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7 Chat Transcript with Marian Gold 08 Nov 2015

(11/08/2015 14:13:39, room alphaville) Marian: Hello, my friends and lots of congrats to dreamroom' 15th anniversary
(11/08/2015 14:13:45, room alphaville) luni: Very God-like!
(11/08/2015 14:13:46, room alphaville) Angelizer: I feel like a little Boy.
(11/08/2015 14:13:46, room alphaville) Karen (to MalilaM): someone had to, might as well be me
(11/08/2015 14:13:47, room alphaville) Guest375: a strange emotionnnn
(11/08/2015 14:13:50, room alphaville) Mumu: It seems that even Marian have trouble with the chat. Error once more.
(11/08/2015 14:13:50, room alphaville) Clare: Oh no, Marian got kazzed (forum speak for being booted out of chat)
(11/08/2015 14:13:54, room alphaville) Angelizer: Haha.
(11/08/2015 14:13:55, room alphaville) Solaris: I say good bye, you say hello... Hello, hello.... :)
(11/08/2015 14:14:00, room alphaville) Guest337: so happy !!!
(11/08/2015 14:14:01, room alphaville) Amarantha: Hi, Marian!!!
(11/08/2015 14:14:00, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Finally.
(11/08/2015 14:14:00, room alphaville) Natalia: Hallo Marian! Welcome back :)
(11/08/2015 14:14:02, room alphaville) Carrie: Hi😀 I am a very big fan of your music. Thank you for your great music. What is your favourite Alphaville song to sing.
(11/08/2015 14:14:09, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: Poor Marian. His butt must hurt.
(11/08/2015 14:14:10, room alphaville) TravebaerA: Moin Marian
(11/08/2015 14:14:10, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Hello, Marian and congratulations for your new works! So many ones now!
(11/08/2015 14:14:12, room alphaville) Lill: Hi Marian!!!
(11/08/2015 14:14:15, room alphaville) marielle: hi, i m Mariela from Argentina
(11/08/2015 14:14:16, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): thanks
(11/08/2015 14:14:17, room alphaville) Karen (to Olek): forgot. will have to ask again
(11/08/2015 14:14:22, room alphaville) mirela (to Marian): hellooooooo
(11/08/2015 14:14:28, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Karen): Absolutely. But I won't be the one screaming "Marian, come to Mexicooo!" ;D
(11/08/2015 14:14:29, room alphaville) Olek: the moment when everibody waits for others to start the avalanche of questions
(11/08/2015 14:14:32, room alphaville) Angelizer: Hallo Marian.
(11/08/2015 14:14:35, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): What is your favorite place in berlin???
(11/08/2015 14:14:38, room alphaville) Elinjea (to Marian): perfect timing! Celebrating and great news
(11/08/2015 14:14:38, room alphaville) Guest375: Blessingsss and love to Marian from Venezuelaaaa
(11/08/2015 14:14:46, room alphaville) LATINA79: Marian feel a big emotion to share co
(11/08/2015 14:14:53, room alphaville) Angelizer: It is so nice to see you finally.
(11/08/2015 14:14:56, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Hi, Marian did you get to see my covers of yours it was 3 songs that I sent to your list? I will do now one of FY with my keyboards
(11/08/2015 14:14:55, room alphaville) feripest: :-]
(11/08/2015 14:15:00, room alphaville) Karen: think I'll prop myself up in the corner and wait for it
(11/08/2015 14:15:02, room alphaville) stefan: @ Marian: was Carsten already involved in some of the new songs?
(11/08/2015 14:15:03, room alphaville) Olek: so it started :)
(11/08/2015 14:15:04, room alphaville) Maya: Dear Marian, chat is fleeting ...... although pleasant communication, and your voice, he is eternal and I am waiting for him at a concert in Israel in the winter look ...........
(11/08/2015 14:15:06, room alphaville) m_alders: Congrats Dreamroom
(11/08/2015 14:15:10, room alphaville) Clare (to MalilaM): or me begging him to come to Scotland yet.
(11/08/2015 14:15:12, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Thank you so much for the great news on the album. =)
(11/08/2015 14:15:16, room alphaville) MGFan123: Hi, Marian! It's such an honor to be i nthe same chat room as you.
(11/08/2015 14:15:29, room alphaville) Karen: or a charity gig in Bucharest
(11/08/2015 14:15:32, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil: Hello from South America. Our fan club will turn 10 years old next january :D
(11/08/2015 14:15:46, room alphaville) Dimitri (to Marian): a wine or beer today?
(11/08/2015 14:15:46, room alphaville) Jehovanna: When are you coming to Panama?
(11/08/2015 14:15:46, room alphaville) MoonMonkey: Hi Olek
(11/08/2015 14:15:46, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Thanks for your great voice :D
(11/08/2015 14:15:56, room alphaville) Olek: I'll wait the first storm to start my fancy questions (so they'll look more special and fantastic)
(11/08/2015 14:16:01, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Congratulations Felipe, OMG, so I know you all for more than 10 years?
(11/08/2015 14:16:02, room alphaville) Guest337: magical voice
(11/08/2015 14:16:02, room alphaville) Elinjea (to Marian): Are question about the new CD allowed?
(11/08/2015 14:16:02, room alphaville) m_alders: Thanks Marian for the amazone preview
(11/08/2015 14:16:04, room alphaville) lucky_luke: Marian, when are you going on tour?
(11/08/2015 14:16:07, room alphaville) Marian (to Bazooka74): iannis the greek's restaurant around the corner where I live
(11/08/2015 14:16:16, room alphaville) stefan (to wii): remember when you started that dreamroom and we met in Hamburg...
(11/08/2015 14:16:17, room alphaville) marielle: MARIAN WE NEED YOU IN SOUTHAMERICA
(11/08/2015 14:16:17, room alphaville) m_alders: Amazing
(11/08/2015 14:16:19, room alphaville) LATINA79: hello Marian
(11/08/2015 14:16:19, room alphaville) LATINA79: hello
(11/08/2015 14:16:20, room alphaville) Carrie: Thank you for your great music. What is your favourite Alphaville song to sing.
(11/08/2015 14:16:21, room alphaville) LATINA79: marian
(11/08/2015 14:16:24, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): i guess you are right it will be the best album from what i hear now
(11/08/2015 14:16:26, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Karen): Did we lose count last year of the number of countries that AV should be visiting? ;)
(11/08/2015 14:16:37, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): We won't kill you, we are too much happy to have news.
(11/08/2015 14:16:40, room alphaville) stefan: @ Marian: was Carsten already involved in some of the new songs?
(11/08/2015 14:16:43, room alphaville) Karen (to Olek): you'll need a fancy font for that
(11/08/2015 14:16:43, room alphaville) MGFan123 (to Marian): I was wondering if you would ever consider releasing the vocal tracks to Alphaville songs for the DJ's?
(11/08/2015 14:16:48, room alphaville) Catherine (to Marian): Hello Marian, thank you for the many years of beautiful music :) what has been the most favourite song you have ever written?
(11/08/2015 14:16:49, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): ok.
(11/08/2015 14:17:04, room alphaville) HamburgS: @ Marian: Will you play some new songs in Köln in January ?
(11/08/2015 14:17:05, room alphaville) Frank: To Marian hi how are you
(11/08/2015 14:17:06, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: Yeah I give up waiting! Time to visit Germany.
(11/08/2015 14:17:08, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): how many songs on new album? And when it will be released?
(11/08/2015 14:17:11, room alphaville) Mumu (to MalilaM): Not only the countries, also the towns !
(11/08/2015 14:17:12, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): so tell me around the universe will it be on the album
(11/08/2015 14:17:13, room alphaville) Guest999: Hi, Marian. Are there any plans to re-release any of these titles: Dreamscape set, Crazy Show set, United and So Long Celeste?
(11/08/2015 14:17:14, room alphaville) Karen: depends on which borders have changed lately Malila
(11/08/2015 14:17:21, room alphaville) Olek (to Karen): alas, my fantastic...ness is limited to fantastic color :-(
(11/08/2015 14:17:21, room alphaville) Marian (to Dimitri): tonite it's sherry
(11/08/2015 14:17:23, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): ?
(11/08/2015 14:17:30, room alphaville) Maya: Marian, a glass of wine for you
(11/08/2015 14:17:31, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): What inspires you the most?
(11/08/2015 14:17:34, room alphaville) m_alders: New album, new Tour???
(11/08/2015 14:17:39, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian) The new album sounds sooo exciting ! <3
(11/08/2015 14:17:39, room alphaville) LATINA79: hello
(11/08/2015 14:17:42, room alphaville) LATINA79: marian
(11/08/2015 14:17:50, room alphaville) Karen: trust me not to live in Köln anymore...
(11/08/2015 14:17:54, room alphaville) marielle: new tour in america please!!!
(11/08/2015 14:18:11, room alphaville) Guest337: In France again please !
(11/08/2015 14:18:12, room alphaville) Marian (to HamburgS): yes, I hope to play some new material besides what we have played already in Paris
(11/08/2015 14:18:13, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: Who is Sherry?!
(11/08/2015 14:18:16, room alphaville) Angelizer: Around the Universe would be cool.
(11/08/2015 14:18:20, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: joke
(11/08/2015 14:18:23, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Do you like a very strong beer??
(11/08/2015 14:18:44, room alphaville) Guest337: I saw you in Paris, a DREAM
(11/08/2015 14:18:48, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Are the new Paris songs all included in Strange Attractor?
(11/08/2015 14:18:52, room alphaville) HamburgS: :)
(11/08/2015 14:18:55, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Marian): will the new album released at Universal ??
(11/08/2015 14:18:57, room alphaville) Karen: knew this German keyboard would come in handy for something
(11/08/2015 14:18:58, room alphaville) Clare (to Carrie): If only we could all apparate like in Harry Potter then we could all be at all the concerts.
(11/08/2015 14:19:01, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Marian, what are your expectations regarding this album? It's been some time since Rays. Are you going to promote this album heavily?
(11/08/2015 14:19:01, room alphaville) Uwe___Ilwa: cool new songs in "Strange attractor"
(11/08/2015 14:19:05, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Any new songs in Polen 28th nov?
(11/08/2015 14:19:07, room alphaville) Guest949: Hi Marian.. I want to say thanks for all the music; Are ther any plans to come to Sweden and play?? from Carina in Sweden
(11/08/2015 14:19:07, room alphaville) Marian (to Natalia): about thirteen to fifteen songs maybe.
(11/08/2015 14:19:11, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Do your children listen to your music, especially the older ones?
(11/08/2015 14:19:13, room alphaville) cristi: Dear Marian, are you excited for your solo tour? Do you think you'll sing Marian songs or Alphaville songs?
(11/08/2015 14:19:15, room alphaville) mr_rila (to Marian): Will any of the 237 versions of LMFP part of next album ?
(11/08/2015 14:19:15, room alphaville) Dimitri (to Marian): thank u for concert in Biel
(11/08/2015 14:19:19, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): A place you haven't been and you would like to go for a concert?
(11/08/2015 14:19:27, room alphaville) stefan: 15!
(11/08/2015 14:19:35, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: There is a solo tour? O.o
(11/08/2015 14:19:38, room alphaville) ViviBrazil (to Marian): what are you reading now? and did you get to watch my covers in the list? and wow 13 to 15 songs it is great
(11/08/2015 14:19:40, room alphaville) Guest999 (to Marian): Is there any plan to tour in the United States?
(11/08/2015 14:19:43, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: Apparently I am a very very bad fan
(11/08/2015 14:19:46, room alphaville) Frank: (To Marian) for Top 50 have you time for an interview
(11/08/2015 14:19:58, room alphaville) stefan: @ Marian: was Carsten already involved in some of the new songs?
(11/08/2015 14:20:04, room alphaville) Marian (to MalilaM): yes they are, err, so far.
(11/08/2015 14:20:07, room alphaville) HamburgS: @ Stefan: Agreed ! :)
(11/08/2015 14:20:12, room alphaville) Carrie: Thank you very much for your great music. What is your favourite Alphaville song to sing
(11/08/2015 14:20:12, room alphaville) MoonMonkey: Sorry Marian but new material is not necessary from new incoming CD!
(11/08/2015 14:20:15, room alphaville) Maya: Marian, I am grateful to you for your future in the show in Tel Aviv, waiting ........ and I love your songs, your charm. and I to you, too, with love
(11/08/2015 14:20:23, room alphaville) jetset (to Marian): Marian, what are the main themes of inspiration for your current production ?
(11/08/2015 14:20:23, room alphaville) adry (to Marian): how many songs has this new album??
(11/08/2015 14:20:24, room alphaville) Olek (to Marian): dear Sir, will there be some deluxe editions with bonus stuff (like extra songs)?
(11/08/2015 14:20:28, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): so when will be release the new album ?
(11/08/2015 14:20:41, room alphaville) Uwe___Ilwa: children never listen songs which r listened by oldies
(11/08/2015 14:20:41, room alphaville) Marian (to stefan): yes, he was
(11/08/2015 14:20:42, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Thank you, that's good enough for me. :))
(11/08/2015 14:20:49, room alphaville) mr_rila (to shapeseven): I had working hard on it ;)
(11/08/2015 14:21:06, room alphaville) m_alders: Does the story to Mafia Island survive....? Loved the atmosphere leading up to the song.
(11/08/2015 14:21:12, room alphaville) LATINA79: : yes they are, err, so far.
(11/08/2015 14:21:26, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): around the universe will it be included ?
(11/08/2015 14:21:33, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: UweIlwa... well I'm not adult yet I do listen to "oldies" :P
(11/08/2015 14:21:38, room alphaville) Humanracer34: The album does not sound like the previous five, which is good
(11/08/2015 14:21:41, room alphaville) Karen: wine of astonishment was my fave in Paris
(11/08/2015 14:21:50, room alphaville) Marian (to stefan): actually, the whole band is involved in Strange attractor, in one way or the other
(11/08/2015 14:21:51, room alphaville) LATINA79: hello I love Marian
(11/08/2015 14:22:02, room alphaville) Humanracer34: New sound each time
(11/08/2015 14:22:02, room alphaville) LATINA79: :kiss
(11/08/2015 14:22:09, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Marian): the look on the album from tobi sounds the show in paris... please take in 2016 songs like mafia island, wine of a... in the setlist... :)
(11/08/2015 14:22:09, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): thanks for answer :) I think, this album will be great! And are you planning a tour in Germany?
(11/08/2015 14:22:11, room alphaville) Elinjea (to Marian): can we hope for new Videos to the new songs?
(11/08/2015 14:22:15, room alphaville) Krapplund (to wii): OK
(11/08/2015 14:22:20, room alphaville) Uwe___Ilwa: oldies = parents ;)
(11/08/2015 14:22:21, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marian, how did you get to this title name strange attractor? any story?
(11/08/2015 14:22:21, room alphaville) Guest337: I will saw you in France for the top 50, on 9 of March !!!
(11/08/2015 14:22:23, room alphaville) Angelizer: Marian Will the album be released on Vinyl too like CROG was?
(11/08/2015 14:22:25, room alphaville) Hroshima (to Marian): Is there any chance to see you shaved on the concerts? :)
(11/08/2015 14:22:31, room alphaville) MGFan123 (to Marian): I have always wanted to know; Will you and the band ever tour the US again? It's my dream to attend an Alphaville concert. :)
(11/08/2015 14:22:37, room alphaville) Guest337: can't wait
(11/08/2015 14:22:39, room alphaville) mr_rila (to Marian): does that include Rainer ?
(11/08/2015 14:22:41, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): Schrödinger's cat. Is it alive or dead or both? And would you open the box?
(11/08/2015 14:22:43, room alphaville) Humanracer34: The current av lineup is very good musically
(11/08/2015 14:22:45, room alphaville) Dimitri: we hope for new Videos
(11/08/2015 14:22:56, room alphaville) Olek: Shit, I have to go to WC, but I'm afraid my question gets answered when I'm out
(11/08/2015 14:23:00, room alphaville) Amarantha: Ever coming to Spain?
(11/08/2015 14:23:04, room alphaville) Marian (to alphaandre): I will do my best
(11/08/2015 14:23:06, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): tell me please
(11/08/2015 14:23:06, room alphaville) cristi: What are your sensations before every your concert?
