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Romeo, Oh Romeo! Wherefore art thou, Romeos (without "Angels In Different Shapes"?)

I have six sources for the Album version of Romeos: The U.S. vinyl TBB, the U.S. TBB cd, the U.S. promo cd single, the German 3" single, the European TBB cd+g Lp, and the U.S. iTunes version of TBB. Of these, only the iTunes version does not have the "Angels" line. On iTunes, they identify this version as the "Long Version". Perhaps this is a clue. It seems that there are some of the European cd+g versions of TBB that also include the "Long Version" instead of the Lp version, but I cannot confirm this, as mine does not.

Perhaps the first run of the European cd+g used a different master. Can anyone who has the "Long Version" on cd post the matrix codes for their cds? Perhaps that way, we could come up with a way to correctly identify those cds with the "Long Version".

Until then...
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Wow, sbclar! That's a ton of detailed info! Do you keep versions of every AV song that meticulously, or just Romeos?

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I collect all the versions of a song, not necessarily all the formats on which it was released. In order to get all the different versions of a song, I have to find out what those versions are, and where they can be found. Thank goodness for Discogs, because that site collects information about every release of just about anything.

So, for Alphaville, and Romeos in particular, there are many versions to keep track of, and I try to get them all. And I also do the same for such bands as Depeche, Erasure, and Pet Shop Boys, just to name a few bands that put out even more versions of songs than Alphaville.

I have the ability to record from vinyl, and even to clean up recordings from vinyl (although the results can be disappointing, sometimes).

Now, if I can just get my hands on the Radio Edit of Romeos...
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Keeping On Dancing
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Oh, it seems one can still find something new in a topic known for many long years.
I always knew there were two different versions. In my case TBB version of Romeos was "Angel-less" and FH version was "Angel-full". But I am very surprised to find out that is not an axiom.
What's next then? Go team Breaking-The-AV-Laws! :)

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.
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Little Black Dog
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Hey there, droogs! The version of Breathtaking Blue I have is the standard (non-CD-i) US release manufactured by JVC domestically. (I'm in Canada, I know, but it's about as close as that'll get! ^_^) Mine seems to have the 'missing vocals' by Marian ('Angels in different shapes...'); I also have First Harvest and the 'extra' vocals don't seem to be present; at least not like the version on my 'Breathtaking Blue'. Either version I like; for what it's worth to say, it's nice that I can pick between them. Not every band will do that for their listeners in releases!

I think my only complaint about an Alphaville song being modified for a later release (in this case, on First Harvest) was the omission of the 'synth intro' for Forever Young's version of 'Big In Japan'. I know it kind of bridged between 'Summer In Berlin' and 'Big In Japan' on Side 1, so it might've been awkward to include it. I still prefer the FY version of it, tho'! o_o


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I lucked out last month.

TBB was the first CD I had ever gotten, a birthday gift the year after release. Being in the US, and being the CD+G version, it does have that "angels" line.

Last month, I noticed the WEA version at a store in the big city, used but nice looking, and went for it, just to see if I can hear the difference.

Like the American Atlantic release, this one had the graphics in there, but I could tell, no "angels."

Hello, my friend...
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I confirm, the "la-la-la" sequence replaces the angels in the CD+Graphics version.
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So do some versions of First Harvest have a Angeless version?
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i have just been checking my versions of TBB and these ones have La-La-La
both have running times of 5.30

this one and my atlantic promo cd have angels in different shapes
running time of 5.29
hope this helps :-)
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Angels in different shapes

Hello my friends.
I own several CDs of "Breathtaking blue" album and here are my observations:

This CD versions CONTAINS the "Angels in different shapes" of Romeos song:

matrix in the center of the disc:
244855-2-G1T 1 and some hieroglyphes on matrix (Graphics)
244855-2 RSA (without "Graphics")

number on the spine: 244 855-2
barcode on the back cover: 0 2292-44855-2 7 (the same for all versions)

This CD versions does NOT contains the "Angels in different shapes" of Romeos:

Matrix in the center of the disc:
244855-2.2 RSA (Graphics)
244855-2.3 RSA (Graphics)
229244855-2.5 12/98 ("Graphics" or without "Graphics")

number on the spine: 2292-44855-2
barcode on the back cover: 0 2292-44855-2 7 (the same for all versions)


Maybe it will help you.
Best regards
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