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7 Chat Transcript with Marian Gold 09 Nov 2014

(11/09/2014 14:06:45, room alphaville) Marian: hell o Leute, how do you do
(11/09/2014 14:06:47, room alphaville) Clare (to Karen): and why exactly?
(11/09/2014 14:06:47, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): Hello :-] :-]
(11/09/2014 14:06:48, room alphaville) AWARD9 (to Gianluca): Ye s we can't wait to hear him!!!!!!!!!!!
(11/09/2014 14:06:50, room alphaville) Maya: Hi, Marian, and thank you for a surprise - a good evening to you and interesting dialogue with love ....-
(11/09/2014 14:06:51, room alphaville) Karen (to nicole): good to know. Was feeling left out ;)
(11/09/2014 14:06:52, room alphaville) Gianluca: Marian Greetings from Argentina :D
(11/09/2014 14:06:54, room alphaville) Nadialebni: Hi! !!!!!!
(11/09/2014 14:06:55, room alphaville) mirela (to Marian): helloooooooooooooooooooo
(11/09/2014 14:06:59, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Hi, Marian, fine and you???
(11/09/2014 14:07:04, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): Hello Marian missed you
(11/09/2014 14:07:08, room alphaville) Karen (to Clare): never drink on a school night
(11/09/2014 14:07:09, room alphaville) Daniel_Lepki (to Marian): Hello!!
(11/09/2014 14:07:12, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian): Hello :-]
(11/09/2014 14:07:16, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): Hi Marian!
(11/09/2014 14:07:19, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: I can't help it. Wine makes my belly warm.
(11/09/2014 14:07:24, room alphaville) Gianluca: What Are you doing?
(11/09/2014 14:07:27, room alphaville) Karen (to Marian): nice to see you Marian
(11/09/2014 14:07:27, room alphaville) KaM (to Marian): Evening chief!
(11/09/2014 14:07:28, room alphaville) AndreaRuby (to Marian): Thank you for a great Paris experience!
(11/09/2014 14:07:32, room alphaville) Marian: I will try to answer as much questions as poss. But you konow, difficult..
(11/09/2014 14:07:34, room alphaville) Omegaville_L (to Marian): Hello! :-]
(11/09/2014 14:07:36, room alphaville) Lill: Hi Marian. I'm fine and you?
(11/09/2014 14:07:38, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): Im great thanks! How are you?
(11/09/2014 14:07:42, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Hello Marian!!
(11/09/2014 14:07:43, room alphaville) Nadialebni: so happy!!!
(11/09/2014 14:07:46, room alphaville) Ivy_Spirit: Hi Marian <3 Massive hugs
(11/09/2014 14:07:50, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: Herald trumpets of giggling fangirl here.
(11/09/2014 14:07:55, room alphaville) Andreas (to AndreaRuby): Yes, it's hard to remember anything when staying the night in a wonderful old castle.
(11/09/2014 14:08:00, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): Thanks for Paris, Marian, it was great !
(11/09/2014 14:08:02, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Thanks Marian!
(11/09/2014 14:08:05, room alphaville) liduna_CZ: Hello Marian, welcome! We're so happy to see you here :-]
(11/09/2014 14:08:07, room alphaville) AndreaRuby (to Marian): Happy 25th anniversary of the fall of the Damn Thing!
(11/09/2014 14:08:14, room alphaville) Maya: - Marian, -- I'm waiting for this chat
(11/09/2014 14:08:24, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): What yours feelings around that its 25 years since the Berlin Wall came down today?
(11/09/2014 14:08:28, room alphaville) AWARD9: Guten habend Marian!!!! Wie gets dir??? In this special day??
(11/09/2014 14:08:31, room alphaville) Karen (to Marian): have you been down to see the celebrations today in Berlin?
(11/09/2014 14:08:32, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): greetings from Poland. I was in Wrocław in June. It was perfect show! Thank you for it
(11/09/2014 14:08:40, room alphaville) Marian: just came from gas station bought a bottle of red for tonight
(11/09/2014 14:08:51, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: I wish I had gone to Paris. Good to see you here again today!
(11/09/2014 14:08:56, room alphaville) Gianluca: you stay a long time Marian?
(11/09/2014 14:09:00, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): cheers
(11/09/2014 14:09:10, room alphaville) Omegaville_L (to Natalia): Kolejna Polka? Kurcze :)
(11/09/2014 14:09:12, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): but what kind of red. That makes all the difference.
(11/09/2014 14:09:13, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Red wine? Im drinking Harboue GOLD ;)
(11/09/2014 14:09:20, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): Thanks for a great show in Paris! Now I am waiting for the new album. When will it be released?
(11/09/2014 14:09:23, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): you can skip the "when are you playing in my country?" ones and that will be about 50% left. O:-)
(11/09/2014 14:09:24, room alphaville) Dimitri (to Marian): cheers
(11/09/2014 14:09:32, room alphaville) konsta-777 (to Marian): You plan to arrive in 2015 with a concert to Russia?
(11/09/2014 14:09:33, room alphaville) Marian: Krapplund great feelings, one of the best things that happened in the 20th century
(11/09/2014 14:09:40, room alphaville) Karen (to MalilaM): good call :))
(11/09/2014 14:09:41, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Marian, how long will it take you to finish a bottle of red?
(11/09/2014 14:09:46, room alphaville) ChorizoTree (to Marian): Thank you so much for Paris, it was so great (hitchhiking doesn't work very well in Paris but that's not related!)
(11/09/2014 14:09:47, room alphaville) KaM: Hear Hear!
(11/09/2014 14:09:52, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): yes, we are all excited for the new album!
(11/09/2014 14:09:54, room alphaville) Natalia (to Omegaville_L): Polka, polka. Alphaville ma dużooo fanw w Polsce :)
(11/09/2014 14:10:04, room alphaville) MoonMonkey: O first havy guns from Andreas!!!
(11/09/2014 14:10:06, room alphaville) Nadialebni: show at Paris was wonderful
(11/09/2014 14:10:07, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian): Cheers! also got red wine
(11/09/2014 14:10:10, room alphaville) Maya: - Marian.- I also drink a good wine kraksnogo and for our health and communication
(11/09/2014 14:10:23, room alphaville) Mumu (to MalilaM): I don't understand what you mean, Malila O:-)
(11/09/2014 14:10:25, room alphaville) Krapplund: listen to The Impossible Dream
(11/09/2014 14:10:30, room alphaville) Marian: AmberVonAvalon dont know just bought a bottle that was standing there. Dont expect too much from gas station red
(11/09/2014 14:10:32, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: If I have red... I prefer a malbec or and old vine zinfandel
(11/09/2014 14:10:33, room alphaville) Karen: does coffee count as red Well, it's brown so it's got some red in it
(11/09/2014 14:10:34, room alphaville) sylvia (to Marian): thank you very much for the great concert in paris. Im still happy.
(11/09/2014 14:10:42, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian, what was the feeling to see your fans in Paris fans of all over the world on the screen? And I know I dont sing well, sorry, but I tried to sing FY. And I had your Japanese shirt equal I mean
(11/09/2014 14:10:51, room alphaville) Clare (to MalilaM): :))
(11/09/2014 14:11:04, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: lol Marian
(11/09/2014 14:11:08, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): so i heard something about a new single this year is it possible |?
(11/09/2014 14:11:28, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): This is my first time chatting with you on chat! Im so excited! Thank you for making such beautiful music! You are the best!
(11/09/2014 14:11:30, room alphaville) Gianluca: Marian thanks for the "So80s" collection, maybe working in other?
(11/09/2014 14:11:33, room alphaville) Daniel_Lepki: :tea
(11/09/2014 14:11:34, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): Did you watch the second half of the fan-videos later and what did you think about them?
(11/09/2014 14:11:43, room alphaville) Marian: Andreas album will be out spring 2015, single this year. everything is ready to go, depends on record company when..
(11/09/2014 14:11:46, room alphaville) Ivy_Spirit: Any plans of an Australian tour Marian? :) we love you down here
(11/09/2014 14:11:51, room alphaville) schroedingercat: to Marian: Always something to drink for a chat. Some things will never change. Others will hopefully do. TRIETZ ;)
(11/09/2014 14:11:56, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: I wish I had the new CDss but without a credit card it is kinda impossible to buy them, wish there was another way to buy them
(11/09/2014 14:11:59, room alphaville) Nadialebni: Yes you are the best for sure
(11/09/2014 14:12:00, room alphaville) pqlsab: I wish I could have been at the Paris concert.
(11/09/2014 14:12:05, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Marian): Your new songs presented in Paris were really pretty, especially "Te Wine of Astonishment". Which of them will AV make a single?
(11/09/2014 14:12:05, room alphaville) Karen: ticks off first square on bingo card
(11/09/2014 14:12:13, room alphaville) AWARD9 (to Marian): A ta sant Marian!!!
(11/09/2014 14:12:14, room alphaville) AndreaRuby (to Marian): Iloved your voice in Paris, thought you sang reallty well. How do you prepare your voice for a concert?
(11/09/2014 14:12:17, room alphaville) KaM (to Karen): Lol!
(11/09/2014 14:12:24, room alphaville) MoonMonkey: It is great news Marian !!!!!!!!!!!!!
(11/09/2014 14:12:31, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): Thanks for the answer! Great news! Which will be the first single? One of those we heard in Paris?
(11/09/2014 14:12:38, room alphaville) MoonMonkey: single this year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(11/09/2014 14:12:41, room alphaville) Marian (to Vivi_Brazil): wonderful moment. Man i didnt expect that, total surprise, I was flattened..
(11/09/2014 14:12:42, room alphaville) sylvia (to Daniel_Lepki, Marian): which single is it?
(11/09/2014 14:12:43, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: I am happy for you Marian the shows and the new CDs record company and all! Keep doing this beautiful job you are doing!
(11/09/2014 14:12:55, room alphaville) Maya: Marian.- my congratulations to the 30 anniversary of AlphaVille- my liking all these 30 years
(11/09/2014 14:12:59, room alphaville) Robert33: Hi Marian, I am an Alphaville fan from Scotland. I would like to say how I think it is great that you are able to write such brilliant lyrics in English. Usually lyrics from Euro bands are gibberish. I think this is a very underappreciated side of you
(11/09/2014 14:13:11, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): I plan to be creative and make a video for an as yet unchosen Alphaville song. Which one would you pick?
(11/09/2014 14:13:16, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): what song will it be on single |?
(11/09/2014 14:13:26, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: :) Yes, we did all in silence Marian, Claudia asked for us silence shhhhh surprise lol :) Now you know a lot of fans by faces
(11/09/2014 14:13:32, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Marian): I hope you all stay in shape till 35th or even 40 aniversary ;)
(11/09/2014 14:13:40, room alphaville) st2010 (to Marian): physical or digital single? video?
(11/09/2014 14:13:40, room alphaville) Gianluca: are you working in the studio Marian?
(11/09/2014 14:13:42, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Great to hear..
(11/09/2014 14:13:44, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): Is there any plans in the future of performing in the U.S.? I would love to see you guys live!
(11/09/2014 14:14:10, room alphaville) Marian: Omegaville1 from the Paris concert Mafia, Giants and Wine Of astonishment will be on the album. Mafia almost in the same format, the other two probably slightly changed
(11/09/2014 14:14:12, room alphaville) MoonMonkey: keep doing Andrei !!!
(11/09/2014 14:14:18, room alphaville) st2010 (to Robert33): I totally agree
(11/09/2014 14:14:25, room alphaville) Dimitri (to Marian): what songs are will in Biel ?
(11/09/2014 14:14:28, room alphaville) Karen (to Marian): I never got a chance to say how sorry I am about Martin while we were in Paris, sorry
(11/09/2014 14:14:42, room alphaville) Clare (to Robert33, Robert33): where in Scotland?
(11/09/2014 14:14:49, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): how many songs will be on the new album?
(11/09/2014 14:14:51, room alphaville) Nadialebni: I am not awake from the concert at Paris
(11/09/2014 14:14:51, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): Around the Universe will make it ?
(11/09/2014 14:14:52, room alphaville) pqlsab: I adore Alphaville's songs. Thank you for all this great music.