(11/08/2015 14:23:11, room alphaville) Guest999: I second that. Will you tour in the United States?
(11/08/2015 14:23:19, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian):I just want to shout I LOVE YOU! I am grateful to you for everything X <3
(11/08/2015 14:23:20, room alphaville) Uwe___Ilwa: good luck Olek!
(11/08/2015 14:23:21, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: yes, good question, planning new videos? today one can do even good home made videos with quality, although maybe you have the support of your new record company Marian
(11/08/2015 14:23:22, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Marian): :)
(11/08/2015 14:23:23, room alphaville) HamburgS: @ Marian: What is your fav song on Strange Attractor ?
(11/08/2015 14:23:29, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Whats your favorite kind of beer?
(11/08/2015 14:23:37, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian): Can't wait to hear it.... well, I can but it'll be worth the wait.
(11/08/2015 14:23:38, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): Why do you think the song "Big in Japan" actually wasn't big (or a success) in that country? Maybe because of the lyrics?
(11/08/2015 14:23:45, room alphaville) marielle: Marian we want to see you in America, we love you!!
(11/08/2015 14:23:49, room alphaville) Marian (to Natalia): we will definitely play Germany when the album is out
(11/08/2015 14:23:54, room alphaville) Maya: Marian, I am waiting for you here with us in Tel Aviv ...... I am very grateful .......... always love you, and especially your voice and your whole charisma ....... .....
(11/08/2015 14:24:00, room alphaville) Karen (to Olek): do you want me to ask for you and keep the answer?
(11/08/2015 14:24:06, room alphaville) Humanracer34: So has handful of darkness made the cut?
(11/08/2015 14:24:15, room alphaville) Jehovanna (to Marian): When are you coming to Panama and would like to know about your education previous to stardom
(11/08/2015 14:24:17, room alphaville) Karen: lives in the wrong country again
(11/08/2015 14:24:18, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: I dont remember, ifMarian got to play already in Japan.
(11/08/2015 14:24:27, room alphaville) koko (to Marian): Is there any main composer of songs from the new album?
(11/08/2015 14:24:44, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): What is the German female singer you like most? Do you like Sandra?
(11/08/2015 14:24:45, room alphaville) Marian (to Elinjea): yes, we can.
(11/08/2015 14:24:48, room alphaville) Olek (to Karen): yep, just copy it and flood this chat with it ;)
(11/08/2015 14:24:50, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Is there time enough for your hobbies?
(11/08/2015 14:24:59, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: if a music videos to the new songs would be recorded, which one would be first and how do you imagine it?
(11/08/2015 14:25:05, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): When will the new album be released?
(11/08/2015 14:25:08, room alphaville) Clare (to Karen): me too. Will need to re-add EasyJet and Ryanair to favourites.
(11/08/2015 14:25:08, room alphaville) Martina: will the new album be released on vinyl again?
(11/08/2015 14:25:11, room alphaville) m_alders: First half of 2016... Any more specific maybe?
(11/08/2015 14:25:12, room alphaville) Angelizer: How do I write to another one directly here?
(11/08/2015 14:25:13, room alphaville) Karen (to Olek): ;)
(11/08/2015 14:25:16, room alphaville) Carrie: Thank you for your great music. What is your favourite Alphaville song to sing
(11/08/2015 14:25:18, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marian, in more than 10 years I know you, some of your children are already teens, any of them in a duo with you? would you consider?
(11/08/2015 14:25:20, room alphaville) mr_rila (to Marian): If the album officially out, can we expect to buy it during the top50 tour in France ?
(11/08/2015 14:25:35, room alphaville) Karen (to Clare): I've got Blue Air and Wiyy Air now
(11/08/2015 14:25:39, room alphaville) Karen: Wizz
(11/08/2015 14:25:41, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Do you try to sing "Traumtänzer" in english?
(11/08/2015 14:25:41, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): we will hear Martin's voice on the new album ?
(11/08/2015 14:25:42, room alphaville) Frank (to Marian): Hi Marian I am Frank from Paris I will be there at Tours for the Top 50 i can have a channel tv itntervew if you are interested in
(11/08/2015 14:25:44, room alphaville) lucky_luke: marian, Im a big fan and hope to see you at a concert somewhere
(11/08/2015 14:25:44, room alphaville) Karen: see? told you that would happen
(11/08/2015 14:25:47, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Will any new songs be played in Polen 28th november?
(11/08/2015 14:25:47, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): in a world of moral ambiguity, how does one choose between two bad choices?
(11/08/2015 14:25:53, room alphaville) MGFan123 (to Marian): Is it true that you hate "Universal Daddy"?
(11/08/2015 14:25:54, room alphaville) Evgenia: Marian, I'm from Russia. I listen to your songs. A lot of interesting find for yourself in your songs.
(11/08/2015 14:25:58, room alphaville) Marian (to Angelizer): There will be a vinyl release as well
(11/08/2015 14:26:13, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: mmmmmmm vinyl
(11/08/2015 14:26:18, room alphaville) Krapplund: check!
(11/08/2015 14:26:22, room alphaville) Humanracer34: The vinyl for crog was far better
(11/08/2015 14:26:23, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Cool, vynil! That is great! Marian!
(11/08/2015 14:26:26, room alphaville) Catherine: H
(11/08/2015 14:26:30, room alphaville) MoonMonkey (to wii): That is very ,very good question to Marian!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(11/08/2015 14:26:32, room alphaville) Humanracer34: No crappy loudness wars
(11/08/2015 14:26:33, room alphaville) Angelizer: Thank You! I am happy to hear that.
(11/08/2015 14:26:36, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: yeeah :)
(11/08/2015 14:26:59, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): when do you have an autograph hour in berlin?
(11/08/2015 14:27:05, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian): I would love to hear Traumtanzer in English too
(11/08/2015 14:27:06, room alphaville) m_alders: Will the vinyl sound very different? Great news!
(11/08/2015 14:27:07, room alphaville) HamburgS (to Marian): Do you have a fav song on Strange Attractor and why ?
(11/08/2015 14:27:09, room alphaville) Paul: Malta is at the centre of the Mediterranean - in a way the centre of the world - so how about a concert in Malta
(11/08/2015 14:27:13, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): thanks again. So I lived in Poland and I was on your concert in Wrocław in 2014(it was great), but now, I live in Hamburg, and it will be great, when you come to Hamburg! Because you have here many fans:)
(11/08/2015 14:27:15, room alphaville) stefan (to Marian): Berlin, Prague, anniversary-show will be in?
(11/08/2015 14:27:20, room alphaville) Maya: Marian, I draw your attention ?????? I waited ......... with a good glass of wine ..... I'm ready to go for a beer ......... your favorite
(11/08/2015 14:27:31, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Is av still with universal?
(11/08/2015 14:27:34, room alphaville) Karen (to Marian): what question would you like to be asked?
(11/08/2015 14:27:43, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Marian): a question....i know i..and many others ask you a hundred times....but i ask you again :) will be "a handful of darkness" on the´s such a really great song..and i only hear it in prague in 2009
(11/08/2015 14:27:46, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: my chat began lagging from happiness j)
(11/08/2015 14:27:47, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: ;)
(11/08/2015 14:27:51, room alphaville) Hroshima (to Marian): Do you have any contact with Frank and Ricky?
(11/08/2015 14:27:52, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: good question Karen
(11/08/2015 14:27:55, room alphaville) Dimitri (to Marian): waiting u in Tallinn
(11/08/2015 14:27:55, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Karen): you win the internet today ;)
(11/08/2015 14:27:58, room alphaville) Frank (to Evgenia): whre are you in russia
(11/08/2015 14:27:59, room alphaville) Karen: I would go with Olek's colour one, but I don't want to steal his thunder
(11/08/2015 14:28:11, room alphaville) lucky_luke: hi
(11/08/2015 14:28:16, room alphaville) LATINA79: Marian at the moment are not in berlin??
(11/08/2015 14:28:17, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Do you still get nervous before performing infront of a big audience???
(11/08/2015 14:28:17, room alphaville) Ed: Eager for any US dates...
(11/08/2015 14:28:22, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Karen): :))
(11/08/2015 14:28:24, room alphaville) Karen (to AmberVonAvalon): Yep :)
(11/08/2015 14:28:31, room alphaville) Marian (to OmegavilleNP): I'd rather would like to do a video for Mafia Island if that includes a trip to Tansania
(11/08/2015 14:28:36, room alphaville) MGFan123 (to Marian): I second what Hroshima said. Do you talk to Frank and Ricky anymore?
(11/08/2015 14:28:39, room alphaville) Guest999 (to Ed): same here
(11/08/2015 14:28:41, room alphaville) stefan (to Marian): is it possible that Bernd makes a remix of one of the new songs?
(11/08/2015 14:28:47, room alphaville) Olek (to Marian): here comes the ultimate question: how excited are you regarding new Star Wars episode?
(11/08/2015 14:28:55, room alphaville) marielle: Marian, when i m sad i hear you, because your voice is magical and inspires me
(11/08/2015 14:29:01, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): If you could play onstage with anyone dead who would it be? (if they were alive again, or that would be awkward)
(11/08/2015 14:29:01, room alphaville) KaM: Haha! Now that's a rationale for a music vid!
(11/08/2015 14:29:12, room alphaville) Mumu: Marian, you seem to be fond of Tansania.
(11/08/2015 14:29:13, room alphaville) Guest337: yes marielle, me too
(11/08/2015 14:29:18, room alphaville) Guest337: miracle healing
(11/08/2015 14:29:22, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Claudia): danke :)
(11/08/2015 14:29:22, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Why you never had a song for a James Bond-movie?
(11/08/2015 14:29:30, room alphaville) Amarantha: That's a good one Olek :))
(11/08/2015 14:29:31, room alphaville) Olek (to Karen): thank you for this :) (yes, I'm back already)
(11/08/2015 14:29:31, room alphaville) Marian (to Krapplund): if at all than only songs we have played in Paris
(11/08/2015 14:29:46, room alphaville) Elinjea (to Marian): I'm in Love with Mafia Island since the first hear. I takes me away in another reality :)
(11/08/2015 14:29:47, room alphaville) mr_rila (to Marian): It seems to me there's riddles in a large part of your work since the very beginning. Yet, apparently, nobody seems to care. If right, how can you be so persistent ?
(11/08/2015 14:29:47, room alphaville) Ramydbg (to jetset): Breaking the loop: Phiiiiiiiiii,we F....... love uuuuu!
(11/08/2015 14:29:58, room alphaville) m_alders: Good place for a concert on Mafia Island
(11/08/2015 14:30:04, room alphaville) Guest337: you were amazing at Paris
(11/08/2015 14:30:05, room alphaville) m_alders: With the 4 or 5 beautiful women
(11/08/2015 14:30:07, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: Tanzania :O hideaway for the evil in a faraway
(11/08/2015 14:30:14, room alphaville) MGFan123 (to Marian): Have there ever been any times where you get angry during a performance?
(11/08/2015 14:30:17, room alphaville) Carrie: What is your favourite Alphaville song to sing
(11/08/2015 14:30:19, room alphaville) Jakob: Mafia Island in Tansania!
(11/08/2015 14:30:21, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marian, have you watched Frozen? I imagine how cool you singing that song!
(11/08/2015 14:30:25, room alphaville) Karen (to m_alders): got enough mafia here and we're trying to get rid
(11/08/2015 14:30:29, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): tell me please any war world 2 songs on the album ?
(11/08/2015 14:30:34, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Your voice is the best. So your voice is wonderfull for a soundtrack!!!
(11/08/2015 14:30:35, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): I know it's probably not the place you'd most like to return, but would you do a video in Mexico again?
(11/08/2015 14:30:44, room alphaville) LATINA79: marian love
(11/08/2015 14:30:49, room alphaville) yael: Marian, i will always love you. you are my hero
(11/08/2015 14:31:00, room alphaville) m_alders (to Karen): lol
(11/08/2015 14:31:02, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Good question MGFan, did you get angry in shows sometimes?
(11/08/2015 14:31:10, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): Album has already cover? If yes, are you on cover?
(11/08/2015 14:31:19, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to shapeseven): I'm in!
(11/08/2015 14:31:28, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): During the 80s, were you invited to come to South America?
(11/08/2015 14:31:38, room alphaville) Marian (to Bazooka74): no, but I get nervous in front of a bazooka
(11/08/2015 14:31:42, room alphaville) Karen: revolution baby! yeah!
(11/08/2015 14:31:44, room alphaville) Frank (to marielle): on se connait sur facebook ?
(11/08/2015 14:31:48, room alphaville) Mumu (to shapeseven): :)) ;)
(11/08/2015 14:31:50, room alphaville) Clare (to shapeseven): I'd be there
(11/08/2015 14:31:51, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Yes, good question, Natalia Are you on the cover or any artwork?
(11/08/2015 14:31:52, room alphaville) TravebaerA (to Jakob): Moin
(11/08/2015 14:31:55, room alphaville) marielle: coucou Frank
(11/08/2015 14:31:57, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): :)
(11/08/2015 14:31:58, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Heartbreak city is the rock side of Alphaville
(11/08/2015 14:31:58, room alphaville) MalilaM (to shapeseven): ;D That would be a party
(11/08/2015 14:32:02, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: That one was brilliant
(11/08/2015 14:32:06, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): Is it a good idea for scientists to be playing with God Particles when we can't even create a proper universal TV remote?
(11/08/2015 14:32:07, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: lol Marian
(11/08/2015 14:32:28, room alphaville) m_alders: Any vinyl singles Marian?
(11/08/2015 14:32:28, room alphaville) LATINA79: (to Marian) I send you a big hug
(11/08/2015 14:32:39, room alphaville) EDICHI: Hiiii! I´m finally here! Are you going to come to SouthAmerica?
(11/08/2015 14:32:40, room alphaville) Marian (to stefan): probably. Depends on Bernd
(11/08/2015 14:32:45, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to shapeseven): I'm actually planning a trip to Germany next year to see AV play :)
(11/08/2015 14:32:45, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian): If you are Captain would you call us your Ground Crew Marian? :)
(11/08/2015 14:32:47, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Actually my nick is Alphaplanet but it doesn´t work today
(11/08/2015 14:33:02, room alphaville) m_alders: With B sides like you used to make em....:)?
(11/08/2015 14:33:05, room alphaville) Frank (to Marian): do you remember Paris 1995 :)
(11/08/2015 14:33:05, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Name on the singel release?
(11/08/2015 14:33:07, room alphaville) MGFan123 (to Marian): Do you have the master tapes for every single album you've created? If so, would you consider releasing the isolated tracks online on CD?
(11/08/2015 14:33:09, room alphaville) TravebaerA (to Jakob): Moin Jürgen ;D ;D
(11/08/2015 14:33:36, room alphaville) mr_rila (to AmberVonAvalon): Have you checked the Shiva statue beside the CERN ?
(11/08/2015 14:33:48, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): Should I get another beer?
(11/08/2015 14:33:50, room alphaville) Elinjea (to Marian): So you mention often you love Wine, but what's with Food? Maybe Thai Food?
(11/08/2015 14:33:55, room alphaville) MoonMonkey (to Marian): Common Marian the song from Paris is could be or could not be on new album.So tell your fans I you gonna be play any new song in Poland or Israel,,,,
(11/08/2015 14:34:02, room alphaville) Guest337: Marian, are you vegetarian?
(11/08/2015 14:34:02, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): What´s your favorite actor/actress?
(11/08/2015 14:34:04, room alphaville) wii (to AmberVonAvalon): YES
(11/08/2015 14:34:07, room alphaville) Catherine (to Marian): :) What song do you like best when performing live? :)
(11/08/2015 14:34:15, room alphaville) Olek: haha when Marian once in a while answeres, I desperately seekk for a question :)
(11/08/2015 14:34:19, room alphaville) Krapplund (to AmberVonAvalon): YES!
(11/08/2015 14:34:20, room alphaville) Marian (to Natalia): the artwork hasn't been finished yet
(11/08/2015 14:34:23, room alphaville) Showoffca: When are you coming back to play in the States?
(11/08/2015 14:34:37, room alphaville) Guest999 (to Marian): Have you considered doing an album with another band?
