Komor worked with the singel? Or maybe all tracks on the album?
(05/01/2016 21:33:28, room alphaville) tobias.prohl: GIANTS was played live in Paris
(05/01/2016 21:33:39, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Thank you! A Handful of Darkness is a lovely song. :)
(05/01/2016 21:33:53, room alphaville) tobias.prohl: hey apollo
(05/01/2016 21:33:56, room alphaville) Andrei (to Karen): thank you Karen ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) .
(05/01/2016 21:34:09, room alphaville) tobias.prohl: hey Malila
(05/01/2016 21:34:09, room alphaville) Olek: Of course - Paris. I knew I should have been there, dam in
(05/01/2016 21:34:11, room alphaville) Guest950: Is there a Strange Attractor song that touch you more deeply and which of them is more light and cheerful for you?
(05/01/2016 21:34:14, room alphaville) Mumu (to Olek): We heard Giants in Paris
(05/01/2016 21:34:19, room alphaville) Karen (to Andrei): :)
(05/01/2016 21:34:22, room alphaville) nicole (to Olek): Amazing song!
(05/01/2016 21:34:32, room alphaville) Marian (to nicole): there were plans for shows in the US for this year butn negotiations failed. We are still tryin'. Same for the UK.
(05/01/2016 21:34:45, room alphaville) karli (to Marian): I love the name Beyond the Laughing Sky. it is very beautiful
(05/01/2016 21:35:09, room alphaville) Marian (to Bazooka74): many
(05/01/2016 21:35:19, room alphaville) mark-uk (to Marian): Great news, keep trying, that would be awesome
(05/01/2016 21:35:21, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): Yes, please try! I would love to finally go to an AV concert! Thanks!
(05/01/2016 21:35:29, room alphaville) Olek (to nicole): thanks!
(05/01/2016 21:35:36, room alphaville) Elf (to Marian): Maybe UK for next year?
(05/01/2016 21:35:39, room alphaville) AmberVon (to Marian): Fingers crossed about US dates. That would be amazing! Especially if Starship isn't involved. hahahahahahaaa
(05/01/2016 21:35:51, room alphaville) mark-uk: im going to sopot in the summer again
(05/01/2016 21:35:52, room alphaville) Marian (to Bazooka74): Martin Lister, Rainer Bloss, Blacky Lorenzo Ternelli, the band, me
(05/01/2016 21:35:52, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): Do you like the idea of remaking your "old" songs?
(05/01/2016 21:35:55, room alphaville) Apollo: What's been causing the delay in the release of the new album? I kinda remember you announced "first half of 2016" some time ago ...
(05/01/2016 21:36:11, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil: Many bands going to US lately: Sandra, Bad Boys Blue, Savage, Modern Talking....
(05/01/2016 21:36:41, room alphaville) vinicio: what are your expectations about the cancun show? how do you feel about yout latin american fans?
(05/01/2016 21:36:42, room alphaville) Andrei (to Apollo): very good question Apollo ...
(05/01/2016 21:36:51, room alphaville) Marian (to Apollo): its all my fault. i wasnt happy with the results so i postponed the release
(05/01/2016 21:37:08, room alphaville) AmberVon (to FelipeBrazil): I don't know any of those bands. I need some music education.
(05/01/2016 21:37:32, room alphaville) Apollo (to Marian): I wasn't looking for someone to blame :) Just curious about the reasons ...
(05/01/2016 21:37:36, room alphaville) Guest950: Marian, what is the troublesome side or people in your work?
(05/01/2016 21:37:43, room alphaville) mark-uk (to AmberVon): youre missing out
(05/01/2016 21:37:46, room alphaville) Elf (to Marian): Marian have you ever felt or seen an Angel?(Apart from when you look in the Mirror!? hehe X
(05/01/2016 21:37:51, room alphaville) Karen (to AmberVon): you're not missing much
(05/01/2016 21:37:56, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to AmberVon): Sandra is the most succesful German female Singer... Modern Talking the band that most sold discs.
(05/01/2016 21:38:00, room alphaville) Marian (to vinicio): we ar looking very much 4ward to the two shows. It will be a very special event for us as for the audience.
(05/01/2016 21:38:06, room alphaville) Dimitraville: So you are a perfectionist!