(11/09/2014 14:14:55, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): Yepee, they are great !
(11/09/2014 14:14:56, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian, planning new videos for the new songs? Me and Claude shot one here in one day, it will be soon released, not so difficult to shoot one now. And is there anyone planned to be released or already released?
(11/09/2014 14:15:02, room alphaville) Marian: Robert33 thanx for the compliment. love english literature
(11/09/2014 14:15:12, room alphaville) Nadialebni: Mafia: such a gift
(11/09/2014 14:15:33, room alphaville) jetset: Hello Marian, among the avalanche of questions I have none, just to say "thank you" ;)
(11/09/2014 14:15:45, room alphaville) Gianluca: know something about Argentina Marian?
(11/09/2014 14:15:47, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: I mean is there anything any video planned for the new songs??
(11/09/2014 14:15:51, room alphaville) Maya: - Marian - An Evening in Paris was perfect ... and everything was in garmonii.- you ever be able to come to the concert in Israel - where you love
(11/09/2014 14:15:51, room alphaville) Ivy_Spirit: You sing the english language so beautifully
(11/09/2014 14:15:58, room alphaville) Karen: looking forward to hearing WoA on the new album, fantastic song
(11/09/2014 14:15:58, room alphaville) Nadialebni: Yes, thank you
(11/09/2014 14:16:08, room alphaville) KaM: I reread the whole Dreamscapes booklet on my way home from Paris. Felt like I learnt so much.
(11/09/2014 14:16:13, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Marian): Thanks for answer :) Maybe for many of people here it was silly question, but I haven't been in Paris, well...
(11/09/2014 14:16:17, room alphaville) Nadialebni: Thanks so much
(11/09/2014 14:16:46, room alphaville) Chris: I'l grateful too
(11/09/2014 14:16:48, room alphaville) Marian: Gianluca yeah, working constantly on new traxx. just finished a song called Enigma. Pretty groovy. Happy with it. Next song will be MakeBelieve and then hopefully, sexyland, which is quite autobiographical, no joking..
(11/09/2014 14:16:50, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Karen): funny my old screen name was WoA (WychOfAvalon). I took a double take there.
(11/09/2014 14:16:56, room alphaville) Karen (to KaM): Keith, you do realise you're wearing my frock?
(11/09/2014 14:17:07, room alphaville) Karen (to AmberVonAvalon): :))
(11/09/2014 14:17:09, room alphaville) Chris: lol!!!
(11/09/2014 14:17:20, room alphaville) Omegaville1: ...doh :)
(11/09/2014 14:17:25, room alphaville) ChorizoTree (to Marian): Does all congrats msgs were published or is there more to come on Utube channel ? also Strange Attractor still the title of new album ?
(11/09/2014 14:17:30, room alphaville) Krapplund (to hakan): Welcome!
(11/09/2014 14:17:38, room alphaville) Karen: square number 2
(11/09/2014 14:17:48, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Marian what really happened that the South American tour had to be cancelled?
(11/09/2014 14:17:51, room alphaville) mirela (to Marian): Marian ,please tell us,Around the Universe will be on the album ?
(11/09/2014 14:17:53, room alphaville) Robert33: That should be interesting as I note that you tend to avoid making your lyrics too personal...there is always a cloak of ambiguity
(11/09/2014 14:17:58, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): You just wrote that a new song called "Sexyland" is quite autobiographical. Please name a few released songs which are autobiographical!
(11/09/2014 14:18:22, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: Sexyland?
(11/09/2014 14:18:25, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: I am glad you are composing new songs always and this record company is helping a lot too. Keep doing your beautiful job and I hope you will be a rockstar until your 90 or 100 years old. hehehe We still go to the shows and will buy the albums. :)
(11/09/2014 14:18:25, room alphaville) Marian: Vivi_Brazil ys there are plans for a number of videos, not only for the singles. Low budget thingies but nevertheless ambitious. Looking forward to those
(11/09/2014 14:18:32, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Andreas): Didn't konow about that one :))
(11/09/2014 14:18:34, room alphaville) KaM (to Marian): Marian, you said that David wrote Wine of Astonishment. How important is it the sound of Alphaville when other band members bring songs to the table?
(11/09/2014 14:18:36, room alphaville) AlicesCat (to Marian): is the inspiration behind For a Million the story of Akhnaton and Nefertiti? (As their picture is on the CD cover) Or something else?
(11/09/2014 14:18:38, room alphaville) pb-222: @Marian, great thanks for Paris it was main moment in my life When you are planning your next visit to Russia?
(11/09/2014 14:18:43, room alphaville) Claudia: all congratulation messages have been published at the alphaville youTube channel
(11/09/2014 14:18:45, room alphaville) Omegaville1: know*, whoops tyop
(11/09/2014 14:18:52, room alphaville) Omegaville1: typo
(11/09/2014 14:18:53, room alphaville) beni: :-] :-] Hi Marian
(11/09/2014 14:18:55, room alphaville) MalilaM: Sexyland has been mentioned some time ago in the maling list. I'd love to hear that one. :)
(11/09/2014 14:19:05, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil: Hello, Marian!!!! Kind regards from Brazil!!!
(11/09/2014 14:19:15, room alphaville) Chris71: Marian, I just my daughter Elodie and I just couldn't talk to you in Paris. We both wanted to ask you what you thought about our films (Alphaville and Normandy).
(11/09/2014 14:19:16, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: I know Claudia
(11/09/2014 14:19:22, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: :) it is awesome
(11/09/2014 14:19:27, room alphaville) tjommen (to Marian): how many songs Will be on the album??
(11/09/2014 14:19:27, room alphaville) ChorizoTree (to Claudia): thx
(11/09/2014 14:19:28, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: the videos were published
(11/09/2014 14:19:35, room alphaville) KaM (to Karen): It's been a while since I did any crossdressing.
(11/09/2014 14:19:36, room alphaville) Maya: - Felipe ---- my Dear friehd- Hello @
(11/09/2014 14:19:39, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): We all cant wait for the new album! So far, the new songs are awesome!
(11/09/2014 14:19:40, room alphaville) Andreas (to Omegaville1): He just wrote that it was in an earlier answer... Hadn't heard about that song before.
(11/09/2014 14:19:43, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: I'm so verklempt.
(11/09/2014 14:19:58, room alphaville) AndreaRuby (to Claudia): Do you know if Carsten had his baby yet so we can gratulate him?
(11/09/2014 14:20:06, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil: Hello, Maya.... Kind regards from Brazil to Israel!!
(11/09/2014 14:20:11, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian, yes, low budget videos are the best one, today no need of any enterprise to help shooting them, us and friends with a normal camera, a good camera and good ideas, a good edition and ready
(11/09/2014 14:20:11, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): i hope hat Handfull of darkness and Around he universe will make it on he album
(11/09/2014 14:20:14, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Andreas): Well, I'm pretty much in the dark about so many things yey
(11/09/2014 14:20:14, room alphaville) MoonMonkey: to Marian: What about old stuff you play in Prague it will be on new album?
(11/09/2014 14:20:19, room alphaville) Omegaville1: yet*
(11/09/2014 14:20:21, room alphaville) Marian: AndreaRuby there were lots of problems on the production side of our partner in Brazil. I hope we get it all together and start next year march or April
(11/09/2014 14:20:31, room alphaville) Gianluca: will release the new album on LP Marian?
(11/09/2014 14:20:44, room alphaville) stefan (to Chris71): i like your films very much!
(11/09/2014 14:20:46, room alphaville) pqlsab: I have watched some of the Paris concert on you tube and really enjoyed it.:-)
(11/09/2014 14:20:54, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Marian, thank you for the reply! :)
(11/09/2014 14:21:12, room alphaville) Marian: AndreaRuby I hope so
(11/09/2014 14:21:16, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: So easy and fast and no money required, just you singing and some crazy ideas, if you want I can give ideas and if I was there I could help to shoot them as I did with Claude of Anything Box here in Brazil or when you come here in the days off hehehe cos
(11/09/2014 14:21:33, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): Are you planning on having any music videos to your new songs? (sorry if anyone has asked this question already)
(11/09/2014 14:21:35, room alphaville) sylvia (to Marian): is there another concert in germany this year
(11/09/2014 14:21:39, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: I will probably will be in the tour along with Claudio I hope
(11/09/2014 14:21:39, room alphaville) Guest809: hello
(11/09/2014 14:21:43, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Marian, hope what?
(11/09/2014 14:21:50, room alphaville) Marian: tjommen between 11 and 14
(11/09/2014 14:21:52, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): Do you plan to release a solo album?
(11/09/2014 14:21:53, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): tell me please
(11/09/2014 14:21:59, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil: Anything Box together with Alphaville in concert would be AMAZING!!!
(11/09/2014 14:22:18, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian, the tour is planned to March now in South America or Brazil
(11/09/2014 14:22:21, room alphaville) KaM: Welcome to the End... :)
(11/09/2014 14:22:23, room alphaville) Karen: the Romanian contingent wouuld like to know if there are plans for gigs over here also
(11/09/2014 14:22:32, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): What are your favorite genres to read?
(11/09/2014 14:22:43, room alphaville) Marian: AndreaRuby dont know, cant remember the question..:-)
(11/09/2014 14:22:44, room alphaville) hakan (to Marian): Do you have any idea what Frank Mertens are doing today? Or where he lives
(11/09/2014 14:22:53, room alphaville) Gianluca: any plans to come to argentina Marian?
(11/09/2014 14:22:53, room alphaville) Krapplund: listen to Apollo from the live.dvd
(11/09/2014 14:23:03, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): What do think about the fan videos of which half of them were shown in Paris?
(11/09/2014 14:23:07, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): agree with Karen
(11/09/2014 14:23:10, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Yes, Felipe and there are plans for first Alphaville concert here alone, Anything Box alone and after a festival with Alphaville, Anything Box and other bands together
(11/09/2014 14:23:17, room alphaville) AndreaRuby (to Marian): :)) you're funny!
(11/09/2014 14:23:20, room alphaville) st2010 (to Marian): Are you going to one of the KW concerts in Berlin?
(11/09/2014 14:23:31, room alphaville) Marian: Natalia No, find solo albums quite boring. I enjoy working tgether with some other crazies..
(11/09/2014 14:23:53, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to hakan): I'm not Marian, but try searching: in forum there is a topic about him
(11/09/2014 14:23:54, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): We are waiting for you in South America next year. I'm very sorry because the tour was postponed. We look farwrd to seeing you!
(11/09/2014 14:23:58, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): Romania misses you
(11/09/2014 14:23:59, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Karen): :))
(11/09/2014 14:24:00, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian you are Gemini always funny. And I really hope this tour happens in March. :) I wanna so much to meet you and see you here!!
(11/09/2014 14:24:07, room alphaville) MoonMonkey: What about old stuff like Handfull of Darkness or Around Universe? good question Andrei!!!
(11/09/2014 14:24:09, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: I notice Alphaville fans burst into tears quite often.
(11/09/2014 14:24:11, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Yeah Marian, what do you think of my AVOL fan-video?? :)
(11/09/2014 14:24:18, room alphaville) carolina: hola Marian are you gonna come to Spain to make a concert???
(11/09/2014 14:24:21, room alphaville) Marian: hakan no, absolutely not. I wish I would..
(11/09/2014 14:24:22, room alphaville) Maya: Dear greetings from Israel Marian.- ...- always my favorite Alphaville ..- luck, harmony and love.
(11/09/2014 14:24:25, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: My friend says that solo on the stage makes public be bored, lol you are right
(11/09/2014 14:24:34, room alphaville) Dimitri: @Mariaт hope to see you in Biel
(11/09/2014 14:24:35, room alphaville) pqlsab: Marian, you a beautiful voice.
(11/09/2014 14:24:43, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Marian): Sometimes I wonder if you;re ever going to write a novel or so.. :D
(11/09/2014 14:24:47, room alphaville) Claudia: ... no little Brocker yet
(11/09/2014 14:24:48, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: not just a solo album but solo on the stage not a very good idea really
(11/09/2014 14:24:52, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Marian, I read somewhere that AV has been recording parts of the new album in Sweden, is that true?