(11/08/2015 14:34:41, room alphaville) Krapplund (to wii): amature!
(11/08/2015 14:34:41, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: me too Olek
(11/08/2015 14:34:41, room alphaville) LATINA79: ;D
(11/08/2015 14:34:53, room alphaville) MoonMonkey (to Krapplund): good question!
(11/08/2015 14:34:56, room alphaville) Blue_Shadow: a frog on the cover would be nice...
(11/08/2015 14:34:58, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to mr_rila): I have not. It's far from where I live.
(11/08/2015 14:35:00, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Are you looking forward to playing Jerusalem in Israel? It's a great song of piece
(11/08/2015 14:35:04, room alphaville) stefan: please artwork like prostitute!
(11/08/2015 14:35:26, room alphaville) Karen: hard to keep up - too much white
(11/08/2015 14:35:26, room alphaville) Karen: blinded by the white...
(11/08/2015 14:35:27, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Peace even
(11/08/2015 14:35:28, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: and good question Guest 999
(11/08/2015 14:35:28, room alphaville) Guest337: I will have to suffer the all top 50 only to be happy when you are here
(11/08/2015 14:35:28, room alphaville) Uwe___Ilwa: Marian, do u know the book "Galaxy Tunes"?
(11/08/2015 14:35:29, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to wii): alright since you insist and have forced me. I'll get another beer.
(11/08/2015 14:35:38, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Humanracer34): I think YES!
(11/08/2015 14:35:40, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: but what will be about artwork marian?
(11/08/2015 14:35:41, room alphaville) Paul: The eight pointed Maltese Cross would be ideal on the next album cover.
(11/08/2015 14:35:44, room alphaville) marielle: I want to hears the songs like crazyshow, it s magical
(11/08/2015 14:35:50, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): How you train or get fit before your concerts?
(11/08/2015 14:35:51, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: more or less?
(11/08/2015 14:35:54, room alphaville) Claudia (to Bazooka74): His fave actor is Michael Keaton
(11/08/2015 14:35:55, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: any ideas?
(11/08/2015 14:35:56, room alphaville) LATINA79: (to Marian) I send you a big hug
(11/08/2015 14:35:56, room alphaville) KaM (to Karen): So many ins and outs! ;)
(11/08/2015 14:36:02, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: already?
(11/08/2015 14:36:03, room alphaville) Olek (to Karen): concentrate on yellow then!
(11/08/2015 14:36:04, room alphaville) MGFan123 (to Marian): Hey, Marian. Did you ever make a demo for "Phantoms" from Catching Rays on Giant?
(11/08/2015 14:36:04, room alphaville) jetset (to Marian): : what are your main sources of inspiration for this album ?
(11/08/2015 14:36:06, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: or a big magnet?
(11/08/2015 14:36:07, room alphaville) Marian (to m_alders): it would be nice to have vinyl singles out. Not decided yet. Depends on budgets and so on
(11/08/2015 14:36:19, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Now that Stephan mentioned Prostitute's artwork, who kept your portraits? The artist or did you keep your own?
(11/08/2015 14:36:23, room alphaville) Karen (to KaM): waiting for them all to shake it al about
(11/08/2015 14:36:23, room alphaville) Karen: *all
(11/08/2015 14:36:27, room alphaville) Maya: Marian, we are all your favorite fans ..... - but ......... I was special to you, and always with love ...........- thank you for you have ............- forward to communicating in Tel Aviv ..... and pray to the Guardian Angel was always with you
(11/08/2015 14:36:31, room alphaville) mirela (to Marian): MARIAN, PLEASE TELL US....AROUND THE UNIVERSE remain on Strange Attractor ?? last year, told it will be...
(11/08/2015 14:36:41, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: and favorite actress?
(11/08/2015 14:36:42, room alphaville) m_alders: @ Marian I'll chip in
(11/08/2015 14:36:54, room alphaville) mr_rila (to AmberVonAvalon): well just image-search CERN Shiva...& CERN logo... enlightning
(11/08/2015 14:36:55, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Marian): i think the arkwork must be something mysterios...not ( i don´t know how to say in english) not so poppig wie bei CROG...mehr geheimnisvoll...dunkel..mysteriös... :)
(11/08/2015 14:36:58, room alphaville) Karen (to Olek): how could I miss you, Mr Cheese? ;)
(11/08/2015 14:37:07, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): Guardian Angel live 1999 in SLC, the best performance ever!!!
(11/08/2015 14:37:12, room alphaville) Claudia (to MGFan123): Actually there is a demo version of PHANTOMS Marian sings with Martin
(11/08/2015 14:37:13, room alphaville) Carrie: What is your favourite song to sing.
(11/08/2015 14:37:25, room alphaville) Krapplund: i think I can do the artwork for alphaville ;)
(11/08/2015 14:37:29, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: and why the name strange attractor? it sounds misterious to me this name
(11/08/2015 14:37:39, room alphaville) MGFan123 (to Claudia): Awesome to know, because that's my favorite song from that album :)
(11/08/2015 14:37:38, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian): Is there a particular book that you would read and re-read,and never get bored of?
(11/08/2015 14:37:49, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): How long do you think you can still perform on stage?
(11/08/2015 14:37:50, room alphaville) st2010: [@Marian] Is Around the Universe still a possible (first) single candidate off Attractor?
(11/08/2015 14:37:50, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Was the song Whales & Underworld intended for Breathtaking Blue or an abandoned Albert +heart of gold project
(11/08/2015 14:37:52, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to mr_rila): That's beautiful
(11/08/2015 14:38:04, room alphaville) LATINA79: Marian which is named after her latest single
(11/08/2015 14:38:15, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Claudia): That would be fantastic to hear. Any idea if it will be included in a future DS ?
(11/08/2015 14:38:31, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Strange attractor is about a sex ad Marian saw while homeless in Berlin
(11/08/2015 14:38:36, room alphaville) mr_rila (to AmberVonAvalon): Tht's a way to look at... Shiva is the goddess of total destruction.
(11/08/2015 14:38:41, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP (to Marian): the strangest stage accident you have ever had? sorry if I asked that question before :)
(11/08/2015 14:38:47, room alphaville) Marian (to MGFan123): the albums as far as released digitally are masters already
(11/08/2015 14:38:47, room alphaville) Elinjea (to Claudia, MGFan123): that will bring tears in our heart. I hope to hear the Demo version some day
(11/08/2015 14:38:49, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): yes i agree with Mirela and st2010 around the universe will it be on the album ?
(11/08/2015 14:39:00, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: and what is it about this song phantoms and what was the inspiration for it?
(11/08/2015 14:39:04, room alphaville) m_alders: bye everyone. Have fun. Hope to see you soon. Love you Alphaville
(11/08/2015 14:39:23, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to ViviBrazil): ele nem responde, jaajajja, acho q vou sair.
(11/08/2015 14:39:23, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: bye m alders
(11/08/2015 14:39:39, room alphaville) Claudia (to Andrei): Around The Universe will be on the new album
(11/08/2015 14:39:41, room alphaville) Olek: regarding demos: are there any Dreamscapes in preparations?
(11/08/2015 14:39:50, room alphaville) Marian (to jetset): this time i was mainly inspired by poems I had written over the last ten years
(11/08/2015 14:39:51, room alphaville) MGFan123 (to Marian): Ah, yes, but I was wondering if some day you would maybe release the vocal tracks from some of the albums? People would love to have them (especially Forever Young!)
(11/08/2015 14:39:52, room alphaville) Catherine (to Elinjea): Hi Sweetie :)
(11/08/2015 14:40:05, room alphaville) Andrei (to Claudia): thank you
(11/08/2015 14:40:05, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Days full of wonder also contains here by your side! Did you do this on purpose?
(11/08/2015 14:40:07, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to mr_rila): Doesn't Shiva have many forms?
(11/08/2015 14:40:10, room alphaville) Mumu (to Claudia): Agree with Olek. A new DS would be great.
(11/08/2015 14:40:11, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): Which your album is favourite and which album you don't like or like least?
(11/08/2015 14:40:13, room alphaville) LATINA79: hi marian
(11/08/2015 14:40:28, room alphaville) lucky_luke: im your biggest fan😊
(11/08/2015 14:40:31, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: cool Marian!
(11/08/2015 14:40:35, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Claudia): wow...nice to hear...great live song since 2004... :)
(11/08/2015 14:40:46, room alphaville) ways (to Claudia): wow thats great news :-)))
(11/08/2015 14:40:49, room alphaville) lucky_luke: :)
(11/08/2015 14:40:51, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian): Did you like Montmartre? We accidentally strayed up the sleazy end haha shocking
(11/08/2015 14:40:53, room alphaville) Karen: agreed
(11/08/2015 14:40:54, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: what are you listening to now about music Marian?
(11/08/2015 14:40:58, room alphaville) Jakob: Cheers BenJMin
(11/08/2015 14:41:04, room alphaville) Carrie: What is your favourite Alphaville album?
(11/08/2015 14:41:14, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): What kind of things you don´t like on berlin?
(11/08/2015 14:41:23, room alphaville) Marian (to ViviBrazil): to me too. That's why I chose it for the new album's title. There are also some songs I myself can't understand completely.
(11/08/2015 14:41:26, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): tell me please we will hear Martin Lister's voice on the album ?
(11/08/2015 14:41:29, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: and do you listen to music when you are composing? it helps or interferes?
(11/08/2015 14:41:32, room alphaville) LATINA79: (to Marian) quiero ser tu fans
(11/08/2015 14:41:42, room alphaville) KaM: Great news about Around the Universe. Does A Handful of Darkness fit in anywhere?
(11/08/2015 14:41:44, room alphaville) Elinjea (to Marian): is "Mother" a metaphor? Or a Story behind the Song?
(11/08/2015 14:41:45, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): You are walking home in the dark. You see something move in the shadows. What/who is it and what do you do?
(11/08/2015 14:41:51, room alphaville) mr_rila (to AmberVonAvalon): it's true that destruction isn't the only interpretation.
(11/08/2015 14:42:06, room alphaville) yael: Marian, you have a romantic soul!! <3
(11/08/2015 14:42:11, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: good question Amber
(11/08/2015 14:42:11, room alphaville) Claudia (to Andrei): no
(11/08/2015 14:42:13, room alphaville) Alphadream: Hi, Marian. Alphaville songs have been with me since my teens. No music is as emotional to me as yours. Best group ever.
(11/08/2015 14:42:36, room alphaville) marielle: Marian we want to see you in southamerica (included Argentina)
(11/08/2015 14:42:39, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: I have the weird urge to make a voicebank with Marian's voice so that I could make him sing any cover
(11/08/2015 14:42:44, room alphaville) LATINA79: (to Marian) :I want to be your fans
(11/08/2015 14:42:46, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to ViviBrazil): I like things a little different ;)
(11/08/2015 14:42:54, room alphaville) Andrei (to Claudia): sorry to read that
(11/08/2015 14:43:00, room alphaville) Guest337: so true Alphadream
(11/08/2015 14:43:03, room alphaville) Guest999 (to Marian): What do you think of mainstream music nowadays as compared to music in the 80s?
(11/08/2015 14:43:09, room alphaville) Paul: Malta is reached easily by all European countries and North African countries and the Middle East - a visit to Malta with some videos on the island plus the release of the new album with the Maltese Cross on the cover would strike a chord of attraction.
(11/08/2015 14:43:12, room alphaville) Krapplund: Any that have intressts in the Alphaville Live DVD LITTEL AMERICA or the TRIBUTE release WE HEARD THE CALL VOL2...visit
(11/08/2015 14:43:21, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Would you do more cover versions?
(11/08/2015 14:43:32, room alphaville) Guest337: can't explain Marian's voice
(11/08/2015 14:43:33, room alphaville) Marian (to Elinjea): It's not a metaphor
(11/08/2015 14:43:33, room alphaville) Catherine (to Marian): Do you have any valuable advice that you could pass on to other musicians?
(11/08/2015 14:43:36, room alphaville) KaM (to shapeseven): 8)
(11/08/2015 14:43:43, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Yes, super good question, Amber.
(11/08/2015 14:43:44, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): What inspires you the most?
(11/08/2015 14:43:51, room alphaville) MoonMonkey (to Claudia): It will be any new version at old song on the new album like "Carry Your Flag" on CROG
(11/08/2015 14:43:52, room alphaville) LATINA79: :tea
(11/08/2015 14:44:15, room alphaville) Olek (to Marian): I was about to ask about your favourite color, but instead I'd like to know if the new album will contain songs which are really personal and would be hard for you to perform them live without getting too emotional
(11/08/2015 14:44:27, room alphaville) Marian (to Guest999): I hate mainstream music of every decade
(11/08/2015 14:44:38, room alphaville) adry (to Marian): in all your professional life ¿how many songs do you have written?
(11/08/2015 14:44:40, room alphaville) Paul: I did not receive any answer about my suggestions to you.
(11/08/2015 14:44:40, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Do you like horrormovies?
(11/08/2015 14:44:42, room alphaville) elina (to Marian): Silly question, but what's the story behind the swan - the one symbol of Alphaville? :)
(11/08/2015 14:44:51, room alphaville) Claudia: congratulations to 15 years DREAMROOM! :kiss
(11/08/2015 14:44:55, room alphaville) LATINA79: (to marian) : You want some coffee Marian jajaja
(11/08/2015 14:44:58, room alphaville) 18n70g: :-]
(11/08/2015 14:44:59, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: I thought that's impossible :D
(11/08/2015 14:45:04, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): beside ATU will there be other songs about ww2 ?
(11/08/2015 14:45:07, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Claudia): YEAH
(11/08/2015 14:45:09, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Marian): which song do you choose as a the moment ??
(11/08/2015 14:45:10, room alphaville) LATINA79: ;)
(11/08/2015 14:45:12, room alphaville) EDICHI: 8)
(11/08/2015 14:45:14, room alphaville) Carrie: What is your favourite Alphaville song to sing
(11/08/2015 14:45:17, room alphaville) Maya: Marian, you love the song SUMMER IN BERLIN? .... I was born there ...... and your voice in song is very exciting, beautiful and unusual rhythm of the music ............ Always listen and the voice of a miracle
(11/08/2015 14:45:22, room alphaville) Jakob: Congrats Dreamroom!
(11/08/2015 14:45:30, room alphaville) Daniel_Lepki: Yes, congratulations to the Dreamroom..
(11/08/2015 14:45:38, room alphaville) Elinjea (to Claudia): i hope and wish there will be more 30 years or more :)
(11/08/2015 14:45:48, room alphaville) Frank (to Marian): Where is your favorite place Paris London Berlin
(11/08/2015 14:45:54, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Yes, his voice is a miracle!
(11/08/2015 14:46:01, room alphaville) KaM: Congrats Dreamroom! :tea
(11/08/2015 14:46:04, room alphaville) wii (to Claudia): THANKS
(11/08/2015 14:46:07, room alphaville) MGFan123 (to Marian): I was wondering if you would release those Forever Young, Dance With Me, and then the Big in Japan alternate versions used during the disco 80's festival in Russia, as bonus tracks for the new album? I love them
(11/08/2015 14:46:07, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): What do you think Victoria's secret really is?
(11/08/2015 14:46:12, room alphaville) Guest337: why did you decide to sing with the top 50 tour? you are worth than them!!!
(11/08/2015 14:46:19, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): I LOVE you "mainstream music of every decade"
(11/08/2015 14:46:21, room alphaville) Paul: Moongirl is one of my favourite songs.
(11/08/2015 14:46:27, room alphaville) wii (to KaM): THANKS
(11/08/2015 14:46:28, room alphaville) LATINA79: Marian wanna talk to you please :-I
(11/08/2015 14:46:29, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Marian does mortality ever worry you?
(11/08/2015 14:46:53, room alphaville) adry: I'd like to be in one of your shows... maybe in 2016
(11/08/2015 14:47:02, room alphaville) Guest337: you are not a commercial band like the top 50 bands
(11/08/2015 14:47:07, room alphaville) Guest832: russia please!
