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7 Chat Transcript with Marian Gold 19 Sep 2018

(09/19/2018 21:04:19, room alphaville Marian: hell-o everybody
(09/19/2018 21:04:22, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Welcome Marian :)
(09/19/2018 21:04:28, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Marian): Hi
(09/19/2018 21:04:29, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): hello hello !
(09/19/2018 21:04:31, room alphaville) LiBlackDog: Guten tag, Great Crafter of song and rhythm both!
(09/19/2018 21:04:32, room alphaville Marian: oops
(09/19/2018 21:04:32, room alphaville) Ulrike: Hi Marian, nice to meet you here
(09/19/2018 21:04:33, room alphaville) IYHD (to Marian): Good evening!
(09/19/2018 21:04:33, room alphaville) KarenC (to Marian): hi there
(09/19/2018 21:04:35, room alphaville) René: Hi Marian
(09/19/2018 21:04:37, room alphaville) Anke (to Marian): Hello and welcome
(09/19/2018 21:04:38, room alphaville) cristi: Hi MARIAaaaaN! Moon voice!!
(09/19/2018 21:04:39, room alphaville) Guest322: hi marian this is viviane
(09/19/2018 21:04:45, room alphaville Marian: eh, hello!
(09/19/2018 21:04:50, room alphaville) Aussie-Rose: Good morning, Marian
(09/19/2018 21:04:57, room alphaville) Daniela: Any chance your ready the book I gave you in LA..or did it find its way into a trash bin somewhere?!
(09/19/2018 21:05:05, room alphaville) cristi: How are you?
(09/19/2018 21:05:10, room alphaville Marian: Nice to c u all here, or better to read you
(09/19/2018 21:05:13, room alphaville) Daniela: Read the book...geez autocorrect
(09/19/2018 21:05:16, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: How again hello Marian hello Claudia
(09/19/2018 21:05:17, room alphaville) KaM (to Marian): Hi Marian, from old London.
(09/19/2018 21:05:35, room alphaville) Krapplund: 'wonder if Brady around?*
(09/19/2018 21:05:35, room alphaville Marian: oh, the book, yeah, great
(09/19/2018 21:05:44, room alphaville) Daniela: Tx!!
(09/19/2018 21:05:45, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): what a pleasure!
(09/19/2018 21:05:54, room alphaville) Amber (to Marian): all the better to read you with, my dear
(09/19/2018 21:05:59, room alphaville) Anke (to Marian): I loooved Sierksdorf, hope you had a great time
(09/19/2018 21:06:06, room alphaville) LiBlackDog: Pleased to share space with you here! :)
(09/19/2018 21:06:09, room alphaville) Daniela: Dwyte would like to know when Thunderbqby
(09/19/2018 21:06:12, room alphaville Marian: I'm fine, a bit stressed. We are currently mixing the tracks from the Whisky a go go
(09/19/2018 21:06:20, room alphaville Marian: And we are late
(09/19/2018 21:06:26, room alphaville Marian: as always
(09/19/2018 21:06:27, room alphaville) Daniela: Thunder baby comes out and how many songs will be on it
(09/19/2018 21:06:41, room alphaville) Amber: ha!
(09/19/2018 21:06:41, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): What I heard so far sounds great Marian :)
(09/19/2018 21:06:45, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): Remember, you're always the best...
(09/19/2018 21:06:46, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Whisky a go go is the new album?
(09/19/2018 21:06:47, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Sorry if i did destroy AVOL with my "singing"
(09/19/2018 21:06:55, room alphaville) KarenC (to Marian): and the UK finally! Amazing :)
(09/19/2018 21:06:58, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Im stressed too
(09/19/2018 21:06:59, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): when you were a teen, were you more introverted kid, f.e. reading books and staying at home or extroverted with lot of friends and things like this?
(09/19/2018 21:07:02, room alphaville Marian: Oh Thunderbaby, oh...
(09/19/2018 21:07:08, room alphaville) Daniela: So excited for the box set
(09/19/2018 21:07:09, room alphaville Marian: oh oh oh
(09/19/2018 21:07:18, room alphaville) KaM (to Krapplund): :)) :)) That was amazing!
(09/19/2018 21:07:25, room alphaville) Amber: Are those good oh's?
(09/19/2018 21:07:25, room alphaville) Daniela: Lol, no,worries, we are patient fans
(09/19/2018 21:07:26, room alphaville) Claudia: :tea
(09/19/2018 21:07:32, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: do you have already the name of the songs of the new album?
(09/19/2018 21:07:41, room alphaville) halfnelson73 (to Marian): Christmas, really? ;)
(09/19/2018 21:07:46, room alphaville) wii (to Claudia): Is that really tea or a beer?
(09/19/2018 21:07:47, room alphaville) Krapplund (to KaM): hehehehe should i say tanks?
(09/19/2018 21:07:51, room alphaville) Krapplund: thaks
(09/19/2018 21:07:55, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Wish you can come to Brazil soon. Gazebo is coming next month Marian
(09/19/2018 21:07:55, room alphaville) Krapplund: thanks
(09/19/2018 21:08:11, room alphaville) Claudia: green tea O:-)
(09/19/2018 21:08:18, room alphaville) KaM: UK! Yes! Amazing job with those gigs. Hope cough Brexit doesn't cause any problems. :crazy
(09/19/2018 21:08:33, room alphaville) LiBlackDog: As long as this Little Black Dog is here in Toronto, you and Alphaville will have your audience here in Canada, Marian! :)
(09/19/2018 21:08:34, room alphaville) Daniela: That stressed, eh?
(09/19/2018 21:08:37, room alphaville Marian: I presume there will be about 12 to 14 traxx on the album. So far we have four tracks ready. Havn't done a thing on it over the last six weeks because of Whisky
(09/19/2018 21:08:37, room alphaville) wii (to Claudia): ;D
(09/19/2018 21:08:39, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: I am happy you got shows twice in the USA
(09/19/2018 21:08:47, room alphaville Marian: You know, the whisky
(09/19/2018 21:09:02, room alphaville) Amber (to Claudia): sounds good - it's chilly here and tea would be nice
(09/19/2018 21:09:02, room alphaville) KarenC (to KaM): which is why I'm still thinking on Belfast
(09/19/2018 21:09:04, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: what whisky?
(09/19/2018 21:09:06, room alphaville) Claudia: :dream
(09/19/2018 21:09:16, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: how is the new album name then?
(09/19/2018 21:09:16, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Ha, not because of drinking whisky
(09/19/2018 21:09:18, room alphaville) Daniela: That was sooo amazing - both nights!!
(09/19/2018 21:09:20, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Whisky??? I drink beer!
(09/19/2018 21:09:22, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Marian): Did you get a feedback from Karel Gott if he can join to a show in a few days..Prag or Příbram ?
(09/19/2018 21:09:30, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): Hi Dear Marian,love you very much. Thank you for making the Whisky show available by livestream,due to health reasons its difficult to travel ������
(09/19/2018 21:09:31, room alphaville) Daniela: Shout out to Vahe and Brady
(09/19/2018 21:09:34, room alphaville Marian: Which boxset do you mean?
(09/19/2018 21:09:37, room alphaville) Anke (to Marian): could you tell us your plans for the next pleaase?
(09/19/2018 21:09:45, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Will we get lots of synths this time?
(09/19/2018 21:09:48, room alphaville) Anke: year
(09/19/2018 21:09:48, room alphaville Marian: we are working on two box sets momentarily
(09/19/2018 21:09:55, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): Marian,are you thinking about a party in Europe for 35 th annyversary?
(09/19/2018 21:09:56, room alphaville) Daniela: From the Whiskey!
(09/19/2018 21:09:56, room alphaville) Krapplund (to wii): hihihihihi
(09/19/2018 21:09:59, room alphaville Marian: one is the whisky box set
(09/19/2018 21:10:08, room alphaville) Daniela: Yup
(09/19/2018 21:10:11, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: ah
(09/19/2018 21:10:16, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Lövlisch
(09/19/2018 21:10:18, room alphaville) Amber (to cristi): I hope so! I'd travel to Europe for a 35th party!
(09/19/2018 21:10:19, room alphaville) halfnelson73 (to Marian): Dreamscapes 13:18 would be a rêve lotion.
(09/19/2018 21:10:21, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: so what s the new album name or hint?
(09/19/2018 21:10:24, room alphaville) KarenC (to KaM): don't want to leave home to go home and then not be able to come back home, if you catch my drift
(09/19/2018 21:10:24, room alphaville) HervE: Hello everybody!
(09/19/2018 21:10:24, room alphaville) Anke: sounds great
(09/19/2018 21:10:25, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): He, he, and the other?
(09/19/2018 21:10:34, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: and the names of the tracks that are already done?
(09/19/2018 21:10:36, room alphaville) Krapplund: open a new beer
(09/19/2018 21:10:45, room alphaville) wii (to Krapplund): Exciting......
(09/19/2018 21:10:47, room alphaville) cristi (to Amber): Me too...
(09/19/2018 21:10:52, room alphaville) Daniela: What is the second box set??!! Jumps with joy...
(09/19/2018 21:10:56, room alphaville) Krapplund (to wii): the beer?
(09/19/2018 21:10:57, room alphaville Marian: claudia just told me that I am not supposed to talk about this
(09/19/2018 21:10:59, room alphaville) Mumu (to HervE): Et Hello, au passage.
(09/19/2018 21:11:01, room alphaville) Claudia: :rtfm
(09/19/2018 21:11:12, room alphaville Marian: Its a surprise, oh oh oh
(09/19/2018 21:11:14, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Oh come on, just for us
(09/19/2018 21:11:15, room alphaville) IYHD (to Marian): Will there be a sequel of Dreamscapes?
(09/19/2018 21:11:16, room alphaville) Amber: hahaha!
(09/19/2018 21:11:17, room alphaville) Daniela: Grrrrrr boooooo Claudia
(09/19/2018 21:11:19, room alphaville) KaM (to KarenC): Absolutely. Goodness knows what will happen - let alone those in charge. But hey-ho. :-(
(09/19/2018 21:11:20, room alphaville) Mumu: :)) too late
(09/19/2018 21:11:22, room alphaville) halfnelson73 (to Marian): She's a liar....
(09/19/2018 21:11:22, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Just us
(09/19/2018 21:11:23, room alphaville) Aussie-Rose (to Amber): I would travel for that too
(09/19/2018 21:11:25, room alphaville) Claudia: hell-o 8) 8)
(09/19/2018 21:11:25, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): How did you find the rearrangement for the LA show on For A Million,was it complicated to do? It was So out of this World AMAZING
(09/19/2018 21:11:29, room alphaville) KaM: Haha!
(09/19/2018 21:11:34, room alphaville) Amber: makes grabby hands at box sets
(09/19/2018 21:11:38, room alphaville) KaM: NDA! NDA!
(09/19/2018 21:11:38, room alphaville) Starrymom: When can you talk about it?
(09/19/2018 21:11:47, room alphaville Marian: It has something to do with 35 years of Alphaville
(09/19/2018 21:11:51, room alphaville) wii (to Claudia): You don't smoke
(09/19/2018 21:11:53, room alphaville) Daniela: Btw Sierkdorf was AMAZING
(09/19/2018 21:11:55, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: about what marian beer or the new CD?
(09/19/2018 21:12:03, room alphaville Marian: But Claudia just told me to shut up
(09/19/2018 21:12:04, room alphaville) halfnelson73 (to Marian): Christmas then...
(09/19/2018 21:12:05, room alphaville) Daniela: Brilliant
(09/19/2018 21:12:05, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: ah the surprise?