(11/09/2014 14:24:53, room alphaville) Marian: Krapplund f.... great!
(11/09/2014 14:25:08, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Omegaville1): I would preorder that!
(11/09/2014 14:25:11, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Hi, Felipe!
(11/09/2014 14:25:15, room alphaville) AndreaRuby (to Claudia): Ok we're waiting. Please let us know so we can celebrate!
(11/09/2014 14:25:18, room alphaville) Guest809: anyone know concert tour of Marian?
(11/09/2014 14:25:24, room alphaville) Marian: ....thanx, Maya
(11/09/2014 14:25:26, room alphaville) Robert33: Marian's wife is Swedish so it makes sense to record in Sweden
(11/09/2014 14:25:40, room alphaville) MalilaM (to AmberVonAvalon): They stagger, kick the door and burst into tears when they leave. ;)
(11/09/2014 14:25:53, room alphaville) Ivy_Spirit: I agree absolutely beautiful voice, i have only just discovered your music a short time go
(11/09/2014 14:25:54, room alphaville) Maya: - Marian - thank you for what you have ...- your voice is the most beautiful .... and forever !!!!
(11/09/2014 14:26:00, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian thanks always for the answers on the list and for this chat.
(11/09/2014 14:26:02, room alphaville) Omegaville1: Mostly burst into tears... oh yeah :D:
(11/09/2014 14:26:02, room alphaville) Gianluca: The next album will be pop like CROG? or experimented new things Marian?
(11/09/2014 14:26:10, room alphaville) Karen (to MalilaM): not surprising with the amount of red wine in here
(11/09/2014 14:26:13, room alphaville) Andreas (to Robert33): Making recordings in Sweden always make sense :)
(11/09/2014 14:26:20, room alphaville) Marian: Robert33 cant actually recall all the studios we used for this production
(11/09/2014 14:26:31, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to MalilaM): I would like to swagger out elegantly yet mysteriously
(11/09/2014 14:26:32, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): I listen to your music every day. You are the best singer I have ever known. Thank you for that!
(11/09/2014 14:26:34, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian to the tour in Brazil me and Felipe and Camila were helping Claudio as crazy to see this tour to happen helping him all the possible ways every day we took hours on it
(11/09/2014 14:26:36, room alphaville) Mumu (to MalilaM): the chat makes a drama of everything. It's like theater.
(11/09/2014 14:26:40, room alphaville) Marian: Gianluca dont think so
(11/09/2014 14:26:46, room alphaville) KaM (to AmberVonAvalon): We're just so in tune with our emotions... Haha!
(11/09/2014 14:26:46, room alphaville) stefan: @hakan, that was a nice there is hope to see Ricky, Bernd, Frank an Marian tougher on stage at the 35 anniversary
(11/09/2014 14:26:48, room alphaville) Clare (to AmberVonAvalon, MalilaM): well if you kicked the door you'd burst into tears, tough doors.
(11/09/2014 14:26:50, room alphaville) hakan (to Marian): Do you know if Frank still is married to Martina Richter?
(11/09/2014 14:27:06, room alphaville) Marian: thanx, Nicole
(11/09/2014 14:27:11, room alphaville) tjommen (to Marian): lets hope for 14
(11/09/2014 14:27:11, room alphaville) Robert33: Marian how do you feel about your older works? are you at peace with them or does it bother you that some people like nostalgia?
(11/09/2014 14:27:22, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: ;D
(11/09/2014 14:27:23, room alphaville) Guest809: MARIAN MY WISH IS ONE CONCERT IN MEXICO CITY PLEASE
(11/09/2014 14:27:27, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): sorry for repeating the question bu Around he universe it's one of my favorite and i need to know if will it be on the album sorry for bugging you
(11/09/2014 14:27:30, room alphaville) Maya: Marian- I'll always be grateful for your attention ..... and love you for it ......
(11/09/2014 14:27:30, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): Please, include a lot of synths on the new album ;D
(11/09/2014 14:27:34, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): What producer your jusing for the next album?
(11/09/2014 14:27:42, room alphaville) MalilaM: Alphaville's music brought me to a community where I've met fantastic friends. Thank you, Mr. Gold for so many years of emotional support, and thank you Willy, for making this gathering possible. Happy Birthday, Dreamroom. :)
(11/09/2014 14:27:46, room alphaville) Robert33: I was reading an interview from the late 90s where you were getting frustrated that the new material wasn't being taken as seriously as the 80s era stuff
(11/09/2014 14:27:51, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): Thank you! It is the truth! You are the best!
(11/09/2014 14:27:51, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): Thanks for answer. I love you and Alphaville. I was on your concert, but I would like to go on your concert one more time. For me, you and Alphaville are perfect! Thank you for this :)
(11/09/2014 14:27:55, room alphaville) Nadialebni: Too much beer during the show at Paris, I was ill for the return! but never mind, so happy happy...
(11/09/2014 14:28:09, room alphaville) Marian: tjommen no problem, we have enough traxx. Its all a matter of putting it all together in a cool way
(11/09/2014 14:28:20, room alphaville) Andreas (to MalilaM): Can't nothing but agreeing with what you just wrote.
(11/09/2014 14:28:20, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian what way are going the new songs? More synths and electronic? More like 80`s? Or you put other influencees and rythms mixed?
(11/09/2014 14:28:26, room alphaville) pqlsab: Marian, I have introduced your wonderful music to my friend Tracy and she too enjoys your music and stunning voice:-)
(11/09/2014 14:28:27, room alphaville) KaM (to Marian): Was it nerve-wracking starting the Paris concert in the middle of the room, surrounded by everyone - or did you feel at ease? :)
(11/09/2014 14:28:36, room alphaville) Karen: the Paris show really was the dog's bollocks
(11/09/2014 14:28:46, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Marian, how do you maintain your fantastic voice and how do you prepare it for concert?
(11/09/2014 14:28:46, room alphaville) MalilaM (to AmberVonAvalon): That possibility should be added to the chat code. :D
(11/09/2014 14:28:54, room alphaville) KaM (to Karen): A Korean's wet dream...
(11/09/2014 14:28:54, room alphaville) Karen: probably one of the best I've seen
(11/09/2014 14:29:05, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Yes, Marian , the songs must talk to each other in an album and the ones that dont, you can release as singles or put them in an EP, just dont waste any of them hehehe
(11/09/2014 14:29:13, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): ???
(11/09/2014 14:29:13, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): Do you intend to play ROMEOS and ANYWAY in the next concerts...? THANKS for playing such songs in PARIS :))
(11/09/2014 14:29:17, room alphaville) Marian: Vivi_Brazil probably less synths, which doesn't mean that it will be less electronic.
(11/09/2014 14:29:23, room alphaville) Guest809: MARIAN ONE CONCERT IN MEXICO CITY.
(11/09/2014 14:29:25, room alphaville) Gianluca: whats is your religion marian? sorry if this is a personal question
(11/09/2014 14:29:27, room alphaville) Karen (to KaM): will have to ask our Korean families about that one
(11/09/2014 14:29:36, room alphaville) carolina: are you gonna come to Spain to make a concert??????????????????
(11/09/2014 14:29:37, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Andreas): :)
(11/09/2014 14:29:42, room alphaville) Omegaville1: I'm probably the youngest here yet I find this community wonderful and AV music even better. Thank you all. Thank you Marian Gold.
(11/09/2014 14:29:44, room alphaville) Dimitri (to Marian): I listened to the whole evening 'miracle healing'
(11/09/2014 14:29:45, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian): Paris really was great. Anyway was the icing on the cake.
(11/09/2014 14:29:46, room alphaville) Chris71: Hello Claudia, kisses from Christine ;)
(11/09/2014 14:30:10, room alphaville) Karen (to Clare): absolutely
(11/09/2014 14:30:17, room alphaville) Marian: KaM it was my dream to start like this. I wanted it to be ...well. like a family thing, like something really close an personal
(11/09/2014 14:30:19, room alphaville) AndreaRuby (to Clare): Agree about the icing on the cake!
(11/09/2014 14:30:21, room alphaville) Krapplund: listen to [Waiting For The] New Light II
(11/09/2014 14:30:23, room alphaville) Babs: Will you play new song in Biel ?
(11/09/2014 14:30:28, room alphaville) Babs: *songs
(11/09/2014 14:30:34, room alphaville) Clare: sniff
(11/09/2014 14:30:35, room alphaville) Karen: Willy must be asleep cos he missed the "less synths" bit ;)
(11/09/2014 14:30:39, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Oh Marian cool, so other instruments? Which ones? Real ones. I love synths and electronic, but sometimes changing a little to experiment is not a bad idea, you create a new sound
(11/09/2014 14:30:44, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): or any songs about war world 2 on album?
(11/09/2014 14:30:47, room alphaville) jetset (to hakan): : we all miss news from Franck, not sure Marian has a clue though
(11/09/2014 14:30:52, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): Please tell me you will not retire before the 35th anniversary concert. I was at the 20th. I plan to travel the 5000 miles to the 35th and it would be horrible to go all that way just to find no concert for me.
(11/09/2014 14:30:52, room alphaville) KaM (to Marian): It really was. It was our dream made as well! :)
(11/09/2014 14:30:54, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): It was like an evening in a warm family. Great !
(11/09/2014 14:30:56, room alphaville) tjommen (to Marian): so whats the name of the single
(11/09/2014 14:31:09, room alphaville) Maya: - Dear Marian, - Congratulations - today in Berlin 25 years as there are no walls, and this is my homeland, my city of my childhood .... - I wish you, Marian clear sky and always the best of luck in everything and everywhere
(11/09/2014 14:31:41, room alphaville) Robert33: The recent concerts are great. Iron John is brilliant live.
(11/09/2014 14:31:43, room alphaville) MoonMonkey: to Marian: Can you tell as what will be on 1st single and it will be b-side ?
(11/09/2014 14:31:43, room alphaville) Nadialebni: Marian, never forget us
(11/09/2014 14:31:44, room alphaville) Marian: Clare i was so happy we managed to present it on the show. I expected it to be difficult butr in fact it turned out to be really really cool, the band is really altogether
(11/09/2014 14:31:46, room alphaville) Dimitri: summer in Berlin ....
(11/09/2014 14:32:01, room alphaville) Ivy_Spirit: Thank you Marian for such inspirational uplifting beautiful music. it truy is like listening to the universe. Being a musician myself, i appreciate all of your work.
(11/09/2014 14:32:07, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian, and your voice kees the same beautiful as before, congratulations!
(11/09/2014 14:32:16, room alphaville) Marian: MoonMonkey no, surprise, surprise
(11/09/2014 14:32:31, room alphaville) hajak1: Will it be a B-side of the single???
(11/09/2014 14:32:38, room alphaville) Maya: - Yes,- SUMMER in BERLIN
(11/09/2014 14:32:48, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian): it was cool and the band were great. Alphaville always seem to work as a happy team and that shows.
(11/09/2014 14:32:48, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): ROMEOS sounds like 25 years ago. Congratulations. Keep playing this song live, please
(11/09/2014 14:32:49, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Sometimes it is good to experiment and show new songs live to test them if public likes and they can for the new album, but
(11/09/2014 14:32:50, room alphaville) MoonMonkey: ok. no question :)
(11/09/2014 14:32:54, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): Hope it will be a surprise before Christmas.
(11/09/2014 14:32:57, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: the important thing is you like them first
(11/09/2014 14:33:01, room alphaville) carolina: congrats for the 25 anniversary of the fall of the wall.............for a free world
(11/09/2014 14:33:02, room alphaville) annii_L: Hey :)
(11/09/2014 14:33:03, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): Do you prefer to write lyrics or create the melody?
(11/09/2014 14:33:11, room alphaville) MalilaM: Paris was the best concert ever. I loved the new songs, and the new arrangements for the old songs are fantastic. :shy
(11/09/2014 14:33:15, room alphaville) Gianluca: any clue about the cover of the new album Marian?
(11/09/2014 14:33:15, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Marian, thank you for performing Leben Ohne Ende, my favourite song along with Seeds of course :kiss
(11/09/2014 14:33:20, room alphaville) Clare (to annii_L, annii_L): :-]
(11/09/2014 14:33:20, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: MARIAN I LOVE
(11/09/2014 14:33:23, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): So far, do you have a favorite song from the new album or a song you connected to the most?
