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7 Chat Transcript with Marian Gold 08 Nov 2012

(11/08/2012 20:28:00, room alphaville) Marian: hallo leute, here I am
(11/08/2012 20:28:02, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): Hallo Marian !
(11/08/2012 20:28:04, room alphaville) Sabrina (to Marian):
(11/08/2012 20:28:05, room alphaville) Uwe___Ilwa: there he is!
(11/08/2012 20:28:05, room alphaville) LipeBrazil: Marian !!!!! How r u? Nice to see you :))) Finally
(11/08/2012 20:28:10, room alphaville) silke: Hallo Marian!!!!
(11/08/2012 20:28:10, room alphaville) NInoska: how are you?:)
(11/08/2012 20:28:10, room alphaville) Blue_Hotel (to Krapplund): Did it work ?
(11/08/2012 20:28:14, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): welcome to the chat!
(11/08/2012 20:28:14, room alphaville) Clare: we all havecompuer problems. Especially me
(11/08/2012 20:28:15, room alphaville) DeniseJ: Hello Marian!
(11/08/2012 20:28:19, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian)i'm flustered now ..xxxx
(11/08/2012 20:28:21, room alphaville) Marialpha: (Marian) Hola I love youuuuu
(11/08/2012 20:28:24, room alphaville) Phoenix: Hi Marian!!! so great to see you)))
(11/08/2012 20:28:24, room alphaville) Fatylu:
(11/08/2012 20:28:25, room alphaville) Patten (to Lisa): Jag kom in
(11/08/2012 20:28:25, room alphaville) mynx69: how have you been, marian?
(11/08/2012 20:28:27, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): greetings from Finland
(11/08/2012 20:28:28, room alphaville) Oksana.K (to Marian): Hello Marian!
(11/08/2012 20:28:30, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian):
(11/08/2012 20:28:33, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): hello
(11/08/2012 20:28:34, room alphaville) Marian: sorry I'm late, but just coming from the studio
(11/08/2012 20:28:40, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Patten): fixade jag ju bra
(11/08/2012 20:28:41, room alphaville) Blu: Hola Marian
(11/08/2012 20:28:48, room alphaville) Marialpha: (Marian) A very big hug from Venezuela
(11/08/2012 20:28:49, room alphaville) DeniseJ: That's a pretty good reason.
(11/08/2012 20:28:53, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian)oooh hellooooo!
(11/08/2012 20:28:55, room alphaville) Omega (to Marian): WEEEEEE! Welcome here Marian!
(11/08/2012 20:28:56, room alphaville) Karen (to Marian): thanks for taking the time
(11/08/2012 20:28:57, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): thell what´s happening in the studio
(11/08/2012 20:28:58, room alphaville) NInoska (to Marian): españa te quiere:) Spain loves you!
(11/08/2012 20:28:59, room alphaville) Patten (to Krapplund): Great Peter
(11/08/2012 20:28:59, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): thats ok, lots of synths ?????
(11/08/2012 20:29:00, room alphaville) Greg (to Marian): Hello Marian
(11/08/2012 20:29:02, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): how the thisng are going at the studio?
(11/08/2012 20:29:02, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Hi, Marian
(11/08/2012 20:29:03, room alphaville) ways (to Marian): sounds good, Marian
(11/08/2012 20:29:05, room alphaville) leenix: He knew exactly what excuse to come up with.
(11/08/2012 20:29:06, room alphaville) Gunnar: Hi So what's happening at the studio??
(11/08/2012 20:29:10, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): hey Marian how is Martin
(11/08/2012 20:29:13, room alphaville) Marian: we're recording drums and basses at the mo in Gothemborg
(11/08/2012 20:29:15, room alphaville) Marialpha: (Marian) Thanks to be here
(11/08/2012 20:29:19, room alphaville) Uwe___Ilwa: (to Krapplund) which language is this
(11/08/2012 20:29:21, room alphaville) jalmarti (to Sabrina): yes i would!
(11/08/2012 20:29:23, room alphaville) LipeBrazil (to Marian): Hello Marian!! Greeting from Brazil. I saw you in Cascais for the first time My dream to see Alphaville live came true
(11/08/2012 20:29:26, room alphaville) Clare (to leenix):
(11/08/2012 20:29:26, room alphaville) mynx69: you're not being late, you're being fashionable
(11/08/2012 20:29:32, room alphaville) leenix: What? Göteborg? Sweden? Where I live?
(11/08/2012 20:29:38, room alphaville) PK: This is English, Uwe
(11/08/2012 20:29:47, room alphaville) nina_222:
(11/08/2012 20:29:49, room alphaville) wii (to Krapplund): it does work, 55
(11/08/2012 20:29:50, room alphaville) Gunnar: "in Gothemborg" - it#S close to Berlin?
(11/08/2012 20:29:53, room alphaville) Omega: jumping like child full of excitement
(11/08/2012 20:29:54, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Uwe___Ilwa): that i talk?
(11/08/2012 20:29:59, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: cool, Marian
(11/08/2012 20:30:03, room alphaville) Marialpha: (Marian) Strage Atracttor???
(11/08/2012 20:30:03, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): I was looking forward to the was my own christmas present..but I had to change
(11/08/2012 20:30:10, room alphaville) apolla: Hello! Ura!!!
(11/08/2012 20:30:12, room alphaville) LipeBrazil: great, Marian!
(11/08/2012 20:30:15, room alphaville) Krapplund (to leenix): slow down
(11/08/2012 20:30:22, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian)so happy to talk to you,can't believe it.....
(11/08/2012 20:30:26, room alphaville) Apollo (to wii): 56, not bad ...
(11/08/2012 20:30:37, room alphaville) Uwe___Ilwa: (to Krapplund) that you talked to Patten. it sounds interesting
(11/08/2012 20:30:40, room alphaville) tjommen: so when its going to be releasead.strange attractor
(11/08/2012 20:30:41, room alphaville) leenix (to Krapplund): Slow is not my thing ...
(11/08/2012 20:30:42, room alphaville) Marian: yeah we have a very nice studio here. Pure luxury. the place is filled with old analogue equipment, mellotrons, synths, you name it, brilliant
(11/08/2012 20:30:49, room alphaville) Monika: Hello Marian, Brazilian greetings!
(11/08/2012 20:30:52, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): MR MARIAN IM ANEW GUEST
(11/08/2012 20:30:57, room alphaville) Omega (to Marian): I'm curious to which song you was recording those drums and basses... Is that song which we don't know about?
(11/08/2012 20:31:02, room alphaville) Karen: mellotrons, cool - you using them?
(11/08/2012 20:31:07, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Guest949, Guest130): please click on "profile" downunder and change your nickname...thanks
(11/08/2012 20:31:17, room alphaville) Marian: at the mo we are recording for SEXYLAND
(11/08/2012 20:31:19, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Wow, congratulations Marian for the studio,
(11/08/2012 20:31:28, room alphaville) PK: Ooh...synths! I love synths so much, I have keyboard panties. I call them my MIDIs.
(11/08/2012 20:31:28, room alphaville) misty: sounds good
(11/08/2012 20:31:29, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): how did you like Craiova
(11/08/2012 20:31:32, room alphaville) Andrei: ?
(11/08/2012 20:31:35, room alphaville) DeniseJ (to Marian): Hurrah, I would like to hear it.
(11/08/2012 20:31:36, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: And what style do you think this new CD is going to be, Marian?
(11/08/2012 20:31:37, room alphaville) vladimir (to Marian): Is that mean that there will be lots of analogue sounds on the new album?
(11/08/2012 20:31:45, room alphaville) NInoska (to Marian): when you will come to spain?:(
(11/08/2012 20:31:52, room alphaville) NInoska: we need you!
(11/08/2012 20:31:56, room alphaville) Marian: we did three other songs today, god, can't remember which one. Everything happens so fast.Let me think...
(11/08/2012 20:32:02, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian)mellotron..metatron
(11/08/2012 20:32:09, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Uwe___Ilwa): it´s swedish
(11/08/2012 20:32:17, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): How many songs are ready?
(11/08/2012 20:32:18, room alphaville) Omega (to Marian): So we'll let you think
(11/08/2012 20:32:22, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Are those recordings still for Strange Attractor?
(11/08/2012 20:32:27, room alphaville) Marian: lots of analogue stuff, indeed. no plug ins
(11/08/2012 20:32:29, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH MR GOLD THANKS GOD FOR KNOW YOU
(11/08/2012 20:32:39, room alphaville) Karen: I'll sit in the corner and drink beer while he thinks
(11/08/2012 20:32:57, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marian, to you does the lyric come first or the melody? You know that I recorded today a cover of Forevern Young, just voice, I was kidding to it with several songs to youtube
(11/08/2012 20:32:59, room alphaville) mynx69: marian, what has been your most embarrasing experience on stage?
(11/08/2012 20:33:01, room alphaville) vladimir (to Marian): That's really great!
(11/08/2012 20:33:02, room alphaville) Marian: yeah, all for the new album, god knows what name it will bear
(11/08/2012 20:33:04, room alphaville) Karen: analogue is the new digital
(11/08/2012 20:33:08, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: then I recorded forever young
(11/08/2012 20:33:25, room alphaville) Clare (to Karen): in the beer drinkers' corner? I'm there too.
(11/08/2012 20:33:27, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): i fought that the album was ready for a release this fall, and that Warner did want to relase it in spring?
(11/08/2012 20:33:28, room alphaville) nina_222: OH GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD
(11/08/2012 20:33:28, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): I see.
(11/08/2012 20:33:29, room alphaville) beni: hello Marian
(11/08/2012 20:33:35, room alphaville) Marian: i have wine here
(11/08/2012 20:33:37, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: lol dont kill me please, marian, if I sing too bad, after I send it to you on moonbase the link to youtube
(11/08/2012 20:33:42, room alphaville) Karen (to Clare): I'm being a good girl tonight
(11/08/2012 20:33:45, room alphaville) Omega (to Marian): I'm probably the only person under 18 here, I have to add... Anyway greetings from Poland!
(11/08/2012 20:33:50, room alphaville) john_soks (to Marian): will you ever tour the uk
(11/08/2012 20:33:50, room alphaville) Richani: Im already out of beer..
(11/08/2012 20:33:51, room alphaville) misty: let's hope you will get it out soon i miss your music
(11/08/2012 20:33:58, room alphaville) Marialpha: (Marian) oh ! prost Marian
(11/08/2012 20:34:00, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian)Red or white darling?
(11/08/2012 20:34:02, room alphaville) Blu: Mañana alguien me tiene que hacer un resumen
(11/08/2012 20:34:03, room alphaville) Marian: cheers
(11/08/2012 20:34:03, room alphaville) tjommen (to Marian): is it a double album
(11/08/2012 20:34:05, room alphaville) NInoska (to Marian): when you will come to Spain?
(11/08/2012 20:34:09, room alphaville) Gunnar: What name the album will bear - perhaps we can help - & vote on suggestions via Doodle! :-D
(11/08/2012 20:34:12, room alphaville) Karen (to Richani): ask Peter for one
(11/08/2012 20:34:17, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): Hndfull of darkness Around the universe will you publish this songs
(11/08/2012 20:34:19, room alphaville) Andrei: |
(11/08/2012 20:34:22, room alphaville) Andrei: ?
(11/08/2012 20:34:22, room alphaville) Richani: Marian can use the beerglass with his name on it
(11/08/2012 20:34:23, room alphaville) nina_222: MR GOLD HOW ARE U
(11/08/2012 20:34:25, room alphaville) Blue_Hotel (to Marian): Will there be a song in GERMAN on the new album ?
(11/08/2012 20:34:25, room alphaville) Fatylu: Cheers Marian
(11/08/2012 20:34:26, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Richani): i have lots of them
(11/08/2012 20:34:27, room alphaville) misty: I have tea..soon is time for me to go to in the weekend Which wine you are drinking?
(11/08/2012 20:34:29, room alphaville) Clare: I have wine too, but I daren't drink it.
(11/08/2012 20:34:29, room alphaville) Oksana.K (to Marian): we are very glad to see you here. When will be a new album? and when you coming to Russia?
(11/08/2012 20:34:31, room alphaville) DeniseJ (to Marian): Does that mean the title of the album might change?
(11/08/2012 20:34:39, room alphaville) Karen: also have wine but it's in the fridge
(11/08/2012 20:34:45, room alphaville) PK: Ja, BITTE make a song in German!!!