(09/19/2018 21:12:10, room alphaville) Krapplund (to wii): and you did stop smoke!!
(09/19/2018 21:12:10, room alphaville) Claudia: :rtfm
(09/19/2018 21:12:11, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): 1984-2018
(09/19/2018 21:12:14, room alphaville) KarenC: a box set of ll the albums remastered
(09/19/2018 21:12:16, room alphaville) Daniela: Boooooo Claudia
(09/19/2018 21:12:18, room alphaville) KarenC: plus B sides
(09/19/2018 21:12:18, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): If it's as great as the show for the 30 years, it will be amazing.
(09/19/2018 21:12:22, room alphaville) Amber: How come there isn't a swooning emoji?
(09/19/2018 21:12:24, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: hahaha
(09/19/2018 21:12:25, room alphaville) wii (to Krapplund): Yeah
(09/19/2018 21:12:32, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): Infact, party??
(09/19/2018 21:12:34, room alphaville) Krapplund (to wii): löve!
(09/19/2018 21:12:37, room alphaville) wii: Ups 2019
(09/19/2018 21:12:37, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: How are you children Marian and your dog?
(09/19/2018 21:12:46, room alphaville) Patten (to Marian): are there any plans for a 35 anniversary next year?
(09/19/2018 21:12:47, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: and family?
(09/19/2018 21:12:56, room alphaville Marian: ah, there will also be a anniversary concert next year!
(09/19/2018 21:13:02, room alphaville) KaM: Woop!
(09/19/2018 21:13:06, room alphaville) Daniela: Lol, Amber
(09/19/2018 21:13:07, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: where?
(09/19/2018 21:13:12, room alphaville) Oleg: when you come to Russia with concerts
(09/19/2018 21:13:12, room alphaville Marian: 35 YEARS of ALPHAVILLE oh oh oh
(09/19/2018 21:13:13, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: this concert this time?
(09/19/2018 21:13:15, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): In Berlin?
(09/19/2018 21:13:17, room alphaville) Krapplund: *listen to Jet Set, Salt Lake City 2001
(09/19/2018 21:13:17, room alphaville) Daniela: Yaaaaaasssss...V
(09/19/2018 21:13:18, room alphaville) Amber (to Marian): Be still my heart you just gave me a heartattack! Weeeeeee!
(09/19/2018 21:13:19, room alphaville) Anke: yeeeh
(09/19/2018 21:13:22, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): May we have a little idea of the country ?
(09/19/2018 21:13:22, room alphaville) René: Cool and Where?
(09/19/2018 21:13:24, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: yes oh oh!
(09/19/2018 21:13:27, room alphaville) Daniela: Alphavillians will be there
(09/19/2018 21:13:29, room alphaville) Claudia: :o
(09/19/2018 21:13:32, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): i hope you will come to slovakia, there are a lot of fans of alphaville!
(09/19/2018 21:13:39, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Marian, we are getting forever young now
(09/19/2018 21:13:43, room alphaville Marian: We are wondering to do it in the same location as we did in 2004
(09/19/2018 21:13:48, room alphaville) Daniela: Any idea where yet?!
(09/19/2018 21:13:51, room alphaville Marian: Do you remember?
(09/19/2018 21:13:51, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): YES!!!
(09/19/2018 21:13:52, room alphaville) LilyBrasil: Hi Marian. I love you since 1984 when slam came out in brasil
(09/19/2018 21:13:54, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: where was it?
(09/19/2018 21:13:55, room alphaville) Daniela: Cool
(09/19/2018 21:13:56, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Yeah, Tipi :)
(09/19/2018 21:13:57, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: nope
(09/19/2018 21:13:57, room alphaville) Claudia: ??? ??? ???
(09/19/2018 21:13:57, room alphaville) KaM: Tipi?
(09/19/2018 21:14:02, room alphaville) Amber (to Marian): YESSS! Tipi.
(09/19/2018 21:14:11, room alphaville) KarenC: Tipi was cool
(09/19/2018 21:14:17, room alphaville) wii (to Claudia): Was that also a secret?
(09/19/2018 21:14:17, room alphaville Marian: Yeah, you are clever!
(09/19/2018 21:14:21, room alphaville Marian: Oh oh oh
(09/19/2018 21:14:24, room alphaville) Daniela: We are SO going to be there
(09/19/2018 21:14:29, room alphaville) Amber (to Marian): I loved the venue - it was so intimate.
(09/19/2018 21:14:30, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Marian): Tipi Zelt was a great location...would be nice to be there again
(09/19/2018 21:14:32, room alphaville) KarenC: and we were all so young then...
(09/19/2018 21:14:34, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): Germany?
(09/19/2018 21:14:37, room alphaville) KaM: Tipi was one of the best nights of my life. :D
(09/19/2018 21:14:43, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Yeah, and there's more Marian :)
(09/19/2018 21:14:46, room alphaville Marian: I cant wait to see you all there
(09/19/2018 21:14:52, room alphaville) Daniela: Can’t waaaaaaaait
(09/19/2018 21:14:57, room alphaville) Krapplund (to KaM): no it wasen´t it was the night before
(09/19/2018 21:15:07, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): Montemartre,great spot!!
(09/19/2018 21:15:09, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: folks what country is Tipi? lol I don't remember 2004
(09/19/2018 21:15:10, room alphaville) KaM (to Krapplund): HAHAHA!
(09/19/2018 21:15:14, room alphaville) LilyBrasil (to Marian): Hi Marian. I love you since 1984 when slam came out in brasil. Please come to Brasil.
(09/19/2018 21:15:19, room alphaville) KaM (to Krapplund): Lubben!
(09/19/2018 21:15:23, room alphaville) Oleg: and now you are working on a new album
(09/19/2018 21:15:30, room alphaville) Amber (to Marian): I'm petting my credit cards now so they are prepared for the abuse they receive next year.
(09/19/2018 21:15:30, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): Or Prague?
(09/19/2018 21:15:34, room alphaville) Krapplund (to KaM): PURE LOVE!
(09/19/2018 21:15:34, room alphaville Marian: No
(09/19/2018 21:15:37, room alphaville) KarenC (to kari): wasn't that Boney M?
(09/19/2018 21:15:39, room alphaville) Daniela: Yes, new Album.....
(09/19/2018 21:15:43, room alphaville) Paola: Good evening Marian . How are you?
(09/19/2018 21:15:51, room alphaville) Krapplund (to KaM): first night i did the naked dance thru AVOL! ;)
(09/19/2018 21:15:59, room alphaville) Amber (to ViviBrasil): Berlin
(09/19/2018 21:16:02, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Lily just when some promoters ask for them to come they can come to Brazil, me and folks here, are trying for some years hopefully we get it soon
(09/19/2018 21:16:04, room alphaville Marian: I am not working on the new album. I am working on the damned Whisky album
(09/19/2018 21:16:13, room alphaville) KaM (to KarenC): Yes - never seen anyone with a zimmer frame shake it like when Boney M came on.
(09/19/2018 21:16:22, room alphaville) Amber: oooh there's language. That means it's serious.
(09/19/2018 21:16:27, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: lol Marian damned
(09/19/2018 21:16:29, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: and bloody then
(09/19/2018 21:16:33, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): any problems with AVOL?? ;)
(09/19/2018 21:16:34, room alphaville) Daniela: Lol, easy, Tiger! I know being a perfectionist and all...
(09/19/2018 21:16:38, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): Ha Ha Ha!
(09/19/2018 21:16:41, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): paint the town red or cosy nights in??
(09/19/2018 21:16:42, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: mom asking here would you like to live the past back?
(09/19/2018 21:16:46, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: marian
(09/19/2018 21:16:47, room alphaville Marian: bloody damned
(09/19/2018 21:16:56, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): Why don't you answer my questions? :/
(09/19/2018 21:16:56, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: hahaha
(09/19/2018 21:16:58, room alphaville) KaM: :D :D
(09/19/2018 21:16:58, room alphaville) LilyBrasil: Hi marian. Gazebo is coming to brasil. Hope to see also here soon
(09/19/2018 21:17:02, room alphaville) Daniela: Lol
(09/19/2018 21:17:12, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): What's the problem?
(09/19/2018 21:17:17, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): And a new solo album??
(09/19/2018 21:17:29, room alphaville Marian (to KarenC): good old Paul
(09/19/2018 21:17:34, room alphaville) Lettty: Hello everyone and hello Marian, hope you are all ok, sorry I'm late!
(09/19/2018 21:17:35, room alphaville) wii (to rojko): Just try again :)
(09/19/2018 21:17:52, room alphaville) Patten (to Marian): Are you going to be finnish in time with the bloody damned whiskey? ;)
(09/19/2018 21:17:54, room alphaville) KarenC (to Marian): Paul who?
(09/19/2018 21:17:54, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: yes, Lily I am going to Gazebo we meet there
(09/19/2018 21:18:02, room alphaville) LiBlackDog: The first cassette recording I ever bought with my own funds was a copy of 'Forever Young' in 1989, and it's the oldest one I have that hasn't worn through or snapped. I think it's outlasted every tape deck I've owned! Alphaville Quality. :)
(09/19/2018 21:18:10, room alphaville) Paola: Paul is a very gentleman ..
(09/19/2018 21:18:20, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Marian, are you any inspiring drems to new songs?
(09/19/2018 21:18:21, room alphaville) Claudia (to rojko): ask again, pls
(09/19/2018 21:18:31, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: are you having? I mean
(09/19/2018 21:18:33, room alphaville) Daniela: Hehe maybe by Christmas we will be swooning watching the Whiskey concerts over and over again...
(09/19/2018 21:18:52, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian, Krapplund): AVOL was just Legendary (Whisky version)woohoo
(09/19/2018 21:18:55, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: are you having any inspiring dreams to the new songs?
(09/19/2018 21:19:07, room alphaville) Anke (to Marian): can you tell me whats Rendezvoyeur about?
(09/19/2018 21:19:13, room alphaville Marian (to Paola): Bless him
(09/19/2018 21:19:19, room alphaville) Anke: dont get it
(09/19/2018 21:19:19, room alphaville) Amber: brb - no one talk until I come back. Ok? Ok.
(09/19/2018 21:19:25, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): Marian, you know how much important are you for us, would you like to sing some songs written by your fans?
(09/19/2018 21:19:27, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): I'm asking again, when you were a teen, were you more introverted kid, f.e. reading books and staying at home or extroverted with lot of friends and things like this?
(09/19/2018 21:19:27, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Sirius): for sure yes
(09/19/2018 21:19:42, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: what book you are currently reading and what are you drinking now? Beer?
(09/19/2018 21:19:44, room alphaville) wii (to davidhorizon): :-]
(09/19/2018 21:19:51, room alphaville) Daniela: I was just in Germany and found a DDR pressing of Afternoons In Utopia....bootleg?
(09/19/2018 21:19:55, room alphaville Marian (to Anke): I've not the slightest idea. Ask me after a few drinks
(09/19/2018 21:19:59, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: and mom asking your children do you have any singing or willing to sing with you?
(09/19/2018 21:20:06, room alphaville) major: Hi all! Norman here....from a very cold Cape Town...snow on the mountains...IT IS SUPPOSE to be spring!!
(09/19/2018 21:20:06, room alphaville) Krapplund (to davidhorizon): Hello and SKÅL FAN
(09/19/2018 21:20:14, room alphaville) Anke: hahhaaaa
(09/19/2018 21:20:14, room alphaville) Clare: Sorry, I missed part of the chat, my cousin phoned
(09/19/2018 21:20:14, room alphaville) LiBlackDog: Marian, may I ask you a personal question?