(11/08/2015 14:47:10, room alphaville) Marian (to Olek): "Mother" would be such a song. I doubt it will be on the album. Though I think it is a well crafted track, so to speak and I like the devastating emotion of it. Another song would be "AHandful Of Darkness". But no worries that song will be on the al
(11/08/2015 14:47:10, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): But 80ies are full of mainstream songs, but I love the 80ies (my childhood n youth)
(11/08/2015 14:47:11, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): do you lakie the music of exciting valence ?
(11/08/2015 14:47:36, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to shapeseven): It's the question of the century.
(11/08/2015 14:47:38, room alphaville) Claudia (to Elinjea): this forum will probably survive all of us :D
(11/08/2015 14:47:40, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: marian, what is the best thing in life to you?
(11/08/2015 14:47:38, room alphaville) Humanracer34: I know what yiu mean guest but av need make money
(11/08/2015 14:47:47, room alphaville) MalilaM: Happy birthday to the Dreamroom and thanks to Alphaville, who has given me the chance to have a fantastic group of friends, music that has kept me sane over the years and the coziest place in a hostile internet world. Cheers all. :)
(11/08/2015 14:47:49, room alphaville) Humanracer34: And finance albums
(11/08/2015 14:47:52, room alphaville) Marian (to Olek): ...bum
(11/08/2015 14:47:52, room alphaville) Karen (to AmberVonAvalon): if she told you, it wouldn't be a secret anymore
(11/08/2015 14:47:54, room alphaville) HamburgS: Heeey, Jalmarti !!!
(11/08/2015 14:48:04, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian): The Anniversary for 35 years will be held somewhere very special ? Like where?<3 Tuscan castle ? :)
(11/08/2015 14:48:05, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Do you will sing Traumtänzer oder Blauer Engel in english?
(11/08/2015 14:48:09, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: probably Claudia
(11/08/2015 14:48:10, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Karen): secrets are no fun unless you tell someone!
(11/08/2015 14:48:11, room alphaville) elina (to shapeseven): how have I missed that! Thanks :)
(11/08/2015 14:48:25, room alphaville) Clare (to Claudia): I think so too :)) I can't believe it's been 15 years!
(11/08/2015 14:48:31, room alphaville) Karen (to Marian): am so glad I read the first part of that sentence first...
(11/08/2015 14:48:35, room alphaville) Humanracer34: So hod is confirmed yay
(11/08/2015 14:48:37, room alphaville) jetset (to Marian): : Who's the genius producer behind the live videos and animation clips, such as Leben One End, Call Me, DWM... ?
(11/08/2015 14:48:46, room alphaville) Maya: Marian, I love you so much .... and so many years ......... grateful to you for such a nice chat, easy ......... your charm here, even between the lines .... ..
(11/08/2015 14:48:48, room alphaville) Elinjea (to Marian): thank you :) I just read the lyrics of Mother againb and again and it helpen me about my broken heart for my mother
(11/08/2015 14:48:50, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): Why? Just.... why?
(11/08/2015 14:48:59, room alphaville) Guest832: you will arrive with a concert to Russia in 2015?
(11/08/2015 14:49:11, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP (to Marian): I wonder if you have really that much invitations (comparing to other countries) to concerts in Poland... instantly shot
(11/08/2015 14:49:18, room alphaville) Olek (to Karen): I first thought Marian wrote to me: BURN!
(11/08/2015 14:49:24, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Whats your favorite age?
(11/08/2015 14:49:26, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: not that I complain of course :)
(11/08/2015 14:49:38, room alphaville) Marian (to alphaandre): No idea what will be the next single. There are several tracks in question: Hearbreak City, Around The Universe, House of Ghosts, a Handful Of Darkness... SEXYLAND would be my favourite pic.
(11/08/2015 14:49:49, room alphaville) yael: Marian... you are my childhood. you donno how much...
(11/08/2015 14:49:51, room alphaville) Claudia (to Clare): we're getting old together :kiss love it!
(11/08/2015 14:49:56, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): what's your model of phone? :)
(11/08/2015 14:50:07, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Jakob): hope your having a hotel in Gdańsk ;)
(11/08/2015 14:50:17, room alphaville) Krapplund: Gdansk
(11/08/2015 14:50:18, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: sexyland ;D
(11/08/2015 14:50:19, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Sexyland has the lyric strange attractor
(11/08/2015 14:50:21, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Claudia): Don't get old while I sit here not aging at all! ;)
(11/08/2015 14:50:21, room alphaville) KaM (to Claudia, Clare): That's community all over. Sitting in a room aging disgracefully.
(11/08/2015 14:50:25, room alphaville) Karen (to Claudia): getling old...I reached the big 5-0 this year - that's old
(11/08/2015 14:50:28, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Yael, you are younger than me, you are my teenage Marian
(11/08/2015 14:50:30, room alphaville) Elinjea (to Claudia): i hope so ;) So my great grand children will join here :D
(11/08/2015 14:50:30, room alphaville) Mumu (to Claudia): The dreamroom is the first place where I don't think I'm an alien.
(11/08/2015 14:50:31, room alphaville) Clare (to Claudia): exactly, but we're not growing up. Okay I speak for myself here.
(11/08/2015 14:50:34, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): a single like ATU will be great
(11/08/2015 14:50:36, room alphaville) Claudia (to Krapplund): only tents for the band booked this time
(11/08/2015 14:50:41, room alphaville) Jakob: if not we have to party all night long, Krapplund
(11/08/2015 14:50:46, room alphaville) MGFan123 (to Marian): I was wondering if you'd ever tour in the US again? I live in Michigan, and for years I've longed to attend a concert. I LOVE your music.
(11/08/2015 14:50:54, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Jakob): talking about Poland
(11/08/2015 14:50:54, room alphaville) Karen (to KaM): and I'm not as disgraceful as I used to be
(11/08/2015 14:51:03, room alphaville) Uwe___Ilwa: i have to go - bye and good n8
(11/08/2015 14:51:02, room alphaville) Marian (to alphaandre): ...but it still needs some production and we don't know if we can finish the song in time for the release of SA. That is by the way, one of my fav tracks.
(11/08/2015 14:51:08, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Mumu): The Dreamroom confirmed that I am an alien. And I'm cool with that.
(11/08/2015 14:51:24, room alphaville) Patten (to Jakob): " if not we have to party all night long, Krapplund" Sounds like a great idea :)
(11/08/2015 14:51:26, room alphaville) 18n70g: :-]
(11/08/2015 14:51:26, room alphaville) Clare (to Uwe___Ilwa): :-]
(11/08/2015 14:51:32, room alphaville) MoonMonkey (to Marian): Any surprise on new album ? Like new version of old stuff or hidden track or guess vocal or Martin stuff or collaboration with someone we know?
(11/08/2015 14:52:02, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to MGFan123): I am in Seattle. Come with me to see Alphaville in Germany next year :D
(11/08/2015 14:52:04, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): hope you will come soon to Romania
(11/08/2015 14:52:05, room alphaville) Clare: The dreamroom is home.
(11/08/2015 14:52:15, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marian, so you finally got a facebook page? Considering about twitter?
(11/08/2015 14:52:21, room alphaville) 18n70g: ты молодец
(11/08/2015 14:52:26, room alphaville) Mumu (to AmberVonAvalon): Yes, but in the Dreamroom, we feel welcome. Not in the others places I have to be.
(11/08/2015 14:52:26, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian): Is your ancient tree still standing ?
(11/08/2015 14:52:26, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Patten): Anyway we got KINGSIZE beds
(11/08/2015 14:52:28, room alphaville) Krapplund: muhahahaha
(11/08/2015 14:52:50, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Marian): handful is to long for a single...better to say for the radio stations...sexyland kenn ich noch nicht... heartbreak city..sounds cool on tobi´s´s a hard choice :)
(11/08/2015 14:52:52, room alphaville) Clare: Alphaville is everywhere!
(11/08/2015 14:52:56, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Good question Iuni
(11/08/2015 14:53:05, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Do you like to have a song with rammstein?
(11/08/2015 14:53:10, room alphaville) Marian (to MoonMonkey): ...all good ideas. Thanx for the inspiration
(11/08/2015 14:53:20, room alphaville) Olek (to Marian): will there be some massive, longer songs (like 'On The Beach')?
(11/08/2015 14:53:34, room alphaville) LATINA79: (to Marian) Cheers
(11/08/2015 14:53:33, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): I love the Little Moon for Psychopaths song. The end with The Shining is so brilliant - I laughed the first time I heard it because I'm a huge horror movie fan and that is creepy as fuck.
(11/08/2015 14:53:45, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Sexyland too controversial
(11/08/2015 14:53:53, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Any hidden tracks?
(11/08/2015 14:53:55, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): - and Houdini's wife in the beginning
(11/08/2015 14:54:02, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP (to Marian): have you ever read a story that made you feel like burn it?
(11/08/2015 14:54:08, room alphaville) marielle: The songs like crazyshow and anothers from dreamscapes (cd 6) they are perfects when the amateur astronomers,like me, we are watching the sky. Your voice is magical.
(11/08/2015 14:54:10, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marian what do you think about things in general are best nowadays than before and best before of nowadays?
(11/08/2015 14:54:31, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): so any new songs in your live setlist next year ?
(11/08/2015 14:54:39, room alphaville) Tralala: Hi Jakob, is there any drummer (dead or alive) you'd love to play with? Who was your greatest source of inspiration when you were a teenager? Thanks :)
(11/08/2015 14:54:40, room alphaville) MoonMonkey (to Marian): I am afraid is not a answer ?
(11/08/2015 14:54:40, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Bazooka74): Rammstein!
(11/08/2015 14:54:45, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): In which languages do you speak? only english and german?
(11/08/2015 14:54:53, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: I'm really sorry for my deteriorating grammar
(11/08/2015 14:54:55, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Do you stay in germany on christmastime?
(11/08/2015 14:55:11, room alphaville) Big_In_Japan: Hello Marian!!!!! There will be a trailer for the new album of Alphaville?
(11/08/2015 14:55:12, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): If you get the question to attend in "Sing meinen Song" would you say YES??
(11/08/2015 14:55:37, room alphaville) stefan: @ Avil :-]
(11/08/2015 14:55:37, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marian, if you had to spend one month in a desert island what would take? and good question about Xmas time? Berlin?
(11/08/2015 14:55:38, room alphaville) Marian (to Olek): the longest track will probably be MAFIA ISLAND, about 7 minutes
(11/08/2015 14:55:53, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Avil): :-]
(11/08/2015 14:56:01, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Good question Natalia, I think a little bit of French too, right Marian?
(11/08/2015 14:56:06, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Try to sing Traumtänzer oder Blauer Engel in english language, please!
(11/08/2015 14:56:09, room alphaville) Blue_Shadow: O:-)
(11/08/2015 14:56:09, room alphaville) Clare (to Avil, Avil, Avil, Avil): :-]
(11/08/2015 14:56:16, room alphaville) Big_In_Japan: When it will be released the new album by Alphaville??
(11/08/2015 14:56:18, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Wow 7 minutes!
(11/08/2015 14:56:21, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): cheers
(11/08/2015 14:56:49, room alphaville) MGFan123 (to Marian): Have you ever made any demos that never saw any form of release?
(11/08/2015 14:57:01, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: :-]
(11/08/2015 14:57:06, room alphaville) Frank (to Marian): i didn't see when the next album will be out pproximatively
(11/08/2015 14:57:21, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Good question Frank
(11/08/2015 14:57:26, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Claudia): Have a beer with me when I come to Germany next year
(11/08/2015 14:57:26, room alphaville) Maya: Marian, to a meeting in Tel Aviv ...... thank you that you come ................. And thank you for the BIG IN JAPAN, I love him more than 30 years ............- is such an inspiration ... but I repeat it is always and always listen .......... thank you,
(11/08/2015 14:57:36, room alphaville) Big_In_Japan: There will be another album after Strange Attractor??
(11/08/2015 14:57:46, room alphaville) marielle: The songs like crazyshow and anothers from dreamscapes (cd 6) they are perfects when the amateur astronomers,like me, we are watching the sky. Your voice is magical.
(11/08/2015 14:57:46, room alphaville) LATINA79: (to marian) Marian when you can do a concert here in my country Venezuela ?
(11/08/2015 14:57:48, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): What are your hobbies?
(11/08/2015 14:57:51, room alphaville) Krapplund (to AmberVonAvalon): for sure YES!
(11/08/2015 14:57:56, room alphaville) Marian: @ Krapplund I don't want to but Claudia forces me in. She can be so persuasive
(11/08/2015 14:58:16, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Krapplund): YES YES YES
(11/08/2015 14:58:22, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Muhahaha...but would you say YES??
(11/08/2015 14:58:40, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): ops one beer to mutch ;)
(11/08/2015 14:58:50, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): Does this dress make me look fat?
(11/08/2015 14:59:02, room alphaville) Karen (to Krapplund): can there ever be such a thing?
(11/08/2015 14:59:03, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: I want to see it :]
(11/08/2015 14:59:04, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: ...
(11/08/2015 14:59:13, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Krapplund): No such thing. MOAR BEER!
(11/08/2015 14:59:14, room alphaville) Marian (to Krapplund): you better do if Claudia asks for it
(11/08/2015 14:59:18, room alphaville) Daniel_Lepki: I took a look at that "Alphaville - Around the Universe" page.. Looks impressive.. will have to look again later.
(11/08/2015 14:59:18, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): In which languages do you speak? only english and german?
(11/08/2015 14:59:19, room alphaville) Guest524 (to Marian): trying again: It seems to me there's riddles in a large part of your work since the very beginning. Yet, apparently, nobody seems to care. If right, how can you be so persistent ?
(11/08/2015 14:59:21, room alphaville) jetset (to Marian): : Who has the final say on the lyrics (proofreading), David ?
(11/08/2015 14:59:36, room alphaville) MGFan123 (to Marian): Which do you like better. Dogs or cats?
(11/08/2015 14:59:36, room alphaville) MoonMonkey (to Marian): Another good idea to put B-Sides on single like in `80
(11/08/2015 14:59:36, room alphaville) 18n70g: :-] :-]
(11/08/2015 14:59:43, room alphaville) Elinjea (to Marian): Somewhere I read that "SEXYLAND" is autobiographic ?!! ;)
(11/08/2015 14:59:45, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Do your children listen to your music?
(11/08/2015 14:59:47, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: lol Marian
(11/08/2015 14:59:53, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Guest524): why do you assume no one seems to care?
(11/08/2015 14:59:58, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Claudia): so the CUESTION IS???
(11/08/2015 15:00:08, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): tell me please is there any chance to hear ways live again after so many years
(11/08/2015 15:00:12, room alphaville) Guest524 (to AmberVonAvalon): readings the forum
(11/08/2015 15:00:26, room alphaville) Krapplund: QUSETION
(11/08/2015 15:00:31, room alphaville) Guest524 (to AmberVonAvalon): apparently...
(11/08/2015 15:00:33, room alphaville) Olek (to Marian): great! how about instrumental tracks? is there a chance for any?
(11/08/2015 15:00:40, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Good idea Moon Monkey
(11/08/2015 15:00:41, room alphaville) Marian (to jetset): no, that is normally Anna, my wife.
(11/08/2015 15:00:41, room alphaville) Claudia (to Natalia): yes, and a little Italian and French
(11/08/2015 15:00:42, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP (to Marian): warming your vocal chords under the shower? :P
(11/08/2015 15:00:43, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Guest524): I am obsessed with the riddles and the repetition, quite frankly
(11/08/2015 15:00:44, room alphaville) Karen (to Krapplund): nearly there
(11/08/2015 15:00:53, room alphaville) Avil (to Krapplund): HAHA ;)
(11/08/2015 15:00:58, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): What inspires you to choose the name "Marian"???
(11/08/2015 15:01:07, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian): Can you comment on the current paradigm shift...or do we have time...:) It sure is about time!
(11/08/2015 15:01:08, room alphaville) Guest832: to marian You will arrive to Russia with a concert?
(11/08/2015 15:01:26, room alphaville) Guest524 (to AmberVonAvalon): ;)
(11/08/2015 15:01:27, room alphaville) marielle: good question bazooka74!