(11/08/2012 20:34:46, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: marian analogue is cool and differente and sometimes also old instruments. question, do you like to keep old and broken instruments and name your studio, your car, and your instruments?
(11/08/2012 20:34:54, room alphaville) Richani (to Krapplund): Yes please ! Cheers
(11/08/2012 20:35:03, room alphaville) Marian: sa is a working title. what it will be in the end, I don't know
(11/08/2012 20:35:11, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): MR GOLD IM NINA
(11/08/2012 20:35:24, room alphaville) vladimir (to Marian): When are you going to publish some songs on official website?
(11/08/2012 20:35:24, room alphaville) Marian: i name the trees in my garden
(11/08/2012 20:35:26, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Can it be cheers with a glass of coke? so cheers marian
(11/08/2012 20:35:26, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: lol
(11/08/2012 20:35:31, room alphaville) Karen (to Marian): any news on a release date?
(11/08/2012 20:35:39, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: wow the trees
(11/08/2012 20:35:42, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: very different
(11/08/2012 20:35:45, room alphaville) Sabrina (to Marian): When will the end be ?
(11/08/2012 20:35:45, room alphaville) PK: Any songs with just synth?
(11/08/2012 20:35:46, room alphaville) Apollo: "Trees in my garden" - would be a nice title as well
(11/08/2012 20:35:47, room alphaville) Marian: release won't be this year
(11/08/2012 20:35:50, room alphaville) leenix: I have a heart tattooed on my arm and this often leads to interesting discussions about what a heart is and what one’s heart is like. Hearts can be so very different from each other. How would you describe your heart?
(11/08/2012 20:36:00, room alphaville) Karen: figured
(11/08/2012 20:36:02, room alphaville) Omega (to Marian): I hope it won't change... Btw what does that mean "Attractor"? I'm not good at English and I don't know the meaning of this word...
(11/08/2012 20:36:06, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): what a shame...
(11/08/2012 20:36:09, room alphaville) NInoska (to Blu): ahhh no vendra a españa seguro:(
(11/08/2012 20:36:28, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: artists genius, they arent like common people, artists do different things like name things, although I named my instruments too. but it is cool and different
(11/08/2012 20:36:33, room alphaville) Monika: Marian, admire the different styles of songs, so I do not agree with the title "Synthpop". I think its clever lyrics, poetic and metaphorical connotations. Romantic, but without resorting to sentimentality. As you develop your creative process?
(11/08/2012 20:36:34, room alphaville) Marian: we will be finishing recordings mid november, probably, no chance to release it this year
(11/08/2012 20:36:37, room alphaville) Oksana.K (to Marian): january, february 2013?
(11/08/2012 20:36:40, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: cos artists are more sensitive/sensible
(11/08/2012 20:36:49, room alphaville) Uwe___Ilwa: not really a surprise Marian
(11/08/2012 20:36:51, room alphaville) LipeBrazil (to Marian): Thank you for singing "Jerusalem" in Singapore. This song can't be remove from the setlists
(11/08/2012 20:36:55, room alphaville) vladimir (to Marian): how many songs is planned to be released?
(11/08/2012 20:37:04, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian)aah the romantic tree :)s
(11/08/2012 20:37:12, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: How are you and your family, Marian, your babies, children, dog?
(11/08/2012 20:37:16, room alphaville) Omega: We know that....
(11/08/2012 20:37:21, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): let's hope in spring then..when I will released my poettry anthology
(11/08/2012 20:37:21, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): but next year will be for sure ?
(11/08/2012 20:37:22, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): than will the new album and We Heard The Cal vol 2 be release next spring
(11/08/2012 20:37:23, room alphaville) vladimir: or how many songs are already mixed
(11/08/2012 20:37:36, room alphaville) Richani (to Marian): Guess what kind of new tattoo I got myself since last tuesday
(11/08/2012 20:37:48, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Richani): i know
(11/08/2012 20:37:57, room alphaville) Karen: thinking of a sentence with the word smile in it
(11/08/2012 20:38:00, room alphaville) LipeBrazil (to Marian): Marian, how about Ferdinand ? Tell us! How is he ?
(11/08/2012 20:38:04, room alphaville) Richani (to Krapplund): yes you have seen it!
(11/08/2012 20:38:07, room alphaville) beni: i hope that like you(sorry my englhis)
(11/08/2012 20:38:16, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Richani): no in "live"
(11/08/2012 20:38:20, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: ah speaking about tatoos, how many ones do you have marian? and any plans for more?
(11/08/2012 20:38:21, room alphaville) Krapplund: not
(11/08/2012 20:38:21, room alphaville) Clare: renaming this beer Alphabeer
(11/08/2012 20:38:25, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): MR GOLD YOU ARE THE BEST
(11/08/2012 20:38:26, room alphaville) Marian: we have 25 songs ready for production. The usual amount of ammunition. Currently we focus on possible singles, the second step will include the album tracks.
(11/08/2012 20:38:36, room alphaville) Richani (to Krapplund): you will
(11/08/2012 20:38:44, room alphaville) Blue_Hotel (to Marian): please please tell us if there is a song in GERMAN I´d love to hear KALTE ASCHE !
(11/08/2012 20:38:44, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): Tell me please Handfull of darkness do you intend to publish on this album ?
(11/08/2012 20:38:49, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Richani): some more months
(11/08/2012 20:38:57, room alphaville) Apollo (to Karen): Anything putting a SMILE on your face now?
(11/08/2012 20:38:59, room alphaville) Marian: no live songs on the album. Maybe b-sides for single releases
(11/08/2012 20:39:00, room alphaville) Karen (to Marian): any tasters before the release?
(11/08/2012 20:39:06, room alphaville) vladimir (to Marian): 25 is really big number:)
(11/08/2012 20:39:07, room alphaville) Marialpha: (Marian) Any surprise for us on December? a song?
(11/08/2012 20:39:10, room alphaville) Omega:
(11/08/2012 20:39:12, room alphaville) Karen: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em
(11/08/2012 20:39:14, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Have any "B-sides" been contemplated?
(11/08/2012 20:39:15, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): yeah, we need a teaser
(11/08/2012 20:39:20, room alphaville) Marian: AHOD will be on the album
(11/08/2012 20:39:24, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): b-songs for single-release we like ALOT!
(11/08/2012 20:39:28, room alphaville) Karen: yes!
(11/08/2012 20:39:32, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): will you make concerts before the release?
(11/08/2012 20:39:35, room alphaville) Richani: hats great news
(11/08/2012 20:39:39, room alphaville) Omega (to Marian): That's great :d
(11/08/2012 20:39:40, room alphaville) MalilaM: Oh, my question was answered before I could type it. Fantastic!
(11/08/2012 20:39:45, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): And what do you do with the song which are not on the album
(11/08/2012 20:39:46, room alphaville) nina_222: I LOVE ALPHAVILLE
(11/08/2012 20:39:53, room alphaville) LipeBrazil (to Marian): Will "Sweet Dreams" be included on the new album?
(11/08/2012 20:39:57, room alphaville) Karen (to MalilaM): you practising thought transference?
(11/08/2012 20:40:05, room alphaville) Sabrina (to Marian): Will Alphaville perform a CROG tour part 3 in 2013 or already the new album ?
(11/08/2012 20:40:06, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian): Brilliant. AHoD was so good in Prague
(11/08/2012 20:40:08, room alphaville) vladimir (to Marian): Do you plan a remix contest as it was for IDFYT?
(11/08/2012 20:40:14, room alphaville) mynx69: marian, any plans to return to the usa (i know the perfect place for a concert)?
(11/08/2012 20:40:22, room alphaville) Karen: please not Sweet Dreams
(11/08/2012 20:40:23, room alphaville) ViviBrazil (to Marian): and Marian you have so many fans in Brazil, now they are all together in Felipe's fan club site, but it is so difficult to bring you to Brazil, we tried, but we didnt succeed, I dont really know what happened in the truth, did you know about it?
(11/08/2012 20:40:26, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Karen): if only it were at will
(11/08/2012 20:40:32, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): you make my day when you said that Handfull Of Darkness will be on the album
(11/08/2012 20:40:41, room alphaville) MalilaM: Sweet Dreams is a really nice song
(11/08/2012 20:40:42, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): Great and thank you for that show and autograph in Craiova i hope you liked coming back to Romania
(11/08/2012 20:40:45, room alphaville) Marian: songs which don't make it on the album will probably be released on a new dreamscape or set on our website
(11/08/2012 20:40:46, room alphaville) Apollo (to Karen): only as b-side
(11/08/2012 20:40:58, room alphaville) Karen: not even as a b-sde
(11/08/2012 20:40:59, room alphaville) Marian: romania was cool
(11/08/2012 20:41:01, room alphaville) PK: Milwaukee! And I'll join Martin on keyboard.
(11/08/2012 20:41:04, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): grat!
(11/08/2012 20:41:04, room alphaville) Karen: *side
(11/08/2012 20:41:05, room alphaville) MalilaM: New Dreamscape would be just great
(11/08/2012 20:41:06, room alphaville) misty: that is nice thing
(11/08/2012 20:41:07, room alphaville) nina_222: WHAT IS YOUR CHILDRENS NAME?
(11/08/2012 20:41:15, room alphaville) Gunnar: yum yu! A new Dremscape!
(11/08/2012 20:41:18, room alphaville) Karen: course Romania is cool
(11/08/2012 20:41:32, room alphaville) LipeBrazil (to Marian): I think Maja Kim is so talented Love we you perform SLAM with her
(11/08/2012 20:41:46, room alphaville) LipeBrazil: when*
(11/08/2012 20:41:46, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): A new dreamscape ? Great new !
(11/08/2012 20:41:49, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): so your in gothenburg right now? How´s the producer? great?!
(11/08/2012 20:41:51, room alphaville) Gunnar: I'm listening to the Old DS now.... It's such fun - different.
(11/08/2012 20:41:51, room alphaville) Omega: And I'm thinking only about the concert in April next year...
(11/08/2012 20:42:02, room alphaville) Omega (to Marian): New DS?? O.o
(11/08/2012 20:42:04, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): one mor thing that i really want to know Around the Universe ?
(11/08/2012 20:42:05, room alphaville) Marian: to nina: Lily, Marlon, Noa, Rio, Orlando, Ferdinand
(11/08/2012 20:42:18, room alphaville) wii (to Omega): that blue is dark
(11/08/2012 20:42:34, room alphaville) Omega (to wii): And...?
(11/08/2012 20:42:34, room alphaville) Dimitri: Those were the days Greate song from Dream
(11/08/2012 20:42:37, room alphaville) vladimir (to Marian): Do you still cooperate with Sebastian Komor?
(11/08/2012 20:42:42, room alphaville) LipeBrazil (to Marian): How old is your oldest children ?
(11/08/2012 20:42:45, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Omega): it's too hard to read
(11/08/2012 20:42:52, room alphaville) Apollo (to Omega): it's nice, don#t change it
(11/08/2012 20:42:53, room alphaville) Omega (to wii): It's visible enough, I think
(11/08/2012 20:42:55, room alphaville) Oksana.K (to Marian): from last album not so many videoclip on the songs. do you plaining to make a more videoclips on songs?
(11/08/2012 20:42:57, room alphaville) LipeBrazil: child*
(11/08/2012 20:43:02, room alphaville) Richani: I dont have probs with omegas color either
(11/08/2012 20:43:33, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH 6 CHILDREN!!!
(11/08/2012 20:43:42, room alphaville) Mumu (to wii): Omega color is easy to read
(11/08/2012 20:43:48, room alphaville) Sabrina (to Marian): Don't you think it's about time to disclose the secret of the title CROG ? I'm still curious about how the album got its name !