(09/19/2018 21:20:20, room alphaville) davidhorizon: Cheers all!
(09/19/2018 21:20:20, room alphaville) KaM (to Marian): Congrats on Sing Meinen Song - it was a great series - we're all so proud. What made you choose 'Because of You' as your keynote song?
(09/19/2018 21:20:23, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: lol few drinks what are you drinking?
(09/19/2018 21:20:25, room alphaville) KarenC (to major): hey there!
(09/19/2018 21:20:29, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Clare): aaaaaannnnnd?
(09/19/2018 21:20:30, room alphaville) Daniela: What, no vodka or beer present?!
(09/19/2018 21:20:43, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Marian): did you hear something from Karel, if he can join one of the upcoming shows in Czech ? :)
(09/19/2018 21:20:47, room alphaville) Doc: Greetings from Michigan Dreamroom! :)
(09/19/2018 21:20:47, room alphaville Marian (to rojko): I basically was an outsider. But a happy one.
(09/19/2018 21:20:53, room alphaville) KarenC (to KaM): yeah, that was awesome
(09/19/2018 21:20:56, room alphaville) Amber: oh man.
(09/19/2018 21:21:05, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): You are so funny Marian i love your sense of humour,you always fill the room :)) :))
(09/19/2018 21:21:05, room alphaville) Ulrike (to Marian): I love your voice so much! Could you say something about your vocal range? How many octaves can you sing without problems?
(09/19/2018 21:21:05, room alphaville) KarenC: even saw it here in Romania
(09/19/2018 21:21:10, room alphaville) Daniela: Yeah, when is the Christmas special airing for Sing meinin Song?
(09/19/2018 21:21:20, room alphaville) Clare (to Krapplund): she just had an operation and was worried about us Scottis
(09/19/2018 21:21:27, room alphaville) Paola: Are you kidding me? Not so easy to find gentlemen nowadays .
(09/19/2018 21:21:29, room alphaville Marian (to KaM): because it was my fav Alphaville song then
(09/19/2018 21:21:33, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): Will you come again to Slovakia?
(09/19/2018 21:21:36, room alphaville) LilyBrasil (to Marian): where is Mertens?
(09/19/2018 21:21:39, room alphaville) Clare: ...h residents due to the storm
(09/19/2018 21:21:42, room alphaville) Anke: yes yes yes I watched every single amazing show
(09/19/2018 21:21:45, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Marian today mom is part of this chat thru me helping me asking questions she is soon 80 years old and your fan
(09/19/2018 21:21:47, room alphaville) major: Marian, where was Sing Meinen Song recorded....somewhere up the west coast?
(09/19/2018 21:22:00, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Clare): aha...than you can talk some more ;)
(09/19/2018 21:22:00, room alphaville) KaM (to Marian): It was so exposed. Piercing. Brilliant.
(09/19/2018 21:22:01, room alphaville) Daniela: What about Beyond the Laughing it about a person?!
(09/19/2018 21:22:12, room alphaville) Nuria: Hi Marian! First of all I love Alphaville, you changed my way of seeing things and listening to music! Have you ever thought about going to Argentina?
(09/19/2018 21:22:13, room alphaville) KarenC (to Clare): 22:22 here...
(09/19/2018 21:22:25, room alphaville) Amber: 12:22 here :D
(09/19/2018 21:22:28, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian): Are you looking forward to playing in the UK? Will be great to see you in Glasgow!
(09/19/2018 21:22:32, room alphaville Marian (to rojko): sure
(09/19/2018 21:22:36, room alphaville) Aussie-Rose (to Daniela): I was going to ask that, lol
(09/19/2018 21:22:38, room alphaville) Clare (to KarenC): heh heh
(09/19/2018 21:22:40, room alphaville) Paola: Hey marian is alphaville band planning to come to Italy or Spain?
(09/19/2018 21:22:43, room alphaville) Daniela: Haha
(09/19/2018 21:22:53, room alphaville) Clare: 20:22 here
(09/19/2018 21:22:54, room alphaville) KarenC (to Clare): it must be the angels...
(09/19/2018 21:23:00, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): Another idea,would you make a video for your song with your fans?
(09/19/2018 21:23:11, room alphaville) KaM (to Clare, KarenC): Haha, I was going to say something like that!
(09/19/2018 21:23:12, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: marian do you believe in fortune tellers or tarot?
(09/19/2018 21:23:15, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): Are there a lot of fans which wave at you at the concerts and you wave them back?
(09/19/2018 21:23:15, room alphaville) st2010: [@Marian] [@Claudia] As for the Tipi Anniversary Event: Please try to do it on a Saturday this time (not on a Friday like last time) - because of travelling.
(09/19/2018 21:23:18, room alphaville) halfnelson73 (to Marian): yes as KaM I found Sing Meinen Song a pleasant surprise as I'm not fond of those kind of programs. 'Bring mich nach Hause' was my fav as her rendition of Jet Set
(09/19/2018 21:23:21, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: me and Claude are in this lately lol
(09/19/2018 21:23:23, room alphaville Marian (to major): yea, the westcoast of bavaria
(09/19/2018 21:23:29, room alphaville) LilyBrasil: Slam is a masterpiece
(09/19/2018 21:23:29, room alphaville) Amber (to Marian): How long does silver sharpie marker take to get off of arms?
(09/19/2018 21:23:39, room alphaville) KarenC (to KaM, Clare): according to some old codswallop I've been reading
(09/19/2018 21:23:41, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): Because Of You should be a Bond theme,i swear those people have no taste in music anymore !
(09/19/2018 21:23:56, room alphaville) Daniela: The tattoo healed perfectly!!!!!
(09/19/2018 21:23:59, room alphaville Marian (to Amber): never
(09/19/2018 21:24:14, room alphaville) tjommen (to Marian): so when will the whisky box be released??
(09/19/2018 21:24:16, room alphaville) Amber (to Marian): ooooops!
(09/19/2018 21:24:20, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): When did you start learning english? In elementary school or later or when?
(09/19/2018 21:24:23, room alphaville) Daniela: And you didn’t screw it up...Claudia!!
(09/19/2018 21:24:24, room alphaville) LiBlackDog (to Marian): Marian, may I ask you a personal question?
(09/19/2018 21:24:25, room alphaville) Oleg: what do you want most
(09/19/2018 21:24:27, room alphaville) Starrymom: My black sharpie is still
(09/19/2018 21:24:32, room alphaville) KarenC (to Amber): and they stink
(09/19/2018 21:24:34, room alphaville) Starrymom: There
(09/19/2018 21:24:38, room alphaville) Krapplund: listen to AVOL original
(09/19/2018 21:24:54, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Adi): Hello and Welcome!!
(09/19/2018 21:24:58, room alphaville) KaM (to halfnelson73): It's remarkable. There's people I barely know telling me more about Wir Sind Helden and their circle in Germany. Great!
(09/19/2018 21:25:03, room alphaville) Lettty (to Marian): I am really happy to hear you are performing in Glasgow and Belfast soon, thank you and can't wait to see Alphaville live again.
(09/19/2018 21:25:07, room alphaville) Amber (to KarenC): I'm odd. I think they smell good.
(09/19/2018 21:25:10, room alphaville) wii: listening to cigarettes after sex...
(09/19/2018 21:25:17, room alphaville) KaM (to wii): I LOVE them!
(09/19/2018 21:25:17, room alphaville) Doc (to Krapplund): You brought the beer!! :)
(09/19/2018 21:25:21, room alphaville) KarenC (to Amber): I've banned them from my classroom
(09/19/2018 21:25:23, room alphaville Marian (to tjommen): november? Ask Brady
(09/19/2018 21:25:25, room alphaville) Nuria: Marian, we need more b sides and demos! Sometimes I like them more than the originals xD as they sound very particularly and shady but beautiful at the same time
(09/19/2018 21:25:26, room alphaville) Daniela: Amber...yuck
(09/19/2018 21:25:29, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): How do you picture the world in 10 years time?
(09/19/2018 21:25:30, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Doc): always!!
(09/19/2018 21:25:31, room alphaville) KaM (to wii): Think Sunsetz is my favourite.
(09/19/2018 21:25:37, room alphaville) Adi (to Krapplund): ♥️
(09/19/2018 21:25:43, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): You sang some others artists songs in the past. Is there a song would you sing today?
(09/19/2018 21:26:15, room alphaville) KarenC (to Amber): I'm old and decrepit now with a well-mastered resting bitch face
(09/19/2018 21:26:17, room alphaville) wii (to KaM): K for me
(09/19/2018 21:26:36, room alphaville Marian (to major): grootbos Western Cape Overberg
(09/19/2018 21:26:38, room alphaville) wii (to KaM): Really great music, great voice
(09/19/2018 21:26:43, room alphaville) KaM (to KarenC): You haven't been reading Morrissey's terrible 'Penguin Classic' have you?
(09/19/2018 21:26:52, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): Do you see space travel possible in the near future?
(09/19/2018 21:27:01, room alphaville) KarenC (to KaM): should I?
(09/19/2018 21:27:07, room alphaville) MalilaM: :-]
(09/19/2018 21:27:12, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: new videos marian?
(09/19/2018 21:27:13, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Welcome!!
(09/19/2018 21:27:16, room alphaville) Amber (to KarenC): I don't manage the RBF very well. I wish I could.
(09/19/2018 21:27:17, room alphaville) wii (to MalilaM): :-]
(09/19/2018 21:27:18, room alphaville) Adi (to Marian): Peace & Love. Just stopped by for a quick hello ;)
(09/19/2018 21:27:18, room alphaville) KarenC (to KaM): ever since he had a row with Robert Smith, I've gone off him
(09/19/2018 21:27:18, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: I have seen the latest ones
(09/19/2018 21:27:20, room alphaville) Clare: Marian, any chance of an after party or meet and greet in Glasgow and/or Belfast? There will be fans who have never seen Alphaville live
(09/19/2018 21:27:24, room alphaville) Krapplund (to MalilaM): Welcome!
(09/19/2018 21:27:26, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: but some time ago already
(09/19/2018 21:27:32, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: plans? ideas? for videos?
(09/19/2018 21:27:34, room alphaville Marian (to Sirius): I'm already in the orbit.
(09/19/2018 21:27:47, room alphaville) Claudia (to Clare): pretty sure, Clare
(09/19/2018 21:27:50, room alphaville) Daniela: Lol
(09/19/2018 21:27:57, room alphaville) LilyBrasil (to Marian): just 1 single from the new album?
(09/19/2018 21:27:58, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): Why don't you use your birth name?
(09/19/2018 21:28:01, room alphaville) Aussie-Rose (to Marian): Good morning, Marian. Could you please share your inspiration for writing, Beyond the laughing sky?
(09/19/2018 21:28:03, room alphaville Marian: since 35 years
(09/19/2018 21:28:03, room alphaville) Clare (to Claudia): great!
(09/19/2018 21:28:13, room alphaville Marian: almost
(09/19/2018 21:28:13, room alphaville) Daniela: In a Supernova that is..
(09/19/2018 21:28:20, room alphaville Marian: oh oh oh
(09/19/2018 21:28:20, room alphaville) KaM (to Clare, Claudia): Sounds wonderful. Hoping to bring my sister and her wife. My sis is a long-time fan.
(09/19/2018 21:28:22, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): I'm in orbit with you heehee
(09/19/2018 21:28:39, room alphaville Marian: cool
(09/19/2018 21:28:40, room alphaville) Anke: will there be another single out soon?
(09/19/2018 21:28:40, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: How old is your latest baby now? Planning more children?
(09/19/2018 21:28:41, room alphaville) Daniela: What?! It’s true..