(05/01/2016 21:38:11, room alphaville) AmberVon: Uh oh I'm getting mixed opinions here :p
(05/01/2016 21:38:34, room alphaville) mark-uk (to AmberVon): fun times
(05/01/2016 21:38:46, room alphaville) WineOfDesire: (to Marian) many of your songs are imbued with spirituality. It is also present in this new album?
(05/01/2016 21:38:51, room alphaville) mark-uk: i love modern talking
(05/01/2016 21:38:55, room alphaville) Marian (to Guest950): that is basically me
(05/01/2016 21:39:23, room alphaville) Claudia (to Guest950): always Marian :)
(05/01/2016 21:39:26, room alphaville) AmberVon (to mark-uk): sounds like a combo of Modern English and Talk talk and maybe Talking Heads
(05/01/2016 21:39:29, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): Marian, I hope this time you are happy for results and will be release the album
(05/01/2016 21:39:34, room alphaville) mark-uk (to Marian): Thats why we love you and your music.
(05/01/2016 21:39:39, room alphaville) AmberVon: The name anyway - I've never heard the music.
(05/01/2016 21:39:41, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): Do you have a food, which you really hate?
(05/01/2016 21:39:51, room alphaville) Marian (to WineOfDesire): yes, definitely. as far as spirituality goes.
(05/01/2016 21:39:52, room alphaville) vinicio: the audience will be listening
(05/01/2016 21:40:17, room alphaville) Karen (to AmberVon): putting Talk Talk in the same breath is sacrilege
(05/01/2016 21:40:22, room alphaville) Marian (to Bazooka74): I hate hamburgers
(05/01/2016 21:40:30, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): How many children have you ? 6 or 7?
(05/01/2016 21:40:42, room alphaville) KaM (to Karen): Haha!
(05/01/2016 21:40:57, room alphaville) wii (to Claudia): Problems? The server is doing very well :)
(05/01/2016 21:41:08, room alphaville) mark-uk: Talk talk - Such a shame, ah good times again
(05/01/2016 21:41:10, room alphaville) Dariusz (to Marian): The is any new ideas, new songs or no changes?
(05/01/2016 21:41:15, room alphaville) AmberVon (to Natalia): lol Wikipedia said he has 20 children recently until someone corrected it.
(05/01/2016 21:41:20, room alphaville) tobias.prohl: wii. its the soundcard
(05/01/2016 21:41:25, room alphaville) Marian (to Natalia): 7. Lily, Marlon, Noa, Rio, Orlando, Ferdinand, Bonnie
(05/01/2016 21:41:29, room alphaville) Mumu (to AmberVon): Agree with Karen. Modern Talking, well, let's say that when you've heard one of their songs, you can recognize all !
(05/01/2016 21:41:35, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): You talked about horrible food in Peru and Trinidad... did you have any horrible food in Mexico?
(05/01/2016 21:41:38, room alphaville) Claudia (to wii): actually I seen to be the only one tonight :)
(05/01/2016 21:41:42, room alphaville) Olek (to Marian): Sorry for that, but I have to know: how did you like the new Star Wars episode?
(05/01/2016 21:41:43, room alphaville) Karen (to mark-uk): their more experimental stuff was amazing
(05/01/2016 21:41:55, room alphaville) wii (to Claudia): Strange....
(05/01/2016 21:41:55, room alphaville) AmberVon (to Marian): My nephew's name is Rio Valhalla :D
(05/01/2016 21:41:57, room alphaville) Marian (to Yulia): we will play russia this year
(05/01/2016 21:42:00, room alphaville) dmitri1575 (to Marian): What is your favorite wine?
(05/01/2016 21:42:08, room alphaville) mark-uk (to Karen): love it
(05/01/2016 21:42:20, room alphaville) Yulia: Yes!
(05/01/2016 21:42:28, room alphaville) Marian (to MalilaM): yea, the guinea pigs
(05/01/2016 21:42:33, room alphaville) Guest950: Is there any spanish band called "alphaville" I saw on you tube...
(05/01/2016 21:42:35, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): RIO? Something related to Brazil and you like? :D
(05/01/2016 21:42:39, room alphaville) karli (to Marian): I admire that you share so much of yourself with your fans.