(11/08/2012 20:43:49, room alphaville) Marian: ATU is always a problem when it comes to production. I can't count all existing versions, theyre all shit. I mean, I really like the song, but the versions are not happening. Maybe somebody else should play it
(11/08/2012 20:43:53, room alphaville) Karen (to nina_222): he's a busy man
(11/08/2012 20:44:04, room alphaville) luni: virile eeh oops
(11/08/2012 20:44:17, room alphaville) Omega (to Karen):
(11/08/2012 20:44:21, room alphaville) NInoska (to Marian): don't forget Spain...!
(11/08/2012 20:44:29, room alphaville) Omega (to Marian): ATU???
(11/08/2012 20:44:32, room alphaville) Gunnar: ATU is short for... ??
(11/08/2012 20:44:42, room alphaville) Marian: to ninoska: next year
(11/08/2012 20:44:44, room alphaville) Apollo: Around the universe
(11/08/2012 20:44:55, room alphaville) Karen: great song
(11/08/2012 20:45:04, room alphaville) Apollo: 58 ...
(11/08/2012 20:45:05, room alphaville) Richani (to Marian): Holland is also waiting and paraying for you guys
(11/08/2012 20:45:13, room alphaville) Omega: I've never heard to it :((
(11/08/2012 20:45:16, room alphaville) NInoska (to Marian): thanks...I reallly hope so!I'm saving money hehehe
(11/08/2012 20:45:21, room alphaville) Richani: *praying -_-
(11/08/2012 20:45:24, room alphaville) Marian: to Richiani: next year
(11/08/2012 20:45:27, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): no choices to have you in here in Finland
(11/08/2012 20:45:33, room alphaville) leenix (to Marian): We all know what a wonderful singer you are, but we also know you are a poet. Have you ever condered publishing your lyrics, poems and stories, without the music? I'm sure a lot of us would get ourselves a copy if that ever happened!
(11/08/2012 20:45:36, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): And France ?????
(11/08/2012 20:45:39, room alphaville) Marian: y...
(11/08/2012 20:45:47, room alphaville) Karen:
(11/08/2012 20:45:51, room alphaville) Apollo (to Omega): was one of the best songs on the setlists a few years back, we are waiting since long to have it for real
(11/08/2012 20:45:53, room alphaville) Fatylu: And South America???
(11/08/2012 20:45:56, room alphaville) PK (to Marian): Have you talked to Bernd lately? Is he going to kick Martin off synth and take over? A second keyboardist would be nice, too!
(11/08/2012 20:46:05, room alphaville) Gunnar: Marian, why do you shun the South-Western part of your own coutry? COME TO FREIBURG!
(11/08/2012 20:46:09, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): that is sad really but i hope someday you find a solution or sing it live again in concert it' a wonderfull song
(11/08/2012 20:46:13, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): WHAT COLOUR IS YOUR FAVORITE?
(11/08/2012 20:46:14, room alphaville) Oksana.K (to Marian): it was a nice concert in Moscow in last year. When are you coming again?
(11/08/2012 20:46:17, room alphaville) vladimir (to Marian): How many hours a day do you spend in the studio?
(11/08/2012 20:46:25, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marian, would U like to come to Brazil next year? I need to know, lol
(11/08/2012 20:46:26, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): you were so near this summer but I couldn't come to Viro
(11/08/2012 20:46:32, room alphaville) Karen: are the other guys making an appearance tonight?
(11/08/2012 20:46:34, room alphaville) Alien: And Antarctica? Or another planet?
(11/08/2012 20:46:41, room alphaville) hajak1: What is the musicstyle on the new album compared to CROG
(11/08/2012 20:46:42, room alphaville) PK: I PLAY KEYBOARD!
(11/08/2012 20:46:42, room alphaville) Richani: We have a brandnew brilliant concert hall in Amsterdam and Alphaville would suit perfect in there!
(11/08/2012 20:46:48, room alphaville) beni: The next year in Spain i do not belived
(11/08/2012 20:46:50, room alphaville) Gunnar (to Alien): Point made!
(11/08/2012 20:46:52, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): CHEERS! hope you have something nice to drink aybe a bloodymary?
(11/08/2012 20:46:52, room alphaville) Marian: to vladimir: 12
(11/08/2012 20:46:53, room alphaville) Karen (to Alien): with sarah Brightman
(11/08/2012 20:46:53, room alphaville) Blue_Hotel (to Marian): BAVARIA is nice, too !
(11/08/2012 20:46:57, room alphaville) Richani: Was htere last week for a concert from a nice dutch band
(11/08/2012 20:46:59, room alphaville) Patten (to Marian): Are there any plans to update your homepage more often? Havn't been many AV news there this year
(11/08/2012 20:47:00, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): sori lettonia
(11/08/2012 20:47:12, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian)you just have the most beautiful voice and are an angel indeed
(11/08/2012 20:47:17, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian, Alien): an alternate Universe that looks like Scotland perhaps?
(11/08/2012 20:47:22, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Patten): good question!
(11/08/2012 20:47:30, room alphaville) mynx69: marian, do you play computer/ online games? which ones?
(11/08/2012 20:47:31, room alphaville) DeniseJ (to Marian): 12 is a lot.
(11/08/2012 20:47:33, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): YOUR WIFE IS A SINGER?
(11/08/2012 20:47:46, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Alien):
(11/08/2012 20:47:53, room alphaville) Karen (to Clare): we can always do Cologne again
(11/08/2012 20:47:58, room alphaville) Marian: to patten: oh, our homepage, I almost forgot about it. Yeah, it must be updated urgently, maybe totally refurbished
(11/08/2012 20:48:05, room alphaville) Karen: but I promised I wouldn't mention that
(11/08/2012 20:48:27, room alphaville) misty (to Marian, Claudia): also in the official page in facebook ..that too needs updates
(11/08/2012 20:48:28, room alphaville) Monika: Marian Yes, we want the Alphaville in Brazil!
(11/08/2012 20:48:35, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: and the list marian did you think it ended? but also U R not on facebook, do you still read the list?
(11/08/2012 20:48:38, room alphaville) NInoska (to Marian): tell us about you tattoes:) please
(11/08/2012 20:48:39, room alphaville) Oksana.K (to Marian): when you coming to Russia?
(11/08/2012 20:48:51, room alphaville) Karen: I need an update, I'm knackered
(11/08/2012 20:48:55, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): YOUR WIFE IS A SINGER/?
(11/08/2012 20:48:57, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian)difficult to keep up with AV news i find
(11/08/2012 20:49:10, room alphaville) Clare (to Karen): absolutely!
(11/08/2012 20:49:10, room alphaville) Patten (to Marian): The version of Around The Universe that you play live sounds perfect to me
(11/08/2012 20:49:11, room alphaville) Krapplund (to nina_222): no
(11/08/2012 20:49:21, room alphaville) LipeBrazil (to Monika): Brazil nevermore
(11/08/2012 20:49:29, room alphaville) vladimir (to Marian): Are there any songs planned with female vocals?
(11/08/2012 20:49:32, room alphaville) Richani: I just love ATU..
(11/08/2012 20:49:33, room alphaville) Karen (to Clare): absolutely knackered?
(11/08/2012 20:49:37, room alphaville) Marian: to vivi:i read the list but can't answer at the mo. There seems to be a problem with my server since I am in sweden.
(11/08/2012 20:49:50, room alphaville) Sabrina (to Marian): Please let us know why you chose the name 'CROG' for the album.
(11/08/2012 20:49:52, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): I did'nt see martin at Craiova is he allright ?
(11/08/2012 20:49:53, room alphaville) Gunnar (to Marian): What is the platform you communicate with fans the most?
(11/08/2012 20:50:02, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: ah at least you read that is enough for me
(11/08/2012 20:50:07, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: marian
(11/08/2012 20:50:07, room alphaville) Karen (to Sabrina): you know that's not going to happen
(11/08/2012 20:50:10, room alphaville) Marian: can only send sms, it's really a drag
(11/08/2012 20:50:18, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: but I mean fans should post more too
(11/08/2012 20:50:20, room alphaville) MalilaM: For the last weeks we've been having a discussion about why AV fans seem to have lost enthusiasm for the band, and most of them agree that it's because we lack updates, so perhaps the webpage could provide little somethings to talk about
(11/08/2012 20:50:37, room alphaville) tjommen (to Marian): whats your phone number
(11/08/2012 20:50:39, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: yes, sms takes so much time
(11/08/2012 20:50:42, room alphaville) ViviBrazil:
(11/08/2012 20:50:43, room alphaville) leenix: Computer problems in Göteborg, Sweden? I'm tha gal to call ...
(11/08/2012 20:50:49, room alphaville) Gunnar: It's a dra, it's a pity to be looking at the board not looking at the city!
(11/08/2012 20:50:50, room alphaville) LipeBrazil (to Marian): Will Maja Kim perform with AV in 2013 ?
(11/08/2012 20:50:50, room alphaville) Karen (to tjommen):
(11/08/2012 20:50:57, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): ROMANTIC ALBUM?
(11/08/2012 20:51:05, room alphaville) Omega (to Marian): I've heard that you're coming to Poland next year... Willl it be only the one tima or you'll be later there? (sorry for lingual errors)
(11/08/2012 20:51:08, room alphaville) Marian: to malila: you're absolutely right. As soon as there is time, there will be updates
(11/08/2012 20:51:28, room alphaville) MalilaM (to tjommen):
(11/08/2012 20:51:29, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): send a sms to me than 0046 70-6611432
(11/08/2012 20:51:49, room alphaville) Sabrina (to Karen): Schade !!
(11/08/2012 20:51:50, room alphaville) Krapplund (to LipeBrazil): good question
(11/08/2012 20:51:54, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Thank you.
(11/08/2012 20:51:55, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: the other day you told was the 5 more you sing in the shower, tell us strange habits you have being an artist or as a human being too it can be
(11/08/2012 20:52:02, room alphaville) Marian: to omega: this is the only confimed concert in Poland so far. But there might be more.
(11/08/2012 20:52:14, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): have you ever thought about making a blog in which you can put some samples of what you are recording..and videos? i believe can increase the fans interesting I remeber when many years ago you have putted the forst dreamscapes in the site..every
(11/08/2012 20:52:15, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): or me
(11/08/2012 20:52:19, room alphaville) Krapplund (to david): Welcome!
(11/08/2012 20:52:19, room alphaville) Karen (to Krapplund): and then you'll send 945.7 back
(11/08/2012 20:52:21, room alphaville) Richani: 0031650811781 always there
(11/08/2012 20:52:26, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian): You should SMS krapplund. It's worth it for the replies. (He'll be drinking beer).
(11/08/2012 20:52:33, room alphaville) vladimir (to Marian): Could you define in one word conception/mood of new album songs?
(11/08/2012 20:52:35, room alphaville) Monika: For Felipe then have to go to Germany ... do what?
(11/08/2012 20:52:43, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): every 2 weeks was a song to download and was great in my opinion
(11/08/2012 20:52:48, room alphaville) LipeBrazil (to Marian): Do you intend include an old song in the setlist that was never played live before? Like Romeos.
(11/08/2012 20:53:26, room alphaville) mynx69: i'm jumping on this one: give me call/ text if you can? (208)512-3924
(11/08/2012 20:53:28, room alphaville) apolla: Marian, we are waiting for you in Russia
(11/08/2012 20:53:29, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: And when will you surrender to facebook? Marian?
(11/08/2012 20:53:33, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: lol
(11/08/2012 20:53:46, room alphaville) Apollo: Romeos live? Would be excellent for our guitar hero ...
(11/08/2012 20:54:05, room alphaville) Marian: to misty:a blog would be interesting. I must admit that I was a bit lazy in the past concerning communication with the outside world. I am in writing mode since a few months. Anyways there could have been more from me
(11/08/2012 20:54:07, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): OH NO PLZ DONT SMS
(11/08/2012 20:54:09, room alphaville) misty: In my opinion have a official page in facebook like it is now is good
