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10 New releasecycle for new music?

I'm thinking about that the musicindustry should have a new releasecycle.

In general more like a "3-step rocket".

My sketch:

1 RADIO/TV-TEASERS (2-4 weeks before the release): Selected and trusted radio/tv-stations (and maybe DJ's) get permission to broadcast special radioversions. To gain interest for the upcoming release and radiostations can offer something exclusive to their listeners. To avoid ripping they have to talk some seconds in the intros and outros. Radio/Tv-stations can also combine it with interviews with the band.

2 PHYSICAL RELEASE: 1 month exclusive sellingperiod for vinyl & CDs.
For fans and recordshops. I like the basic idea of Record Store Day (but it can be better).

3 STREAMING: Download & Streaming on Spotify, YT Music, ITunes...

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