(05/01/2016 21:42:54, room alphaville) tobias.prohl: guinea pig burgers suck
(05/01/2016 21:42:59, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): When you play in the US (hopefully) I will make sure to get VIP passes so I can meet you!
(05/01/2016 21:43:07, room alphaville) Marian (to dmitri1575): the wine of astonishment
(05/01/2016 21:43:25, room alphaville) Dariusz (to Marian): Did you sang with any guest singer on new album?
(05/01/2016 21:43:26, room alphaville) Elf (to Marian): I get surges of energy at my crown while listening to all of your music,have you deliberately placed this in the music or does it occur from your natural creative input.?It really is quite astounding and unique
(05/01/2016 21:43:27, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): :)) Your description is my favourite quote when I see horrible food.
(05/01/2016 21:43:53, room alphaville) MalilaM (to tobias.prohl): :)) I bet.
(05/01/2016 21:44:12, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): Do you take your older kids with you on concerts?
(05/01/2016 21:44:28, room alphaville) hajak1: Can you give us a release date of the single
(05/01/2016 21:44:31, room alphaville) Marian (to nicole): I dream to play at the whisky a gogo in california
(05/01/2016 21:44:40, room alphaville) Jully: Marian what your favourite singer, band???
(05/01/2016 21:44:42, room alphaville) dmitri1575 (to Marian): me too thanks
(05/01/2016 21:44:48, room alphaville) Marian (to Bazooka74): sometimes
(05/01/2016 21:45:00, room alphaville) AmberVon (to Marian): holy hell if you guys play Southern California I'll fly down there in a heartbeat.
(05/01/2016 21:45:06, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): I will make sure I am there! :D
(05/01/2016 21:45:15, room alphaville) Marian (to Bazooka74): sometimes Orlando does some drumming during the soundchecks
(05/01/2016 21:45:54, room alphaville) Marian (to nicole): thats the place where the doors were playing and janis joplin
(05/01/2016 21:45:59, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): Are your kids as talented as you ?
(05/01/2016 21:46:11, room alphaville) Marian: and jefferson airplane
(05/01/2016 21:46:15, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): That must be very fun for him :)
(05/01/2016 21:46:24, room alphaville) AmberVon (to Marian): I lived in Los Angeles for 13 years. That place is iconic.
(05/01/2016 21:46:30, room alphaville) Marian (to Mumu): I dont care
(05/01/2016 21:46:34, room alphaville) kragame704 (to Marian): and Sparks :)
(05/01/2016 21:47:00, room alphaville) peter: Hmm, so the new album is postponed again?
(05/01/2016 21:47:23, room alphaville) jacky27 (to Marian): I love The Doors so much too
(05/01/2016 21:47:28, room alphaville) Elf (to Marian): Only AV fans know what a wonderful genius you truly are.Someday every soul on Earth will know ..
(05/01/2016 21:47:37, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): Very cool! I lived in california for a little while. Beautiful place. Im in Illinois now. If you perform anywhere in the US, Ill be there!
(05/01/2016 21:47:44, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian, Marian): for the future, a new album live ???like Little America ???
(05/01/2016 21:47:47, room alphaville) Marian (to Elf): i dont care
(05/01/2016 21:47:48, room alphaville) marielle (to Marian): why did you choose the nickname Marian Gold... what inspired you?
(05/01/2016 21:48:04, room alphaville) alfa_romeo: great strange album 2 are the breatking blue and prostitute!!!!!!
(05/01/2016 21:48:12, room alphaville) Guest950: Dear Marian,I am a little slow with english but today I take advantage to explain all my admiration for your intense andcharmingwork over these years...
(05/01/2016 21:48:13, room alphaville) tobias.prohl: claudia: what's up, leaving and coming back over and over again?
(05/01/2016 21:48:14, room alphaville) AmberVon: I sense a theme of uncaring here
(05/01/2016 21:48:18, room alphaville) Dariusz (to Marian): The is anything we should know about new album?
(05/01/2016 21:48:27, room alphaville) Olek (to Marian): any chance for a new single released in old school way? I mean on maxi-cd with planty of remixes?
(05/01/2016 21:48:28, room alphaville) Marian (to Andrei): you mean, like STARK NAKED?