(11/08/2012 20:54:15, room alphaville) hajak1: How many songs will be on the album
(11/08/2012 20:54:16, room alphaville) LipeBrazil: An unppluged version of ROMEOS would be superb live.
(11/08/2012 20:54:26, room alphaville) Marian: I hate facebook
(11/08/2012 20:54:30, room alphaville) Richani:
(11/08/2012 20:54:37, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): than we are "
(11/08/2012 20:54:39, room alphaville) MalilaM:
(11/08/2012 20:54:40, room alphaville) Krapplund: "
(11/08/2012 20:54:42, room alphaville) Krapplund: 2
(11/08/2012 20:54:44, room alphaville) Richani: and my mum too she says
(11/08/2012 20:54:44, room alphaville) Greg (to Marian): Last time, I think, I touched your hand was during the Locomotive concert in 99. A shame it's so long ago, hope to see you soon, love U
(11/08/2012 20:54:45, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: many people hate
(11/08/2012 20:54:45, room alphaville) Marian: ...although there are some good things about it.
(11/08/2012 20:54:47, room alphaville) Oksana.K (to Marian): we want to see you in Russia, thank you for the last concert, when you visit us?
(11/08/2012 20:54:52, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): i blieve many of us are curious to see how you work
(11/08/2012 20:55:03, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): Sorry to inssit but i want to now if Martin is ok ? i didi'nt saw him in Romania
(11/08/2012 20:55:09, room alphaville) Krapplund: Yeah the alphavile get everybody connected!
(11/08/2012 20:55:13, room alphaville) Karen: I love Facebook, keeps me in touch with old friends and family living overseas
(11/08/2012 20:55:14, room alphaville) mynx69: i don't blame you, marian, facebook is starting to suck.
(11/08/2012 20:55:20, room alphaville) Marian: to misty: I do believe that
(11/08/2012 20:55:20, room alphaville) Karen: and cheaper than the phone
(11/08/2012 20:55:23, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): NO FACE BOOK IS THE BEST I KNOW RICHANI IN IT
(11/08/2012 20:55:27, room alphaville) Richani: I only hate facebook for Farmville, ciryville, fishville and those birthday invitations
(11/08/2012 20:55:31, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: to other ones it is a habit, but since you have facebook you dont do art anymore, you can trust me it is pure addiction marian
(11/08/2012 20:55:39, room alphaville) luni: Facebook can be put to good use.Spreading the love etc
(11/08/2012 20:55:43, room alphaville) Karen: a webcast from the studio would be pretty cool
(11/08/2012 20:55:44, room alphaville) mynx69: the timeline bugs me
(11/08/2012 20:55:54, room alphaville) Omega: Chat knocked me out O.o
(11/08/2012 20:55:56, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): and at the same time we get updates
(11/08/2012 20:56:03, room alphaville) Karen: as a way of giving a taster and insight into the working process
(11/08/2012 20:56:07, room alphaville) vladimir (to Marian): Is already known who will be responsible for creating new album cover?
(11/08/2012 20:56:09, room alphaville) apolla (to Oksana.K):
(11/08/2012 20:56:16, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): MR GOLD RICHANI IS THE BEST
(11/08/2012 20:56:18, room alphaville) NInoska (to Marian): today is @BLU'S birthday!
(11/08/2012 20:56:22, room alphaville) Oksana.K (to apolla): Rossia Chempion!!!!
(11/08/2012 20:56:29, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: the album cover i suggest it could be a marian's paint
(11/08/2012 20:56:31, room alphaville) ViviBrazil:
(11/08/2012 20:56:37, room alphaville) Marian: a couple of years ago we were considering a webradio for alphaville music. It didn't work out because of too many legal implications
(11/08/2012 20:56:45, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): for example Anne Rice has her own page in facebook and often she put some video of what she is doing and is so good
(11/08/2012 20:56:45, room alphaville) Claudia: happy birthday, blu!
(11/08/2012 20:57:02, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVV AAAAAAAAALPHAVILLE
(11/08/2012 20:57:09, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): That's a shame. Would have been great.
(11/08/2012 20:57:14, room alphaville) Karen: GEMA strikes again
(11/08/2012 20:57:14, room alphaville) LipeBrazil: I love Alphaville too
(11/08/2012 20:57:15, room alphaville) Apollo (to Marian): Maybe, every now and then you could rell us about the work, what you have been working on etc.
(11/08/2012 20:57:20, room alphaville) Blu: thanks Claudia
(11/08/2012 20:57:22, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian)I have known of you for 28 years,wow long time!
(11/08/2012 20:57:24, room alphaville) Clare: I have to go
(11/08/2012 20:57:24, room alphaville) Apollo: *tell
(11/08/2012 20:57:30, room alphaville) Omega (to nina_222): He already knows
(11/08/2012 20:57:34, room alphaville) Marian: to misty: i really would not like to do that. There is a private side in my life that I don't like to share
(11/08/2012 20:57:35, room alphaville) Karen (to Clare): nooooo!!!
(11/08/2012 20:57:42, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): you can do it with an official blog in the official page of alphaville for example not facebook
(11/08/2012 20:57:55, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): WHAT MEANS ALPHAVILLE///?
(11/08/2012 20:58:05, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): J. Strauss wil not have any songs on the new album?
(11/08/2012 20:58:09, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): I meant the working thing..not the private life thing
(11/08/2012 20:58:10, room alphaville) Oksana.K (to apolla): he did not ask to us....
(11/08/2012 20:58:15, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Clare): take care!
(11/08/2012 20:58:15, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: I think to an artist to keep the privacy is to keep the mistery
(11/08/2012 20:58:21, room alphaville) NInoska (to Marian): you a great poet in you IVORE TOWER!:)
(11/08/2012 20:58:22, room alphaville) Clare (to Karen): 5 more minutes
(11/08/2012 20:58:22, room alphaville) Marian: to misty: you're right. I was actual thinking in the same direction
(11/08/2012 20:58:26, room alphaville) Blu: Ninoska
(11/08/2012 20:58:32, room alphaville) Karen (to Clare):
(11/08/2012 20:58:34, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: and not to make from facebook a diary
(11/08/2012 20:58:46, room alphaville) wii (to Krapplund): have we ever been 60 before?
(11/08/2012 20:58:46, room alphaville) Sabrina (to Marian): Does the dark and cold days inspire you to write new songs or just the opposite - you fall in a bad mood ?
(11/08/2012 20:58:47, room alphaville) Rena: Hello, in Hötensleben there is a festival "rock in the monument", you can appear there sometimes? It would be great. There is the festival there for 16 years, now it fights for the survival because not enough people came, also because of the bad weather.
(11/08/2012 20:58:50, room alphaville) Omega (to nina_222): Tht's from old film called the same name from 1965. Ask uncle Google or aunt Wikipedia
(11/08/2012 20:58:50, room alphaville) misty: @:)
(11/08/2012 20:58:54, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian)Love and Light x
(11/08/2012 20:58:55, room alphaville) Krapplund (to wii): NO!
(11/08/2012 20:59:02, room alphaville) misty (to Marian):
(11/08/2012 20:59:04, room alphaville) Krapplund: open an ew beer
(11/08/2012 20:59:05, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Good question Sabrina
(11/08/2012 20:59:14, room alphaville) Blue_Hotel (to Marian): Time to say thank you for your music it´s like medicine for me!
(11/08/2012 20:59:15, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): HA WHAT MEANS ALPHAVILLE//?
(11/08/2012 20:59:16, room alphaville) NInoska (to Blu): marian no se entera :S
(11/08/2012 20:59:16, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: marian do you get more inspired by sad or happy things?
(11/08/2012 20:59:26, room alphaville) Karen: problem with Facebook is that it is misused too much
(11/08/2012 20:59:27, room alphaville) Dimitri: lets remake old film Alphaville
(11/08/2012 20:59:38, room alphaville) Oksana.K (to Marian): do you planing to visited Russia in next year?
(11/08/2012 20:59:38, room alphaville) LipeBrazil: Life's a loaded gun with no directions And it keeps you on the run, it has no mercy... (Alphaville - Control)
(11/08/2012 20:59:40, room alphaville) Monika: (For Lipe Brazil) never is a long time, you do not think?
(11/08/2012 20:59:43, room alphaville) Omega (to nina_222): I told you that before!!
(11/08/2012 20:59:46, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Patten): liste nto Vickey
(11/08/2012 20:59:49, room alphaville) Marian: to vivi: by interesting things.
(11/08/2012 20:59:50, room alphaville) kla: Hi Marian! For me, it's the first time in chat! I'm so happy!
(11/08/2012 20:59:54, room alphaville) Alesta: You don't have to use Facebook to share things about your private life... it's up to you what you write. Writers post little blurbs about their progress, bands post little videos from the studio or rehearsals, photographers post their portfolio...
(11/08/2012 20:59:58, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: and do you think music cures the fans that listen and the one that composes in the sad times?
(11/08/2012 21:00:01, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): Tell me please how is Martin wi will see him in the next concert |?
(11/08/2012 21:00:14, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: putting out the sadness, does it help U?
(11/08/2012 21:00:17, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): MR GOLD YOU ARE THE BEST
(11/08/2012 21:00:18, room alphaville) Patten (to Krapplund): Still your fave?
(11/08/2012 21:00:25, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: I see Marian
(11/08/2012 21:00:25, room alphaville) NInoska (to Marian): do you like "twitter"?
(11/08/2012 21:00:28, room alphaville) tjommen (to Marian): for how long time do ou stay in sweden this time
(11/08/2012 21:00:39, room alphaville) Rena: There one can visit the border monument, here still 350 metres of wall with all border arrangements, certainly for many and also for you stand sometimes quite interesting.
(11/08/2012 21:00:40, room alphaville) Karen: god, I hate Twitter
(11/08/2012 21:00:43, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian)your Music is sooo inspiring,what a soul you have i love you
(11/08/2012 21:00:44, room alphaville) Richani (to Marian): Do you know/like any Dutch bands?
(11/08/2012 21:00:52, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Yes, Marian you are the best, now, before and forever!!!!
(11/08/2012 21:00:53, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Karen): you're not the only one
(11/08/2012 21:00:57, room alphaville) Omega: @Marian... By interesting things... everything can be interesting. I'm staring with creating literature.... I want tyo be as good as you turning red
(11/08/2012 21:00:57, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): MR GOLD NUMBER 1
(11/08/2012 21:00:58, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Ramayana says hello to you by SMS to me!!
(11/08/2012 21:00:59, room alphaville) vladimir (to Marian): will Martin be singing on the new album?
(11/08/2012 21:01:09, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): private must remain private I have always believe
(11/08/2012 21:01:17, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Patten): not sure...but not far away
(11/08/2012 21:01:24, room alphaville) Sabrina (to jalmarti): silke Are you still around ?
(11/08/2012 21:01:26, room alphaville) john_soks: just done a new mix of alphaville for the car
(11/08/2012 21:01:30, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Your voice, inspiration, compositions, songs, melodies, lyrics, way of singing is unique, you must know it
(11/08/2012 21:01:30, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): MR GOLD RICHANI IS THE BEST FRIEND
(11/08/2012 21:01:35, room alphaville) Omega: *starting
(11/08/2012 21:01:46, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: ah another good question marian do you sing driving?
(11/08/2012 21:01:50, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: or compose?
(11/08/2012 21:01:59, room alphaville) jalmarti (to Sabrina): silke can't make it to join...login problem..