(11/09/2014 14:33:29, room alphaville) Karen (to annii_L): hi Anja! How you doing?
(11/09/2014 14:33:31, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: cos you liking them, the public will or not, but not always everybody really will with all the artists, just one has to be sincere to his true art
(11/09/2014 14:33:33, room alphaville) annii_L: Hi Marian... hello von Mitte
(11/09/2014 14:33:33, room alphaville) Nadialebni: summer in Berlin on the so eighties CD. ..A masterpiece
(11/09/2014 14:33:47, room alphaville) Marian: hajak1 this is really a good question. lets put it like this... there is a possibility for a b-side
(11/09/2014 14:33:49, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Natalia): good question
(11/09/2014 14:34:17, room alphaville) Robert33: I like Alphaville because the songs come from the heart. They are the true creations of a great artist.
(11/09/2014 14:34:25, room alphaville) Marian: Hi Anja, nice to have you here!
(11/09/2014 14:34:34, room alphaville) liduna_CZ: Marian, I just wanted to thank U for the marvellous anniv. show! Such pity I couldn't attend the venue but as I checked some videos I'm sure it was an unforgettable night for both, the band & the audience. I could see a genuine happiness in your face :)
(11/09/2014 14:34:38, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Natalia): a friend asked me to write lyrics for one of his songs and I write novels. I'm not sure how to write lyrics for a song!
(11/09/2014 14:34:52, room alphaville) Robert33: other euro bands like Bad Boys Blue and Modern Talking were part of a "hit factory"
(11/09/2014 14:35:05, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Marian is possible a concert in Mexico City?
(11/09/2014 14:35:06, room alphaville) st2010 (to Marian): again, will the 1st single be a physical release (MCD)?
(11/09/2014 14:35:07, room alphaville) annii_L (to Marian): thanks :)
(11/09/2014 14:35:07, room alphaville) Marian: just go to kitchen to get me a drink back in a sec
(11/09/2014 14:35:20, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: lol
(11/09/2014 14:35:25, room alphaville) ANiklis: wow he downed that wine fast
(11/09/2014 14:35:35, room alphaville) ways: Hello annii
(11/09/2014 14:35:40, room alphaville) KaM (to Robert33): There was some serious Modern Talking recollecting going on during the Saturday afternoon in Paris.
(11/09/2014 14:35:41, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: oh phew... I can go get a drink too
(11/09/2014 14:35:43, room alphaville) Nadialebni: Yes unforgettable night at Paris !!!
(11/09/2014 14:35:44, room alphaville) Karen: off to sit in me corner
(11/09/2014 14:35:49, room alphaville) nicole (to ANiklis): :))
(11/09/2014 14:35:51, room alphaville) carolina: marian send you kiss from Spain,here we love you so much :)
(11/09/2014 14:36:06, room alphaville) annii_L (to Clare): I am doing fine ... thanks
(11/09/2014 14:36:17, room alphaville) konsta-777: You will arrive with a concert to Russia in 2015?
(11/09/2014 14:36:17, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Karen): Have we lost the count of checkmarks? :D
(11/09/2014 14:36:24, room alphaville) Marian: ANiklis just one glass, cheers
(11/09/2014 14:36:26, room alphaville) Nadialebni: in France we love you too!!!
(11/09/2014 14:36:26, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Felipe, I need to talk to you and Camila after the chat fb
(11/09/2014 14:36:32, room alphaville) st2010 (to ANiklis): It's astonishing, isn't it? Hence Wine of Astonishment.
(11/09/2014 14:36:33, room alphaville) Karen (to MalilaM): 3
(11/09/2014 14:36:33, room alphaville) pqlsab: got to go, my eyes don't like the small print on my phone, so night night all
(11/09/2014 14:36:34, room alphaville) Gianluca: WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING MARIAN?
(11/09/2014 14:36:34, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to ANiklis): XD
(11/09/2014 14:36:35, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Karen): don't sit in a corner! Shine like a brilliant star <3
(11/09/2014 14:36:38, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Cheer Marian!!!!
(11/09/2014 14:36:39, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): the name of the new album will Strange Atractor?
(11/09/2014 14:36:43, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Marian): I'm honestly curious what influenced you imagination the most, coming out with such amazing lyrics?
(11/09/2014 14:36:45, room alphaville) Marian: konsta-777 ...very likely
(11/09/2014 14:36:48, room alphaville) Robert33: I think BBB and Modern Talking made good music but the sole purpose of them is just to make hits
(11/09/2014 14:36:50, room alphaville) annelyse: cheers. we do love you in France
(11/09/2014 14:36:54, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Hi Marian
(11/09/2014 14:37:03, room alphaville) Ivy_Spirit: Prost !!! <3
(11/09/2014 14:37:05, room alphaville) ChorizoTree (to Marian): it was that bad ? (the wine)
(11/09/2014 14:37:10, room alphaville) Karen (to AmberVonAvalon): not up to shining tonight :-(
(11/09/2014 14:37:14, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Hey cool the wine is 777 worse if it was 666 lol Just Kidding
(11/09/2014 14:37:15, room alphaville) Robert33: AV was more in the style of British New Wave/New Romantic/Futurist groups
(11/09/2014 14:37:24, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Good question Omega
(11/09/2014 14:37:24, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: :)
(11/09/2014 14:37:29, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Karen): O:-)
(11/09/2014 14:37:32, room alphaville) annii_L: did I miss anything? ;)
(11/09/2014 14:37:35, room alphaville) Maya: - Marian.- I'm listening more 30 Anniversary every day .... and .... and when we will be able to see on your concert .......- this is my biggest dream .... - and here when ????
(11/09/2014 14:37:37, room alphaville) Gianluca: SPEAK SPANISH MARIAN?
(11/09/2014 14:37:45, room alphaville) KaM (to annii_L): Hi Anja. It was very special to meet you in Paris. (I'm the guy from Feltham).
(11/09/2014 14:37:49, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Karen): I'll hang out with you then :)
(11/09/2014 14:38:00, room alphaville) Clare: @pqlsab night. Glad you got here :D
(11/09/2014 14:38:17, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): Could you please tell us about some of your songs/lyrics which are autobiographical?
(11/09/2014 14:38:28, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: How are your children, Marian? How old is the oldest child now?
(11/09/2014 14:38:29, room alphaville) Nadialebni: Yes, so amazing, nobody is like you
(11/09/2014 14:38:31, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Vivi_Brazil): Well, it was quite nagging question for me, cause I've been always quite jealous of him...
(11/09/2014 14:38:32, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Hi
(11/09/2014 14:38:36, room alphaville) beni: :-] :-] bye bye kiss for all
(11/09/2014 14:38:37, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: And your pets???
(11/09/2014 14:38:59, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): when a "SECOND HARVEST" will be released? :D so many material was produced after 1992....
(11/09/2014 14:39:03, room alphaville) mirela (to Marian): Marian ,please tell us,Around the Universe and Handfull of Darkness will be on the album ??????
(11/09/2014 14:39:24, room alphaville) annii_L (to KaM): hey. it was very nice to talk to you too. you were so bamboozzled
(11/09/2014 14:39:26, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Good question andreas? what are biographies songs and what influences you the most Marian to write, we know it is everything
(11/09/2014 14:39:33, room alphaville) Krapplund (to mirela): Handfull of Darkness have to be on the new album...its GREAT!
(11/09/2014 14:39:39, room alphaville) Marian: Raymond Roussel, the bible, Brecht...err, god, many other artists, especially from my youth, painters like Dali, the renaissance, Science Fiction Bradbury, Beatles, Bowie...
(11/09/2014 14:39:45, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: your stories, other peoples stories, the whole world, dreams, etc
(11/09/2014 14:39:45, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil: Sweet Dreams, please....
(11/09/2014 14:39:50, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Marian, will there ever be a DVD with videos, live performances, interviews etc.? Lots of people are asking for this.
(11/09/2014 14:39:58, room alphaville) Robert33: David Sylvian?
(11/09/2014 14:40:05, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Marian is possible a concert in Mexico City? <3
(11/09/2014 14:40:08, room alphaville) annii_L: HoD...
(11/09/2014 14:40:15, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: please!!
(11/09/2014 14:40:16, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil: Maja Kim is so lovely :)
(11/09/2014 14:40:32, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): Can you tell me, what your tattoos symbolize?
(11/09/2014 14:40:40, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): Please. I am going to be very bored during my first winter in Washington. I haven't seen snow in 15 years and I'm going to be snowed and rained in this winter. I'd love to make an abstract video to Alphaville music. Pick a song. 8)
(11/09/2014 14:40:43, room alphaville) Marian: Vivi_Brazil yeah, absolutely, my life is the biggest influence, I had many strange adventures..
(11/09/2014 14:40:47, room alphaville) jetset (to Marian): : is the title of the next single hush-hush ?
(11/09/2014 14:40:50, room alphaville) Krapplund: listen to Handfull of Darkness
(11/09/2014 14:40:51, room alphaville) annii_L: great day in Berlin today. I have been at the illuminated balloons earlier..
(11/09/2014 14:41:03, room alphaville) Andrei (to Krapplund): ATU too
(11/09/2014 14:41:06, room alphaville) Karen (to annii_L): saw it on TV, looked amazing
(11/09/2014 14:41:07, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian, btw, what style are your paintings? Claude paints surreal too and likes Dali, my friend Canut from Gipsy Kings paints just landscapes from France and you, what style you consider and so Dali influenced you?
(11/09/2014 14:41:26, room alphaville) Marian: AmberVonAvalon Inside Out
(11/09/2014 14:41:27, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): Are you planning on performing in the U.S. or maybe in Illinois sometime in the future? I would love to see you guys live!
(11/09/2014 14:41:28, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Vivi_Brazil): good question
(11/09/2014 14:41:30, room alphaville) Maya: Yes. Marian- you once n Isale you love the Beatles and David Bowie ......- like me
(11/09/2014 14:41:30, room alphaville) Chris71: I took a photo of my daughter and Lily in Paris. You must be so proud...What kind of father are you?
(11/09/2014 14:41:31, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): We spoke in Wroclaw about the 10 best artists in the world (except Alphaville). Which more was it than Beatles/Paul McCartney, Bowie, Queen/Freddie Mercury?
(11/09/2014 14:41:33, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): How can you manage to do so many things ?
(11/09/2014 14:41:35, room alphaville) KaM: @annil_L Yes - I was astonished! But it really made my night. Thank you!
(11/09/2014 14:41:40, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): <3 <3 thank you
(11/09/2014 14:41:44, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Hi Marian Gold :)
(11/09/2014 14:41:47, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Marian): Especially strange dreams I reckon :)) (I was the one who asked that question actually)
(11/09/2014 14:41:49, room alphaville) MalilaM (to AmberVonAvalon): That's a great song!
(11/09/2014 14:41:59, room alphaville) Ivy_Spirit: Strange adventures are the best adventures ;)
(11/09/2014 14:41:59, room alphaville) carolina: why you never come to spain to make a concert????
(11/09/2014 14:42:01, room alphaville) KaM (to AmberVonAvalon): Wow! That's some choice!
(11/09/2014 14:42:02, room alphaville) annii_L (to KaM): thanks :)
(11/09/2014 14:42:20, room alphaville) Robert33: all my favourite artists are from Germany, Alphaville, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream.
(11/09/2014 14:42:24, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to KaM): that's a BRILLIANT choice
(11/09/2014 14:42:27, room alphaville) Sabrina: Hi @ all ! A little bit late .....
(11/09/2014 14:42:30, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Cool, Marian, mine has a lot of strange adventures too, you are a Gemini I can imagine, one of to have worked in a circus, other one was the Berlin wall fall, another one are the Labor Day always every year in Germany, and I cant imagine the rest, hehehe
(11/09/2014 14:42:33, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Marian, who is Caroline in the song Caroline?
(11/09/2014 14:42:46, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Marian I love for you music is one wonder :)
(11/09/2014 14:42:47, room alphaville) Gianluca: YOU LISTES MUSIC IN MP3 FORMAT MARIAN?