(05/01/2016 21:48:32, room alphaville) dmitri1575 (to Marian): why did you choose the nickname Marian Gold... what inspired you?
(05/01/2016 21:48:43, room alphaville) Marian (to Andrei): Yes, why not.
(05/01/2016 21:49:04, room alphaville) mark-uk (to Marian): What do you care about Marian?
(05/01/2016 21:49:12, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): What is your last movie you watched on cinema?
(05/01/2016 21:49:18, room alphaville) Marian (to dmitri1575): its not my nickname. its another person.
(05/01/2016 21:49:37, room alphaville) AmberVon: I have a World of Warcraft character named MarianGold - she's a night elf. I also have one called SoulMessiah - she's a death knight.
(05/01/2016 21:49:39, room alphaville) AmberVon: :D
(05/01/2016 21:49:47, room alphaville) Marian (to mark-uk): I adore him
(05/01/2016 21:49:49, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): What do you think when people compare Alphaville to bands like A-ha or Pet Shop Boys?
(05/01/2016 21:50:03, room alphaville) nicole (to Apollo): Awesome! A little West from Chicago..more specifically, Im in Mokena-New Lenox area
(05/01/2016 21:50:02, room alphaville) karli (to Marian): You are making me free in my smiles
(05/01/2016 21:50:11, room alphaville) tobias.prohl (to AmberVon): maybe you should also create a STRANGE ATTRACTRESS? :)
(05/01/2016 21:50:23, room alphaville) mark-uk (to Marian): Nice to hear
(05/01/2016 21:50:31, room alphaville) kragame704 (to Marian): How much truth in "message in a bottle" from DS ?
(05/01/2016 21:50:35, room alphaville) AmberVon (to nicole): I was in Galena last month :)
(05/01/2016 21:50:41, room alphaville) marielle (to Marian): and so, who is Marian Gold?
(05/01/2016 21:50:46, room alphaville) AmberVon (to tobias.prohl): I think you're on to something!
(05/01/2016 21:51:21, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil: Marian, I also dont like Erasure, lol :)
(05/01/2016 21:51:32, room alphaville) Elf (to Marian): Has losing loved ones forced you to re-prioritise all in life or had you done this by yourself without the hardship of loss and grief?As sometimes it hits us like a ton of bricks reshuffling everything
(05/01/2016 21:51:38, room alphaville) WineOfDesire: (to Marian) Very hard question ...If a jump in the past you could go back in 1980? that would tell the young man that you were at the time?
(05/01/2016 21:51:47, room alphaville) nicole (to AmberVon): You were? Thats awesome!
(05/01/2016 21:51:48, room alphaville) alfa_romeo: giants song new in sound for inside mind!!!
(05/01/2016 21:51:51, room alphaville) mark-uk: Erasure are good
(05/01/2016 21:51:57, room alphaville) Marian (to FelipeBrazil): I understand why people think so. But we are completely different.
(05/01/2016 21:52:15, room alphaville) mark-uk: The Violet Flame, check this beauty out
(05/01/2016 21:52:31, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): Do you think, that you are only dreaming and everything isn´t real?
(05/01/2016 21:52:34, room alphaville) karli: I adored Yazoo personally
(05/01/2016 21:52:45, room alphaville) peter: Erasure has a good songwriter who can catch up with modern music.
(05/01/2016 21:52:48, room alphaville) AmberVon: I love Erasure. They are amazing live.
(05/01/2016 21:52:52, room alphaville) alfa_romeo: coglioni that no like alphavilleband!!
(05/01/2016 21:52:53, room alphaville) tobias.prohl (to Claudia): whats up?
(05/01/2016 21:52:55, room alphaville) KaM (to Marian): I've been listening to Disillusion on the Riccardo Cherubini album so many times recently. What sparked that collaboration?
(05/01/2016 21:53:19, room alphaville) Marian (to Bazooka74): that is quite possible. There is no proof either or
(05/01/2016 21:53:34, room alphaville) mark-uk: Ive met vince n andy about 40 times
(05/01/2016 21:53:50, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): I've heard people saying that A-ha took "Sounds Like A Melody" as inspiration to create their biggest hit "Take on me". Do you think that it is a possibility?