(11/08/2012 21:02:01, room alphaville) Marian: to alesta: you're right, I could do that there but as misty mentioned before I could do that also on other platforms. Hey, I am not critisizing anybody for using facebook. It's just that it's nothing for me.
(11/08/2012 21:02:04, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): do youlike spotify?
(11/08/2012 21:02:07, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: once you said that inspiration like comes from the air, from everywhere
(11/08/2012 21:02:15, room alphaville) leenix (to Marian): OK. No Facebook. What about the most dangerous and addictive drug on Earth: Wordfeud?
(11/08/2012 21:02:20, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): JUST BIG IN JAPAN
(11/08/2012 21:02:39, room alphaville) Marian: to leenis:
(11/08/2012 21:02:41, room alphaville) Sabrina (to jalmarti):
(11/08/2012 21:02:41, room alphaville) Omega (to Marian): How old was you when you was trying with poems and stories?
(11/08/2012 21:02:46, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): J. Strauss will not have any songs on the new album?
(11/08/2012 21:02:46, room alphaville) Patten (to Krapplund): vilka är bra då?
(11/08/2012 21:02:49, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Yep, and facebook means less time to art, because there is to have fun and it is easy do nothing
(11/08/2012 21:02:53, room alphaville) hajak1: Telll us about your work with the new Album please
(11/08/2012 21:03:12, room alphaville) Apollo: 61 ...
(11/08/2012 21:03:22, room alphaville) wii (to Krapplund): increased it to 80
(11/08/2012 21:03:22, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Patten): smaken e olika men vi har en coverav Tjommen
(11/08/2012 21:03:28, room alphaville) Greg (to Marian): About the correct order of the songs you speaked of a long time ago, have you sorted it all out by now ?
(11/08/2012 21:03:30, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): MR GOLD IM ALONE AND YOU DONT ANSWER ME
(11/08/2012 21:03:30, room alphaville) Marian: to omega: I started writing short stories when I was about ten. Befaore that time I drew comics of my stories
(11/08/2012 21:03:31, room alphaville) Krapplund (to wii): good
(11/08/2012 21:03:33, room alphaville) LipeBrazil (to Marian): Would you like to perform with Anything Box in the future? Claude S. is your fan!!!
(11/08/2012 21:03:33, room alphaville) Karen: speaking of word games, I've got a run going on with The Outsider - beat his ass 20 times in a row - he's going nowhere
(11/08/2012 21:03:34, room alphaville) Oksana.K (to Marian): are you planing to make a videosongs from new album?
(11/08/2012 21:03:42, room alphaville) jalmarti (to Sabrina): so....when do we go again on the road?
(11/08/2012 21:03:51, room alphaville) leenix (to Marian): Gotcha! :-D
(11/08/2012 21:04:06, room alphaville) DeniseJ (to Marian): So it was fiction before songs?
(11/08/2012 21:04:07, room alphaville) Sabrina (to jalmarti): This weekend ??
(11/08/2012 21:04:09, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): I LOVE ALPHAVILLE
(11/08/2012 21:04:22, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: and your paitings, do you think they changed with time passed? The style, the subjects, and what style do you paint marian?
(11/08/2012 21:04:25, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian)what did you think of young band ONe direction's cover of Forever young?not a patch on the original of course!
(11/08/2012 21:04:28, room alphaville) Marian: To LipeBrazil: yea, would be great. What a fine band that is, what great artists. I have all their albums
(11/08/2012 21:04:31, room alphaville) Richani (to Marian): I'm really curious to drawings made by you!
(11/08/2012 21:04:31, room alphaville) Marialpha: (Marian) A big hug for you and your family, and the whole Alphaville Team
(11/08/2012 21:04:36, room alphaville) misty (to nina_222): he is talking with everybody
(11/08/2012 21:04:43, room alphaville) Alesta: I didn't mean to justify facebook... a blog would be just as nice... I loved how EInstürzende Neubauten shared their work on their albums via video. That was really inspring.
(11/08/2012 21:04:44, room alphaville) jalmarti (to Sabrina): not AV concert!
(11/08/2012 21:04:51, room alphaville) nina_222:
(11/08/2012 21:04:59, room alphaville) vladimir (to Marian): Have you ever dreamed melody/lyrics which was used in the actual song?
(11/08/2012 21:05:00, room alphaville) Omega (to Marian): Just like me But now I'm 13 - long way to go for me
(11/08/2012 21:05:05, room alphaville) LipeBrazil (to Marian): What is you favorite song by Anything Box? Mine is "Kiss of Love"
(11/08/2012 21:05:17, room alphaville) mynx69: i'm going to be performing to "dangerous places", soon and taping it- i can send a copy to you if you like (i'd love your opinion)...
(11/08/2012 21:05:20, room alphaville) nina_222: AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH MR GOLD
(11/08/2012 21:05:25, room alphaville) wii (to nina_222): is that really necessary ?
(11/08/2012 21:05:32, room alphaville) NInoska (to Marian, Richani): yes,me too.Marian you should show us your drawings!:)
(11/08/2012 21:05:52, room alphaville) misty (to nina_222): don't put all those faces it slow the chat
(11/08/2012 21:05:53, room alphaville) Sabrina (to jalmarti): no concerts announced at the moment ......
(11/08/2012 21:05:57, room alphaville) Richani: I officially have quit drawing.
(11/08/2012 21:05:59, room alphaville) Kvarmo: I love Anything Box too
(11/08/2012 21:06:05, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): what do you think about a cover of MONTEGO BAY??
(11/08/2012 21:06:09, room alphaville) nina_222: YES NECESSARY
(11/08/2012 21:06:20, room alphaville) Apollo (to Richani): I still think it's s hame you stopped
(11/08/2012 21:06:27, room alphaville) Marian: to vladi: yea, that happened a couple of times. The most prominent example is Faith from Prostitute. I dreamed that song in its entirety
(11/08/2012 21:06:28, room alphaville) Blue_Hotel (to Marian): Any plans to release your short stories?
(11/08/2012 21:06:31, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Apollo): me to
(11/08/2012 21:06:37, room alphaville) Karen (to Richani): I never started
(11/08/2012 21:06:46, room alphaville) Patten (to Krapplund): STPP DRINKING NOW!!!
(11/08/2012 21:06:48, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Btw, Marian I also have all the albums of Anything Box and Claude S. is a super cool person and he is my best friend in life, do you believe it? I've jsut written to him that I am talking to you,
(11/08/2012 21:06:48, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): What do you think about the project of doing a new We Heard The Call tribute album? Have you heard any of the covers?
(11/08/2012 21:06:56, room alphaville) Alien (to wii): is it possible to switch off the smilies for the next chat?
(11/08/2012 21:07:06, room alphaville) Marian: to Blue_hotel: I turn them into lyrics and they become songs
(11/08/2012 21:07:12, room alphaville) wii (to Alien): yes
(11/08/2012 21:07:17, room alphaville) DeniseJ: I love Faith. It is a wonderful song.
(11/08/2012 21:07:21, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): I also dream songs but I am hopeless in making music...luckily I remeber the words so they come out poems
(11/08/2012 21:07:33, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): ROMANTIC ALBUM
(11/08/2012 21:07:33, room alphaville) Oksana.K (to Marian): i like euforia, espessially when i drive...
(11/08/2012 21:07:42, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Patten): i did fr 4 seconds...and?
(11/08/2012 21:07:44, room alphaville) Kvarmo (to ViviBrazil): Say thanks to Claude for all the great music!
(11/08/2012 21:07:55, room alphaville) MalilaM (to wii): Alien's idea is good... it's enough with having so many capital letters
(11/08/2012 21:08:05, room alphaville) Marian: to malilam: I think it is a brilliant idea. I havn't heard anything from the upcoming edition so far.
(11/08/2012 21:08:28, room alphaville) Omega (to misty): I'm jealous
(11/08/2012 21:08:32, room alphaville) LipeBrazil (to Marian): Have you heard the new Sandra's album "Stay in Touch" ?
(11/08/2012 21:08:44, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): I believe in dreams can come many many ideas...:)
(11/08/2012 21:08:47, room alphaville) wii (to Alien): you can also deactive smileys in your profile, I just did
(11/08/2012 21:08:49, room alphaville) apolla (to nina_222): We all love Alphaville, do you believe me?
(11/08/2012 21:08:49, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian)my favs are Flame Elegy Inside Out,summer Rain.Voyager,mysteries of love,forever young big in Japan ok All of them!
(11/08/2012 21:08:50, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Thank you
(11/08/2012 21:08:50, room alphaville) Marialpha: oh no he tenido suerte hoy
(11/08/2012 21:08:50, room alphaville) Krapplund (to david): DK?
(11/08/2012 21:08:52, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marian, you know I am really trying to bring Alphaville to Brazil and along with Box, cos I know some good promoters here, I think Anything Box I got, but instead Alphaville is so much difficult, it would be so beautiful a show with both bands. And you wo
(11/08/2012 21:08:57, room alphaville) Richani (to Omega): No I dont have time for that website anymore, and the drawing thing everything I drw since the last years sucks balls btw during moving house I threw away l my pencils too..
(11/08/2012 21:08:59, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): YOU KILL ME BLINDLY
(11/08/2012 21:09:06, room alphaville) Alesta (to Marian): Do you think the 30 years anniversary in Paris may happen?
(11/08/2012 21:09:18, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: would meet and sing together I got sad that I never succeed in bringing Alphaville and along with Felipe
(11/08/2012 21:09:19, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Alesta): great question
(11/08/2012 21:09:23, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): tell me please a wanna know is Martin fine ?
(11/08/2012 21:09:31, room alphaville) Monika: (For Marian) In what year was comprised Because of you, I love
(11/08/2012 21:09:33, room alphaville) Gunnar: Faith - the reggae song - was dreamed up! That's a nice little piece of info. Thanks!
(11/08/2012 21:09:35, room alphaville) Omega (to Richani): ;((
(11/08/2012 21:09:43, room alphaville) wii: ups
(11/08/2012 21:09:45, room alphaville) Alien (to wii): oh thanks! less hysterics this way
(11/08/2012 21:09:48, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Andrei): i could say yes...but don´t knoe for 100%
(11/08/2012 21:09:53, room alphaville) Uwe___Ilwa: we like the song for J.F.Krüger together with Ralf Goldkind
(11/08/2012 21:09:55, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Kvarmo, I will do it, and join me and him on facebook, we are there every time every day
(11/08/2012 21:10:01, room alphaville) Marian: to Alesta: I am looking very much forward to this
(11/08/2012 21:10:05, room alphaville) LipeBrazil (to ViviBrazil): Marian does want to come to Brazil, But we need find financial conditions to make it happen.
(11/08/2012 21:10:09, room alphaville) wii (to Alien): yeah, clear the chat too
(11/08/2012 21:10:20, room alphaville) Alesta: Lovely!
(11/08/2012 21:10:30, room alphaville) Andrei (to Krapplund): i'm worried onestly |
(11/08/2012 21:10:39, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Andrei): why?
(11/08/2012 21:10:41, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian)a world tour maybe?
(11/08/2012 21:10:45, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): As I live at 2hours from Paris, I'm very interested by 2014
(11/08/2012 21:10:49, room alphaville) misty: me too:) I want so much to visit Paris and the party will be just great by the way I am missing the concerts a lot...@marian
(11/08/2012 21:10:55, room alphaville) Kvarmo (to ViviBrazil): I will!
(11/08/2012 21:10:56, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: We found conditions, but always some trouble happens Felipe
(11/08/2012 21:10:59, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Karen): you see?
(11/08/2012 21:11:10, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Where are you from Kvarmo?
(11/08/2012 21:11:13, room alphaville) Dimitri: Summer in Paris
(11/08/2012 21:11:14, room alphaville) Marian: to Uwe__Ilwas: thanx, but my role in this production is quite minimal. But I do like a couple of songs on it