(11/09/2014 14:42:51, room alphaville) Mumu (to Sabrina): but not too late ;)
(11/09/2014 14:42:53, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: So what is your biggest adventure that you can tell us in public? lol
(11/09/2014 14:42:55, room alphaville) annii_L: anyone remember 5th november 1999 ... BIG IN WAREN?
(11/09/2014 14:42:57, room alphaville) Dimitri (to Marian): why dont you sing live "for a milllion" ?
(11/09/2014 14:42:58, room alphaville) Marian (to Vivi_Brazil): I stopped painting long ago. I actually never really painted. Always trouble with colours, I find it quite hard to paint with colours. Was better in drawing..
(11/09/2014 14:43:21, room alphaville) Andreas (to annii_L): Yes, I do. It was a great concert!
(11/09/2014 14:43:29, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): you have decided about he neme of he album ?
(11/09/2014 14:43:33, room alphaville) dejavu: Marian, a great many Germans want the Berlin wall back. And you?
(11/09/2014 14:43:35, room alphaville) annii_L: I just started painting ... it feels good
(11/09/2014 14:43:39, room alphaville) Gianluca: Vivi_Brazil youre very lucky
(11/09/2014 14:43:42, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): name
(11/09/2014 14:43:49, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Oh, and photographs? Are you good on it and think you can be a photographer artist or also not?
(11/09/2014 14:43:51, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Marian): Adding to Vivi's question - or strangest?
(11/09/2014 14:43:59, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): What are your favorite German singers from the 80's period?
(11/09/2014 14:44:02, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: I was also better at drawing. Don't get much of that done these days though...
(11/09/2014 14:44:02, room alphaville) Omegaville1: Doh, a bit too latye
(11/09/2014 14:44:10, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Good question Felipe
(11/09/2014 14:44:13, room alphaville) carolina: who is Carol Master????
(11/09/2014 14:44:35, room alphaville) Dimitri: who is Carol Master????
(11/09/2014 14:44:35, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Is it any chance that Handfull of Darkness will be on the new album, or do we have to wait for it to the next Dreamscapes?
(11/09/2014 14:44:39, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Marian, what is Alphaville doing 5years from now?
(11/09/2014 14:44:48, room alphaville) Marian: Dimitri because its a f... complicated arrangement, its really difficult to put it on stage. We tried but were under time pressure and cancelled it when it became confused..
(11/09/2014 14:44:54, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: I'm just going to go melt into a puddle of happiness over here, mmmkay?
(11/09/2014 14:44:55, room alphaville) Karen (to Robert33): I was lucky enough to meet Wolfgang Flr, ex-Kraftwerk, earlier this year. Was kinda starstruck.
(11/09/2014 14:44:59, room alphaville) Robert33: I am sure Marian said once that Carol was his parents?
(11/09/2014 14:45:11, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian I am bad with instruments, I tried to play guitar and keyboards but maybe not much time to rehearsals so I was a complete failure lol I dont even know if I sing well, and probably I dont lol
(11/09/2014 14:45:18, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Marian is possible a concert in Mexico City?
(11/09/2014 14:45:28, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Marian is possible a concert in Mexico City?
(11/09/2014 14:45:29, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Vivi_Brazil): Welcome!
(11/09/2014 14:45:32, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Marian, can you name 3 songs that you particularly enjoy perfoming live?
(11/09/2014 14:45:33, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Marian is possible a concert in Mexico City? :)
(11/09/2014 14:45:36, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Thaks Krap
(11/09/2014 14:45:52, room alphaville) KaM: Haha!
(11/09/2014 14:45:52, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian, do you get still nervous before and during shows or TV?
(11/09/2014 14:45:56, room alphaville) Robert33 (to Karen): if you believe Ralf, Wolfgang was the weakest link in Kraftwerk
(11/09/2014 14:45:59, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Yeah, who is Carol Masters?
(11/09/2014 14:46:05, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Good quetion Andrea
(11/09/2014 14:46:06, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): the same question from Krapplund about around the universe
(11/09/2014 14:46:13, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Marian): The biggest failure accident when recording songs in studio?
(11/09/2014 14:46:13, room alphaville) Maya: - Marian, - - In painting, most importantly, it's paint colors and color .....- --- But your paintings I like, by the way, I love painting Van Gogh ......
(11/09/2014 14:46:28, room alphaville) Karen (to Robert33): I'm not into all that kind of back biting thing to be honest
(11/09/2014 14:46:32, room alphaville) Marian (to Dimitri): Carol is a combination of a few characters I lived with in the late seventies (you remeber the seventies??)
(11/09/2014 14:46:38, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): please tell us
(11/09/2014 14:46:39, room alphaville) Robert33: it's crazy how some great songs just don't work live
(11/09/2014 14:46:53, room alphaville) Maya: - MARIAN, -- In painting, most importantly, it's paint colors and color .....- --- But your paintings I like, by the way, I love painting Van Gogh ......
(11/09/2014 14:47:05, room alphaville) Dorka: Dear Marian, is there any chance that you make a record in German?
(11/09/2014 14:47:06, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Sometimes I put real people or a mix of them in characters in a book too
(11/09/2014 14:47:16, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: I remember the 70s! Sort of....
(11/09/2014 14:47:29, room alphaville) Robert33: I was born in the 80s
(11/09/2014 14:47:34, room alphaville) Dimitri (to Marian): oh yes
(11/09/2014 14:47:36, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: And Lassie, what was the inspiration for it? So good song!!!
(11/09/2014 14:47:38, room alphaville) Karen: I remember the 70s well (shows how old I am)
(11/09/2014 14:47:41, room alphaville) Dina: bye everyone
(11/09/2014 14:47:49, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Marian, what music do you have in your media player?
(11/09/2014 14:47:50, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: I was a child in the 70`s
(11/09/2014 14:47:50, room alphaville) Gianluca: Marian, what's mean the "Prostitute" album cover?
(11/09/2014 14:47:52, room alphaville) Omegaville1: Even worse, I was born is 1999
(11/09/2014 14:47:56, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil: LASSIE = DOG = GOD
(11/09/2014 14:47:57, room alphaville) Marian: Dorka ...not with Alphaville. May be together with some other artists
(11/09/2014 14:47:59, room alphaville) Mumu: I'm born in 1967. So the 70s... I don't remember all.
(11/09/2014 14:48:07, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: I remember being in love with Elvis in the 70's even though I was so young and it was Vegas Elvis.
(11/09/2014 14:48:19, room alphaville) Robert33 (to Omegaville1): wow one of the youngest AV fans, just shows the great age range her
(11/09/2014 14:48:25, room alphaville) beta: hi alphavillians
(11/09/2014 14:48:29, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil: I was born in '89 :-(
(11/09/2014 14:48:30, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: I was in love with Elvis too!
(11/09/2014 14:48:32, room alphaville) Andrei (to Krapplund): seems to me that we won't get an answer about his
(11/09/2014 14:48:35, room alphaville) Maya: Yes. - Marian- I remember 70 years ... and very well
(11/09/2014 14:48:36, room alphaville) nicole: I was born in 1995, i wish i was around in the 80's
(11/09/2014 14:48:37, room alphaville) Karen: it was Donny Osmond for me
(11/09/2014 14:48:42, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to AndreaRuby): great minds ;)
(11/09/2014 14:48:50, room alphaville) AndreaRuby (to FelipeBrazil): So was The Breathtaking Blue
(11/09/2014 14:48:58, room alphaville) Dorka: Is there any particular artist you would really like to work together with?
(11/09/2014 14:48:58, room alphaville) KaM (to Dorka): There's always Fur Dich :)
(11/09/2014 14:48:59, room alphaville) Karen: and then the Bay city Rollers and Marc Bolan
(11/09/2014 14:49:00, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Andrei): He gets lots of questions....wait and see
(11/09/2014 14:49:20, room alphaville) Robert33: Marian, do you have any regrets, personal or creative or do you feel you shouldn't have any?
(11/09/2014 14:49:26, room alphaville) Natalia: I was born in 1997, but I listened to Alphaville, when I was in my mum's stomach :)
(11/09/2014 14:49:33, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: I was in love with John Lennon too. And Errol Flynn
(11/09/2014 14:49:53, room alphaville) carolina: what is your favorite song of Michael Jackson???
(11/09/2014 14:49:53, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Robert33): Well yeah,, I've never met somebody my age who likes that music. The closest I know is now Natalia :D
(11/09/2014 14:49:56, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to AndreaRuby): good taste
(11/09/2014 14:50:01, room alphaville) ChorizoTree (to Marian): Too bad they didn't gave the silver marigold nowadays.
(11/09/2014 14:50:15, room alphaville) Maya: I was born in Germany near Berlin in 1958
(11/09/2014 14:50:20, room alphaville) AndreaRuby (to carolina): Speechless at the moment
(11/09/2014 14:50:22, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Good question what are you listening your artists and favorite songs now? And do you listen to other artists while composing? Or think they might influence you and it is not good, some artists dont like to listen to other things while composing
(11/09/2014 14:50:24, room alphaville) Marian: at the mo I am listening to the new Scott Walker album he did with SunnO))). Havent heard the new Pink Floyd, no good reviews but I dont care.
(11/09/2014 14:50:30, room alphaville) Nadialebni: Marian, to see you in Paris is a gift for my entire life. The most beautiful gift
(11/09/2014 14:50:34, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: I play Elder Scrolls Online - and my main character who is a dragon knight - is named Mariangold. :D
(11/09/2014 14:50:37, room alphaville) Dimitri (to Marian): thanks for " for a million" I remembered Kaidonovsky
(11/09/2014 14:50:38, room alphaville) pb-222 (to Marian): How do you feel about the song she fades away
(11/09/2014 14:50:45, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: O:-)
(11/09/2014 14:50:52, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): It's not that I don't appreciate the time you spent with the fans before and after the concert, and I'm personally satisfied with the whole event in Paris, but why wasn't there an after party? Many of us missed that.
(11/09/2014 14:50:58, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Marian): The biggest failure accident when recording songs in studio? Sorry, I just had to :))
(11/09/2014 14:51:22, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Thanks for the GREAT version of Romeos in Paris tears
(11/09/2014 14:51:24, room alphaville) Maya: Pink Floyd, - very nice ...........................I like it
(11/09/2014 14:51:31, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Marian is possible a concert in Mexico City?
(11/09/2014 14:51:31, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil: .... life's a loaded gun with no direction that keeps you on the run.... "CONTROL".
(11/09/2014 14:51:35, room alphaville) Robert33 (to Natalia): are you from Russia?
(11/09/2014 14:51:54, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Marian, was Into The Dark ever released anywhere before Dreamscapes?
(11/09/2014 14:52:02, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): what was the last book, which you read ?
(11/09/2014 14:52:06, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): so any new songs in the next concerts ?
(11/09/2014 14:52:12, room alphaville) Gianluca: watch TV Marian?
(11/09/2014 14:52:14, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Robert33): She wrote some time ago she's from Poland, didn't she?
(11/09/2014 14:52:27, room alphaville) Karen (to AndreaRuby): I love that song
(11/09/2014 14:52:28, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to FanAlphaville): It does not depend entirely on him. I guess he wants to go to Mexico :)
(11/09/2014 14:52:29, room alphaville) Robert33: ah yes
(11/09/2014 14:52:31, room alphaville) beta_(Fabian): I am looking forward to listening to Marian once again after the Praha concert.
(11/09/2014 14:52:34, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: yes, what book are you reading, now, good question? how you find time to read, compose, listen to albums? Wow!!!! :)
(11/09/2014 14:52:39, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Shows
(11/09/2014 14:52:42, room alphaville) Robert33: Poland is a great country
(11/09/2014 14:52:44, room alphaville) carolina: what is your favorite movie???
(11/09/2014 14:52:45, room alphaville) Krapplund (to FanAlphaville): You have to get a concert organizer to book the band....
(11/09/2014 14:52:46, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: so much!
(11/09/2014 14:52:46, room alphaville) beta_(Fabian): Who will be in Biel on November 27th
(11/09/2014 14:52:50, room alphaville) KaM: 1970s... Squeeze and Gerry Rafferty.