(05/01/2016 21:53:53, room alphaville) Claudia (to tobias.prohl): bad connection :-(
(05/01/2016 21:54:01, room alphaville) AmberVon (to mark-uk): I have not had that pleasure.
(05/01/2016 21:54:02, room alphaville) Karen (to Bazooka74): real is a relative concept anyway
(05/01/2016 21:54:05, room alphaville) Marian (to KaM): Cherubini's wonderful composition.
(05/01/2016 21:54:10, room alphaville) mark-uk: my favourite uk artist as got to be Alison Moyet
(05/01/2016 21:54:16, room alphaville) alfa_romeo: good compilation 2014 2 cd with old alphaville sound!!!!!!!!!
(05/01/2016 21:54:19, room alphaville) Andrei (to Claudia): subscribe..
(05/01/2016 21:54:29, room alphaville) vinicio: thank you marian. see u in cancun. bye!
(05/01/2016 21:54:32, room alphaville) KaM (to Marian): It's an amazing song.
(05/01/2016 21:54:58, room alphaville) nicole (to Apollo): Yeah it looks like you were more South. It's possible through you could of passed through my city. thats cool! What a small world!
(05/01/2016 21:55:11, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): Yes, sometimes everything feels so unreal ;)
(05/01/2016 21:55:18, room alphaville) Claudia (to Andrei): did so
(05/01/2016 21:55:22, room alphaville) M_Alders: I just jumpen in; any talk about Strange Attractor that I missed :)?
(05/01/2016 21:55:24, room alphaville) AmberVon (to Marian): I have first row tickets for Cancun. Again... have to express my excitement. I haven't seen Alphaville live since Berlin in 2004.
(05/01/2016 21:55:28, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): are you planning a photo session for a new album?
(05/01/2016 21:55:45, room alphaville) Marian (to FelipeBrazil): I really dont care. I never thought of it. But I think AHA are a great band.
(05/01/2016 21:56:03, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil: me too , Marian
(05/01/2016 21:56:07, room alphaville) Elf (to Marian): Marian have you ever listened to or read David Icke?It seems that Prince was a fan of his.I do think he is onto something although still controversial,it just scares people if they are not ready to listen.
(05/01/2016 21:56:14, room alphaville) dmitri1575 (to Marian): where can get your concert in Beirut?
(05/01/2016 21:56:18, room alphaville) Marian (to Natalia): yea, will be coming soon.
(05/01/2016 21:56:19, room alphaville) Jully: A-ha is perfect band!
(05/01/2016 21:56:23, room alphaville) Didier (to Marian): I'm so happy with the new album this year and i hope many albums and concerts will follow. But there is always some anxiety in my mind that on a day Alphaville will stop.... But I don't want to think of it.
(05/01/2016 21:56:53, room alphaville) Mumu: OK, work tomorrow, Thanks Marian, bye everyone !
(05/01/2016 21:57:02, room alphaville) AmberVon (to FelipeBrazil): in love with the song "The Wake" on A-ha's new album and I do like them quite a bit... (they are kind of boring in concert, tho)
(05/01/2016 21:57:04, room alphaville) Bazooka74: (to Marian): Good night. I have to go to work tomorrow very early. Bye :)
(05/01/2016 21:57:08, room alphaville) M_Alders: MI can't imagine Marian stopping
(05/01/2016 21:57:18, room alphaville) Jully: Bye, Mumu!
(05/01/2016 21:57:18, room alphaville) Karen (to Mumu): night Mu!
(05/01/2016 21:57:21, room alphaville) alfa_romeo: best album is 1984 -1989 -1994 -2003 -2010 and 2014 compilation!!!
(05/01/2016 21:57:46, room alphaville) Marian (to Elf): never heard of him, sorry. I will check him out
(05/01/2016 21:57:48, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Mumu): :-]
(05/01/2016 21:57:50, room alphaville) Olek: sometimes there's a chance to meet a star, and when it happens, the only question that pops in my head is 'what's your favourite color'. Thank you, brain
(05/01/2016 21:58:06, room alphaville) M_Alders: You can' expect dolphins to stop plating
(05/01/2016 21:58:08, room alphaville) nicole (to Apollo): I know exactly where Schaumburg is at. In fact, I was just there several days ago. Wow! Again, what a small world! Did you like Illinois?