(09/19/2018 21:28:48, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): Thanks for travelling wiyh you!
(09/19/2018 21:28:52, room alphaville) Doc (to Marian): One of my favourite songs I never got to ask about is Phantoms. What was the inspiration at the time that was written?
(09/19/2018 21:29:02, room alphaville) LiBlackDog (to Marian): Well, you are the Captain of the Moonbase, of course. :)
(09/19/2018 21:29:20, room alphaville) Clare (to KaM): oh ge=reat. I'm bringing a friend who I used to listen to Alphaville with at school.
(09/19/2018 21:29:20, room alphaville) MalilaM (to wii, Krapplund): :-] Thanks.
(09/19/2018 21:29:39, room alphaville Marian (to Aussie-Rose): the title comes fro a rejected Alice in wonderland song, you know, the disney animation movie
(09/19/2018 21:29:42, room alphaville) Daniela: Yes, Beyond the Laughing Sky is just wow
(09/19/2018 21:29:53, room alphaville) cristi (to LiBlackDog, Liduna, Liduna): With a voice from the moon...
(09/19/2018 21:29:58, room alphaville) KarenC (to Clare): will see what happens in March to decide if I'm going to Belfast
(09/19/2018 21:30:02, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): Are there a lot of fans which wave at you at the concerts and you wave them back?
(09/19/2018 21:30:05, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: does your baby already sing with you?
(09/19/2018 21:30:08, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: your children?
(09/19/2018 21:30:10, room alphaville) Daniela: Ohhhhh that makes sense now
(09/19/2018 21:30:11, room alphaville) LilyBrasil: Where is ricky echolete MARIAN
(09/19/2018 21:30:19, room alphaville) KarenC (to Clare): the motherland, you know
(09/19/2018 21:30:28, room alphaville) Krapplund (to rojko): he points at me ;)
(09/19/2018 21:30:29, room alphaville) Daniela: Ricky is in France
(09/19/2018 21:30:31, room alphaville) Clare (to KarenC): thinks of what might happen in March and howls.
(09/19/2018 21:30:37, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Marian do you love other Disney cartoons or just Alice?
(09/19/2018 21:30:40, room alphaville) halfnelson73 (to Marian): Have U some news from Mr. Batterbee or Mr. Nelson ? 'miss them
(09/19/2018 21:30:42, room alphaville) KaM (to Clare): I hear you!
(09/19/2018 21:30:46, room alphaville) KarenC (to Clare): it's farcical now
(09/19/2018 21:30:50, room alphaville) Ulrike (to Marian): how did you come to the name „Marian Gold“? Was it only important that the name sounds good in every language or was there a special meaning?
(09/19/2018 21:30:51, room alphaville) Amber (to Marian): what are you drinking?
(09/19/2018 21:30:53, room alphaville) LiBlackDog (to cristi): And one that warms the heart and Earth below! :)
(09/19/2018 21:30:56, room alphaville Marian (to Daniela): so they say
(09/19/2018 21:31:11, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): This may be a bit personal i apologize if you dont want to answer,have you ever encountered another Et/star being ?
(09/19/2018 21:31:13, room alphaville) Daniela: Grinning
(09/19/2018 21:31:13, room alphaville) Clare: oooh, drinking. fetches wine
(09/19/2018 21:31:23, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: well, now is already after a few drinks?
(09/19/2018 21:31:26, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): I thunk too many congratulations bore you, right Marian?
(09/19/2018 21:31:30, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: you can already answer? lol
(09/19/2018 21:31:31, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: jk
(09/19/2018 21:31:32, room alphaville) Daniela: Mai Tais
(09/19/2018 21:31:34, room alphaville) Amber (to Clare): I'm so in need of some wine.
(09/19/2018 21:31:40, room alphaville) Oleg: what beer do you like most of all :tea
(09/19/2018 21:31:52, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: what is your preferred drink beer or wine or?
(09/19/2018 21:31:54, room alphaville) Daniela: But Grey Goose will do
(09/19/2018 21:32:01, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): What is the party next year, spring, summer, autumn, winter?
(09/19/2018 21:32:03, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): when did you know that you want to sing and make music?
(09/19/2018 21:32:08, room alphaville) KarenC (to KaM, Clare): I may end up being a permanent expat / immigrant / whatever
(09/19/2018 21:32:11, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Oleg): good beer
(09/19/2018 21:32:13, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): When, not what :)
(09/19/2018 21:32:14, room alphaville Marian (to halfnelson73): Nelson retired. Batterbee is still around. Maybe he will be back some day.
(09/19/2018 21:32:18, room alphaville) Amber (to wii): great question
(09/19/2018 21:32:29, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Marian I really love your sense of humor you are Gemini you are cool people!
(09/19/2018 21:32:29, room alphaville) Daniela: Cool
(09/19/2018 21:32:39, room alphaville) wii (to Amber): and you will join :)
(09/19/2018 21:32:51, room alphaville) Krapplund (to wii): im on yes!
(09/19/2018 21:32:54, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Have you proved guarana from Brazil? I am into it without sugar lol
(09/19/2018 21:32:54, room alphaville) halfnelson73 (to Marian): thx U very much
(09/19/2018 21:32:56, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: and coke
(09/19/2018 21:32:56, room alphaville) Amber (to wii): Absolutely 100% I'll be there.
(09/19/2018 21:33:10, room alphaville) wii (to Amber): Great
(09/19/2018 21:33:10, room alphaville) st2010: Beyond the Laughing Sky is the perfect song to end an AV concert. Just perfect. And one of the best live songs the band has.
(09/19/2018 21:33:11, room alphaville) KaM (to KarenC): My partner is German. I'm more nervous than she is. I hope we're not forced into a decision.
(09/19/2018 21:33:25, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian): What do you make of brexit?
(09/19/2018 21:33:27, room alphaville) cristi (to ViviBrasil): i agree, so special
(09/19/2018 21:33:28, room alphaville) LiBlackDog (to Marian): Marian, if I'm not out of line in asking, do you know where Martin (Lister) is buried? I'd like to pay my respects there someday, as I enjoyed the converses we had a number of years ago.
(09/19/2018 21:33:31, room alphaville Marian (to Sirius): I've seen a UFO but that is long ago. Not sure if it really happened
(09/19/2018 21:33:33, room alphaville) KarenC (to KaM): I hear ya
(09/19/2018 21:33:38, room alphaville) Daniela: I hope Carsten has recovered from the flub in Sierksdorf...and did he ever finish his PhD on Kraftwerk??!!
(09/19/2018 21:33:39, room alphaville) Krapplund (to st2010): I miss Apollo
(09/19/2018 21:33:44, room alphaville) Amber (to Marian): it happened.
(09/19/2018 21:33:45, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: why not sure if it really happened?
(09/19/2018 21:33:52, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: we saw some UFOS here
(09/19/2018 21:34:00, room alphaville) Anke: I agree with you on Beyond... best song ever
(09/19/2018 21:34:08, room alphaville) IYHD (to Marian): Hey Marian, one of my favorite songs from Strange Attractor is Marionettes With Halos, my question is what did you get inspired to do it?
(09/19/2018 21:34:18, room alphaville) LilyBrasil: Blauer engel is an ufo
(09/19/2018 21:34:22, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Marian sure that UFO was not after some drinks? JK lol
(09/19/2018 21:34:23, room alphaville) Doc (to Amber): there was wine in that UFO
(09/19/2018 21:34:30, room alphaville) Amber (to IYHD): X-Factor?
(09/19/2018 21:34:31, room alphaville) st2010: [@Krapplund] I don't. I have never been much into that one.
(09/19/2018 21:34:31, room alphaville) Daniela: Beer
(09/19/2018 21:34:44, room alphaville) Krapplund: found another beer in the fridge
(09/19/2018 21:34:46, room alphaville Marian (to LiBlackDog): He is buried in the UK. That is all I can tell
(09/19/2018 21:34:48, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): Ah very interesting..! I have felt beings ,amazing !
(09/19/2018 21:34:54, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: the themes keep like before like kinda parallel girls? of the songs
(09/19/2018 21:35:05, room alphaville) Amber (to Doc): Hopefully. Would hate for aliens to come visit us and not have wine their entire trip.
(09/19/2018 21:35:25, room alphaville) Paola: Marian why don't we speak about 80's?too boring for you ?
(09/19/2018 21:35:29, room alphaville Marian (to Daniela): That is a never ending story
(09/19/2018 21:35:36, room alphaville) Krapplund (to st2010): i think it´s a great end of the show.....but Beyond the Laughing Sky is also great
(09/19/2018 21:35:42, room alphaville) Daniela: I bet!!
(09/19/2018 21:35:54, room alphaville) IYHD (to Amber): Yes, I think
(09/19/2018 21:36:03, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Marian are you now in Sweden or Germany?
(09/19/2018 21:36:05, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Amber): CHEERS!
(09/19/2018 21:36:11, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: planning any song in Sweden?
(09/19/2018 21:36:12, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): what genre of music is your favorite?
(09/19/2018 21:36:17, room alphaville) KaM: Love that Flame is back to stay for a while in the live set! :) <3
(09/19/2018 21:36:29, room alphaville) Amber (to Krapplund): WAIT! I don't have anything to toast with!
(09/19/2018 21:36:30, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: remember you wanted to sing in other different languages? how is it on your mind now?
(09/19/2018 21:36:33, room alphaville) major: oops... sorry Marian I now see I send you privaye message...wanted to know if you had time to go shark cage diving seeing that grootbos is so close to Gansbaai?
(09/19/2018 21:36:37, room alphaville Marian (to IYHD): Marionettes is our comment on the music business
(09/19/2018 21:36:39, room alphaville) LiBlackDog (to Marian): I appreciate your fielding the question, Marian, and thank you for that. It was a great pleasure to talk shop with him about his preferences in keyboards, my own instrument of choice.
(09/19/2018 21:36:53, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Amber): your boooring :P
(09/19/2018 21:37:00, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): Marian, have you got a regret in your career?
(09/19/2018 21:37:03, room alphaville) Amber (to Krapplund): *you're
(09/19/2018 21:37:11, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): So in love with SA ...Nevermore would be a great single
(09/19/2018 21:37:14, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Claudia, remember that surprise we did to him singing, send us the next surprise to 35 years of anniversary what we should prepare
(09/19/2018 21:37:16, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Amber): im drunk :)
(09/19/2018 21:37:17, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): what instruments do you play?
(09/19/2018 21:37:18, room alphaville) Daniela: Amber..haha
(09/19/2018 21:37:28, room alphaville Marian (to rojko): I'm genreless. I like em all as long as theyRe good
(09/19/2018 21:37:34, room alphaville) Doc (to Krapplund, Amber): LOL
(09/19/2018 21:37:35, room alphaville) Amber (to Krapplund): Wait a minute - No one has ever called me BORING.
(09/19/2018 21:37:35, room alphaville) Daniela: are NEVER sober
(09/19/2018 21:37:36, room alphaville) Clare (to Sirius): I agree. Nevermore is brilliant.
(09/19/2018 21:37:50, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Daniela): thru thru
(09/19/2018 21:37:55, room alphaville) Amber (to Doc): ;)
(09/19/2018 21:38:04, room alphaville) LilyBrasil: Universal daddy is brilliant
(09/19/2018 21:38:06, room alphaville) Emlyn: Hello Marian, did you ever finish any James Joyce books? I'm from the his town but I even struggle with it.
(09/19/2018 21:38:09, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Me here remembering that you said Prostitute is about how an artist feels selling his image and art
(09/19/2018 21:38:17, room alphaville Marian (to LiBlackDog): Thinking of Martin always makes me feel like crying. Miss him a lot.