(11/08/2015 15:01:40, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): Smart man. The wife has the final say. That's how my marriage works and we are very happy :D
(11/08/2015 15:01:41, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Not a huge fan of sexyland, lyrics are bizarre
(11/08/2015 15:01:50, room alphaville) MoonMonkey: I always asking myself why "Elevator" was not been on "Forever Young"???????
(11/08/2015 15:01:53, room alphaville) Natalia (to Bazooka74): good question! and why "gold"? :D
(11/08/2015 15:01:57, room alphaville) marielle: me too i want to know why you are "Marian Gold"
(11/08/2015 15:02:01, room alphaville) Humanracer34: And it's odd to find salvation in porn
(11/08/2015 15:02:03, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: chatting from a mobile is really a pain
(11/08/2015 15:02:14, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): What´s your favorite song ever?
(11/08/2015 15:02:17, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: yes, why marian and why gold?
(11/08/2015 15:02:22, room alphaville) nadia: I named one kitten "Gold" all is said
(11/08/2015 15:02:36, room alphaville) Olek (to Marian): not that I have something aganst your voice really, just instrumental face of Alphaville always excites me like hell
(11/08/2015 15:02:42, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: and yes good question bazooka
(11/08/2015 15:02:50, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: I have a World of Warcraft character named MarianGold. She's a night elf feral druid.
(11/08/2015 15:02:58, room alphaville) nadia: Marian Gold suits very well, romantic
(11/08/2015 15:02:59, room alphaville) Marian (to Guest524): well, yeah, what can I say. I find riddles quite entertaining. And if you want to write about life, you write about riddles.
(11/08/2015 15:03:00, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Karen): not close at all ;)
(11/08/2015 15:03:09, room alphaville) Clare (to AmberVonAvalon): when I marry people the brides ask "do I have to promise to obey?" and I look shocked and tell them "of course not, only the groom does that"
(11/08/2015 15:03:10, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Olek i like imperial youth
(11/08/2015 15:03:10, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: And I wonder why the hell "Elevator". My simpleton brain cannot process it.
(11/08/2015 15:03:17, room alphaville) Mumu: Ok, I have to go. Thanks for the chat, everyone. Bye Marian.
(11/08/2015 15:03:20, room alphaville) Maya: It was all pretty cool and communication ...... Marian, thank you for chat, for your wonderful sense of humor ........ and what you came to us ......... I so glad, though you're far away, but I embrace you ...........
(11/08/2015 15:03:31, room alphaville) Guest999 (to Marian): What songs/bands did you listen to in your youth?
(11/08/2015 15:03:31, room alphaville) Daniel_Lepki: Bye bye Mumu!
(11/08/2015 15:03:33, room alphaville) Guest832: To Marian You will give a concert in Russia in 2015?
(11/08/2015 15:03:34, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): say hello to Anna and please say IGELKOTT ;)
(11/08/2015 15:03:35, room alphaville) Frank: Bye Mumu
(11/08/2015 15:03:40, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Sounds like early human league
(11/08/2015 15:03:42, room alphaville) Marian (to AmberVonAvalon): I agree
(11/08/2015 15:03:44, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Clare): :))
(11/08/2015 15:04:04, room alphaville) LATINA79: hello
(11/08/2015 15:04:07, room alphaville) LATINA79: marian
(11/08/2015 15:04:17, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Mumu): Bye!
(11/08/2015 15:04:30, room alphaville) nadia: are you glad to tour for Top 50 show? Was Claudia who forced you?
(11/08/2015 15:04:34, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: @Mumu :-]
(11/08/2015 15:04:36, room alphaville) LATINA79: Hello Marian Marian when can you come to Venezuela to make his big concert
(11/08/2015 15:04:36, room alphaville) LATINA79: ??????
(11/08/2015 15:04:36, room alphaville) Guest524 (to Marian): Thank you, it was mean to be an encouraging question... i dig the riddles, just a little bit frustrated to get only a few...
(11/08/2015 15:04:46, room alphaville) ben: greetings from Rome@
(11/08/2015 15:04:51, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Many fans wanna know, what inspires you to name "Marian Gold"???
(11/08/2015 15:04:53, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Clare, Marian): When we got married, my husband didn't pay attention to the vows and I knew he wouldn't. Our Reverend Pagan (yes, really his name) put the OBEY in my husband's vows but not mine.
(11/08/2015 15:04:54, room alphaville) hajak1: Marian Which song is your favourite from the new album?
(11/08/2015 15:04:57, room alphaville) stefan: @ marian what´s your message to people who say refugees are not welcome?
(11/08/2015 15:05:04, room alphaville) Angelizer: Marian maybe you remember the Cd I threw on the stage in Halle. When you took it up you said "Ist das mein Text?" because of the Letter i added to it. So my Question is will there be a possibility for another collaboration with fans or even remix possib.?
(11/08/2015 15:05:07, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: Of course, I am a very benevolent ruler
(11/08/2015 15:05:10, room alphaville) Jakob: Cheers BenJMin
(11/08/2015 15:05:37, room alphaville) Guest832: to Marian You will give a concert in Russia in 2015?
(11/08/2015 15:05:38, room alphaville) yael: i am excited for your visit in tel aviv.....
(11/08/2015 15:05:43, room alphaville) tjommen (to Marian): hello marian is there a date for the new album??
(11/08/2015 15:06:01, room alphaville) Marian (to MoonMonkey): because it's a b-side. We don't put b-sides on our albums. Actually we should do the same with a sides. But too late. No a- and b- sides anymore.
(11/08/2015 15:06:02, room alphaville) Jakob: Moiners!
(11/08/2015 15:06:07, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): tell me please STRANGE ATTRACTOR it's the name decided 100% for the album or can appear some change acording to that ?
(11/08/2015 15:06:29, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian, shapeseven): thank you for all the time and work put in the content of the magazine. It's delightful to have something like the old Moonpapers again. =)
(11/08/2015 15:06:56, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Sa was the original name of prostitute
(11/08/2015 15:06:59, room alphaville) ben: so when r u finally coming to Santiago de Chile?;-)
(11/08/2015 15:07:16, room alphaville) Marian (to stefan): my message is: piss off!
(11/08/2015 15:07:30, room alphaville) Daniel_Lepki: I miss the old 'Klangwelt' on the old AV page..
(11/08/2015 15:07:37, room alphaville) stefan: perfect!
(11/08/2015 15:07:37, room alphaville) Krapplund: Alpahville TRIBUTE release and LIVE DVD you find here to buy
(11/08/2015 15:07:44, room alphaville) luni: Hahaha this is funny!
(11/08/2015 15:07:45, room alphaville) Guest832: to MARIAN You will give a concert in Russia in 2015?
(11/08/2015 15:07:55, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: alpacaville
(11/08/2015 15:07:58, room alphaville) KaM: 8)
(11/08/2015 15:07:59, room alphaville) LATINA79: ok
(11/08/2015 15:08:05, room alphaville) MalilaM (to shapeseven): :)
(11/08/2015 15:08:20, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: I agree Marian. Witht the refugees thing. Piss off!
(11/08/2015 15:08:26, room alphaville) Claudia (to stefan): check out the Alphaville webshop in a few days...
(11/08/2015 15:08:35, room alphaville) Avil (to Marian): Good answer to stefan. We are one world.
(11/08/2015 15:08:36, room alphaville) Claudia (to tjommen): first half of 2016
(11/08/2015 15:08:41, room alphaville) Didier: Top 50 Le Spectacle! Will you pick up someone out of the audience to sing with you on stage "Big in Japan or "Forever Young" or any other song (I got front row-tickets in Brussels ;D )
(11/08/2015 15:08:46, room alphaville) Olek (to Marian): with the new album and probably new tour next year, do you plan on recording one of your gigs and release it on a DVD or BD?
(11/08/2015 15:08:50, room alphaville) soner_ozturk: hello marian... I'm very curious about ricky. are you seeing him?
(11/08/2015 15:08:55, room alphaville) stefan: @ claudia ok, i will do!
(11/08/2015 15:08:57, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Why don´t refresh the "old" Alphaville songs? That would be great!
(11/08/2015 15:08:57, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Sad that beethoven is still a relevant song in 2016
(11/08/2015 15:09:10, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian): well said on refugees. I wish more people had that attitude.
(11/08/2015 15:09:18, room alphaville) Humanracer34: But im from uk and its just as bad here
(11/08/2015 15:09:40, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): Could some of the plausible dreams you have had in life show that maybe whatever is around us is just a dream?
(11/08/2015 15:10:02, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): How many e-mails do you get for a day?
(11/08/2015 15:10:04, room alphaville) Marian (to Andrei): changes are always possible and also very likely in the Alphaville universe. But momentarily I like the title very much. It suits the album perfectly. And we finally get it out of the way.
(11/08/2015 15:10:28, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian): Go Marian I love that you speak from the heart
(11/08/2015 15:10:33, room alphaville) Clare (to Humanracer34): it is. And that people don't learn from history.
(11/08/2015 15:10:38, room alphaville) Karen (to Clare): same here. It's all right to whnge about it when you live in your cosy litle bubble, but step outside and try and imagine what it would be like if the boot was on the other foot
(11/08/2015 15:10:55, room alphaville) Guest524 (to Marian): best title ever!
(11/08/2015 15:10:55, room alphaville) Humanracer34: History is full of refugees
(11/08/2015 15:10:56, room alphaville) LATINA79: (to marian) I wanted to repeat the question when you can veneir do a concert here in Venezuela
(11/08/2015 15:10:57, room alphaville) Jakob: Hi Claudia! Gut!
(11/08/2015 15:11:02, room alphaville) hajak1: Which songs can we expect on the new album??
(11/08/2015 15:11:04, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Will future gigs include more songs from The Breathtaking Blue or was it just a concession for the anniversary party?
(11/08/2015 15:11:12, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: I have crazy dreams O.o
(11/08/2015 15:11:12, room alphaville) Humanracer34: People migrate
(11/08/2015 15:11:14, room alphaville) Clare (to Karen): Any of us could be a refugee and if we're not it just makes us lucky.
(11/08/2015 15:11:22, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Do you like southern comfort or only beer?
(11/08/2015 15:11:30, room alphaville) Krapplund: would love a titel like Krapplunds World
(11/08/2015 15:11:32, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Marian): and @claudia: why don´t you link the alphaville webshop on our official have great merch stuff there..
(11/08/2015 15:11:36, room alphaville) MoonMonkey (to Marian): Yes I understand but do not you think "Elevator" was popular like "SLAM" ,"BiJ" and more popular like other songs from "Forever Young"
(11/08/2015 15:11:56, room alphaville) Guest524 (to Krapplund): A victory of Beer ?
(11/08/2015 15:11:57, room alphaville) Karen (to Clare): true. Living in a difficult political situation at the mo brings it a little closer to home
(11/08/2015 15:11:58, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Krapplund): ohhh I have the Elmo's World song stuck in my head now but with Krapplund
(11/08/2015 15:12:11, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Would you do the same again, if you were 30 years now?
(11/08/2015 15:12:17, room alphaville) Marian (to AmberVonAvalon): in most of the cases, when we dream we feel like existing in perfect reality. So, how can we tell. And if we could, what difference would it make. we could be still in a dream.
(11/08/2015 15:12:19, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Guest524): YEAH....i´m on my 7-8 beer now
(11/08/2015 15:12:21, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Clare): Well said
(11/08/2015 15:12:31, room alphaville) Claudia (to Krapplund): :D
(11/08/2015 15:12:32, room alphaville) Guest832: To MARIAN Please answer!!! You will arrive to Russia? We very much wait for you!!!
(11/08/2015 15:12:34, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: ;D
(11/08/2015 15:12:37, room alphaville) Karen (to Krapplund): or Krapplund's Lost His T-Shirt
(11/08/2015 15:12:46, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Elevator and golden feeling are great live
(11/08/2015 15:13:00, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: or his 10th beer on the wall?
(11/08/2015 15:13:00, room alphaville) Marian (to Krapplund): third Sherry on my side. Cheers
(11/08/2015 15:13:01, room alphaville) Olek (to Marian): Jean Michel Jarre just released 1st part of his electronica project, where he collaborated with artists involved in electronic music. Did he contact you for 2nd part of his project?...
(11/08/2015 15:13:09, room alphaville) Clare (to Karen): we have the U.N. investigating our government's human rights abuses at the moment so yes I can understand.
(11/08/2015 15:13:14, room alphaville) Guest999 (to Marian): <b> what is your favorite live performance so far?</b>
(11/08/2015 15:13:20, room alphaville) stefan: @ krapplund you have to work tomorrow?
(11/08/2015 15:13:21, room alphaville) adry (to Marian): ¿what is your favorite song in this new album?
(11/08/2015 15:13:23, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Krapplund): 7th beer on it´s way :)
(11/08/2015 15:13:34, room alphaville) Claudia (to alphaandre): I'll send you a mail
(11/08/2015 15:13:34, room alphaville) Jarka (to Marian): Would be a new setlist at the concert in Dresden or Köln?
(11/08/2015 15:13:35, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Karen): :))
(11/08/2015 15:13:36, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Claudia): it´s an annual anniversary ;)
(11/08/2015 15:13:36, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marian, I have had dreams when I know I am dreaming and I can sense objects, it is so strange, I test if I can smell, or touch and yes I can, I tell myself this is a dream, lets test. lol Maybe our reality is a dream too. How can we difference?
(11/08/2015 15:13:37, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): Yes so true. If we have a dream that feels as though it's really happening then who is to say it's not. And then when you wake up maybe you are only falling asleep.
(11/08/2015 15:13:38, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: I still don't get the title of Elevator. Because of the lifting experience?
(11/08/2015 15:13:42, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): thank you so much i already listened to your album trailer and let me tell you i started to dream about that it's a wonderfull thing an woderfull universe and i like to thank you for that
(11/08/2015 15:13:46, room alphaville) Elinjea (to Clare, Marian): 1 Reason why i love to life in Berlin is: So many different coultures and Religions, so much to learn from refugees
(11/08/2015 15:13:47, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: More beer....
(11/08/2015 15:13:53, room alphaville) Carrie: What is your favourite Alphaville song
(11/08/2015 15:13:54, room alphaville) Karen (to Clare): 'Corruption Kills!' is the motto here right now
(11/08/2015 15:13:58, room alphaville) marielle: why did you choose "Marian gold" as your artistic name? i want to know please
(11/08/2015 15:14:03, room alphaville) Blue_Shadow: If I could live in my dreams.. it would be very different but reality smacks you in the face from time to time....
(11/08/2015 15:14:13, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Not my government i voted for Scottish independence
(11/08/2015 15:14:16, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Do you thinking to write a book about your life?
(11/08/2015 15:14:16, room alphaville) Marian (to Olek): no, and I don't think that I could contribute much to his project.
(11/08/2015 15:14:44, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Claudia): ok, thanks :)
(11/08/2015 15:14:47, room alphaville) Krapplund: @sharpeseven: you crazy
(11/08/2015 15:14:51, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Sad to hear about passing of edgar froesse
(11/08/2015 15:14:59, room alphaville) Humanracer34: He was a legend
(11/08/2015 15:14:59, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): Do you like sweet or dry wines ?
(11/08/2015 15:15:04, room alphaville) KaM: Where I live is very Eastern European. Very inclusive.
(11/08/2015 15:15:18, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): What do you think about Klaus Kinski?
(11/08/2015 15:15:20, room alphaville) Guest524 (to Marian): Ready for the next harvest ?
(11/08/2015 15:15:22, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP (to KaM): so where?
(11/08/2015 15:15:27, room alphaville) Karen (to KaM): more eastern European here :-P
(11/08/2015 15:15:32, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: I had a dream the other night.... Winter was coming and it was going to be a bitter one. I wasn't prepared because I was caught somewhere I wasn't expecting and I was in the woods trying to gather fruit even though it was mostly dead. I found some
(11/08/2015 15:15:43, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: and cherries that were the size of plums that looked ok but when I bit into the big cherry, thick, dark blood oozed out of it. I heard someone whisper to me to look up so I looked up into the sky and up there I could see some sort of hieroglyph with words
(11/08/2015 15:15:44, room alphaville) schrödingers: There is a great movie about this awake/sleep-thing: Inception
(11/08/2015 15:15:50, room alphaville) KaM (to Karen): Granted!