(11/09/2014 14:53:01, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Robert33): :D Of course!
(11/09/2014 14:53:05, room alphaville) Karen (to KaM): and Sparks
(11/09/2014 14:53:13, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): How many songs do you normally write during a year?
(11/09/2014 14:53:17, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Marian is possible a concert in Mexico City?
(11/09/2014 14:53:24, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian curious what you had for diner? What is your favorite food? loll
(11/09/2014 14:53:47, room alphaville) Marian: oh, I recently listened to shirley Collins, old English folk from the sixties, wonderful music, great stories.... and Al Bowlly! Old stuff. While I am at it, I forgot to mention Kubrick as an influence, especially The Shining. That was the reason I discov
(11/09/2014 14:53:54, room alphaville) Marian: That was the reason I discovered Bowlly
(11/09/2014 14:54:13, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Marian is possible a concert in Mexico City?
(11/09/2014 14:54:25, room alphaville) annii_L: how could I miss Peter Gabriel at the Brandenburg Gate...
(11/09/2014 14:54:25, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): heartbreack city, mr nevermore will it be on the album ?
(11/09/2014 14:54:26, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Marian is possible a concert in Mexico City?
(11/09/2014 14:54:27, room alphaville) Gianluca: any advice to write songs Marian?
(11/09/2014 14:54:36, room alphaville) Guest925: Marain:will you see Interstellar?
(11/09/2014 14:54:45, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: I can't get enough of Francoise Hardy, although I don't understand most of what she sings, I can relate to it.
(11/09/2014 14:54:47, room alphaville) hajak1: Will there be anew dreamscapes,if so when??
(11/09/2014 14:54:53, room alphaville) MalilaM (to FanAlphaville): Those things don't depend on the band, but on the Mexican business people.
(11/09/2014 14:55:00, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): When you write your songs, does the lyrics come to you right away? How long does it take to write and produce a song?
(11/09/2014 14:55:07, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian do you try to compose song and sit and get thinking or you are in a place and they suddenly come to you???
(11/09/2014 14:55:20, room alphaville) Omegaville1: And now I think he's shot himself in the bathroom carefully choosing from questions... every 5 minutes ;)
(11/09/2014 14:55:27, room alphaville) Mumu (to AndreaRuby): If you need translations.... ;)
(11/09/2014 14:55:37, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Marian, was Into The Dark ever released anywhere before Dreamscapes?
(11/09/2014 14:55:39, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): Why do you think "Big in Japan" wasn't actually big in that country? maybe people didn't like the lyrics?
(11/09/2014 14:55:49, room alphaville) Nadialebni: My only cds are yours... Is it normal?😁
(11/09/2014 14:55:56, room alphaville) Robert33: he cannot answer every question
(11/09/2014 14:56:01, room alphaville) carolina: Marian,did you sing in spainish sometime??
(11/09/2014 14:56:03, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: good question felipe
(11/09/2014 14:56:11, room alphaville) Karen (to AndreaRuby): I love listening to Edith Piaf, when it comes down to French
(11/09/2014 14:56:12, room alphaville) KaM (to FelipeBrazil): I was hoping it would be the theme song for the 2002 World Cup!
(11/09/2014 14:56:16, room alphaville) Marian: Andreas I wrote lots of stuf in the nineties. God I wrote and wrote, maybe fourty fifty songs per year. I mean, no scribbles, real productions, well almost. I carried on like this till 2003, when CrazyShow happened. Then I slowed down.Maybe its my age.
(11/09/2014 14:56:26, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to FelipeBrazil): I thinks it was more matter of a advertising
(11/09/2014 14:56:26, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): If Weird Al were to cover any Alphaville song - what song would you prefer?
(11/09/2014 14:56:31, room alphaville) AndreaRuby (to Mumu): I found them on the lyrics websites. But if ever I need... Thanks :)
(11/09/2014 14:56:45, room alphaville) Omegaville1: Almost nonexistent in Japan about that song
(11/09/2014 14:56:47, room alphaville) Marian: Meanwhile I find it quite difficult to write songs. But its always great pleasure. Its my life
(11/09/2014 14:56:47, room alphaville) Krapplund: To everyone that maybe not have the WE HEARD THE CALL VOL2 yet
(11/09/2014 14:56:58, room alphaville) nicole (to AmberVonAvalon): Good question! :))
(11/09/2014 14:57:04, room alphaville) Robert33: At least most of these have been aren't the kind of artist to keep them locked in the vaults
(11/09/2014 14:57:04, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Marian): The biggest failure accident when recording songs in studio?
(11/09/2014 14:57:08, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: No, it is not your age, you are still performing the same, have the same voice, tallent and energy :P
(11/09/2014 14:57:12, room alphaville) annii_L (to Marian): well said :)
(11/09/2014 14:57:14, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): are you planning a 40th anniversary?
(11/09/2014 14:57:26, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): Thanks for the answer! Then there must be hundreds of not released ones. But they are not for our ears, right? :)
(11/09/2014 14:57:31, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): will we hear Martin's voice on the new album ?
(11/09/2014 14:57:35, room alphaville) Maya: - Lirika- comes from the soul of her love ...- without exception, it is important to touch them to the quick ...- all love BIG IN JAPAN
(11/09/2014 14:57:37, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): Well, even if its difficult, you do an amazing job writing new songs!
(11/09/2014 14:57:39, room alphaville) Marian: Not to forget all those great artists with whom i collaborated. #
(11/09/2014 14:57:45, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Marian, what are Alphaville doing 5 years from now?
(11/09/2014 14:57:46, room alphaville) KaM: A labour of love. Just, never love's labours lost, we hope.
(11/09/2014 14:57:48, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian, sometimes there are time where inspirations goes away for a while and when you less expect it comes back from nothing
(11/09/2014 14:57:57, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): Marian, you are forever young !
(11/09/2014 14:58:00, room alphaville) Omegaville1: Hey, there wasn't even 35th yet :))
(11/09/2014 14:58:06, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to nicole): lol it made me laugh when I thought of it
(11/09/2014 14:58:09, room alphaville) Dorka: Marian, is there any instrument you really wish you have learnt to play?
(11/09/2014 14:58:12, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): will we hear Martin's voice on the new album ?
(11/09/2014 14:58:18, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: Weird Al doing Alphaville would amuse me greatly.
(11/09/2014 14:58:19, room alphaville) Nadialebni: You are a real Artist
(11/09/2014 14:58:24, room alphaville) AndreaRuby (to KaM): That's right!
(11/09/2014 14:58:25, room alphaville) Gianluca: will work with one of your sons someday Marian?
(11/09/2014 14:58:36, room alphaville) nicole (to AmberVonAvalon): That is hilarious! But i am curious to know too!
(11/09/2014 14:58:37, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian, yes you are forever young, but the main thing, please, never die! :) Never leave us!!!
(11/09/2014 14:58:40, room alphaville) Marian: Andrei, yes
(11/09/2014 14:58:51, room alphaville) AndreaRuby (to Dorka): Learning to play the didjeridoo is an easy task ;)
(11/09/2014 14:58:56, room alphaville) annii_L (to Marian): ??
(11/09/2014 14:59:08, room alphaville) tjommen (to Marian): Will question of happiness be on the album??
(11/09/2014 14:59:11, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): thank you for your answer
(11/09/2014 14:59:15, room alphaville) Guest925 (to Marian): ha ve you a release date for the new album?
(11/09/2014 14:59:26, room alphaville) Krapplund (to tjommen): good question ;)
(11/09/2014 14:59:29, room alphaville) Marian: tjommen no
(11/09/2014 14:59:31, room alphaville) beta_(Fabian) (to Marian): are you going to take a new curve on the next AV masterpiece. All the AV albums surprised except for the last one (in my opinion)
(11/09/2014 14:59:33, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): That is btw exactly like I was doing - writing and writing. There are several hundreds of good songs which almost no one ever will hear...
(11/09/2014 14:59:33, room alphaville) Robert33: there are tracks from the unreleased strange attractor, God Shades for instance
(11/09/2014 14:59:33, room alphaville) AndreaRuby (to AmberVonAvalon): not sure it would amuse Weird Al...;9
(11/09/2014 14:59:38, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): Just to name few Alphaville songs that make me cry: Lassie Come Home, Inside Out, Forever Young, Elegy. :-I
(11/09/2014 14:59:54, room alphaville) Robert33: but I guess out of respect from the artist we should accept that they perhaps do not feel they are for public comsumption
(11/09/2014 14:59:56, room alphaville) Marian: Guest925 no, but springtime
(11/09/2014 15:00:00, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): Around the universe ?
(11/09/2014 15:00:10, room alphaville) carolina: what is your favorite song composed by you???
(11/09/2014 15:00:10, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to AndreaRuby): He'd probably be a little lost. Even better.
(11/09/2014 15:00:10, room alphaville) Nadialebni: YOU ARE AN ARTIST
(11/09/2014 15:00:16, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Marian, how do you take care of your fantastic voice and how do you prepare for concert?
(11/09/2014 15:00:17, room alphaville) Guest925 (to Marian): so i bet Handful of darkness will be on the cd
(11/09/2014 15:00:20, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Claudia): Welcome back :)
(11/09/2014 15:00:23, room alphaville) Gianluca: use a cellphone Marian?
(11/09/2014 15:00:38, room alphaville) Claudia: thank you!
(11/09/2014 15:00:40, room alphaville) Marian: Andrei yes
(11/09/2014 15:00:42, room alphaville) tjommen (to Marian): why. Its a f.... Good song
(11/09/2014 15:00:44, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Marian): Your favourite composition from coming album?
(11/09/2014 15:00:48, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): Will you participate on facebook some day ? :D
(11/09/2014 15:01:01, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: HELLO
(11/09/2014 15:01:04, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): thank you so much
(11/09/2014 15:01:08, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Marian, what is your favourite song to perform live?
(11/09/2014 15:01:09, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian you compose alone or other people sometimes help or give you ideas?
(11/09/2014 15:01:12, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): Brilliant band no one's ever heard of. You're welcome ;)
(11/09/2014 15:01:17, room alphaville) ChorizoTree (to Marian): about Shining, have you an idea about what is the movie really about ? What is room 237 ? The creepy Ball photo? I'd like to undertand this movie.
(11/09/2014 15:01:19, room alphaville) beta_(Fabian): Yes "handful of darkness" is expected since Praha and is a beautiful overwhelming song
(11/09/2014 15:01:20, room alphaville) Marian: tjommen sorry. But no worries, there are other great songs coming on
(11/09/2014 15:01:21, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to FelipeBrazil): Good question
(11/09/2014 15:01:39, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: yes, felipe good question
(11/09/2014 15:01:39, room alphaville) Dimitri (to Marian): I drink to your health
(11/09/2014 15:01:39, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Marian is possible a concert in Mexico City?
(11/09/2014 15:01:42, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Marian is possible a concert in Mexico City?
(11/09/2014 15:01:44, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Marian is possible a concert in Mexico City?
(11/09/2014 15:02:06, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): me too good german white beer
(11/09/2014 15:02:07, room alphaville) KaM (to AmberVonAvalon): Sounds very very like Kodaline.
(11/09/2014 15:02:11, room alphaville) carolina: do you like cerveza??? heheehe
(11/09/2014 15:02:12, room alphaville) Guest925 (to Marian): I would like to thank you and Bernie for the So 80's CD,it comes at my birthday ,great!
(11/09/2014 15:02:20, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): What your tattoos symbolize?
(11/09/2014 15:02:23, room alphaville) Marian: ChorizoTree cant say that I entirely understood the shining. But that is what magic's all about.
(11/09/2014 15:02:26, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to KaM): I will have to go look that up!
(11/09/2014 15:02:27, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to FanAlphaville): Somebody else answered you already, stop spamming...
(11/09/2014 15:02:27, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): cheers Marian
(11/09/2014 15:02:33, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: good question natalia
(11/09/2014 15:02:37, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to FanAlphaville): It's possible concerts everywhere, friend. It depends on the interest of promoters from your area....
(11/09/2014 15:02:37, room alphaville) Gianluca: believe in ghost Marian?