(05/01/2016 21:58:17, room alphaville) KaM: (Catching up a little) Erasure are fab. So few bands of any ilk have achieved five consecutive no. 1 albums in the UK.
(05/01/2016 21:58:24, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): Do you like Sandra's Big in Japan cover called "Japan ist Weit" ?
(05/01/2016 21:58:29, room alphaville) AmberVon (to Olek): I have funny stories about that. like when I met Paul Young and all I could think was to ask him what time it was. And when I met David Bowie I couldn't speak at all.
(05/01/2016 21:58:32, room alphaville) nicole (to Mumu): Bye! Have a good evening!
(05/01/2016 21:58:42, room alphaville) alfa_romeo: my friend on twitter is josh!!!
(05/01/2016 21:58:57, room alphaville) Marian (to Olek): :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :))
(05/01/2016 21:59:33, room alphaville) Didier (to Olek): Indeed! I had the same feeling when I met Marian fiften years ago back stage in Lommel (belgium)!
(05/01/2016 21:59:38, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): Many thanks Marian, for this chat and for the good news about you ...
(05/01/2016 21:59:41, room alphaville) tobias.prohl (to Claudia): your song for tonite:
(05/01/2016 21:59:51, room alphaville) MalilaM: I always write down my questions and never find the notes back. ;(
(05/01/2016 21:59:51, room alphaville) Marian (to AmberVon): I never met him
(05/01/2016 22:00:01, room alphaville) M_Alders: Olek, you can do beter
(05/01/2016 22:00:02, room alphaville) AmberVon (to Olek): my husband jokes to me that I should just say "Potato" because it's about that meaningful.
(05/01/2016 22:00:12, room alphaville) kragame704 (to Marian): Does the 'Strange Attractor' 's following album already have a name and a record company ?
(05/01/2016 22:00:15, room alphaville) Claudia (to tobias.prohl): don't want to know ;)
(05/01/2016 22:00:18, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): this is good question, so , what is your favourite colour? I guess that black :)
(05/01/2016 22:00:25, room alphaville) Dimitraville (to Marian): You have all this love and support from your fans. There are people- like me- who loves you, although they were not even born in 1984. Your music inspires our daily routine and make us feel the magic of your voice. Thank you
(05/01/2016 22:00:28, room alphaville) Dariusz (to Marian): When and where we should expected Alphaville will be play more new songs on upcoming shows???
(05/01/2016 22:00:30, room alphaville) Karen (to Didier): you met me there too and were similarly gobsmacked - it was 13 years ago
(05/01/2016 22:00:33, room alphaville) Marian (to kragame704): yes
(05/01/2016 22:00:37, room alphaville) tobias.prohl (to Claudia): awesome song, really. it's no mocling.
(05/01/2016 22:00:45, room alphaville) AmberVon (to Marian): I met Bowie and Iman in 1992 in NYC completely by accident. I did get an autograph and a photo but I just adore him so nothing would come out of my mouth. My friend had to do the talking for me.
(05/01/2016 22:01:03, room alphaville) Marian (to Yulia): thank god, no
(05/01/2016 22:01:16, room alphaville) Claudia (to tobias.prohl): checked it anyway and was OUT again! :-D
(05/01/2016 22:01:18, room alphaville) Didier (to Karen): fans forever!
(05/01/2016 22:01:27, room alphaville) tobias.prohl: ah claudia, when the conneciton's up again and you've finsished "in and out", please also check
(05/01/2016 22:01:46, room alphaville) Marian (to AmberVon): I wish I had your friend
(05/01/2016 22:01:49, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): This is one of my videos I made in dedication to AV. Please watch when you have time! love this song so much!
(05/01/2016 22:01:56, room alphaville) Claudia (to tobias.prohl): NO NO NO NO NO NO
(05/01/2016 22:02:19, room alphaville) tobias.prohl (to Claudia): watch it after the chat. "liebe zu dritt" is a great tune.
(05/01/2016 22:02:25, room alphaville) marielle (to Marian): did you ever work as something else besides your actual job?
(05/01/2016 22:02:27, room alphaville) Guest950: What about Prince, did you meet,Marian?