(11/08/2015 15:15:54, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: written under it was written "the Channels of A'DAAR"
(11/08/2015 15:16:10, room alphaville) EDICHI: Good question (to Narielle)
(11/08/2015 15:16:12, room alphaville) KaM (to OmegavilleNP): Stratford, near the London Olympic Stadium
(11/08/2015 15:16:17, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: strange dream Amber!
(11/08/2015 15:16:18, room alphaville) Karen (to KaM): I stay out of the expat bubble as much as I can - annoys the hell out of me anyway
(11/08/2015 15:16:22, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: just Central European...
(11/08/2015 15:16:43, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to ViviBrazil): ohhh I have a book full of them!
(11/08/2015 15:16:49, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Do you dream about monkey in the moon?
(11/08/2015 15:16:50, room alphaville) Guest832: to Marian Please answer!!! You will arrive to Russia? We very much wait for you!!!
(11/08/2015 15:16:51, room alphaville) Krapplund (to shapeseven): ANDD?
(11/08/2015 15:16:56, room alphaville) LATINA79: (to marian) there are so many people who have to answer do not have time for all of us ...
(11/08/2015 15:16:57, room alphaville) Olek (to Marian): what was the last time some a movie inspired you enough to write a song?
(11/08/2015 15:17:01, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP (to KaM): and I thought... ;D
(11/08/2015 15:17:14, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: OMG, I have strange dreams too Amber, but I never write them down.
(11/08/2015 15:17:17, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Karen): always
(11/08/2015 15:17:25, room alphaville) KaM (to Olek): Napoleon Dynamite ;)
(11/08/2015 15:17:39, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: What was your strangest dream, Marian?
(11/08/2015 15:17:45, room alphaville) Jehovanna (to Marian): reading to you here in the Chat, I understand why you do not come to Panama. Here everything is mainstream but me.
(11/08/2015 15:17:48, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to ViviBrazil): I started writing them in 2001. Sometimes very ver along dreams
(11/08/2015 15:17:51, room alphaville) Daniel_Lepki: I better write something, or the website will bump me off - I am happy that we have this forum.. and I am happy in the way Marian says on what of his songs.. "you make me very happy.."
(11/08/2015 15:17:56, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: That was a hell of a vivid dream
(11/08/2015 15:17:59, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Claudia): Morning!
(11/08/2015 15:18:05, room alphaville) Frank: May some others fans can have their answers :)
(11/08/2015 15:18:15, room alphaville) Frank: about names and so on
(11/08/2015 15:18:18, room alphaville) Olek: the more excited I get here, the more shitty my English is
(11/08/2015 15:18:19, room alphaville) Marian (to Bazooka74): fascinating actor, brilliant reciter of poems and as I read lately molestor of his daughter.
(11/08/2015 15:18:31, room alphaville) LATINA79: I want to be your fans marian
(11/08/2015 15:18:32, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP (to Olek): same :D
(11/08/2015 15:18:32, room alphaville) Krapplund: ENIGMA!!
(11/08/2015 15:18:34, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian): I agree,it is a great name,but if it's changed that's great too,it's the content that matters most
(11/08/2015 15:18:45, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Cool Amber,it can make a book of it, the more we sleep the more we dream, the more hours
(11/08/2015 15:18:50, room alphaville) Frank: it oftens the same small group sorry to say that
(11/08/2015 15:19:05, room alphaville) Marian (to Olek): same with me
(11/08/2015 15:19:06, room alphaville) Maya: Marian, for you have 2 large glasses of wine ..........- And what are you now prefer ???
(11/08/2015 15:19:09, room alphaville) MoonMonkey (to Marian): My point is : Did you feel some b-sides will be better selection for album than song you have chosen?
(11/08/2015 15:19:19, room alphaville) Patten (to Marian): Will there be any songs released on Moonbase?
(11/08/2015 15:19:21, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Yes, what a shame
(11/08/2015 15:19:38, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Frank): ask?
(11/08/2015 15:19:52, room alphaville) Elinjea (to Marian, Olek): my english is leaving me tooo
(11/08/2015 15:20:07, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP (to Marian): Any "Easter eggs" planned on one of your websites?
(11/08/2015 15:20:10, room alphaville) Karen: mine too, need lessons
(11/08/2015 15:20:11, room alphaville) Frank: i asked but i am not the only one to hav o answers
(11/08/2015 15:20:13, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: lol Marian and Olek your English are always good. lol And how horrible that guy them!
(11/08/2015 15:20:16, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to ViviBrazil): The first Alphaville dream I had, a comet was coming and the world was going to die. I found Alphaville in the sand on the beach and unburied them so they could be playing music when the comet hit the ocean
(11/08/2015 15:20:19, room alphaville) KaM: I'm going to lobby Reflex London for Big in Japan this Friday - leaving party. :)
(11/08/2015 15:20:23, room alphaville) Humanracer34: So many famous people exposed as pedophiles
(11/08/2015 15:20:27, room alphaville) MoonMonkey (to Patten): Thanks good question!!!!!!!!
(11/08/2015 15:20:27, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Horrible world
(11/08/2015 15:20:32, room alphaville) 18n70g: а почеиу так иало человек в чате
(11/08/2015 15:20:35, room alphaville) Claudia (to Patten): not yet decided
(11/08/2015 15:20:36, room alphaville) Catherine: Back again, i am on this forum while at work lol almost got caught :P naughty me
(11/08/2015 15:20:47, room alphaville) Clare: My english too. I'll be talking in a Highland Scottish accent soon and that's a nightmare to type.
(11/08/2015 15:20:55, room alphaville) Andrei (to Jakob, Marian): and i will like to say another thing GREAT WORK GREAT GUYS AND GREAT MUSIC and thank for all tah you are doing for us
(11/08/2015 15:21:03, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Would you do anything for love?
(11/08/2015 15:21:04, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Amber, I used to have a lot of AV dreams too.
(11/08/2015 15:21:11, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Clare): hahaha!
(11/08/2015 15:21:18, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Dreams are always strange
(11/08/2015 15:21:28, room alphaville) Daniel_Lepki: excuse me.. I am happy in the way Marian says on one of his live performace concert songs from the 'Stark Naked' album: "you make me very happy.."
(11/08/2015 15:21:28, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: oh well that might have been a silly question.
(11/08/2015 15:21:33, room alphaville) Karen (to Clare): I listen to 3 or 4 languages concurently on a daily basis - my brain is addled
(11/08/2015 15:21:37, room alphaville) Marian (to MoonMonkey): oh, yes, definitely. Then, Universal Daddy was the flip side of another single.
(11/08/2015 15:21:55, room alphaville) KaM (to Daniel_Lepki): End of Flame :)
(11/08/2015 15:21:56, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): your favorite book?
(11/08/2015 15:22:02, room alphaville) Olek (to Marian): what's your opinion on commercial streaming services, like Spotify?
(11/08/2015 15:22:05, room alphaville) Andrei (to Jakob, Marian): cheers
(11/08/2015 15:22:13, room alphaville) Elinjea (to Marian, Claudia): I remember there was a plan about a Musical from Alphaville. What happen with this idea?
(11/08/2015 15:22:21, room alphaville) Daniel_Lepki: :)
(11/08/2015 15:22:40, room alphaville) nadia: Tittle "seeds" is a b-side, and one of my favourite!
(11/08/2015 15:22:45, room alphaville) Krapplund: anyway...i can´t wait for the new album
(11/08/2015 15:22:50, room alphaville) Jakob: Cheers Andrei
(11/08/2015 15:23:00, room alphaville) Catherine: Hi Marian :) What was the inspiration behind the song universal daddy?
(11/08/2015 15:23:09, room alphaville) nadia: when you sing Seeds, joy is present for ALL my day
(11/08/2015 15:23:13, room alphaville) LATINA79: as it is called albun
(11/08/2015 15:23:13, room alphaville) Maya: Marian - is your favorite actor and movie ????
(11/08/2015 15:23:14, room alphaville) tarirodecai: Marian, just to let you know last year in Paris was my first AV live concert and i must say it was one of the most emotive days in my life. Thanks for it and was a pleasure talk with you before concert
(11/08/2015 15:23:17, room alphaville) hajak1: Krapplund I agrre
(11/08/2015 15:23:17, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: and maybe you'll make a Soundcloud account where you would post demos and such?
(11/08/2015 15:23:38, room alphaville) 18n70g: you super
(11/08/2015 15:23:40, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Do you think the airport BER will ever be finished?
(11/08/2015 15:23:42, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Jakob): I want one of your drumsticks in polen.....
(11/08/2015 15:23:54, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Jakob): in an interview you said the worst things in the modern world are screens, but some band members said they keep their iPads with them most of the time... how do you cope with that?
(11/08/2015 15:24:00, room alphaville) LATINA79: :tea
(11/08/2015 15:24:06, room alphaville) Jakob: you get it, Krapplund!
(11/08/2015 15:24:08, room alphaville) Marian (to Natalia): The Lord of the Flies right now. I just reread it and I think it sums up everything about mankind.
(11/08/2015 15:24:12, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: and Marian, you are lucky now to have a record company,but it someday it happens of not, Pledgemusic is a good way to release a new CD
(11/08/2015 15:24:15, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: or plan a tour
(11/08/2015 15:24:28, room alphaville) jetset (to Marian): : Not a question, just happy that you guys found a way for arrangements on Around The Universe.
(11/08/2015 15:24:30, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP: that's pretty pessimistic
(11/08/2015 15:24:33, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): I had a dream last week you were running around in my yard and kept shapeshifting into a bear and back into a human and then a bear again. So, yeah, that happened. Next time, would you rake my leaves?
(11/08/2015 15:24:52, room alphaville) nadia: last year in Paris, I was there too, a very important day for me
(11/08/2015 15:25:03, room alphaville) Catherine (to Jakob): Hi Jakob :) absolutely love your drumming technique ! You rock !!!!!!!
(11/08/2015 15:25:08, room alphaville) Guest832: To Marian Very much we wait for your concert in Russia! You will arrive?
(11/08/2015 15:25:08, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Jakob): Thanks...I will remind you ;)
(11/08/2015 15:25:13, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: oooooof Lord of the Rings so good
(11/08/2015 15:25:21, room alphaville) Marian (to jetset): ...still not happy with it.
(11/08/2015 15:25:32, room alphaville) Jakob: Malia, needs to be dealt with like any other addiction I guess...
(11/08/2015 15:25:41, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Jakob): and you HEAR myu VOICE ;)
(11/08/2015 15:25:45, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Jakob): Will you have a beer with me?
(11/08/2015 15:25:53, room alphaville) Karen: Lord of the Flies - possibly responsible for mentally damaging me for life after reading it at school
(11/08/2015 15:25:57, room alphaville) luni: Quite a dark book Lord Of The Flies but I agree
(11/08/2015 15:26:10, room alphaville) Krapplund (to AmberVonAvalon): and ME??
(11/08/2015 15:26:12, room alphaville) Marian (to Guest832): ...pretty sure we will play Russia in 2016
(11/08/2015 15:26:17, room alphaville) Frank: Bye have a nice evening
(11/08/2015 15:26:24, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Jakob): indeed. Thanks for the answer. Do you travel with books instead?
(11/08/2015 15:26:27, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Can you decide for your own, where your next tour city will be, or your manager?
(11/08/2015 15:26:33, room alphaville) MoonMonkey (to Marian): You said it will be 13 or 14 songs on "SA" How many songs you got to select on this new album?
(11/08/2015 15:26:34, room alphaville) Jakob: Let's have a beer!
(11/08/2015 15:26:36, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP (to Frank): :-]
(11/08/2015 15:26:37, room alphaville) Clare (to Alien): :-]
(11/08/2015 15:26:50, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: oooh Russia! I've never been to Rusia
(11/08/2015 15:26:54, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Alien): :-]
(11/08/2015 15:26:59, room alphaville) Andrei (to Jakob, Marian): in Romania will it be a concert in 2016 ?
(11/08/2015 15:26:59, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Jakob): only ONE??
(11/08/2015 15:27:03, room alphaville) Jakob: Malia, books and screens...
(11/08/2015 15:27:05, room alphaville) Humanracer34: You seem very pessimistic marian
(11/08/2015 15:27:07, room alphaville) Karen (to Alien): evening!
(11/08/2015 15:27:09, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Alien): ALIEN!
(11/08/2015 15:27:12, room alphaville) Catherine: Hello Alien :)
(11/08/2015 15:27:13, room alphaville) KaM (to Jakob): I share your drumming montage as one of the best ways to introduce new people to AvE
(11/08/2015 15:27:15, room alphaville) Jakob: Beers!
(11/08/2015 15:27:32, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Bazooka, in general, promoters in the places, countries, cities have to contract the band. Then the manager and the band say yes or no
(11/08/2015 15:27:34, room alphaville) Patten (to Alien): Hello!!! :)
(11/08/2015 15:27:36, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Jakob): that´s right ;)
(11/08/2015 15:27:37, room alphaville) Alien: :-] hi everybody!
(11/08/2015 15:27:40, room alphaville) OmegavilleNP (to Marian): ever thought of official band's Soundcloud account?
(11/08/2015 15:27:41, room alphaville) Jakob: Thanks KaM for spreading the word!
(11/08/2015 15:27:42, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Alien): Alien. Alien. I am going to travel 6000 miles next year and see Alpahville. I hope you are there.
(11/08/2015 15:27:44, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: It doesnt depend on the bands to be here or there.
(11/08/2015 15:27:45, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): YAre you planning a new album after SA?
(11/08/2015 15:27:46, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Alien): morning!
(11/08/2015 15:27:51, room alphaville) Maya: Good night, and Marian before the meeting in Tel Aviv, and embrace you ....................
(11/08/2015 15:27:53, room alphaville) Claudia (to MoonMonkey): approx 20 songs
(11/08/2015 15:27:54, room alphaville) Jakob: Vodka?
(11/08/2015 15:27:54, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Jakob): :)) Ok.
(11/08/2015 15:28:09, room alphaville) Krapplund: time to make a PEE
(11/08/2015 15:28:09, room alphaville) marielle: when do you come to Argentina or southamerica? Anyway i m saving to travel to germany :P
(11/08/2015 15:28:24, room alphaville) Catherine: what do you mix your Vodka with?
(11/08/2015 15:28:27, room alphaville) LATINA79: (to marian)He likes casually policy
(11/08/2015 15:28:32, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: marian what instrument do you like more to play or usewhen composing?
(11/08/2015 15:28:33, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Jakob): oki VADKA..let´s go
(11/08/2015 15:28:40, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Do you or your wife got a pet?
(11/08/2015 15:28:46, room alphaville) Krapplund (to shapeseven): no proembelms
(11/08/2015 15:28:53, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marielle, as soon as someone around here contracts the band
(11/08/2015 15:28:56, room alphaville) KaM (to Claudia): Is there a reasonably good chance of an album launch party for SA. I think the CROG launch was one of the best nights I've ever had!
(11/08/2015 15:29:05, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Jakob): you need to update your FB page more often
(11/08/2015 15:29:09, room alphaville) Marian (to Natalia): we always plan a new album. It's a neverending story.
(11/08/2015 15:29:14, room alphaville) Alien (to AmberVonAvalon): If you are traveling 6000 miles, i'll have to do my share of travel as well. :)
(11/08/2015 15:29:23, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Krapplund): hold it!
(11/08/2015 15:29:25, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): What inspires you for the name Marian Gold?
(11/08/2015 15:29:27, room alphaville) MoonMonkey (to Claudia): Thanks
(11/08/2015 15:29:36, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Cool, Marian, it should be like this about new albums, new shows!
(11/08/2015 15:29:40, room alphaville) Claudia (to KaM): yeeeaah!!! Release party!!!
(11/08/2015 15:29:40, room alphaville) Jakob: need a manager, Amber
(11/08/2015 15:29:44, room alphaville) Marian: @OmegavilleNP no, not yet.
(11/08/2015 15:29:45, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Alien): YES! :)
(11/08/2015 15:29:50, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): thanks Go(l)d! and for that I love you <3
(11/08/2015 15:29:56, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Claudia): I will be there!!!