(09/19/2018 21:38:32, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): is Enigma about somebody who's dead?
(09/19/2018 21:38:39, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Sorry Marian for Martin
(09/19/2018 21:38:43, room alphaville) Daniela: Martin is a treasure
(09/19/2018 21:38:50, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: mom is asking Marian if you looks more like your mom or dad?
(09/19/2018 21:38:53, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: are they alive?
(09/19/2018 21:38:55, room alphaville) Aussie-Rose (to Emlyn): Great question!
(09/19/2018 21:38:56, room alphaville) KarenC (to Emlyn): I read three pages of Ulysses and that was enough
(09/19/2018 21:39:00, room alphaville) Paola: I was a big fan but you disappeared from Italy abd it was impossible to go on following you.. After 1986...
(09/19/2018 21:39:02, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: what do they think of your career? then and now?
(09/19/2018 21:39:04, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian, Clare): Love blasting Nevermore out the car windows late in the evening in my quiet neighbourhood heehee wake Em up!
(09/19/2018 21:39:04, room alphaville) Amber (to Marian): - Do you remember my friend Kian? She says to tell you "grrrrrr. Or Hello. Whichever."
(09/19/2018 21:39:07, room alphaville) KaM: Still Falls The Rain. :-I
(09/19/2018 21:39:14, room alphaville) LilyBrasil: Maja kim... i miss her also
(09/19/2018 21:39:17, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: and what do you feel about Trump?
(09/19/2018 21:39:29, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): Alphaville is full of special people like martin...
(09/19/2018 21:39:43, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Did you ever see this recording from Paris?
(09/19/2018 21:39:47, room alphaville) IYHD (to Marian): Thanks for answering my question!
(09/19/2018 21:39:58, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Thanks Wii
(09/19/2018 21:40:03, room alphaville) Paola: So sorry for Martín .
(09/19/2018 21:40:11, room alphaville Marian (to Emlyn): I finished Ulysses and Finnigans Wake. I also struggeld through Arno Schmidt. Bit masochistic though. #
(09/19/2018 21:40:16, room alphaville) Daniela: Marian, any favorite poems in my book?! Just curious..
(09/19/2018 21:40:25, room alphaville) KaM (to wii): Aye, sir. Amen to that.
(09/19/2018 21:40:31, room alphaville) Clare: Martin was such a kind man. Always very warm. I was so shocked when I got that news.
(09/19/2018 21:40:34, room alphaville) cristi (to Paola): I agree, I,m italian...
(09/19/2018 21:40:44, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): 3 months ago on concert of yours I waved at you and you waved at me back. That was a really cute moment
(09/19/2018 21:40:50, room alphaville) wii (to KaM): One of the best recordings I've done :)
(09/19/2018 21:40:58, room alphaville) MalilaM (to wii): Sublime
(09/19/2018 21:41:10, room alphaville) KarenC (to rojko): Enigma - that is a wonderful song
(09/19/2018 21:41:18, room alphaville) LiBlackDog (to Marian): I understand, having lost close friends and family before in my life. They live on with us, of course, and whatever form the people we've loved take now, they're no less fond of our company. :)
(09/19/2018 21:41:37, room alphaville Marian (to Daniela): I liked most of them. You have a beautiful style.
(09/19/2018 21:41:49, room alphaville) Lettty (to Marian): are you planning to do any sightseeing when you visit Belfast? My family live there, it's a great city!
(09/19/2018 21:41:55, room alphaville) Claudia (to rojko): where was it?
(09/19/2018 21:42:01, room alphaville) rojko (to KarenC): Yes, it is. And I have always felt that it's about a dead person
(09/19/2018 21:42:13, room alphaville) rojko (to Claudia): Prievidza in Slovakia
(09/19/2018 21:42:16, room alphaville) st2010: [@Marian] Thanks for posting the Beethoven video. The right statement at the right time. Sad to see that the song is more than 24 years old and still can be related to the current situation or current events in Germany. Why didn't you use the version from
(09/19/2018 21:42:19, room alphaville) Daniela: Thank you! Maybe that is why I love your lyrics so much..I connect deeply..
(09/19/2018 21:42:23, room alphaville) LiBlackDog (to Marian): I didn't at all mean to upset you, if I did. Martin was one heck of a gentleman to me, even though we'd never met before, and I treasure the conversations we shared.
(09/19/2018 21:42:30, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): I hope you live to be 103 if not forever!
(09/19/2018 21:42:41, room alphaville Marian (to Lettty): I hope I have the time, I'd love to
(09/19/2018 21:42:50, room alphaville) st2010: [qMarian] ... Prostitute (which is IMO superior in mixing and overall audio quality)? Legal issues (WEA)?
(09/19/2018 21:43:24, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: marian, do U think it is possible to survive just of music?
(09/19/2018 21:43:25, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): vinyl, cassette or cd?
(09/19/2018 21:43:27, room alphaville) Sirius: #Marian And don't die before me please,my heart would break
(09/19/2018 21:43:29, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian): and in Glasgow. I can't believe you'll really play in Scotland. My dream come true!
(09/19/2018 21:43:51, room alphaville) Claudia (to Clare): yeeeaahh!!!
(09/19/2018 21:43:55, room alphaville) Amber: Scotland is definitely on my bucketlist.
(09/19/2018 21:43:58, room alphaville) HervE (to Marian): How many new recorded Alphaville songs have you got? And new written songs?
(09/19/2018 21:44:23, room alphaville) Doc (to Amber): mine too!
(09/19/2018 21:44:24, room alphaville) KaM (to Clare): I can't help laughing. It'll take longer to get there from London than it would to just about any European city.
(09/19/2018 21:44:27, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: do you have many songs that you never recorded and never will? how many?
(09/19/2018 21:44:33, room alphaville) Clare (to st2010): and here too in the UK sadly. I wish (much as I love Beethoven) that it was no longer relevant.
(09/19/2018 21:44:56, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Marian, do you like Chopin as your friend Gazebo?
(09/19/2018 21:44:59, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: lol
(09/19/2018 21:45:01, room alphaville) KarenC (to Clare): what can I say? Look where I live. Double whammy for me
(09/19/2018 21:45:05, room alphaville Marian (to st2010): I thought the live version had more of this unrest feeling and tension. Unfortunately it missed out the third verse so I had to edit it in.
(09/19/2018 21:45:07, room alphaville) Daniela: Geez, let them finish the Whiskey set...then Thunderbaby....
(09/19/2018 21:45:16, room alphaville) Clare (to KaM): It'll take me 3-4 hours by bus and it's my local town.
(09/19/2018 21:45:19, room alphaville) Paola: Marian!!!! Your favorite country to play? The one with the biggest energy?
(09/19/2018 21:45:28, room alphaville) Anke: this is more than sad those things stil happen in our cuntry
(09/19/2018 21:45:34, room alphaville) KaM (to Clare): Haha. Oh dear. But still! The best problems to have!
(09/19/2018 21:45:37, room alphaville) Emlyn: The same 80s show is on in Dublin, but yer not playing. I'll be heading up to Belfast for that show instead. Any reason you didn't play the Dublin concert? Either way we'll have the craic.
(09/19/2018 21:45:44, room alphaville) Clare (to Amber): May 10th next year. you know you want to.
(09/19/2018 21:46:00, room alphaville) Lettty (to Marian): ahh I hope you get the chance to, ask for a black taxi tour, it's fascinating and similar to Berlin in some ways.
(09/19/2018 21:46:06, room alphaville) KaM (to Clare): And can we add Fools to the 2018 relevance list?
(09/19/2018 21:46:12, room alphaville) LilyBrasil (to Marian): wrost and best AV concerts ever?
(09/19/2018 21:46:19, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Marian how did you feel going back to the USA so much time after?
(09/19/2018 21:46:26, room alphaville) Amber (to Clare): of course I want to! But if there's a 35th anniversary show next year.... I want to go to that. I have to plan carefully since it's 6000 miles ;)
(09/19/2018 21:46:28, room alphaville) KarenC (to KaM): surely that's on the forever relevant list?
(09/19/2018 21:46:32, room alphaville) Clare (to KaM): Fools is sadly always relevant
(09/19/2018 21:46:49, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): I'd love to hear The Other Side of You at your concerts
(09/19/2018 21:46:50, room alphaville) Clare (to KarenC): hey, I was gonna say that!
(09/19/2018 21:46:51, room alphaville) Paola (to cristi): piacere
(09/19/2018 21:46:52, room alphaville) LilyBrasil: I hate FOOLS. I love apollo.
(09/19/2018 21:47:01, room alphaville) KarenC (to Clare): GMTA!
(09/19/2018 21:47:19, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Marian how many drinks already?
(09/19/2018 21:47:21, room alphaville) Clare (to KarenC): AFSD!
(09/19/2018 21:47:23, room alphaville) IYHD (to Marian): Hey Marian, I have another question. Have you ever thought about doing a tour in which each concert plays all the songs of a specific album, for example in a concert they play all the Forever Young songs, then in another they play the Afternoons a
(09/19/2018 21:47:25, room alphaville) Daniela: What is an absolute pet peeve for you concerning music, fans, or live concerts?! What drives you nuts about it?!
(09/19/2018 21:47:33, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: you drink all nights or just chat nights like this? hehe
(09/19/2018 21:47:33, room alphaville) cristi (to Paola): piacere mio
(09/19/2018 21:47:37, room alphaville) KarenC (to Clare): :)
(09/19/2018 21:47:41, room alphaville) thaonhy: Is the album of AV ne will come on soon? Do you or any of you know ?
(09/19/2018 21:47:56, room alphaville Marian (to HervE): As I mentioned before, we have about four fully produced songs and a couple of more in the can. But I would like to write some more stuff. Couldn't do so over the last couple of months. There's so much going on at the mo, concerts, TV, other proje
(09/19/2018 21:47:57, room alphaville) LiBlackDog: I'm rather fond of Fallen Angel, as it was always my fond reminder that I'd need to turn over 'Forever Young' in the tape carriage to Side B. :)
(09/19/2018 21:48:13, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): speaking of unrest,we're moving into a karmic s*t fest,just thought i'd mention that,so people won't take things personally when the world is in big upheaval now and the next few years,but hey a New Horizon is on the way
(09/19/2018 21:48:42, room alphaville) IYHD (to Marian): Sorry, my question was not complete
(09/19/2018 21:48:56, room alphaville) Anke (to Marian): tell us about the other projects please
(09/19/2018 21:49:01, room alphaville) Paola (to Marian, Clare): coming to Spain ?? No way ??
(09/19/2018 21:49:04, room alphaville Marian (to Sirius): god bless ya
(09/19/2018 21:49:16, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): Do you have deja vu? Because I do really often and they're some kind of visions
(09/19/2018 21:49:17, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): and more about the party in Berlin :)
(09/19/2018 21:49:23, room alphaville) HervE (to Marian): Thanks for your answer. Can't wait to hear new songs!
(09/19/2018 21:49:28, room alphaville) st2010: [@Clare] In the UK, too? Connected to UKIP, or is there a far-right movement?
(09/19/2018 21:49:31, room alphaville) Claudia (to Paola): si, hopefully soon
(09/19/2018 21:49:33, room alphaville) Amber (to Marian): Party in Berlin!
(09/19/2018 21:49:39, room alphaville) LiBlackDog (to Marian): I'm very fond of the updated version of 'Fallen Angel' on the Deluxe Edition of Catching Rays On Giant, which I bought for that reason. :)
(09/19/2018 21:49:45, room alphaville Marian (to Anke): I already did, see above
(09/19/2018 21:49:47, room alphaville) KaM (to KarenC, Clare): True, but this current crop are quite something. BoJo. ):(
(09/19/2018 21:50:10, room alphaville) Daniela: Amber..yaaaaaassss
(09/19/2018 21:50:11, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): Thank you Lol,God bless you too! X
(09/19/2018 21:50:21, room alphaville) Amber: *party in Berlin.. it's alright... it's alright...