(05/01/2016 22:02:37, room alphaville) AmberVon (to Marian): Well, if I get gobsmacked in Cancun if I see you in person and I just say "POTATO" -- you will know why.
(05/01/2016 22:02:50, room alphaville) Marian (to tobias.prohl): ich finds scheisse
(05/01/2016 22:02:54, room alphaville) Elf (to Marian): Although Facebook is a pain in the butt it makes my day when I switch on and see a nice greeting photo or message from You Marian Thank You!
(05/01/2016 22:02:57, room alphaville) Marian (to tobias.prohl): bürgerlich
(05/01/2016 22:02:57, room alphaville) Jully: Oh Marian, thank for your wonderful soongs! I will love you and Alphaville!
(05/01/2016 22:03:02, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): Bye, Marian, see you in Cancun!!!
(05/01/2016 22:03:04, room alphaville) Marian (to tobias.prohl): spiessig
(05/01/2016 22:03:23, room alphaville) Marian (to tobias.prohl): armer tobi
(05/01/2016 22:03:24, room alphaville) nicole (to Apollo): Oh very nice! I am familiar with Belleville. Nice area!
(05/01/2016 22:04:06, room alphaville) Claudia (to Marian): what is "liebe zu dritt"?
(05/01/2016 22:04:22, room alphaville) Marian: tobi claudia marian
(05/01/2016 22:04:27, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian, Claudia, tobias.prohl): There has been a lot of whining about the new album being delayed, but this chat and the little presents through Tobi's magazine are fantastic treasures not every fan of any other band can get, so thank you for all this.
(05/01/2016 22:04:35, room alphaville) Apollo: lol
(05/01/2016 22:04:45, room alphaville) Claudia (to Marian): NO NO NO NO
(05/01/2016 22:05:01, room alphaville) M_Alders: Well, das ist ehrlich tobi
(05/01/2016 22:05:02, room alphaville) AmberVon (to MalilaM): so true
(05/01/2016 22:05:05, room alphaville) Dariusz (to Marian): Is there any guest singer or musician on new album?
(05/01/2016 22:05:06, room alphaville) tobias.prohl (to Marian): ja ja.
(05/01/2016 22:05:10, room alphaville) Claudia: :)
(05/01/2016 22:05:15, room alphaville) Karen (to Claudia): is it not oneself with two photos of oneself?
(05/01/2016 22:05:18, room alphaville) Olek: Seems like all the meaningful and great questions were already asked
(05/01/2016 22:05:19, room alphaville) marielle (to Marian): did you ever work as something else besides your actual job?
(05/01/2016 22:05:22, room alphaville) Guest950: Is there any german song on new album?
(05/01/2016 22:05:37, room alphaville) AmberVon: Most of the German I know are Rammstein lyrics, unfortunately.
(05/01/2016 22:05:45, room alphaville) Claudia (to Guest950): No :)
(05/01/2016 22:05:47, room alphaville) hajak1: Will it be more than one single from the album
(05/01/2016 22:06:11, room alphaville) Marian: dear friends, its about time, bonnie's sleeping in y arms and becomes heavier and heavier. It was great to talk to you. It will be a great year for all of us. I love you all! bye
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I thought we were getting releasedates of both single and album but sadly that wasnt the case

Thanks Wii for posting this
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this answer Marian gave about the songs that didnt made the album makes me wonder:
Marian: all these songs will be on the next album that is already in the making

Does he mean the new DS or has he changed his mind and is going to release a regular album?
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I assume there's going to be another album after Strange Attractor (if this is going to be the name of the album) because why would he be talking about this album and say "already in the making?" We already know this album had been in the making so I think he has another album in store for us.

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Originally Posted by hajak View Post
this answer Marian gave about the songs that didnt made the album makes me wonder:
Marian: all these songs will be on the next album that is already in the making

Does he mean the new DS or has he changed his mind and is going to release a regular album?

May I quote myself:

"I am really thankful for and excited about what we learned on the chat:

[...] and: the prospect for a successor to Strange Attractor (Marian said that The Wine, Rendezvous, and a song called Lionheart could be on the next album; I also understand that there seems to be a deal with the record company for this very next album). [...]"
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