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Originally Posted by Halfnelson View Post
On your website you have:
Song For No One - 5'' promo (with 'alternative radio mix')
I Die For You Today - 5'' promo (unnamed version)
Catching Rays On Giant - 5'' promo (4 tracks, 3 labelled 'work in progress')

Would you be kind enough for telling us what versions are different from the album ? Could you provide some at-least-readable scans ? Those items are a mystery to me and I don't even know if they should be in the scope of my collection (I don't collect rare items, I collect items wich have at least one track unavailable elsewhere).
If you're not dear Krapplund and have answer to one of those questions and if you don't think those informations should be restricted to members of a secret society, please don't be shy!

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Muhahaha...have forgot it

"Alphaville ohne Bernhard ist wie eine Apfelstrudel ohne apfel"
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