(11/08/2015 15:30:00, room alphaville) Guest524 (to Marian): So can we expect more riddles in this SA ? :)
(11/08/2015 15:30:06, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian): as soon as SA is out we'll all be asking you when the next one will be out!
(11/08/2015 15:30:09, room alphaville) Catherine: hahaha never ending story reminds me of Kajagoogoo ;)
(11/08/2015 15:30:10, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Jakob): Don't we all?
(11/08/2015 15:30:18, room alphaville) Jarka (to Marian): When would be a new setlist in 2016?
(11/08/2015 15:30:18, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): so now it's no problem from the producers or record company about this new album ?
(11/08/2015 15:30:23, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Do you prefer sneakers or "Schnöselschuhe"?
(11/08/2015 15:30:31, room alphaville) Elinjea (to Claudia): release party?? it will happen?
(11/08/2015 15:30:36, room alphaville) LATINA79: apart from its cancione does not like politics
(11/08/2015 15:30:39, room alphaville) Clare: I've never been to a release party.... yet.
(11/08/2015 15:30:43, room alphaville) LATINA79: marian
(11/08/2015 15:30:46, room alphaville) Jakob: you are right, Amber
(11/08/2015 15:30:56, room alphaville) Guest524 (to Catherine): or AIU the neverending album
(11/08/2015 15:30:59, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Clare): NOT?
(11/08/2015 15:31:01, room alphaville) Angelizer: Marian Will there be Fan Collaborations again like there was in the past on Zoo? And will there be another Remix Possibilities of the New Stuff. I would love to make Remixes for you always. If theres a Chance let please let me know.
(11/08/2015 15:31:05, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Claudia): ohhhhh if there is a release party... I will hang out on the sidewalk for that
(11/08/2015 15:31:12, room alphaville) KaM (to Claudia): Great! I look forward to many a vodka redbull with Krapplund.
(11/08/2015 15:31:24, room alphaville) Olek (to Marian): ok, my last question: is there anything in today's music that excites you and inspires you?
(11/08/2015 15:31:24, room alphaville) MalilaM: I'd love to go to a release party... but I'm still dealing with Paris, so have fun all if there is one. :))
(11/08/2015 15:31:25, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Do you hate Schnösel (stuck up rich people)?
(11/08/2015 15:31:30, room alphaville) Jakob: Vodka Cranberry
(11/08/2015 15:31:30, room alphaville) Marian (to Guest524): there will be galore of riddles
(11/08/2015 15:31:38, room alphaville) schrödingers: there are no happy endings because nothing ends 8)
(11/08/2015 15:31:38, room alphaville) Clare (to Krapplund): I will NOT miss the next one
(11/08/2015 15:31:44, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to KaM): omg... I had a redbull and vodka for the first time in 10 years last month
(11/08/2015 15:31:54, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): YES please riddles
(11/08/2015 15:32:01, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Claudia, Marian): Let´s drink beer for the FOREST at the releaseparty like in the old days ;)
(11/08/2015 15:32:02, room alphaville) MoonMonkey (to Clare): Yes you right and as Claudia wrote Marian have got all ready about 6,7 song!!!
(11/08/2015 15:32:08, room alphaville) Krapplund: RAINFOREST
(11/08/2015 15:32:14, room alphaville) Catherine: Riddles are awesome
(11/08/2015 15:32:17, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: lol schrodingers - I asked a question about that cat earlier in the chat
(11/08/2015 15:32:21, room alphaville) Guest524 (to Marian): YES! years to headaches to come for me (if time allows)
(11/08/2015 15:32:27, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): so now it's no problem from the producers or record company about this new album ? ( i mean delays or other things that happened in the past )
(11/08/2015 15:32:28, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: Unfortunately, Marian did not answer :p
(11/08/2015 15:32:59, room alphaville) LATINA79: (to marian) inspires him apart from his music
(11/08/2015 15:33:05, room alphaville) Marian (to Bazooka74): I actually like schnösel-boots, like cowboy boots, you know, with lots of schnösel stuff stitched on.
(11/08/2015 15:33:06, room alphaville) Evgenia: I am very pleased that you will be in Russia in 2016. I really want to be at the concert. My dream is to enjoy the music, get an autograph from the Mariana and all musicians Alphaville.
(11/08/2015 15:33:08, room alphaville) Didier (to Marian): What's your secret to stay in such a good condition (forever young)? Do you fitness? Or do you practice another sport?
(11/08/2015 15:33:09, room alphaville) MalilaM: It's a shame riddles aren't so popular among AV fans anymore. That's sad.
(11/08/2015 15:33:16, room alphaville) LATINA79: (to marian) inspires him apart from his music
(11/08/2015 15:33:33, room alphaville) Krapplund: listen to Thorleifs - Ich Tanz Mit Einem Enge Muhahahaha
(11/08/2015 15:33:38, room alphaville) Guest832: To Marian Whether video DVD will be published from a concert in Paris?
(11/08/2015 15:33:40, room alphaville) Krapplund: +l
(11/08/2015 15:33:42, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): :D Schnöseltime
(11/08/2015 15:33:43, room alphaville) Jakob: Schnösel is great!
(11/08/2015 15:33:44, room alphaville) Karen (to MalilaM): I think we all grew up
(11/08/2015 15:33:49, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to schrödingers): really, I would have to open the box and give the cat CPR if it were dead
(11/08/2015 15:33:50, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: good question didier
(11/08/2015 15:33:55, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: or is just nature?
(11/08/2015 15:33:55, room alphaville) Guest524 (to MalilaM): I agree
(11/08/2015 15:34:02, room alphaville) Claudia: Viva Schnösel!
(11/08/2015 15:34:04, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): what are your favourite colors? I think black :)
(11/08/2015 15:34:12, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Karen): we grew boring. ;)
(11/08/2015 15:34:13, room alphaville) Marian: long live schnösel!!
(11/08/2015 15:34:22, room alphaville) LATINA79: (to marian) : I always look her sexy charm
(11/08/2015 15:34:25, room alphaville) Clare (to Karen): all? Not me!
(11/08/2015 15:34:29, room alphaville) Humanracer34 (to Marian): did you always wish to have a large family?
(11/08/2015 15:34:31, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Guest524): :)
(11/08/2015 15:34:40, room alphaville) Alien: Wait. Did i miss that there would be a concert in russia in 2016? How could i?
(11/08/2015 15:34:44, room alphaville) Karen (to MalilaM): OK give you that
(11/08/2015 15:34:54, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: good question human
(11/08/2015 15:35:02, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Alien): he said there may be!
(11/08/2015 15:35:02, room alphaville) Guest524 (to Marian): The LMFP avforever 'event' was somewhat pure joy. Do you think it can happen again ?
(11/08/2015 15:35:28, room alphaville) schrödingers: As long as the box is closed there is hope ;)
(11/08/2015 15:35:39, room alphaville) Catherine: Alien, i am missing bits of the conversation too haha
(11/08/2015 15:35:39, room alphaville) LATINA79: (to marian) there is a photo dode salts with black leather clothes and sexy salts was in the 80s
(11/08/2015 15:35:56, room alphaville) Marian (to Humanracer34): I come from a large family.
(11/08/2015 15:36:16, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): so a dum question if you could turn back the time what would you do (artistically i mean)
(11/08/2015 15:36:21, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Claudia): Let´s get Marian to "Sing Meinen Song"...... give you the
(11/08/2015 15:36:27, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): With large boots ;)
(11/08/2015 15:36:39, room alphaville) Krapplund: drumstick to get some action
(11/08/2015 15:36:44, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: andrei good question not dum
(11/08/2015 15:36:47, room alphaville) LATINA79: (to marian) You have a nice family god you bediga
(11/08/2015 15:36:54, room alphaville) Maya: Marian .... your style is very black color .......- this only highlights and its charm
(11/08/2015 15:37:03, room alphaville) marielle: Marian, have you visited Argentina? Are you happy to won us the world cup?
(11/08/2015 15:37:06, room alphaville) MoonMonkey (to Marian): You like cowboy boots but the question is : Can you dance like on the country music?
(11/08/2015 15:37:07, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): Thank you for being so spectacular to your fans, btw. I remember at the 2004 anniversary, you stayed so long after the show to talk with everyone and it was just wonderful.
(11/08/2015 15:37:22, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Clare): Salute!
(11/08/2015 15:37:29, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): How many siblings do you have?
(11/08/2015 15:37:38, room alphaville) Marian (to Andrei): cancel Universal Daddy
(11/08/2015 15:37:42, room alphaville) Claudia (to Krapplund): loool
(11/08/2015 15:38:04, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: Krapplund cracks me up
(11/08/2015 15:38:08, room alphaville) LATINA79: (to Marian) what is your favorite color
(11/08/2015 15:38:10, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): I know: Universal Daddy is not your favorite song
(11/08/2015 15:38:15, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: Or maybe it's just the beer
(11/08/2015 15:38:34, room alphaville) Clare (to AmberVonAvalon): Krapplund cracks everyone up.
(11/08/2015 15:38:42, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: btw, we all know about universal daddy, but what is wrong with it Marian?
(11/08/2015 15:38:51, room alphaville) Marian (to MoonMonkey): I can't dance at all
(11/08/2015 15:38:52, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Krapplund): :))
(11/08/2015 15:38:55, room alphaville) Maya: I am happy to meet with Alphaville in Tel Aviv
(11/08/2015 15:39:00, room alphaville) Olek: I was sleepy but saw the new trailer for Star Wars and am now hyped
(11/08/2015 15:39:01, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: There are a few AV songs that are not my favorites. Luckily, not too many. But there are some..... O.o
(11/08/2015 15:39:02, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: I dont like it very much either, it is different from the other ones
(11/08/2015 15:39:09, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Ud did ok chart wise
(11/08/2015 15:39:22, room alphaville) adry: I like Universal Daddy...
(11/08/2015 15:39:25, room alphaville) AlphaWilli (to LATINA79): GOLD
(11/08/2015 15:39:26, room alphaville) Catherine: Back to work for me, the boss is none to pleased ~ Wishing everyone a good night :)
(11/08/2015 15:39:26, room alphaville) Frank (to Marian): have a nice evening and see you in Top 50
(11/08/2015 15:39:26, room alphaville) Humanracer34: But the lyrics are very cheap
(11/08/2015 15:39:34, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): Dance like no one is watching, yes? Love like you'll never be hurt. A wise man once sang about this.
(11/08/2015 15:39:37, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): you can dance with an electric platform
(11/08/2015 15:39:43, room alphaville) Marian (to Maya): yea, we look very much forward to play there, after all these years.
(11/08/2015 15:39:59, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Is the band involved in the design of the new artwork?
(11/08/2015 15:40:14, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian): Could there ever be an acoustic For A Million,is that possible even?
(11/08/2015 15:40:24, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marian, what would you do if you won the lottery? Maybe a world tour by yourself?
(11/08/2015 15:40:24, room alphaville) Clare: Hey, another glass of wine just poured itself. How did that happen?
(11/08/2015 15:40:24, room alphaville) MalilaM: (I mean, are any of the members directly drawing/pasting/creating anything in there?)
(11/08/2015 15:40:32, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: I can't dance and that doesn't stop me - especially after some beer. Carpe diem.
(11/08/2015 15:40:33, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: I mean with the band but managed by you?
(11/08/2015 15:40:34, room alphaville) Guest832: to Marian What in your opinion the most successful album at Alphaville?
(11/08/2015 15:40:43, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): thank you for your answer and by the way i know that you hate that song i don't know why but if you will tell me i will be glad to konw
(11/08/2015 15:41:02, room alphaville) Guest524 (to Claudia): Any chance to buy SA during Top50 tour ? (it would be a motivation to come, planning for the Perigueux date)
(11/08/2015 15:41:14, room alphaville) Marian (to Natalia): 4
(11/08/2015 15:41:14, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Clare): Wine is a sneaky bastard!
(11/08/2015 15:41:18, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Claudia): It can´t be that hard to get Marian to that program???.......or??
(11/08/2015 15:41:19, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): I think Universal Daddy sounds too main streem for ya!
(11/08/2015 15:41:40, room alphaville) Elinjea (to Marian): do you hate Universal Daddy? Why?
(11/08/2015 15:41:52, room alphaville) Clare (to AmberVonAvalon): alcohol generally.
(11/08/2015 15:41:57, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: I am on beer 3 and it is not yet 2pm.
(11/08/2015 15:42:01, room alphaville) Marian (to Bazooka74): I can dance with anything you want
(11/08/2015 15:42:17, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Marian): i can´t be there...but i ( freu mich für euch sehr)....that you can play in Tel Aviv :)
(11/08/2015 15:42:19, room alphaville) MoonMonkey (to Marian): So please show as on the nearest gig or Are you ashamed show as on a small party like in Berlin.
(11/08/2015 15:42:19, room alphaville) paco: To Marian ..When a show in Spain?
(11/08/2015 15:42:25, room alphaville) MalilaM (to AmberVonAvalon): that doesn't make much difference anymore with a bottle of wine...
(11/08/2015 15:42:27, room alphaville) Olek: you know what's my dream? 'Forever Young' in remastered version
(11/08/2015 15:42:35, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: lol like dance with me, ah Marian I danced like you in SLAM, but I also like as you dance in BIJ
(11/08/2015 15:42:36, room alphaville) Alien: Someone needs to make a hardrock cover of universal daddy to give it a new sound :)
(11/08/2015 15:42:38, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian): Is there any drink that you really dislike?
(11/08/2015 15:42:58, room alphaville) Karen: or a mashup of UNIDAD and Montego Bay
(11/08/2015 15:43:03, room alphaville) schrödingers: I liked "universal daddy" I think because of the line "throwing kisses" ;D
(11/08/2015 15:43:05, room alphaville) Claudia (to Olek): on the new album of course!! :D
(11/08/2015 15:43:07, room alphaville) Jakob: Let's dance!
(11/08/2015 15:43:10, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Maybe with me on your neck ;)
(11/08/2015 15:43:17, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Ramydbg): morning!
(11/08/2015 15:43:23, room alphaville) luni: (to AmberVonAvalon): loool...:)
(11/08/2015 15:43:24, room alphaville) Alien (to Karen): that's an IDEA
(11/08/2015 15:43:32, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Jakob): let´s drink! ;)
(11/08/2015 15:43:37, room alphaville) Marian (to Olek): great idea
(11/08/2015 15:43:38, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marian, do a video dancing to the new album! ;)
(11/08/2015 15:43:52, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Karen, Alien): you sadists! :))
(11/08/2015 15:44:06, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): Are you planning next chat with us? If yes, when?
(11/08/2015 15:44:08, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): It's probably better you don't have a Twitter. I'd be tweeting you pictures of the raccoons and deer in my yard eating my tulips.
(11/08/2015 15:44:22, room alphaville) EDICHI: Let´s dance for a while (to Jakob) jejejejjej 8)
(11/08/2015 15:44:23, room alphaville) Clare (to Alien, Karen): sounds good to me.
(11/08/2015 15:44:31, room alphaville) Guest524 (to Marian): Does love win in the end? psychic consultong ;) )
(11/08/2015 15:44:32, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Olek): I would love to get that also
(11/08/2015 15:44:35, room alphaville) Marian (to Bazooka74): I'd rather shoot the audience
(11/08/2015 15:44:39, room alphaville) Karen: with the intro from OTB
(11/08/2015 15:44:47, room alphaville) Olek: every crappy band releases their own records with remastered sound while one of the best records of all times sounds like being played throught a phone (well, almost)
(11/08/2015 15:44:56, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): SHOOT THE AUDIENCE?!
(11/08/2015 15:45:07, room alphaville) Guest999 (to Marian): So many brilliant artists (like A-ha, Pet Shop Boys, OMD, etc) don't tour in the United States anymore and one can't really blame them. Does Alphaville have plans to do so after Strange Attractor is released? Have you considered it?
(11/08/2015 15:45:13, room alphaville) Krapplund (to AmberVonAvalon): Drink a BEER!"
(11/08/2015 15:45:15, room alphaville) MoonMonkey: Or maybe we can dance jointly ? Who got a cowboys boots please take whit you on the nearest gig !!!!!!!!!!!
(11/08/2015 15:45:17, room alphaville) Humanracer34: FY sounds great
(11/08/2015 15:45:23, room alphaville) Guest524: Audiene should listening!