(09/19/2018 21:50:23, room alphaville) IYHD: @ Marian My question is have you ever thought about doing a tour in which each concert plays all the songs of a specific album, for example in a concert you play all the Forever Young songs, then in another one you play the album and so on?
(09/19/2018 21:50:40, room alphaville) Anke: Berlin would be awesome
(09/19/2018 21:50:54, room alphaville) Clare (to st2010): yes, none very competent but they exist and Brexit has emboldened them. I may meet a few on the next anti-brexit march.
(09/19/2018 21:51:01, room alphaville) Daniela: Home turf
(09/19/2018 21:51:08, room alphaville) Daniela: Brilliant
(09/19/2018 21:51:12, room alphaville) KarenC (to KaM): if BoJo gets in, I'm dropping my passport
(09/19/2018 21:51:34, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): there are a lot of beautiful songs you never played live and that's sad
(09/19/2018 21:51:40, room alphaville) KarenC (to KaM): but for what I do not know - Communism is a live and well over here
(09/19/2018 21:51:46, room alphaville) KarenC: *alive
(09/19/2018 21:51:46, room alphaville) alphaandre: @marian/claudia: i have to leave cause of work tomorrow...looking forward to see you in Prag and Pribram :)
(09/19/2018 21:51:53, room alphaville Marian (to IYHD): we did that a couple of times after the whisky shows, because we rehearsed all the songs of the first album for that event.
(09/19/2018 21:51:57, room alphaville) Clare (to KarenC, KaM): aaaaaaarrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
(09/19/2018 21:51:59, room alphaville) Krapplund (to alphaandre): see you there1
(09/19/2018 21:52:02, room alphaville Marian: In sweden I think
(09/19/2018 21:52:23, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Sweden?
(09/19/2018 21:52:24, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): I don't ask you if you will come in Italy
(09/19/2018 21:52:26, room alphaville) LiBlackDog (to Marian, IYHD): If I ever get to see Alphaville play live somewhere in Canada during my lifetime (even in Toronto) and Big In Japan, Jerusalem and Wishful Thinking are all in the playlist, I will be complete. :)
(09/19/2018 21:52:33, room alphaville) Daniela: Yes, the Whiskey was brilliant
(09/19/2018 21:52:35, room alphaville) Claudia (to alphaandre): :-]
(09/19/2018 21:52:35, room alphaville) Aussie-Rose (to Claudia): Any idea as to how much notice we will get for the anniversary show(s) next year? Just takes a bit of planning to get to a show, thanks.
(09/19/2018 21:52:37, room alphaville) Anke: have you got time for sights when you go places?
(09/19/2018 21:52:41, room alphaville) Amber: Jerusalem <3 <3 <3
(09/19/2018 21:52:49, room alphaville) IYHD (to Marian): Thank you very much for answering my question!
(09/19/2018 21:53:05, room alphaville) HervE: (to everybody) Have you listened to Tamino? My big discovery of 2018, I love his music!
(09/19/2018 21:53:17, room alphaville) Claudia (to Aussie-Rose): we will let you know asap... promise!
(09/19/2018 21:53:21, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): London would be a great place to play? It can be heavy but also full of life
(09/19/2018 21:53:31, room alphaville) cristi (to Claudia): Claudia. will you come in italy?
(09/19/2018 21:53:41, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Marian what are you listening to now?
(09/19/2018 21:53:45, room alphaville) Amber: I am kind of re-obsessed with Midge Ure and Ultravox at the moment to listen to anything new :p
(09/19/2018 21:53:53, room alphaville) Claudia (to Aussie-Rose): we will also try to party on saturday this time... wii
(09/19/2018 21:53:57, room alphaville) KaM (to Sirius): I've got £10 bet on the Roundhouse. ;)
(09/19/2018 21:53:58, room alphaville) Amber: Maybe in a month....
(09/19/2018 21:54:01, room alphaville) KarenC (to Amber): The Cure for me
(09/19/2018 21:54:06, room alphaville) Aussie-Rose (to Claudia): Thanks, please do! Need to be there this time!!
(09/19/2018 21:54:06, room alphaville Marian (to IYHD): maybe august next year. I think we played the tipi in august in 2014
(09/19/2018 21:54:16, room alphaville) LilyBrasil: WHERE IS frank mertens
(09/19/2018 21:54:28, room alphaville Marian (to IYHD): 2004
(09/19/2018 21:54:29, room alphaville) Daniela: Claudia....what time frame are we looking at for the party next year?! Spring, Summer, ...?
(09/19/2018 21:54:37, room alphaville) Amber (to Marian): ya... I think it was August 2004
(09/19/2018 21:54:44, room alphaville) KarenC (to Marian): you did - 29th August
(09/19/2018 21:54:45, room alphaville Marian (to LilyBrasil): Where is syd barret?
(09/19/2018 21:54:52, room alphaville) Amber (to KarenC): excellent choice ;)
(09/19/2018 21:54:53, room alphaville) wii (to HervE): Listening now..........
(09/19/2018 21:54:54, room alphaville) Claudia (to Daniela): summer, i suppose
(09/19/2018 21:55:05, room alphaville) LilyBrasil: Lol...
(09/19/2018 21:55:06, room alphaville) Oleg: when you come to visit Pskov :)
(09/19/2018 21:55:08, room alphaville) Daniela: August...great! Bday present for meeeee
(09/19/2018 21:55:17, room alphaville) KarenC (to Amber): not good for me. Back to school :-(
(09/19/2018 21:55:19, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: who is syd barret?
(09/19/2018 21:55:27, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): George Michael,Ladies And Gentlemen l is such a beautiful album- the first half anyway
(09/19/2018 21:55:31, room alphaville) HervE (to KarenC): the Cure's a basis ;)
(09/19/2018 21:55:39, room alphaville) thaonhy: Clare you know my helen babygirl asking you if we ever met before on a tour of a.v
(09/19/2018 21:55:39, room alphaville) Daniela: Claudia...Tx
(09/19/2018 21:55:41, room alphaville) wii (to Marian, Claudia): 5th of august would be perfect, my birthday present :)
(09/19/2018 21:55:49, room alphaville) Claudia (to cristi): italian fans are fantastic...
(09/19/2018 21:56:00, room alphaville) LiBlackDog (to HervE): Listening to 'Habibi' on Youtube right now; I'm impressed! Not bad at all.
(09/19/2018 21:56:02, room alphaville) st2010: [@Claudia] Not on a Friday, please! :)
(09/19/2018 21:56:18, room alphaville) LilyBrasil: syd barret from pink floyd
(09/19/2018 21:56:19, room alphaville) Amber (to wii): but that's a MONDAY
(09/19/2018 21:56:28, room alphaville Marian (to Oleg): Oh, Pskov, I can't wait. Sure we come to Pskov to record our next live album there. Alphaville live in Pskov
(09/19/2018 21:56:29, room alphaville) HervE (to wii): And...? Do you like him?
(09/19/2018 21:56:33, room alphaville) Amber: oops
(09/19/2018 21:56:33, room alphaville) KaM (to wii): I've just started a new job that doesn't allow holidays in August. I may have to break a limb for the cause. :D
(09/19/2018 21:56:43, room alphaville) Claudia (to wii): ok... let's do a wii-anniversary-party :))
(09/19/2018 21:56:48, room alphaville Marian: I love Pskov
(09/19/2018 21:57:02, room alphaville) HervE (to LiBlackDog): Saw him live last Saturday!
(09/19/2018 21:57:07, room alphaville) KaM (to Claudia, Clare): That - in a Scottish accent.
(09/19/2018 21:57:10, room alphaville) Claudia: Pskov rulez
(09/19/2018 21:57:13, room alphaville) Daniela: Marian, when will the Christmas Tauschkonzert be airing on German TV? Any clue?
(09/19/2018 21:57:14, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Marian do you like terror movies or comedy or romance?
(09/19/2018 21:57:14, room alphaville) Amber: Marian can sing Happy Birthday to Wii. It'll be terribly romantic.
(09/19/2018 21:57:17, room alphaville) cristi (to Claudia): Thanks so much Claudia! Tell this to Marian, please...
(09/19/2018 21:57:19, room alphaville) wii (to HervE): Very well produced, the sound is really good, and the guy can sing, but the style is not really me, but I do understand why you like them
(09/19/2018 21:57:36, room alphaville) wii (to Claudia): THANKS
(09/19/2018 21:57:53, room alphaville) Claudia (to Daniela): i will let u know
(09/19/2018 21:57:53, room alphaville) HervE (to wii): :)
(09/19/2018 21:57:57, room alphaville Marian (to Daniela): No idea. In december for sure. Claudia will tell you in time
(09/19/2018 21:57:57, room alphaville) LilyBrasil: Alphaville live in japan would be amazing.. lol
(09/19/2018 21:58:10, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): For A Million Live AWEsome
(09/19/2018 21:58:28, room alphaville) Daniela: To Claudia, Marian ...great! I’ll be watching for it!
(09/19/2018 21:58:33, room alphaville) LiBlackDog (to HervE): I'm hearing a lot of the kind of singing style Marian has in his own voicework in Tamino's as well. I definitely like!
(09/19/2018 21:58:42, room alphaville) Emlyn: Hey Marian, would you ever do a full unplugged album of your songs. I especially like the version of FY on dreamscapes. It's definitely a cheap way of making an album!
(09/19/2018 21:58:45, room alphaville) wii (to HervE): Check out Cigarettes After Sex
(09/19/2018 21:58:49, room alphaville) Claudia: on monday the concert in Essen will be broadcasted in german radio WDR4
(09/19/2018 21:58:52, room alphaville Marian (to Sirius): we are now playing it from time to time
(09/19/2018 21:59:06, room alphaville) KaM (to HervE): What Willy said. They're amazing.
(09/19/2018 21:59:08, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian): I like the idea of a concert in King Tut's Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow. Never been there but I love the name.
(09/19/2018 21:59:14, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Marian will you trasmit shows live on facebook?
(09/19/2018 21:59:16, room alphaville) Amber (to Marian): Tell me something I don't know.
(09/19/2018 21:59:17, room alphaville) Lettty: Ooh an anniversary party next year sounds fab, it will also be my 50th then so party time!
(09/19/2018 21:59:18, room alphaville) Daniela: Claudia...what time?
(09/19/2018 21:59:22, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: lately they use to do it
(09/19/2018 21:59:31, room alphaville) KarenC (to Clare): where Oasis were signed
(09/19/2018 21:59:38, room alphaville) Anke: only one hour 20 -21
(09/19/2018 21:59:39, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: so all the world can see it and more promoters to buy them when they see the crowds
(09/19/2018 21:59:39, room alphaville Marian (to Amber): oh oh oh
(09/19/2018 21:59:40, room alphaville) Claudia (to Daniela): will let you know soon
(09/19/2018 21:59:46, room alphaville) HervE (to wii): Already did.
(09/19/2018 21:59:54, room alphaville) Daniela: Claudia..Tx
(09/19/2018 22:00:01, room alphaville) Amber (to Marian): Pretty sure I already knew that, though.
(09/19/2018 22:00:02, room alphaville Marian (to Amber): I wish I did
(09/19/2018 22:00:08, room alphaville) wii (to HervE): What do you think?