(11/09/2014 15:02:46, room alphaville) dejavu: If you live 150 years (which is a very close reality to come) will you continue just singing? There're lots of other most interesting things in life.
(11/09/2014 15:02:49, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): If you can, would you want to go back in the 1980's, when Alphaville just started?
(11/09/2014 15:02:52, room alphaville) hajak1: How many singles from the new album???
(11/09/2014 15:02:53, room alphaville) Daniel_Lepki: Yes, I am also enjoying the So80s album, thanx Marian.
(11/09/2014 15:02:56, room alphaville) Nadialebni: Want to be happy ? Welcome to Alphaville!
(11/09/2014 15:03:03, room alphaville) Marian: Andrei cheers!
(11/09/2014 15:03:05, room alphaville) beta_(Fabian): I am listening just now Lindsey Buckingham, it's also a great good artist and musician.
(11/09/2014 15:03:17, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: yes, Felipe, it just depends on the interests of the promoters, not on the bands interest
(11/09/2014 15:03:29, room alphaville) Guest925 (to Marian): have you planned a singlle before the endyear?
(11/09/2014 15:03:37, room alphaville) KaM (to AmberVonAvalon): see if you can find All I Want. It's a very very sad video, but amazing.
(11/09/2014 15:03:39, room alphaville) Alien: it's nice reading you all (though at times this chat gives me a deja vu feeling), but I have to go now....
(11/09/2014 15:03:44, room alphaville) Karen: going for a ciggee
(11/09/2014 15:03:56, room alphaville) Robert33 (to Marian): do you care about chart success?
(11/09/2014 15:04:01, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Marian, do you like the Jeff Buckley song Hallelujah? I would love you to do a cover...
(11/09/2014 15:04:02, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian is wine your favorite drink? or beer or what? and what one makes you dizzy easier? You can drink a bottle of wine in a day?
(11/09/2014 15:04:08, room alphaville) carolina: Marian why you dont sing the real lyrics of your songs sometimes in your concerts??
(11/09/2014 15:04:20, room alphaville) Marian: Guest925 yes, it will be...aro... oops... a surprise..
(11/09/2014 15:04:21, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): What do you think about the german artist Unheilig?? Would love to have you both in a collaboration...badly he have done hisl ast album under the name Unheilig :-(
(11/09/2014 15:04:22, room alphaville) Maya: - Marian - I know that you love and sadness sadness beautiful .....- She lives in your songs and music .... well ... ---- Why do you like it too, so warm sadness in your songs LASSIE come HOME////// ELEGY ///// THE impossible dream...........
(11/09/2014 15:04:25, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Alien): :D Take care :-]
(11/09/2014 15:04:30, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to AndreaRuby): YES Andrea - one of my favorite songs ever!
(11/09/2014 15:04:48, room alphaville) beta_(Fabian): Hey guys, you should know that AV produce their music when they want it so they learn two main things to us: Patience and Hope
(11/09/2014 15:04:50, room alphaville) Guest925 (to Nadialebni): from where are you?
(11/09/2014 15:04:54, room alphaville) Marian: carolina because I f... cant remember them.
(11/09/2014 15:04:54, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Marian): What do you think about fan videos to your songs?
(11/09/2014 15:04:56, room alphaville) annii_L: I love the song from Jeff Buckley, so did Martin <3
(11/09/2014 15:04:57, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: good question why you like to change lyrics sometimes Marian?
(11/09/2014 15:05:08, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: ahhhh
(11/09/2014 15:05:09, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: HELLO MARIAN :)
(11/09/2014 15:05:10, room alphaville) nicole (to Alien): Bye! :-]
(11/09/2014 15:05:16, room alphaville) Dorka: Marian, I'm so happy to have the chance to participate in this live chat, thank you! I'm 19 and was nowhere in the 80s...but hope to see you performing in Hungary soon!
(11/09/2014 15:05:19, room alphaville) Omegaville1: Last Marian's answer: :))
(11/09/2014 15:05:20, room alphaville) Robert33 (to beta_(Fabian)): isn't that a quote from count of monte cristo?
(11/09/2014 15:05:28, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): any official video ?
(11/09/2014 15:05:31, room alphaville) Karen (to Alien): take care :-]
(11/09/2014 15:05:33, room alphaville) Clare (to Alien): :-]
(11/09/2014 15:05:34, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: it happens Marian when you make difficult lyrics as you do and intelligent ones
(11/09/2014 15:05:39, room alphaville) Nadialebni: How do you do that??? to bring SERENITY?
(11/09/2014 15:05:39, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Alien): Bye!
(11/09/2014 15:05:46, room alphaville) Gianluca: enjoying the world cup Marian?
(11/09/2014 15:05:50, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): I really love SLAM live.
(11/09/2014 15:05:50, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: and as you have many many songs it is difficult to remember them all
(11/09/2014 15:05:57, room alphaville) annii_L (to Alien): bye
(11/09/2014 15:06:01, room alphaville) Marian: Omegaville1 absolutely love them. They oftejn are very professionel and inspiring.
(11/09/2014 15:06:06, room alphaville) ChorizoTree (to Marian): I tried and will probably try again someday. By the way, would you be happy if fans were more in the deciphering stuff ?
(11/09/2014 15:06:06, room alphaville) Guest925 (to Marian): 8)
(11/09/2014 15:06:08, room alphaville) Nadialebni: Are you a magician?
(11/09/2014 15:06:09, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Marian is possible a concert in Mexico City? I hope your answer
(11/09/2014 15:06:14, room alphaville) annii_L (to Alien): keep strong :)
(11/09/2014 15:06:21, room alphaville) Marian: ...bye anja
(11/09/2014 15:06:27, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Marian): Good to hear that :D
(11/09/2014 15:06:27, room alphaville) schroedingercat: T R I E T Z you soon, bye bye!
(11/09/2014 15:06:32, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): What your tattoos symbolize? I am very curious :)
(11/09/2014 15:06:39, room alphaville) Omegaville1: Or rather read
(11/09/2014 15:06:55, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): weird question, but if you could, would you want to relive the 80's, when Alphaville just started out.? you, Bernhard and Frank?
(11/09/2014 15:06:56, room alphaville) mirela (to Marian): I wish U all the best, and me and Andrei will expecting U next year in Romania, we well be as always in the first line !!!!!!
(11/09/2014 15:07:06, room alphaville) Maya: Thank you, with love Marian-
(11/09/2014 15:07:07, room alphaville) AndreaRuby: Marian, did you watch my congratulation message? What'dya think?
(11/09/2014 15:07:15, room alphaville) Andreas (to AndreaRuby): I prefer him to release his own/AV:s songs. The only covers I would love to hear are covers of my songs.
(11/09/2014 15:07:16, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): that's right
(11/09/2014 15:07:29, room alphaville) Robert33: I think his tattoos are animals? like a zoo...
(11/09/2014 15:07:33, room alphaville) MoonMonkey: to Marian: How many songs will be on new album? If you know :)
(11/09/2014 15:07:36, room alphaville) Marian: nicole no
(11/09/2014 15:07:46, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): the new album will not include covers of others' songs or?
(11/09/2014 15:07:52, room alphaville) Karen (to mirela, Andrei): behind me ;)
(11/09/2014 15:07:54, room alphaville) Nadialebni: The more I listen to you, the more I am addicted???
(11/09/2014 15:07:59, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to MoonMonkey): He answered before, between 11 and 14,
(11/09/2014 15:08:09, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: true Nadia
(11/09/2014 15:08:12, room alphaville) Marian: Krapplund no covers
(11/09/2014 15:08:13, room alphaville) annii_L: @MG ich bleib noch
(11/09/2014 15:08:22, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): Thank you for responding! :)
(11/09/2014 15:08:26, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): Yes, what did you think about AndreaRuby's anniversary movie. I thought it was brilliant / the man behind the camera ;)
(11/09/2014 15:08:30, room alphaville) Guest925 (to Marian): IT would be great if Bernie go back home to Alphaville,is it possible?
(11/09/2014 15:08:33, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: I think it's interesting because when Catching Rays on Giant came out, I listened to it a couple times and put it away. It's just the last couple of months I've been listening to it over and over and over
(11/09/2014 15:08:35, room alphaville) Omegaville1: My weird memory :))
(11/09/2014 15:08:36, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Alphaville is an addiction when you start to listen or watcht the videos
(11/09/2014 15:08:40, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): Do you children like AV songs?
(11/09/2014 15:08:42, room alphaville) AndreaRuby (to Andreas): but his voice would be amazing on that!
(11/09/2014 15:08:45, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: Funny how much affects you at different points in your life
(11/09/2014 15:08:50, room alphaville) Marian: Andreas totally agree
(11/09/2014 15:08:53, room alphaville) Andrei (to Karen): ok but he will see us
(11/09/2014 15:08:59, room alphaville) Nadialebni: Is Alphaville a drug
(11/09/2014 15:08:59, room alphaville) carolina: ok Marian hahaha i thought was me that i was wrong singing your songs in your concerts ;) but i know all the lyrics :)
(11/09/2014 15:09:07, room alphaville) Robert33: if I am being honest...I think CROG is overproduced but the lead singles were the best in years
(11/09/2014 15:09:07, room alphaville) Karen (to Andrei): :)
(11/09/2014 15:09:09, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to AmberVonAvalon): Agree!
(11/09/2014 15:09:31, room alphaville) Krapplund: What do you think about the german artist Unheilig?? Would love to have you both in a collaboration...badly he have done his last album under the name Unheilig
(11/09/2014 15:09:38, room alphaville) Marian: Guest925 alphaville is a kind of a club. Members come and go.
(11/09/2014 15:09:40, room alphaville) Robert33: I felt the same about Duran Duran's Astronaut
(11/09/2014 15:10:03, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: lol Marian Alphaville is basically you
(11/09/2014 15:10:09, room alphaville) Krapplund: listen to Ulla Meinecke - Langsames Lied
(11/09/2014 15:10:12, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Omegaville1): I think I'm crazy now for not listening to it this whole time but I guess I just wasn't ready. Now the album will forever remind me of this point in time. There is a reason for that... not that I understand but there's some reason ;)
(11/09/2014 15:10:16, room alphaville) Marian: Robert33 my fav song from that one is is the deep
(11/09/2014 15:10:22, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: no doubt it, it happens with so many bands
(11/09/2014 15:10:30, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Marian is possible a concert in Mexico City? I hope your answer
(11/09/2014 15:10:31, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): you said that you don't like facebook. why not?
(11/09/2014 15:10:48, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): out of all the songs you have wrote, from the 1980's, 1990's and today, do you have a favorite?
(11/09/2014 15:10:48, room alphaville) MalilaM (to AmberVonAvalon): That happened to me with Prostitute and Salvation. :)
(11/09/2014 15:10:54, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: good question natalia
(11/09/2014 15:10:56, room alphaville) Guest925 (to Marian): will you touring in France next year?
(11/09/2014 15:10:59, room alphaville) Omegaville1: not surprised he doesn't
(11/09/2014 15:11:01, room alphaville) Gianluca: enjoying the world cup Marian?
(11/09/2014 15:11:11, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): Thanks for the answer, but what did you agree on? That AndreaRuby's movie was brilliant or that you prefer to record your own songs instead of covers?
(11/09/2014 15:11:14, room alphaville) AndreaRuby (to Marian): a lot of fans have been asking for this: Will there be the release of a DVD with videos, live performances, interviews etc?
(11/09/2014 15:11:15, room alphaville) Omegaville1: that one was to Natalia
(11/09/2014 15:11:33, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): so think about comming back to Romania at least 3 fans are waiting for you ;)
(11/09/2014 15:11:41, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: yes, Marian, how are going the plans for a possible DVD?
(11/09/2014 15:11:53, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Any interest of the record company?
(11/09/2014 15:11:57, room alphaville) Robert33 (to Vivi_Brazil): this happens with a lot of groups...Kraftwerk is basically Ralf...kind of
(11/09/2014 15:12:05, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to MalilaM): isn't that funny? And sometimes I'll go for 6 months with no music and then I get so obsessed with it ... it's like AIR and I need it
(11/09/2014 15:12:05, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Claudio is planning to shoot one live here
(11/09/2014 15:12:13, room alphaville) Nadialebni: Marian overworked by his fans...