(11/08/2015 15:45:26, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Krapplund): oh shit yeah I am out
(11/08/2015 15:45:26, room alphaville) Marian (to Natalia): Claudia will tell you
(11/08/2015 15:45:36, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): No, you can handle it for sure
(11/08/2015 15:45:37, room alphaville) Humanracer34: In fact most modern remasters sound shit
(11/08/2015 15:45:37, room alphaville) Elinjea (to Marian): what's about Dubstep?
(11/08/2015 15:45:41, room alphaville) Claudia (to Marian): me?
(11/08/2015 15:45:43, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Krapplund): But if I get up and get a beer Marian might leave
(11/08/2015 15:45:55, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Too loud and compressed
(11/08/2015 15:46:15, room alphaville) Clare (to AmberVonAvalon): run!
(11/08/2015 15:46:26, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Claudia): yes you
(11/08/2015 15:46:27, room alphaville) Karen: FY in the style of Portishead
(11/08/2015 15:46:29, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Clare): I CAN'T RISK IT!
(11/08/2015 15:46:35, room alphaville) marielle: Marian, have you visited Argentina? Are you happy with the world cup result?
(11/08/2015 15:46:45, room alphaville) LATINA79: hasme a baby jajaja
(11/08/2015 15:46:47, room alphaville) Krapplund (to AmberVonAvalon): ONE MORE BEER!!!
(11/08/2015 15:46:53, room alphaville) Marian (to Guest999): I do not see any reason for NOT playing in the States. I'd say it is very likely that we play a few shows over there, once the album is out.
(11/08/2015 15:46:54, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): The dark side of berlin is waiting for ya (Kreuzberg and me are so bad) ;)
(11/08/2015 15:46:57, room alphaville) MoonMonkey (to Claudia): We waiting ?
(11/08/2015 15:47:19, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Krapplund): OK OK but if Marian leaves while I am getting another beer I will kick you in the groin!
(11/08/2015 15:47:29, room alphaville) Alien (to AmberVonAvalon): You should train your cat and dog to bring you beer for the next chat :)
(11/08/2015 15:47:33, room alphaville) Krapplund (to AmberVonAvalon): LOVE!
(11/08/2015 15:47:39, room alphaville) Guest999 (to Marian): Great! Thank you! :)
(11/08/2015 15:47:41, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Alien): I have to PEE
(11/08/2015 15:47:42, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): Which cities in Germany most you like ?
(11/08/2015 15:47:59, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: lol alien
(11/08/2015 15:48:11, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: marian, what do your parents say when you got famous?
(11/08/2015 15:48:14, room alphaville) Humanracer34 (to Marian): have you never considered a 80s festival in the uk?
(11/08/2015 15:48:20, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: did they like you to do art and sing?
(11/08/2015 15:48:28, room alphaville) Guest832: to Marian Many thanks!!!
(11/08/2015 15:48:32, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: OK see I ran.
(11/08/2015 15:48:39, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: I ran so far away
(11/08/2015 15:48:42, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): What do you think, if you look in the mirrow right now?
(11/08/2015 15:48:42, room alphaville) Alien (to Krapplund): smack you, if that's what you want :))
(11/08/2015 15:48:43, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: To get another beer
(11/08/2015 15:48:49, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Alien): LOVE!!!!
(11/08/2015 15:48:59, room alphaville) Krapplund: PURE LOVE!
(11/08/2015 15:49:10, room alphaville) Clare (to Alien): we were all waiting for that. :))
(11/08/2015 15:49:15, room alphaville) MoonMonkey (to Krapplund): too much beer try vodka!!!!!!!!
(11/08/2015 15:49:20, room alphaville) Daniel_Lepki: love is good..
(11/08/2015 15:49:34, room alphaville) LATINA79: (to marian) kiss
(11/08/2015 15:49:34, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): HOLY SHIT the US?! I just died a thousand happy deaths!
(11/08/2015 15:49:38, room alphaville) Marian (to Natalia): Wanne Eickel, erkendschwik and Castrop Rauxel
(11/08/2015 15:49:38, room alphaville) Krapplund (to MoonMonkey): same reaction ;)
(11/08/2015 15:49:44, room alphaville) Maya: I live your songs and I live in them .......- all feel and feel ...... You Hardvig (My dear Marian) - a beautiful voice, always velikolenye rhythmic movements, your charisma - a mystic - .... and your kindness to people and to the animal world - a
(11/08/2015 15:49:47, room alphaville) Alien (to Clare): it's been a while :))
(11/08/2015 15:50:02, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to shapeseven): Absolutely. I will warn you I start to swear like a sailor when I drink so....
(11/08/2015 15:50:07, room alphaville) Marian (to Natalia): ...und SCHALKE!!!!
(11/08/2015 15:50:19, room alphaville) schrödingers: Yeahr, Ruhrpott rules :kiss
(11/08/2015 15:50:37, room alphaville) Andrei (to Jakob, Marian): so where will you spend this Christmas ?
(11/08/2015 15:50:48, room alphaville) Claudia (to Marian): supherb gusto, boss
(11/08/2015 15:50:51, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): If you play the US I will go to every single show! And STILL go to Germany. AHHHHHHH so psyched.
(11/08/2015 15:50:55, room alphaville) Alien: Btw each time Marian answers something I have to scroll up and lookforthequestion :)
(11/08/2015 15:51:03, room alphaville) Krapplund: remember back in 2004 in a buss from Lubben and I was singing the BEER song...hmm...or was it something other song?
(11/08/2015 15:51:06, room alphaville) Marian (to Andrei): family business
(11/08/2015 15:51:10, room alphaville) Elinjea (to Natalia, Marian): and what's with Berlin? :-I
(11/08/2015 15:51:13, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: falls into happy vat
(11/08/2015 15:51:22, room alphaville) schrödingers: My first lover played in a cover band in castrop rauxel :-]
(11/08/2015 15:51:26, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): To have berlin as "mudderstadt" isn´t so bad as you think...
(11/08/2015 15:51:29, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): ok sorry
(11/08/2015 15:51:34, room alphaville) Krapplund: WHERE´S JP??????????
(11/08/2015 15:51:36, room alphaville) marielle: Marian, have you visited Argentina? Are you happy with the world cup result?do you want to play here?
(11/08/2015 15:51:38, room alphaville) Marian (to Elinjea): Berlin sucks!
(11/08/2015 15:51:41, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Alien): I'll have some fun doing that for the Spanish AV forum. :))
(11/08/2015 15:51:44, room alphaville) LATINA79 (to Bazooka74): you managed to speak with Marian??
(11/08/2015 15:51:47, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to shapeseven): Let's do it! 2016 beer date!
(11/08/2015 15:51:48, room alphaville) KaM (to Krapplund): You spent half of that bus ride shouting "OY! ENGLAND!" at me! ;D
(11/08/2015 15:51:50, room alphaville) Claudia (to elina): where is Berlin?
(11/08/2015 15:51:58, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): and Hamburg? I heard that you like Hamburg
(11/08/2015 15:52:00, room alphaville) Marian (to Elinjea): Castrup Rauxel is the place to be!
(11/08/2015 15:52:18, room alphaville) Krapplund (to KaM): Was it that time?
(11/08/2015 15:52:21, room alphaville) Olek: I wish the new album had a Koala picture in the artwork somewhere
(11/08/2015 15:52:21, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: where is that Marian? Germany?
(11/08/2015 15:52:43, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Krapplund): I missed him too. :-(
(11/08/2015 15:52:46, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): What??? How can you say this!!! We have the most currywurst and funniest people here!!!
(11/08/2015 15:52:47, room alphaville) Krapplund (to KaM): WE hade a great VODKA/RED BULL ;)
(11/08/2015 15:52:51, room alphaville) KaM (to Krapplund): That was the first time we met, and I drank your vodka-redbull in one swipe. :P
(11/08/2015 15:52:51, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: Last night I had a bottle of wine so I got on Periscope and sang songs to total strangers live on video. Including some Alphaville songs.
(11/08/2015 15:53:08, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: lol Amber
(11/08/2015 15:53:33, room alphaville) Jakob: Greetings from Maja to everyone, just talked to her. Hamburg rules
(11/08/2015 15:53:35, room alphaville) Didier (to Marian): When you're in Brussels for Top 50, don't forget to taste the belgian chocolate and the belgian beers!
(11/08/2015 15:53:36, room alphaville) Krapplund (to KaM): Time for new action!!
(11/08/2015 15:53:37, room alphaville) LATINA79 (to Marian): :)
(11/08/2015 15:53:40, room alphaville) Marian (to Olek): ...but on every AV-Cover there is a Koala hidden somewhere in the picture. You just must look for it!
(11/08/2015 15:53:56, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: what s your favorite food for Xmas Marian? Turkey?
(11/08/2015 15:53:57, room alphaville) Guest524 (to Marian): founded 1st april 1926, as a joke ?
(11/08/2015 15:54:05, room alphaville) KaM (to Krapplund): 8)
(11/08/2015 15:54:08, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): I would like to do some more artwork for you!
(11/08/2015 15:54:08, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Krapplund): That was a cool bus ride, but you were all over the bus, I couldn't follow all the songs ;)
(11/08/2015 15:54:09, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Jakob): Say hello back and i got the drumsticks...what do I get from Maja than??? ;)
(11/08/2015 15:54:09, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Marian): do you heard about Karel Gott..(schlimm...ich lese hier tschechische Zeitungen...lerne die Sprache grad...und die tschechischen Medien sind schlimmer als die Bild...) hope Karel get well soon... two months ago he had played in Jablonec..
(11/08/2015 15:54:11, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Wow I never saw the koalas
(11/08/2015 15:54:21, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: why do you like koalas Marian?
(11/08/2015 15:54:22, room alphaville) cristi: Marian, do you know other languages besides german and english?
(11/08/2015 15:54:24, room alphaville) Karen (to Krapplund): a kick up the arse
(11/08/2015 15:54:34, room alphaville) Marian (to ViviBrazil): ...gosh, I would never devour a whole country!
(11/08/2015 15:54:34, room alphaville) KaM: LOL
(11/08/2015 15:54:36, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: hmmmm the great koala riddle....
(11/08/2015 15:54:39, room alphaville) Clare (to Jakob): Hope Maja's well!
(11/08/2015 15:54:40, room alphaville) alphaandre: Jablonned nad Nisou only 10km from me.
(11/08/2015 15:54:43, room alphaville) Krapplund (to MalilaM): What songs?
(11/08/2015 15:54:47, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Jakob): hello to Maja!
(11/08/2015 15:54:52, room alphaville) Olek: wait, must check
(11/08/2015 15:55:00, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: hahaha Marian
(11/08/2015 15:55:01, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Berlin doesn´t suck! I thought you was living there? You here me
(11/08/2015 15:55:02, room alphaville) luni: (to Marian):(to Jakob): what do you think of Cologne?
(11/08/2015 15:55:04, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): :))
(11/08/2015 15:55:15, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: you made me laugh Marian
(11/08/2015 15:55:21, room alphaville) Olek: no koala
(11/08/2015 15:55:22, room alphaville) Claudia (to cristi): Swedish, Italian and French
(11/08/2015 15:55:24, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: you are so funny, I never thought about it like this
(11/08/2015 15:55:31, room alphaville) Jakob: Cologne is like Hannover
(11/08/2015 15:55:41, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Krapplund): hmmm... there was AV, of course, but there was too much Swedish for me. :-(
(11/08/2015 15:55:44, room alphaville) Humanracer34: Cologne is my favourite German city
(11/08/2015 15:55:48, room alphaville) schrödingers: Cologne is great. Isn´t it Claudia :))
(11/08/2015 15:55:57, room alphaville) Karen (to Olek): photoshopped them out
(11/08/2015 15:56:07, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: cool speaking swedish now too? I sing roxette in swedish, but no idea what I am singing Marian
(11/08/2015 15:56:08, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): my memory of Berlin... after an AV show in Leubben in 2004.... got back to where most fans were staying, drank a lot, then they went into their hotel at 2am. And I had to find my hotel.
(11/08/2015 15:56:09, room alphaville) Clare: I like Cologne. My grandfather was born there
(11/08/2015 15:56:10, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: Drunk
(11/08/2015 15:56:15, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: in a foreign country
(11/08/2015 15:56:17, room alphaville) Angelizer: Marian What gear or software do you use to mainly sketch out your song ideas in the beginning? I think i saw the MPC 5000 in your equipment. Is stuff like that or Korg's electribe giving the Base of the new Songs?
(11/08/2015 15:56:22, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: in a language I don't speak
(11/08/2015 15:56:29, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: IT WAS AN ADVENTURE
(11/08/2015 15:56:31, room alphaville) Karen: Cologne was better when I was in it
(11/08/2015 15:56:36, room alphaville) LATINA79 (to Marian): when it can come to be his big concert in Venezuela
(11/08/2015 15:56:38, room alphaville) Claudia (to schrödingers): :D
(11/08/2015 15:56:46, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): But alright. I´m tolerant, cause I come frome berlin!
(11/08/2015 15:56:54, room alphaville) Maya: Thank you for your communication, Marian ........- you remember from Estonia good actor Donatas Banionis? - There is a movie with your song
(11/08/2015 15:56:55, room alphaville) Olek: seriously: I think this is brilliant idea, I wonder how Alphaville managed to go on for so long without koala onany cover
(11/08/2015 15:57:03, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Sorry I hade to I got a new beer.....i´t my I win this weekend?? ;)
(11/08/2015 15:57:04, room alphaville) cristi: Really? Italian? Can you tell me some word in italian? it would be a dream!
(11/08/2015 15:57:07, room alphaville) Clare (to Karen): of course!
(11/08/2015 15:57:07, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): so wich sports do you like?
(11/08/2015 15:57:21, room alphaville) stefan: @ marian what are you doing tomorrow?
(11/08/2015 15:57:21, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Krapplund): You win life.
(11/08/2015 15:57:22, room alphaville) MalilaM (to AmberVonAvalon): At least you didn't have a dog barking his head off and making the neighbours crazy while you couldn't make the key open the door of the appartment. :))
(11/08/2015 15:57:35, room alphaville) Krapplund (to AmberVonAvalon): HURRAY!
(11/08/2015 15:57:40, room alphaville) LATINA79 (to Marian): It is a pleasure to be here with you
(11/08/2015 15:57:48, room alphaville) Karen (to MalilaM): but we can LOL about that now!
(11/08/2015 15:57:51, room alphaville) Alien (to Maya): Banionis is Lithuanian
(11/08/2015 15:57:55, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to MalilaM): ;D
(11/08/2015 15:58:00, room alphaville) Claudia (to cristi): and Latin
(11/08/2015 15:58:04, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: OK Marian, what are you waiting from Santa Claus this year?
(11/08/2015 15:58:07, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: I couldn't even remember th name of my hotel!
(11/08/2015 15:58:23, room alphaville) Bazooka74 (to Marian): Krass ey! It´s too late. Working time tomorrow. Good night to you. Was a funny evening for me :)
(11/08/2015 15:58:36, room alphaville) LATINA79 (to Marian): I send you a big hug from my country
(11/08/2015 15:58:37, room alphaville) KaM: Fores ecfregit, restituentur!
(11/08/2015 15:58:42, room alphaville) Krapplund (to shapeseven): sleepy?
(11/08/2015 15:58:53, room alphaville) Marian: Ok. chaps, I got to leave now. It was great to talk to you. I hope I could provide you with some interesting information. Stay clean and be embraced all of you. Bye!
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Thanks for posting! I'm going to have to take a look at this later. I got called into work yesterday and I was going to say no but since my hours are getting cut I better get as much as I can now.

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It was so hard to keep track of the questions answered!

Oh well, anyway, even if he ignored me all the time --the only time I did have questions--, I'm glad for the good news. Here's hoping that nothing will stand in the way of the new album.

I must be going crazy or the brandy's won the race 32
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No accounts were deleted, there were some server issues, but the chat itself worked fine, the only problem was that the chat user panel on the right side got a timeout sometimes...
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Awww man. Only if I was at the event of the 20th anniversary. :(
Anyhow, I'm glad some of those answers were solved
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