(11/08/2012 21:11:21, room alphaville) Andrei (to Krapplund): i did'nt sow him at the last concert he was'nt there
(11/08/2012 21:11:24, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): you are just great live and I have always enjoy the concerts
(11/08/2012 21:11:28, room alphaville) Gunnar: 30 years anniversary in Paris? Please let us know well in advance. This time I'd like to be there!!!
(11/08/2012 21:11:33, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): J. Strauss will not have any songs on the new album?
(11/08/2012 21:11:35, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: And marian any plans for a new video?
(11/08/2012 21:11:38, room alphaville) Karen (to MalilaM): I saw
(11/08/2012 21:11:42, room alphaville) Marian: just go to pour me another glass of red
(11/08/2012 21:11:43, room alphaville) Blue_Hotel (to Marian): Still my heart is beating high and lowd because of your reply to me !
(11/08/2012 21:11:46, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian): and the 35th Anniversary in the UK??? (Okay, I can dream too!)
(11/08/2012 21:11:52, room alphaville) Hamburg: i already booked a hotel in paris
(11/08/2012 21:12:01, room alphaville) Karen (to Clare):
(11/08/2012 21:12:02, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: lol marian wine
(11/08/2012 21:12:06, room alphaville) ViviBrazil:
(11/08/2012 21:12:07, room alphaville) Alesta: @ Marian What bands are you currently listening to and what are you reading?
(11/08/2012 21:12:13, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): is it a tuscany red?
(11/08/2012 21:12:14, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Andrei): your right......but he coulde´nt play at that show i heard....he´s not ill
(11/08/2012 21:12:15, room alphaville) Apollo (to Clare): love your humour tonight
(11/08/2012 21:12:23, room alphaville) Alesta: @ Hamburg for the whole year?
(11/08/2012 21:12:26, room alphaville) Karen: I was in Paris a few weeks ago
(11/08/2012 21:12:32, room alphaville) Clare: red wine is go0d (and good or you too)
(11/08/2012 21:12:33, room alphaville) Patten (to Marian): Any plans for a new live dvd/blueray?
(11/08/2012 21:12:36, room alphaville) Apollo: I am now, KAren
(11/08/2012 21:12:40, room alphaville) Uwe___Ilwa: obvious Marian...some songs don't left the head for hours if you heard them
(11/08/2012 21:12:44, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): MR GOLD WHEN I HEARD BIG IN JAPAN I FLIED TO SKY
(11/08/2012 21:12:46, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Patten): good qyestion
(11/08/2012 21:12:46, room alphaville) Karen (to Apollo):
(11/08/2012 21:12:47, room alphaville) Gunnar: 30 years anniversary in Paris - any rough dates yet?
(11/08/2012 21:12:48, room alphaville) Sabrina (to Hamburg): Who are you ?!
(11/08/2012 21:12:50, room alphaville) Oksana.K (to Marian): it will be a tur on the new album?
(11/08/2012 21:12:51, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: marian do you like to be gemini? I think it is a creative and intelligent sign what is your ascendent?
(11/08/2012 21:12:52, room alphaville) Richani: Im there every year and this year it hasnt happened yet ! Must be ill...
(11/08/2012 21:12:53, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): I'm drinking cider
(11/08/2012 21:12:54, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: kinda second sign?
(11/08/2012 21:12:58, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: in horoscope?
(11/08/2012 21:13:04, room alphaville) vladimir (to Marian): Is wine your favourite alcohol? Or maybe beer, vodka, whisky, etc?:-)
(11/08/2012 21:13:05, room alphaville) Andrei (to Krapplund): i hope he's still in the band
(11/08/2012 21:13:15, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian)ah red i knew it,rich fullbodied,mellow,delicious
(11/08/2012 21:13:16, room alphaville) MalilaM: A live DVD would be a dream.
(11/08/2012 21:13:18, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Gemini is always a happy person with a cool sense of humour
(11/08/2012 21:13:20, room alphaville) Marian: to clare: i will be err, 65 then. Good grief!
(11/08/2012 21:13:25, room alphaville) Mumu (to Karen): I olny went once to Paris, and it was for professionnal exams. Bouhhh
(11/08/2012 21:13:26, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): any ideas of a live-dvd? your got 2 chances..and nothing went to a time?
(11/08/2012 21:13:28, room alphaville) Karen: run out of beer....Peter???
(11/08/2012 21:13:30, room alphaville) Clare (to Apollo): I always get silly when I'm tired. It gives me a chance to forget about work and the fact tha I really should not be online.
(11/08/2012 21:13:37, room alphaville) Andrei (to Krapplund): he's a genius and a very kind man
(11/08/2012 21:13:38, room alphaville) Greg (to Marian): Any favorites park in/near Paris ?
(11/08/2012 21:13:42, room alphaville) Hamburg: to Sabrina: a good looking guy who likes Weihnachtsmärkte
(11/08/2012 21:13:53, room alphaville) Karen: Paris is pretty cool
(11/08/2012 21:13:53, room alphaville) Uwe___Ilwa: mit 66 Jahren, da fängt das Leben an...
(11/08/2012 21:13:57, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Karen): no why should i?
(11/08/2012 21:14:04, room alphaville) Marian: to wii: fine, lets drink to the anniversary of this website then
(11/08/2012 21:14:09, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: ah marian,when you get drunk, how do you act?do you laugh, cry,do you find your house after? lol just kidding
(11/08/2012 21:14:10, room alphaville) Apollo (to Clare): yeah, I know these kind of moments.
(11/08/2012 21:14:11, room alphaville) Karen (to Krapplund): am asking you for one!
(11/08/2012 21:14:12, room alphaville) Richani (to Marian): 65 is still young my dear !!
(11/08/2012 21:14:13, room alphaville) Marian: ...prost
(11/08/2012 21:14:20, room alphaville) Apollo: PROST
(11/08/2012 21:14:24, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH MR GOLD
(11/08/2012 21:14:24, room alphaville) Sabrina (to Hamburg): Then I know you !
(11/08/2012 21:14:25, room alphaville) MalilaM: Cheers! To the Dreamroom!
(11/08/2012 21:14:30, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): PROST!
(11/08/2012 21:14:31, room alphaville) Alesta: Bowie is 65 now and looking quite fit!
(11/08/2012 21:14:32, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): yeah thanks, let's do that now then
(11/08/2012 21:14:38, room alphaville) LipeBrazil (to Marian): Any chance to perform 'Guardian Angel' or' Wishful Thinking' or' Control' on stage in 2013 ?
(11/08/2012 21:14:39, room alphaville) Marian: yeah, to the dreamroom
(11/08/2012 21:14:44, room alphaville) Marian: cheers
(11/08/2012 21:14:44, room alphaville) NInoska (to Marian): you are handsome man...for ever!
(11/08/2012 21:14:48, room alphaville) wii: TO THE DREAMROOM
(11/08/2012 21:14:49, room alphaville) misty: prost!
(11/08/2012 21:14:49, room alphaville) nina_222:
(11/08/2012 21:14:51, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian)you will always look forever young
(11/08/2012 21:14:55, room alphaville) Fatylu: Cheers !!! in spanish Salud !!!
(11/08/2012 21:14:55, room alphaville) Richani: Prost everybody!
(11/08/2012 21:14:57, room alphaville) Omega (to Marian): You'll be still young by spirit
(11/08/2012 21:14:59, room alphaville) Patten: Cheers (Drinking milk)
(11/08/2012 21:15:05, room alphaville) jalmarti: sante
(11/08/2012 21:15:06, room alphaville) Karen: found one lurking in the back of the fridge - cheers!
(11/08/2012 21:15:10, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): to the dreamroom to you and to your band cheers
(11/08/2012 21:15:11, room alphaville) Omega: Prost
(11/08/2012 21:15:13, room alphaville) Sabrina: Prost !
(11/08/2012 21:15:20, room alphaville) Marialpha: (Marian) Prost with some water
(11/08/2012 21:15:23, room alphaville) kla: (to Marian) Do you like Chianti? Prost !
(11/08/2012 21:15:27, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: yep, and they also say that Gemini is the youngest sign in the horoscope, so, that is why you will always look forever young
(11/08/2012 21:15:27, room alphaville) 2beers: au revoir
(11/08/2012 21:15:28, room alphaville) vladimir (to Marian): do you like weizen beer?
(11/08/2012 21:15:33, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): and another time J. Strauss wil not have any songs on the new album?
(11/08/2012 21:15:41, room alphaville) Clare: Drinking Ossian's Beer froma microbrewery.
(11/08/2012 21:15:41, room alphaville) Marian: emptied the wine. but there's stil some Sol in the fridge
(11/08/2012 21:15:53, room alphaville) LipeBrazil (to Marian): How was your trip to Singapore?
(11/08/2012 21:16:00, room alphaville) beni: (a nina)eres genial me estoy riendo mucho contigo
(11/08/2012 21:16:01, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: lol, marian
(11/08/2012 21:16:03, room alphaville) Uwe___Ilwa: we have to stand up tomorrow quite early. Cheers to you all and thanx Willy for the great job
(11/08/2012 21:16:03, room alphaville) Karen (to Krapplund):
(11/08/2012 21:16:03, room alphaville) Apollo (to Marian): wait, I am coming around for a Sol!
(11/08/2012 21:16:12, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: do you compose better, sobber or drunk?
(11/08/2012 21:16:18, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: marian?
(11/08/2012 21:16:18, room alphaville) Karen (to Krapplund): cheers!
(11/08/2012 21:16:28, room alphaville) nina_222: PLZ MR GOLD MY FRIEND ALENL LOVES U BECAUSE U SAVE HER I LOVE ALPHAVILLE
(11/08/2012 21:16:28, room alphaville) Marian: Bye Uwe and Ilwa. wss nice to have you here
(11/08/2012 21:16:30, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): in Finland is now 23.15 I have to go was nice to talk with you and see you are fine, greetings from Diana from Finland
(11/08/2012 21:16:38, room alphaville) john_soks (to Alesta): his son has just been engaged
(11/08/2012 21:16:39, room alphaville) Uwe___Ilwa: Ciao
(11/08/2012 21:16:47, room alphaville) Guest589: the big question is when will comes the album out
(11/08/2012 21:16:48, room alphaville) Omega: Foreeeever young!!
(11/08/2012 21:16:50, room alphaville) leenix (to Marian): Don't miss out on the good local beer in Gothenburg. Carnegie Porter, the ones from the Ocean Brewery and so on.
(11/08/2012 21:16:55, room alphaville) Marialpha: I´m so sorry I have to go, I love you all, especially MARIAN a big hug to everyone !
(11/08/2012 21:16:56, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: and you already said that you always compose sleeping that is normal to an artist that is a genius
(11/08/2012 21:17:00, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): OK MARIAN/?
(11/08/2012 21:17:02, room alphaville) Marian: bye, misty, nice to talk to you. I will ponder your ideas
(11/08/2012 21:17:05, room alphaville) Clare (to Uwe___Ilwa):
(11/08/2012 21:17:12, room alphaville) Alesta: @ john married was my last news
(11/08/2012 21:17:13, room alphaville) Karen: Bowie has always looked fit
(11/08/2012 21:17:15, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Ah marian felipe is lucky to have met you in person
(11/08/2012 21:17:20, room alphaville) misty (to Marian): is a plessure to hear it
(11/08/2012 21:17:21, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Uwe___Ilwa):
(11/08/2012 21:17:43, room alphaville) misty: Goodnight room
(11/08/2012 21:17:43, room alphaville) Alesta: @ Karen nah not 74
(11/08/2012 21:17:49, room alphaville) Omega (to misty): Byee!
(11/08/2012 21:17:49, room alphaville) nina_222: MR GOLD IM ANEW GUEST
(11/08/2012 21:17:50, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marialpha):
(11/08/2012 21:17:56, room alphaville) Karen: beauty is in the eye of the beholder
(11/08/2012 21:18:07, room alphaville) Andrei (to Krapplund): do you think will it be aporpriate to try to ask him again about Martin ?
(11/08/2012 21:18:07, room alphaville) Clare (to misty):
(11/08/2012 21:18:18, room alphaville) Karen: night diana
(11/08/2012 21:18:29, room alphaville) Hamburg: my four wishes for the new album: better cover (more minimal), a song featured in a movie, a duet with one of the Humpe sisters, selection of the right single-track
(11/08/2012 21:18:34, room alphaville) Marialpha: Bye
(11/08/2012 21:18:34, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): Are you always interested in old books ?
(11/08/2012 21:18:45, room alphaville) misty: Night karen night you all sweet dreams! <3
(11/08/2012 21:19:02, room alphaville) Blu: bye mrialpha