(11/09/2014 15:12:16, room alphaville) Marian: Natalia facebook and other social networks are ok but I hate useless information.
(11/09/2014 15:12:16, room alphaville) Claudia: andrea's movie was brilliant for sure!
(11/09/2014 15:12:16, room alphaville) AndreaRuby (to Marian): Curious to know how you look after your singing voice and how you prepare for concerts. Sorry 3rd time asking this :P
(11/09/2014 15:12:22, room alphaville) MalilaM (to AmberVonAvalon): Absolutely. :)
(11/09/2014 15:12:30, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Yes, many groups Robert
(11/09/2014 15:12:35, room alphaville) jetset: Bye all - danke Marian :)
(11/09/2014 15:12:40, room alphaville) konsta-777 (to Marian): What your favourite song?
(11/09/2014 15:12:54, room alphaville) Clare (to jetset): bye :-]
(11/09/2014 15:12:57, room alphaville) annii_L (to Claudia): I saw KP's message...
(11/09/2014 15:13:01, room alphaville) nicole (to jetset): :-] bye!
(11/09/2014 15:13:05, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: marian facebook sometimes sucks, yes many useless things to see every day it takes time
(11/09/2014 15:13:09, room alphaville) Daniel_Lepki: auf wiedersehen!
(11/09/2014 15:13:11, room alphaville) Andreas (to Claudia): Thanks (even if I only was the man behind the camera)!
(11/09/2014 15:13:12, room alphaville) Marian: AndreaRuby normally I take a bath in my hotel room and try to recall the lyrics
(11/09/2014 15:13:13, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Marian is possible a concert in Mexico City?
(11/09/2014 15:13:13, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: precious time from our lives sometimes
(11/09/2014 15:13:14, room alphaville) Robert33: but I think it would be a big mistake to call AV a Marian solo project
(11/09/2014 15:13:17, room alphaville) carolina: Marian are you gonna come to Spain to make a concert????
(11/09/2014 15:13:24, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): please, continue playing ROMEOS live
(11/09/2014 15:13:28, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Claudia is possible a concert in Mexico City?
(11/09/2014 15:13:40, room alphaville) MalilaM: jetset: :-]
(11/09/2014 15:13:44, room alphaville) Robert33: I would like to see "To Germany With Love" live
(11/09/2014 15:13:44, room alphaville) annii_L: ...
(11/09/2014 15:13:45, room alphaville) Gianluca: Speak Spanish Marian?
(11/09/2014 15:13:50, room alphaville) Marian: Robert33 big mistake indeed
(11/09/2014 15:13:55, room alphaville) AndreaRuby (to Marian): Thanks for the answer :) I love baths! :)
(11/09/2014 15:14:05, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to MalilaM): One of my favorite memories... is being in Tokyo with the drummer for Duran Duran. I put Big In Japan on the stereo and started singing. He said to me - very earnestly - "You need your own band because I have never seen someone
(11/09/2014 15:14:07, room alphaville) Claudia: i loved his message, anja
(11/09/2014 15:14:14, room alphaville) Marian: AndreaRuby me too
(11/09/2014 15:14:14, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: get so into the music. You FEEL it"
(11/09/2014 15:14:21, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: Biggest complement ever.
(11/09/2014 15:14:36, room alphaville) Omegaville1: :D
(11/09/2014 15:14:37, room alphaville) annii_L (to Claudia): made me cry. Micha loved it too
(11/09/2014 15:14:38, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian Felipe wants a shirt like you have in SLAM, but I made that one like you wear it in BIJ, hope you noticed it lol
(11/09/2014 15:14:42, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: Claudia is possible a concert in Mexico City?
(11/09/2014 15:14:50, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: MARIAN
(11/09/2014 15:14:53, room alphaville) MalilaM (to AmberVonAvalon): That was sweet. =)
(11/09/2014 15:14:57, room alphaville) Guest925 (to Marian): How are the record compagny about the upcomiong album,will they support and promote it?
(11/09/2014 15:15:00, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: I made that t shirt so many years ago hehehe just like yours in the video
(11/09/2014 15:15:09, room alphaville) MoonMonkey: yes it is good question AndreaRuby: any live videos from gigs ?
(11/09/2014 15:15:16, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Marian): Ah yeah. How many languages can you speak?
(11/09/2014 15:15:17, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Now everybody asks me what is written there in Japanese, but nobody really knows lol
(11/09/2014 15:15:29, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil: ohhh, I love SLAM :d vivi
(11/09/2014 15:15:30, room alphaville) Mumu: OK, if I don't go, my pupils will have a sleepwalker as teacher tomorrow.
(11/09/2014 15:15:45, room alphaville) Karen (to Mumu): was just thinking the same
(11/09/2014 15:15:48, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Claudio who is bringing Alphaville to Brazil is planning to shoot a live DVD
(11/09/2014 15:15:52, room alphaville) Mumu: Bye everyone, vielen dank Marian !
(11/09/2014 15:15:55, room alphaville) Marian: Guest925 no worries, tthey dohey support us
(11/09/2014 15:15:56, room alphaville) Clare (to Mumu): :-]
(11/09/2014 15:16:02, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Mumu): :-]
(11/09/2014 15:16:03, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): Is it possible for an Alphaville concert in the U. S.? I would love to see you guys live! (sorry, i have asked this question a couple times before)
(11/09/2014 15:16:06, room alphaville) Robert33: Marian do you enjoy playing Iron John live? it seems to be a lot of fun
(11/09/2014 15:16:06, room alphaville) Marian: bye mumu
(11/09/2014 15:16:06, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: It is one of my favorite songs too Felipe SLAM
(11/09/2014 15:16:11, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon: hmmmmmm Brazil
(11/09/2014 15:16:17, room alphaville) nicole (to Mumu): Bye!
(11/09/2014 15:16:24, room alphaville) Daniel_Lepki: :-]
(11/09/2014 15:16:28, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: HELLO MARIAN!!! :)
(11/09/2014 15:16:28, room alphaville) AndreaRuby (to Marian): how did you learn such amazing English? The lyrics from the early days are out of this world!
(11/09/2014 15:16:29, room alphaville) Karen (to Mumu): night mumum, sleep well
(11/09/2014 15:16:35, room alphaville) Karen: mumu even
(11/09/2014 15:16:35, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): You have sung in English, French and German. When will you sing in Swedish? Maybe a song called "Igelkott"?
(11/09/2014 15:16:37, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): I hope they will also support you in France !
(11/09/2014 15:16:40, room alphaville) Nadialebni: bye Mumu
(11/09/2014 15:16:53, room alphaville) konsta-777 (to Marian): What of albums Alphaville you consider as the most successful?
(11/09/2014 15:16:57, room alphaville) Robert33: Brazis have some of the best crowds..I remember watching a Tears For Fears concert on youtube from there..the crowds went wild
(11/09/2014 15:16:59, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Andreas): Muhahahaha
(11/09/2014 15:16:59, room alphaville) Omegaville1 (to Mumu): Bye! :-]
(11/09/2014 15:17:02, room alphaville) konsta-777: What of albums Alphaville you consider as the most successful?
(11/09/2014 15:17:08, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Marian, do you sing lullabies to your children to sleep or when they are babies?
(11/09/2014 15:17:12, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: lol
(11/09/2014 15:17:13, room alphaville) Krapplund: open a new GOLD beer
(11/09/2014 15:17:13, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): Do you like Poland?
(11/09/2014 15:17:20, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil: SLAM was such a big hit in Brazil, that it was played on the radio from 85 to 95.... they still play this song, but not that often, vivi
(11/09/2014 15:17:27, room alphaville) Marian: I think its about time for me too to leave. It was great to chat with you all. Hope I could give you some interesting info. keep you updated
(11/09/2014 15:17:31, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): so tell me please about the album the style it's heading for rock new wave something like that ?
(11/09/2014 15:17:32, room alphaville) FanAlphaville: :kiss HELLO MARIAN
(11/09/2014 15:17:45, room alphaville) ANiklis: Great chat!
(11/09/2014 15:17:48, room alphaville) Robert33: Thanks Marian..all the best for the future
(11/09/2014 15:17:50, room alphaville) Omegaville1: Gotta leave, bye
(11/09/2014 15:17:50, room alphaville) Karen: am off also, night everyone
(11/09/2014 15:17:54, room alphaville) Daniel_Lepki: Thank you Marian.. Many well wishes.
(11/09/2014 15:17:55, room alphaville) Gianluca: Bye Marian, Greetings From Argentina!!!
(11/09/2014 15:17:57, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Yes, here in Sao Paulo nowadays is more BIJ and FY now, but the three were played a lot here in that time
(11/09/2014 15:17:58, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): Thanks for all answers! Good night! Hope to see you soon!
(11/09/2014 15:17:58, room alphaville) AmberVonAvalon (to Marian): Thank you for chatting. You are so kind to us fan geeks.
(11/09/2014 15:17:59, room alphaville) MoonMonkey: The wine is finsh?
(11/09/2014 15:18:00, room alphaville) annii_L (to Marian): ALL THE BEST
(11/09/2014 15:18:03, room alphaville) nicole (to Marian): Thank you so much for answering my questions! Have a good night!
(11/09/2014 15:18:06, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil: Bye, Marian, thanks for the chat
(11/09/2014 15:18:07, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Thanks for your time and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREAMROOM!!
(11/09/2014 15:18:08, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): ok al the bes and haks for all that you are doyng for us
(11/09/2014 15:18:10, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Thank you for the chat!
(11/09/2014 15:18:13, room alphaville) Dimitri (to Marian): what some ancient books you purchased last?
(11/09/2014 15:18:14, room alphaville) ChorizoTree (to Marian): Bye Marian, thx, hope to see you before another 15 years!
(11/09/2014 15:18:14, room alphaville) Natalia (to Marian): thanks for a chat. I love you & your music! Good night!
(11/09/2014 15:18:17, room alphaville) AndreaRuby (to Marian): Thank you so much, I had lots of laughs :)
(11/09/2014 15:18:17, room alphaville) Chris: Thank you Marian for your time!
(11/09/2014 15:18:18, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian): Thanks Marian :-]
(11/09/2014 15:18:19, room alphaville) Marian: anii 2u2
(11/09/2014 15:18:28, room alphaville) Guest925 (to Marian): Yeah it was great,have a good night,brother.
(11/09/2014 15:18:31, room alphaville) annii_L: xx
(11/09/2014 15:18:31, room alphaville) Vivi_Brazil: Bye Marian, thanks for the chat and the answers, hope to meet you and see you soon in Brazil!!!\
(11/09/2014 15:18:33, room alphaville) Maya: - Marian.- with you interesting and want to talk a lot about different things, but ... time keeps us ... It is only the joy of your attention ...- thank you very much ........... .. Come to Israel ....... - east - a delicate matter, but the land helps ...
(11/09/2014 15:18:34, room alphaville) Marian: bye, love you all
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It was definitely a fun chat! I repeated some of my questions several times hoping one might get answered. I'm happy though because Marian Did respond to one of my question and comment. I also liked a lot of the other questions as well! I wish he would have gotten to answer all of them but I think he did well considering there were a ton of us one one of him!

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Agreed - very fun. Thank you to all the admins <3

Now the party's over, I'm so tired ~ Then I see you coming out of nowhere
Much communication in a motion ~ Without conversation or a notion
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I just wasn't in the mood, to be honest. Like Alien said, it was a kind of dja vu for me.

Before you judge me, make sure you're perfect.
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Thank you for fixing this
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It was a great chat even though I fell asleep
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@willy: no beer

"Alphaville ohne Bernhard ist wie eine Apfelstrudel ohne apfel"
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I had lots of beer the day before, and you know me the day after
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Amature. .....

"Alphaville ohne Bernhard ist wie eine Apfelstrudel ohne apfel"
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Originally Posted by Krapplund View Post
Amature. .....


Now the party's over, I'm so tired ~ Then I see you coming out of nowhere
Much communication in a motion ~ Without conversation or a notion
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