(09/19/2018 22:00:11, room alphaville) Krapplund: listen to I Die For You Today (Antilles remix)
(09/19/2018 22:00:13, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): a beautiful saga FAM
(09/19/2018 22:00:14, room alphaville) Daniela: Lol
(09/19/2018 22:00:18, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): Marian, will you sing your solo songs live one day? For example "and I wonder"?
(09/19/2018 22:00:20, room alphaville) Amber (to Marian): I'll explain it someday.
(09/19/2018 22:00:24, room alphaville) HervE (to KaM): Tamino's a guy not a band.
(09/19/2018 22:00:29, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): i think it would be great to talk to you in person
(09/19/2018 22:00:53, room alphaville) Daniela: cristi ...good question
(09/19/2018 22:01:04, room alphaville) st2010: [The concert in Essen was one of the best I have seen over the past few years. Marian's vocal performance that night was outstanding - almost better than ever before.
(09/19/2018 22:01:05, room alphaville Marian (to cristi): we currently are playing Danger in your Paradise from time to time
(09/19/2018 22:01:06, room alphaville) IYHD (to rojko, Marian): Me too!
(09/19/2018 22:01:11, room alphaville) HervE (to LiBlackDog): That's true. Both have in common an impressive voice.
(09/19/2018 22:01:17, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): See you 4th and 5th oktober
(09/19/2018 22:01:33, room alphaville Marian (to Krapplund): coolio
(09/19/2018 22:01:33, room alphaville) Daniela: Yeah..nailed that at the Whiskey, too
(09/19/2018 22:01:44, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Did you enjoy singing Universal Daddy in Los Angeles? :)
(09/19/2018 22:01:48, room alphaville) LilyBrasil: Marian, frankly, this chat is not good. It looks like an old mirc from the 90s. Will you someday interact with fans through youtube or facebook?
(09/19/2018 22:01:54, room alphaville) HervE (to wii): Not bad. But I didn't want to go further for some reason.
(09/19/2018 22:02:02, room alphaville) Claudia (to st2010): the show was so much fun, great audience
(09/19/2018 22:02:08, room alphaville Marian (to wii): NO
(09/19/2018 22:02:11, room alphaville) Daniela:’re so
(09/19/2018 22:02:16, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): we spit at those bastards Lol,they're goin down
(09/19/2018 22:02:19, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): what's your lucky number
(09/19/2018 22:02:22, room alphaville) wii (to HervE): It's not for everybody...
(09/19/2018 22:02:24, room alphaville) Daniela: Still hatin it, I see
(09/19/2018 22:02:30, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): He, he, he.....
(09/19/2018 22:02:36, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: so if not why did you sing it in LA Marian?
(09/19/2018 22:02:36, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): It would be great listen to...
(09/19/2018 22:02:46, room alphaville) HervE (to Marian): I like the idea of playing 'forgotten' songs of yours!
(09/19/2018 22:02:49, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Universal Daddy? lol
(09/19/2018 22:02:49, room alphaville) Amber: wait wait. Next Alphaville song. "Tell me something I don't know. Oh oh oh. Pretty sure I already knew that, though. I wish I did. I'll explain it somedaaaaaaay. Oh oh oh"
(09/19/2018 22:02:53, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Not even with the new lyrics?
(09/19/2018 22:02:55, room alphaville) Claudia: all fine with this chat... it is an old tradition...
(09/19/2018 22:02:56, room alphaville) Doc (to Marian): I was so happy you played DIYP!!!!!
(09/19/2018 22:03:01, room alphaville) KarenC: if UNIDAD got an airing, surely it's time now for Montego Bay
(09/19/2018 22:03:01, room alphaville) LiBlackDog (to HervE): Wow! I just got to his vocal solo at the end of 'Habibi', and Tamino's got one heck of a vocal range. HMV shut down here in Toronto a couple of years back, but I'm going to ask around at a couple of smaller record stores about his work.
(09/19/2018 22:03:09, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: I like this chat
(09/19/2018 22:03:11, room alphaville Marian (to rojko): 11
(09/19/2018 22:03:26, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: a lot, long time I don't enter in chats like this one, just here
(09/19/2018 22:03:36, room alphaville) Claudia: willy is a great host :-]
(09/19/2018 22:03:46, room alphaville) Amber (to Claudia): Very true
(09/19/2018 22:03:47, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Yes, Claudia!
(09/19/2018 22:03:52, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Your got problems with the sound from Los Angels to the DVD-Box?
(09/19/2018 22:03:58, room alphaville) wii (to Claudia): Thanks, we have done this since 2003 :)
(09/19/2018 22:03:59, room alphaville) Krapplund: Recordings
(09/19/2018 22:04:11, room alphaville) Clare (to Claudia): true,
(09/19/2018 22:04:13, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Wii :)
(09/19/2018 22:04:14, room alphaville) halfnelson73 (to wii): as claudia said. thx wii!
(09/19/2018 22:04:21, room alphaville) wii (to Claudia): ;D 8)
(09/19/2018 22:04:22, room alphaville) Magistra (to Marian): Do you also look forward to the next year's anniversary concert ?
(09/19/2018 22:04:28, room alphaville) Amber (to wii): Thank you, wiiiiiiii!
(09/19/2018 22:04:30, room alphaville Marian (to KarenC): Montego Bay is a really great song.
(09/19/2018 22:04:33, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: I just missed one chat since I joined here
(09/19/2018 22:04:39, room alphaville) Doc (to Marian): ever thought of playing a few of the amazing pieces from So Long Celeste live as well?
(09/19/2018 22:04:43, room alphaville) LiBlackDog: This streetside romeo is going to have to sign off at my end, fellow Dreamers. Thanks for having me here today, and for sharing some excellent company and space!
(09/19/2018 22:04:47, room alphaville) KarenC (to Marian): I know. That's why I said it ;)
(09/19/2018 22:04:48, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): i want to take a pic with you someday but everytime i was at your concert, you didn't take any pics with your fans :-(
(09/19/2018 22:04:55, room alphaville) st2010: The Essen show will be broadcast on Monday, September 24, on WDR4.
(09/19/2018 22:04:58, room alphaville) cristi: Have I told that you are special people yet?
(09/19/2018 22:04:58, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): We should meet in our Dreams on 11-11 as 2018 also is 11
(09/19/2018 22:05:28, room alphaville) LiBlackDog (to Marian): Marian, it was and is an extreme pleasure to have made your acquaintance this afternoon. Stay Big, and stay excellent!
(09/19/2018 22:05:35, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): I mean all of us here ...
(09/19/2018 22:05:59, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): what languages can you speak?
(09/19/2018 22:06:01, room alphaville) thaonhy: Ferenceciscko Helen wonders if we both get to see theunreleased older musik and bilders nextyear
(09/19/2018 22:06:17, room alphaville Marian (to Magistra): Sure.Those events always blow me away. They're the highlights of the years. Playing and partying and drinking with the fans. The best!
(09/19/2018 22:06:18, room alphaville) Amber: If Marian takes a selfie with his computer screen now, it'll be like taking a picture with all of us at once.
(09/19/2018 22:06:44, room alphaville) Amber: O:-)
(09/19/2018 22:06:59, room alphaville) KarenC: I should get my kids to do Montego Bay in a Music lesson - that would be something
(09/19/2018 22:07:01, room alphaville) Aussie-Rose (to Amber): I like ir!
(09/19/2018 22:07:03, room alphaville) Amber: Still sad there's no swooning emoji.
(09/19/2018 22:07:13, room alphaville) KarenC: knowing my kids, that would be something...
(09/19/2018 22:07:17, room alphaville) Anke: ;D
(09/19/2018 22:07:18, room alphaville) Clare: Oh no, the storm is kicking off again. Hope I don't lose a connection
(09/19/2018 22:07:20, room alphaville) Aussie-Rose: IT*
(09/19/2018 22:07:20, room alphaville) Daniela: Marian, still can’t believe how much fun we all had in LA...kinda fell like we owe you a drink!!
(09/19/2018 22:07:22, room alphaville) LilyBrasil: Big in jamaica
(09/19/2018 22:07:30, room alphaville) Daniela: feel like
(09/19/2018 22:07:37, room alphaville) wii (to Marian, Claudia): So, Tipi in Berlin, 5th of August 2019, see you there :)
(09/19/2018 22:07:41, room alphaville) KarenC: especially the one who bangs his head
(09/19/2018 22:07:48, room alphaville) Daniela:, endlich
(09/19/2018 22:07:52, room alphaville) Paola (to Marian): so sad to see that there are no plans for tours in Southern Europe countries were i live.. Italy and Spain .
(09/19/2018 22:07:55, room alphaville) Amber (to wii): I'm booking my plane tickets now
(09/19/2018 22:08:12, room alphaville) major (to Marian): So Long Celeste came out just after my ex left me (the first) time.....her name Celeste !! We got together again...had a beautiful daughter together...named her Echolette..
(09/19/2018 22:08:14, room alphaville) Daniela: Claudia, make it the’s my bday....
(09/19/2018 22:08:14, room alphaville) thaonhy: Jennie waiting for Octoberfest nextyear after those fwo months of the early ending summer for the alphaville tunes
(09/19/2018 22:08:34, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Amber): me to
(09/19/2018 22:08:41, room alphaville) Amber (to major): wow!
(09/19/2018 22:08:52, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Yes, good one, Marian, do you like Oktoberfests?
(09/19/2018 22:08:54, room alphaville) Amber (to Krapplund): aren't you close enough to Germany to just walk there? Geez.
(09/19/2018 22:08:58, room alphaville) cristi (to Marian): I think there's no one genial with his fans like Marian...
(09/19/2018 22:08:59, room alphaville) Daniela: Amber.....I’ll see you there
(09/19/2018 22:09:00, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: many beers
(09/19/2018 22:09:00, room alphaville Marian (to Amber): Done
(09/19/2018 22:09:13, room alphaville) LilyBrasil: I named my daughter MARIAN and my son RICKY
(09/19/2018 22:09:17, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: show us then
(09/19/2018 22:09:21, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: can you?
(09/19/2018 22:09:25, room alphaville) Amber (to Marian): HAPPY NOISES!
(09/19/2018 22:09:25, room alphaville) Daniela: Berlin it is then
(09/19/2018 22:09:25, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Amber): hmm...let´s does´nt take 11 houres by plane :P
(09/19/2018 22:09:53, room alphaville) Daniela: Peter...start swimming..
(09/19/2018 22:09:55, room alphaville) thaonhy (to Clare): hope we get back
(09/19/2018 22:10:01, room alphaville) KarenC: haven't been to Berlin in years. Would be great, but will see what happens between now and then
(09/19/2018 22:10:18, room alphaville) Aussie-Rose (to Krapplund): Try 23-33 hours!!
(09/19/2018 22:10:33, room alphaville) Clare (to KarenC): we might need visas
(09/19/2018 22:10:35, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Aussie-Rose): Aaaannnnd? you did meet me!!
(09/19/2018 22:10:39, room alphaville) Claudia: photo is on itsway
(09/19/2018 22:10:50, room alphaville) Daniela: Niiiice
(09/19/2018 22:10:54, room alphaville) KarenC (to Clare): amongst other things
(09/19/2018 22:11:07, room alphaville) KaM: I've been to a couple of August concerts in Germany in recent years. Shame this year that we missed out on Magdeburg. Can't miss next year's!
(09/19/2018 22:11:12, room alphaville) Amber (to Krapplund): in 2004 it took 24 hours from Los Angeles to Germany but I had three layovers. Next year I'll try to get direct.
(09/19/2018 22:11:12, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Daniela): i float
(09/19/2018 22:11:16, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: yay Claudia photo!