(11/08/2012 21:19:10, room alphaville) Gunnar: a duet with one of the Humpe sisters! Yesss!
(11/08/2012 21:19:11, room alphaville) PK (to Marian): Slam a synth for me!
(11/08/2012 21:19:14, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): by the did you find Ludwig Böss?
(11/08/2012 21:19:15, room alphaville) kla: (to misty) Bye
(11/08/2012 21:19:16, room alphaville) Marian: to mumu: yeah, i like old books.
(11/08/2012 21:19:21, room alphaville) LipeBrazil (to Marian): Would you write your biography and release it in a book some day ?
(11/08/2012 21:19:29, room alphaville) Alesta: @ Karen true, but he looked like living death then
(11/08/2012 21:19:30, room alphaville) Monika: Brazil never more!!!
(11/08/2012 21:19:37, room alphaville) Karen: he probably is
(11/08/2012 21:19:43, room alphaville) wii: I need another cider
(11/08/2012 21:19:53, room alphaville) Kvarmo (to Marian): Will you ever make a song about fruit?
(11/08/2012 21:20:00, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Yeah, Monika, where do I also find this crying face to put?
(11/08/2012 21:20:01, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: lol
(11/08/2012 21:20:04, room alphaville) Krapplund (to wii): you kidding? cider? amtaure!
(11/08/2012 21:20:09, room alphaville) Marian: to Lipe: well, I don't know. My bio is written out in my songs so far
(11/08/2012 21:20:12, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): So if you come to France, try Montmorillon and La Charité, two towns with dozens of shops for books
(11/08/2012 21:20:15, room alphaville) wii (to Krapplund): no beer left
(11/08/2012 21:20:24, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): MR GOLD DO YOU LIKE RED///
(11/08/2012 21:20:26, room alphaville) Krapplund (to wii): holy shit
(11/08/2012 21:20:28, room alphaville) Clare: I might switch to red wine. Who cares if I'm still drunk tomorrow.
(11/08/2012 21:20:30, room alphaville) Oksana.K (to Marian): are you sometime think about solo project?
(11/08/2012 21:20:33, room alphaville) Karen (to Krapplund): send Willy a beer too
(11/08/2012 21:20:34, room alphaville) Hamburg (to wii): sending you a Krombacher...
(11/08/2012 21:20:38, room alphaville) Krapplund (to wii): and your living in DK
(11/08/2012 21:20:43, room alphaville) Alesta: I was in the most beautiful bookstore on Monday in Paris... it was packed to the ceiling with old books on really old shelves... I really miss places like that
(11/08/2012 21:20:44, room alphaville) wii (to Hamburg): thanks
(11/08/2012 21:20:47, room alphaville) Marian: to nina: depends on the quality
(11/08/2012 21:20:51, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian)what type of tres do you grow?and flowers?do you find they inspire you?
(11/08/2012 21:20:54, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: do you like to garden? marian?
(11/08/2012 21:21:20, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Karen): i did!
(11/08/2012 21:21:25, room alphaville) Karen: cool!
(11/08/2012 21:21:26, room alphaville) Kvarmo (to Marian): What about your favourite painters...du you like paintings of fruit?
(11/08/2012 21:21:50, room alphaville) Apollo (to Alesta): you were in Paris, or are in Paris? (Me too)
(11/08/2012 21:21:54, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): the compser of the new songs it's you alone or int's a Marian-Martin work ?
(11/08/2012 21:21:55, room alphaville) kla: (to Marian) Do you like the nature? Mountains, woods...
(11/08/2012 21:21:58, room alphaville) Marian: to luni: I don't grow trees. They were all there when I moved in. One of them is almost 140 years old
(11/08/2012 21:22:01, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: and they say and it is a lie of course that the world will end the end of this year if you knew it was true, what would you do, the last things marian?
(11/08/2012 21:22:29, room alphaville) nina_222: :HOW OLD ARE YOU MR GOLD?
(11/08/2012 21:22:33, room alphaville) Greg (to Marian): Changed my mind about CROG, very nice songs in it & very touching lyrics.
(11/08/2012 21:22:40, room alphaville) Alesta: @ Apollo I was, but only for a few hours on Monday visiting customers
(11/08/2012 21:22:41, room alphaville) Hamburg (to Marian): try to hug a tree, it helps!
(11/08/2012 21:22:45, room alphaville) john_soks (to Marian): do you drive a car and what type
(11/08/2012 21:22:53, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): the composer of the new songs it's you alone or int's a Marian-Martin work ?
(11/08/2012 21:22:54, room alphaville) DeniseJ: I like old trees, they have character.
(11/08/2012 21:22:58, room alphaville) Kvarmo: Not enough fruit songs on CROG in my opinion
(11/08/2012 21:22:59, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Greg): it took a while to grow in me as well
(11/08/2012 21:23:12, room alphaville) Oksana.K: good night to all! sweet dreams!
(11/08/2012 21:23:22, room alphaville) 2beers: hamburg, Sabrina: sagt mal Bescheid, wenn ihr auf den Weihnachtsmarkt geht, ich komm mit
(11/08/2012 21:23:26, room alphaville) nina_222: I LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE GARDEN
(11/08/2012 21:23:26, room alphaville) vladimir: Marian, what time do you usually wake up?
(11/08/2012 21:23:27, room alphaville) LipeBrazil (to Marian): what are your favorite synthpop bands, besides ABox?
(11/08/2012 21:23:30, room alphaville) Apollo (to Oksana.K): Bye!
(11/08/2012 21:23:34, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: and do you think you feel things before they happen, marian, kinda you have any paranormal perception or power?
(11/08/2012 21:23:41, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Apollo): Bye
(11/08/2012 21:23:48, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Apollo): hmmm..or was it you?
(11/08/2012 21:24:08, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Good question Felipe, marian, do you like information society, roxette? for example?
(11/08/2012 21:24:10, room alphaville) Apollo (to Krapplund): I am staying, Oksana left
(11/08/2012 21:24:13, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian)I love trees and flowers.I have learned so much about this year through your songs,i am amazed!
(11/08/2012 21:24:22, room alphaville) Greg (to MalilaM): Well I didn't even let CROG a chance before, just one listen on a tablet pc & no reading the lyrics. shameful...
(11/08/2012 21:24:22, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Apollo): yes i did notis that
(11/08/2012 21:24:23, room alphaville) Oksana.K (to Marian): we are hope to see you in Russia in coming year, good night.
(11/08/2012 21:24:33, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): the composer of the new songs it's you alone or it's a Marian-Martin work ?
(11/08/2012 21:24:36, room alphaville) Marian: to kvarmo: I like paintings of Amy Crehore and the photos of Gregory Crewdson very much at the moment I also like the art of Kahn-Selesnick
(11/08/2012 21:24:49, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Oksana.K): night!
(11/08/2012 21:24:52, room alphaville) Kvarmo (to Marian): OK thanks, I will check them out
(11/08/2012 21:25:01, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Greg): that made its way harder indeed
(11/08/2012 21:25:03, room alphaville) Sabrina (to 2beers): OK
(11/08/2012 21:25:04, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): MR GOLD WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SINGER/?
(11/08/2012 21:25:09, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): Please answer me
(11/08/2012 21:25:14, room alphaville) Karen: tic tacs and beer - strange and yet somehow appealing combination
(11/08/2012 21:25:23, room alphaville) Hamburg (to 2beers): beers only when you change your name to 2glühwein....
(11/08/2012 21:25:29, room alphaville) MalilaM (to nicole):
(11/08/2012 21:25:30, room alphaville) Karen: tic tacs in beer...hmm..will try
(11/08/2012 21:25:34, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: and what style do you paint marian surreal, etc? what kind do you classify yourself or just landscapes? or fruits? how are your paintings? are you good to paint faces too?
(11/08/2012 21:25:36, room alphaville) Clare: Now drinking red wine. The Belgians who I meet tomorrow to arrange their wedding will understand.
(11/08/2012 21:25:39, room alphaville) Alesta: @ Marian Are you still in contact with Janey Diamond? Is it possible to read more of her work somewhere?
(11/08/2012 21:25:47, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Hamburg): im with you
(11/08/2012 21:25:48, room alphaville) Richani (to Marian): do you like to wear hats?
(11/08/2012 21:25:52, room alphaville) nicole: Hello everyone!
(11/08/2012 21:25:56, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): MR GOLD ANSWER ME PLZ
(11/08/2012 21:25:57, room alphaville) Greg (to MalilaM): you don't say
(11/08/2012 21:25:57, room alphaville) 2beers (to Hamburg): shape shifting is my profession
(11/08/2012 21:26:04, room alphaville) Krapplund (to nicole): hello!
(11/08/2012 21:26:09, room alphaville) Karen (to nicole): hi Nicole! Glad you made it!
(11/08/2012 21:26:10, room alphaville) Apollo (to nicole): Hi Nicole
(11/08/2012 21:26:18, room alphaville) Richani: Hi Nicole!
(11/08/2012 21:26:24, room alphaville) LipeBrazil (to Marian): Are you still in touch with Rudy Nielson? I think he is a great musician.
(11/08/2012 21:26:27, room alphaville) Mumu (to nicole): Hello !
(11/08/2012 21:26:29, room alphaville) apolla: @Oksana.K bye!
(11/08/2012 21:26:43, room alphaville) nina_222 (to Marian): PLLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZ
(11/08/2012 21:26:43, room alphaville) jalmarti (to LadyBright): bussi
(11/08/2012 21:26:44, room alphaville) beni: hi NIcole
(11/08/2012 21:26:50, room alphaville) Marian: Guys, sorry, but I have to return to the studio. Once again, it was nice to chat with you. Now they are calling me from the control room. Have to leave. All the best to all of you. Love
(11/08/2012 21:26:58, room alphaville) Clare (to nicole):
(11/08/2012 21:27:09, room alphaville) NInoska: Good night!
(11/08/2012 21:27:10, room alphaville) Apollo: BYe Marian and thanks for having joined!
(11/08/2012 21:27:10, room alphaville) Mumu: Bye Marian !
(11/08/2012 21:27:11, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: bye marian, thanks for the answerings
(11/08/2012 21:27:14, room alphaville) Karen: night Marian - take care
(11/08/2012 21:27:16, room alphaville) nicole: Im so happy I could chat with you all today!
(11/08/2012 21:27:17, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): is Mrtin there in the studio tell me please
(11/08/2012 21:27:19, room alphaville) Greg (to Marian): Love You Marian, allways will
(11/08/2012 21:27:19, room alphaville) kla: (to Marian) Bye Marian!
(11/08/2012 21:27:19, room alphaville) Fatylu: Bye Marian I love you !!!!
(11/08/2012 21:27:20, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): thanks for being here
(11/08/2012 21:27:20, room alphaville) LipeBrazil: good night, MG
(11/08/2012 21:27:22, room alphaville) NInoska: WE LOVE YOU GOLDEN BOY!;)
(11/08/2012 21:27:25, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Thank you very much!!
(11/08/2012 21:27:27, room alphaville) vladimir (to Marian): Take care, Marian!
(11/08/2012 21:27:32, room alphaville) DeniseJ: Thank you and goodnight!
(11/08/2012 21:27:32, room alphaville) Richani: Bye Marian! have a good night and thankyou for being here!
(11/08/2012 21:27:33, room alphaville) Kvarmo: Bye Marianne
(11/08/2012 21:27:34, room alphaville) Marian: to apollo and all: was a pleasure!
(11/08/2012 21:27:35, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian)thank you so much for spending some time here with us xx
(11/08/2012 21:27:38, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Bye and say hello to Ludwig Böss
(11/08/2012 21:27:38, room alphaville) Blu: Adios, Marian
(11/08/2012 21:27:38, room alphaville) vladimir: thanks for your time
(11/08/2012 21:27:38, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Love to you too forever and all the best to you and your family!!!!
(11/08/2012 21:27:39, room alphaville) nina_222: BYE MR GOLD
(11/08/2012 21:27:42, room alphaville) Marian: Good night!
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Great chat, thanks to everyone who joined, we were over 60 online most of the time
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yes was great to talk with him and with all :)
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Great chat. I was pleased to be there.