(09/19/2018 22:11:18, room alphaville) Clare (to KarenC): at least there will be planes from Romania
(09/19/2018 22:11:21, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Marian yay!
(09/19/2018 22:11:23, room alphaville) thaonhy (to Clare): i have an amergency taken my mother to hopital and little hard to hear you i saw helena just shown up she quit her work to hear whats up here with some jokers
(09/19/2018 22:11:29, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Amber): try?? just pay fopr it
(09/19/2018 22:11:33, room alphaville) Claudia: sent it to wii
(09/19/2018 22:11:35, room alphaville) Aussie-Rose (to Krapplund): Yes, I did! The (In)famous, Krapplund ;)
(09/19/2018 22:11:41, room alphaville) KarenC (to Clare): true. Direct maybe too
(09/19/2018 22:11:47, room alphaville) Oleg: and going to do remixes of songs
(09/19/2018 22:11:56, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Aussie-Rose): tht´s me
(09/19/2018 22:11:58, room alphaville) Amber (to Krapplund): because sometimes flights from Seattle are stupid.
(09/19/2018 22:11:59, room alphaville) KarenC: if I'm still in Romania then
(09/19/2018 22:12:10, room alphaville) Daniela: Claudia...please share with us
(09/19/2018 22:12:11, room alphaville) wii (to Claudia): Hang on
(09/19/2018 22:12:11, room alphaville) Amber (to Claudia): weeeeee!
(09/19/2018 22:12:14, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Amber): !aha...the US!
(09/19/2018 22:12:21, room alphaville) Amber: I'm like a little kid at Christmas!
(09/19/2018 22:12:24, room alphaville) Daniela: wii...please share
(09/19/2018 22:12:38, room alphaville) Daniela:
(09/19/2018 22:13:00, room alphaville) Daniela: Tx
(09/19/2018 22:13:05, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): Do you always understand the lyrics you write Marian,or just like the sound of them i know they are profound when you dwell on them
(09/19/2018 22:13:06, room alphaville) Amber (to Marian): Which Benedict Cumberbatch movie is your favorite?
(09/19/2018 22:13:22, room alphaville) KaM: Wehey! That's brilliat! :D
(09/19/2018 22:13:28, room alphaville) wii: I will post at the forum too, maybe even the transcript for the first time in 15 years :)
(09/19/2018 22:13:32, room alphaville) KarenC: wooo!
(09/19/2018 22:13:38, room alphaville) Amber: eee! I love the pic! That's awesome. Digging the beard.
(09/19/2018 22:13:39, room alphaville) KarenC (to Marian): pyjamas?
(09/19/2018 22:13:44, room alphaville) Daniela: Wii...please do
(09/19/2018 22:13:49, room alphaville) Magistra (to Marian): I love seeing you performing. You are full of energy and that cheers me up! ;D
(09/19/2018 22:13:54, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): i wish you could answer all of our questions at once
(09/19/2018 22:13:57, room alphaville) Emlyn: Any chance any of the album's could be reissued in 24 bit flac? For a hifi nut like me?
(09/19/2018 22:14:10, room alphaville) Aussie-Rose: That is great! Thanks for the pic!
(09/19/2018 22:14:12, room alphaville) wii: Nice to see our chat at Marian :)
(09/19/2018 22:14:32, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: where wii?
(09/19/2018 22:14:35, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): say hello to your wife from sweden :)
(09/19/2018 22:14:35, room alphaville) Lettty: Cool photo!
(09/19/2018 22:14:41, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: where can we see this pic?
(09/19/2018 22:14:45, room alphaville Marian (to Emlyn): good idea
(09/19/2018 22:14:51, room alphaville) Claudia (to wii): :kiss
(09/19/2018 22:14:58, room alphaville) Doc (to wii): Great pic!!
(09/19/2018 22:15:03, room alphaville) Krapplund (to wii): but why not fullscreen??
(09/19/2018 22:15:11, room alphaville) wii (to ViviBrasil): I will post it later at the forum
(09/19/2018 22:15:13, room alphaville) Claudia (to ViviBrasil): follow the link above
(09/19/2018 22:15:19, room alphaville Marian (to Emlyn): we will also put it on vinyl. just like strange attractor
(09/19/2018 22:15:28, room alphaville) halfnelson73 (to Marian): a.f.a.i.k we still don't have the details of the credits (lyrics/music) for strange attractor. is it on purpose?
(09/19/2018 22:15:32, room alphaville) Amber: Wowwww I'm such a delighted nerd.
(09/19/2018 22:15:37, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: ok Claudia thanks Wii send me the link by email after Wii
(09/19/2018 22:15:55, room alphaville) Daniela: Good question
(09/19/2018 22:16:23, room alphaville) Aussie-Rose: I have to leave now, sadly! Have to go to work, so I can come to the show(s) next year! Thank you so much, Marian and Claudia and the admins! Bye to you all xx
(09/19/2018 22:16:30, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Marian release things on Vynil
(09/19/2018 22:16:31, room alphaville) KarenC: I need to go guys, sorry. Time and tide wait for no man
(09/19/2018 22:16:37, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: that sells a lot and it is coming back
(09/19/2018 22:16:44, room alphaville) Amber (to Aussie-Rose): :-]
(09/19/2018 22:16:44, room alphaville) KarenC: enjoy the rest of the chat and stay safe - night all!
(09/19/2018 22:16:44, room alphaville Marian (to halfnelson73): in which credits particularly are you interested?
(09/19/2018 22:17:00, room alphaville) Amber (to KarenC): :-]
(09/19/2018 22:17:02, room alphaville) Emlyn: Yeah Marian, that would be great. Maybe someone could remaster the back catalogue. I'm not greedy mate, honestly haha!
(09/19/2018 22:17:10, room alphaville) Clare (to KarenC): :-]
(09/19/2018 22:17:11, room alphaville) KaM (to KarenC): :-] :-]
(09/19/2018 22:17:31, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Do you have any contact with Ricky or Frank?
(09/19/2018 22:17:36, room alphaville) René: :-]
(09/19/2018 22:17:37, room alphaville Marian (to Emlyn): I think we have a little surprise for you in 2019
(09/19/2018 22:17:38, room alphaville) Claudia (to KarenC): :-]
(09/19/2018 22:17:50, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Thanks Marian, thanks Claudia I saw the picture, hi Marian you look so glad tonight! :)
(09/19/2018 22:17:53, room alphaville) Krapplund (to wii): Håkan also want to know
(09/19/2018 22:17:54, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: thanks a lot for the picture!
(09/19/2018 22:17:56, room alphaville) Lettty (to KarenC): bye Kaz
(09/19/2018 22:18:01, room alphaville) halfnelson73 (to Marian): well, all of them! sorry it's for my archival thing...
(09/19/2018 22:18:04, room alphaville) KarenC (to Marian): thanks for the chat and the pic! Have a good night!
(09/19/2018 22:18:04, room alphaville) LilyBrasil: Frank . I miss him
(09/19/2018 22:18:05, room alphaville) Amber: Marian is determined to kill us with antici-
(09/19/2018 22:18:06, room alphaville) Ulrike: great pic! :)
(09/19/2018 22:18:07, room alphaville) Amber: -pation
(09/19/2018 22:18:12, room alphaville) IYHD (to KarenC): Bye!
(09/19/2018 22:18:15, room alphaville) Daniela: The lithe pic rocks
(09/19/2018 22:18:16, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Tell us the surprise, just between us :)
(09/19/2018 22:18:31, room alphaville) wii: ;D
(09/19/2018 22:18:35, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Yeah yeah yeah
(09/19/2018 22:18:39, room alphaville Marian (to wii): hahaha
(09/19/2018 22:18:42, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Marian just like my laptop and cool to see you like this home and so happy!
(09/19/2018 22:18:43, room alphaville) Daniela: Marian....stop teasing your fans, please my heart can’t take it...
(09/19/2018 22:18:44, room alphaville) wii: 8)
(09/19/2018 22:18:46, room alphaville) Amber: I won't tell anyone.
(09/19/2018 22:18:48, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Tell us
(09/19/2018 22:19:16, room alphaville) LilyBrasil: The surprise is: frank is back
(09/19/2018 22:19:23, room alphaville) IYHD (to Marian): Please!
(09/19/2018 22:19:29, room alphaville) Sirius (to Marian): i can just see you on your swivel chair twisting and turning ,stroking your beard,pondering these questions ,haa only kidding,i cant really see you,you can relax. Wish we could though hmm O:-) :-I
(09/19/2018 22:19:34, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): tell us a hint
(09/19/2018 22:19:44, room alphaville Marian: Hey guys, was great to talk to you all. I hope I could provide you with some information. Love you all and see you soon somewhere in this galaxy. Bussi!
(09/19/2018 22:19:54, room alphaville) Daniela: No more teasing.......
(09/19/2018 22:20:07, room alphaville) KaM: Haha! Saved by the bell.
(09/19/2018 22:20:16, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Take care and see you in some days
(09/19/2018 22:20:16, room alphaville) Magistra (to Marian): Wiederseh'n!
(09/19/2018 22:20:22, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): See you soon :)
(09/19/2018 22:20:22, room alphaville) Amber (to Marian): haaaa! Easy way out! See you next year!
(09/19/2018 22:20:25, room alphaville) ViviBrasil: Was great to talk to you too Marian and that pic! :)
(09/19/2018 22:20:26, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): Bye
(09/19/2018 22:20:26, room alphaville) rojko (to Marian): i hope to see you too someday
(09/19/2018 22:20:31, room alphaville) Lettty (to Marian): bye Marian and thank you for being so kind doing this chat
(09/19/2018 22:20:34, room alphaville) Mumu: Bye everyone
(09/19/2018 22:20:41, room alphaville) KaM (to Marian): Thanks so much for your time. All the best from old London!
(09/19/2018 22:20:44, room alphaville) Oleg: why don't you see the youtube stream
(09/19/2018 22:20:44, room alphaville) Daniela: Thank you!!
(09/19/2018 22:20:45, room alphaville) Anke: :-] :-] see you soon and thank you all admins bye!!!
(09/19/2018 22:20:48, room alphaville) Emlyn: I predict a vinyl boxset with 24 bit flac SA-CDs. Yis heard it here first folks!
(09/19/2018 22:20:56, room alphaville Marian: Ciao, goodbye, au revoir, adios and auf wiedersehen
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So, most important news

1. Party in Berlin, maybe Tipi, August 2019.
2. Working on 2 box sets, one is of course the concerts at Whisky a Go Go.
3. Not working on the new album yet, have a few songs ready.

So, what is the 2nd box set? 35 years of Alphaville in 2019.
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Man oh man, one can only imagine the Dreamscapes that will be put into THAT set...

Hello, my friend...
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Originally Posted by wii View Post
So, most important news

1. Party in Berlin, maybe Tipi, August 2019.
2. Working on 2 box sets, one is of course the concerts at Whisky a Go Go.
3. Not working on the new album yet, have a few songs ready.

So, what is the 2nd box set? 35 years of Alphaville in 2019.
You had me at Tipi 2.0....
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vinyl boxset looks more than likely.
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poul e
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I'm guessing a remastered "Forever young" album with extras for the 35th anniversary, but it could also be a greatest box set from all 35 years.....I guess we will know more in a couple of months....
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This is my guess too

Originally Posted by poul e View Post
I'm guessing a remastered "Forever young" album with extras for the 35th anniversary
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I would love to go to Tipi again.
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I will be there for sure

Originally Posted by Avil View Post
I would love to go to Tipi again.
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That would be awesome!

I must be going crazy or the brandy's won the race 32
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