Whatever you do, never explain yourself : your friends don't need it, and your enemies won't believe you.
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Man....I missed the chat

Thanks for the transcript, sounds like a cozy hour
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Thanks for the transcription! I forgot to enter into the chat . I was very bussy.

In every chat, everybody wants to write and get an answer, but Marian can´t answer to everyone (impossible!).

I have a suggestion and I put it into your consideration:

As you can see, there are many questions and a few answers. Why don´t we make a list with the more relevant questions? The band only would pay attention to one question and maybe they would give us a larger answer. We may vote for the best questions and one Moderator would be in charge of writting the questions.

Would it be possible?

Nunca te arrepientas de lo que hagas. Arrepiéntete de lo que no has hecho. [kitty]
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Why not ? Even it is yet possible on the mailing list.

Good point : we can have more answers, and more detailled, even if Marian can always "forgot" to answer to those he doesn't want to.

Bad point : would this still be a "chat" ?

Whatever you do, never explain yourself : your friends don't need it, and your enemies won't believe you.
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@Mumu: I agree with you... Marian has always chosen what questions he wants to answer and which he won't.

@Pitesina: Unfortunately, there is always someone obsessed with a specific topic or desperately trying to call Marian's attention. We can't help that. However, Marian has always been kind enough to answer most questions and show care for most participants.
Maybe some other time there can be some sort of fan interview to the band, which wouldn't require a chat... they would have to agree to that first though. [smile2]

I must be going crazy or the brandy's won the race 32
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...Hallo everybody, and Wii thank you for invitation for a commonunication with MARIAN GOLD. - I Regret, that I was unhealthy in this evening and could not join all to you and such nice-comfortable conversation.Now I looked at text in a chat and simply I in восторге.-Я very love ALPHAVILLE- of all musicians and especially MARIAN GOLD !- I hope that I will have a chance too to be in conversation in next ра yet, - I WISH ему- MARIAN - large success in everything and everywhere!!!is I with enormous love and liking...
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Originally Posted by Pitesina View Post
Thanks for the transcription! I forgot to enter into the chat . I was very bussy.

In every chat, everybody wants to write and get an answer, but Marian can´t answer to everyone (impossible!).

I have a suggestion and I put it into your consideration:

As you can see, there are many questions and a few answers. Why don´t we make a list with the more relevant questions? The band only would pay attention to one question and maybe they would give us a larger answer. We may vote for the best questions and one Moderator would be in charge of writting the questions.

Would it be possible?
the suggestion is good , but then there is not "chat", chat is meant to have a conversation in real time, if the question are prepared before there will be not that wonderful conversation can write the questions in the group ..he answers when he has time, and like he said , lately he has been concentrate in writing so he hasn't be so "around"...
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