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7 Chat Transcript with Marian Gold 18 Jul 2006

(07/18/2006 21:31:06, room alphaville) Marian2: *m in!!
(07/18/2006 21:31:16, room alphaville) nicki: guten abend herr gold!
(07/18/2006 21:31:16, room alphaville) Kaddi:
(07/18/2006 21:31:19, room alphaville) Alpha-Katrin (to Marian2): Marian!Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
(07/18/2006 21:31:25, room alphaville) patten (to Krapplund-): Look at your time...
(07/18/2006 21:31:26, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian2):
(07/18/2006 21:31:31, room alphaville) Mynx: howdy, Marian (((HUGS)))!!
(07/18/2006 21:31:34, room alphaville) Karen (to Marian2): evening Marian :- ]
(07/18/2006 21:31:36, room alphaville) wii: Finally, sorry about that
(07/18/2006 21:31:36, room alphaville) FallenAngel: Finally but not to late!
(07/18/2006 21:31:38, room alphaville) alphaaqua (to Ilwa): huhu
(07/18/2006 21:31:39, room alphaville) Marian2: hello!!!!
(07/18/2006 21:31:43, room alphaville) Karen: oops
(07/18/2006 21:31:43, room alphaville) Ilwa: Hello everybody
(07/18/2006 21:31:45, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to patten): wroght wrong hehehe
(07/18/2006 21:31:47, room alphaville) Kaddi: can´t stop it
(07/18/2006 21:31:47, room alphaville) Karen:
(07/18/2006 21:31:52, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: oh, hello Marian - nice to meet you
(07/18/2006 21:31:57, room alphaville) jacky27: jó estét Gold Úr!
(07/18/2006 21:32:01, room alphaville) Karen: heat's addled me brain
(07/18/2006 21:32:16, room alphaville) Poul (to Marian2): So....what are the news on the new album???
(07/18/2006 21:32:23, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to paulg): welcome! nice to see you here
(07/18/2006 21:32:28, room alphaville) Karen (to paulg): hi Paul
(07/18/2006 21:32:31, room alphaville) Kaddi: me to Karen
(07/18/2006 21:32:38, room alphaville) Justus (to paulg): Hi pal Paul!
(07/18/2006 21:32:41, room alphaville) Krapplund-: open a new beer
(07/18/2006 21:32:45, room alphaville) TorSalqvist: üdv jacky! honnan ismerlek?
(07/18/2006 21:32:45, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare (to paulg):
(07/18/2006 21:32:50, room alphaville) Mynx (to Marian2): how are you doing?
(07/18/2006 21:33:06, room alphaville) Kaddi: will it helps?
(07/18/2006 21:33:15, room alphaville) Karen (to Kaddi):
(07/18/2006 21:33:31, room alphaville) Marian2 (to Poul): things looking good. we negotiating with warner for a new album
(07/18/2006 21:33:34, room alphaville) Karen: it worked that time
(07/18/2006 21:33:40, room alphaville) jacky27: like vafe?
(07/18/2006 21:33:40, room alphaville) alphaaqua (to Marian2): is it hot where you are at the moment?
(07/18/2006 21:33:44, room alphaville) TorSalqvist: hi Marian Marian=Marian2???
(07/18/2006 21:33:50, room alphaville) FallenAngel (to Marian2): Are there no demo's we can listen from the new album?
(07/18/2006 21:34:05, room alphaville) Kaddi: Hello hello hello
(07/18/2006 21:34:06, room alphaville) Poul (to Marian2): Warner!!! That sounds great !!!!
(07/18/2006 21:34:09, room alphaville) alphaaqua: WARNER !
(07/18/2006 21:34:24, room alphaville) Romeo (to Claudia): is Marian 2 = Marian?
(07/18/2006 21:34:26, room alphaville) wii: Yeah, let´s get Warner back
(07/18/2006 21:34:30, room alphaville) Marian2 (to alphaaqua): yea, pretty hot. i*m living under the roof
(07/18/2006 21:34:35, room alphaville) wii (to Romeo): Yes
(07/18/2006 21:34:50, room alphaville) wii (to Marian2): Hot here too in Copenhagen
(07/18/2006 21:34:57, room alphaville) Karen (to Marian2): not as hot as it is here on the Rhine though
(07/18/2006 21:35:05, room alphaville) Mynx: how are you, Marian?
(07/18/2006 21:35:11, room alphaville) nicki: :what is your fave aftershave (if any as you r growing a beard) or perfume respectively? girlie question sorry....
(07/18/2006 21:35:16, room alphaville) alphaaqua (to Marian2): under the it´s not far to heaven...
(07/18/2006 21:35:19, room alphaville) Guest551: Hi`s alphaandre from Germany, Hello Marian
(07/18/2006 21:35:27, room alphaville) Poul (to Marian2): How far are you with the album?? Have you started producing??
(07/18/2006 21:35:28, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: i i would like to know if you still get nervous when y ou enter in a stage?
(07/18/2006 21:35:41, room alphaville) paulg: Hi everyone, been asleep in the garden
(07/18/2006 21:35:45, room alphaville) Marian2 (to FallenAngel): we have lots of new songs in demoformat. i hope we can introduce them to you on the upcoming shows
(07/18/2006 21:36:01, room alphaville) jacky27: Marian, what is your opinion from the FY 2006 remixes?
(07/18/2006 21:36:22, room alphaville) Ilwa: are more shows planned fpr this year?
(07/18/2006 21:36:27, room alphaville) Marian2 (to nicki): it' creed, or kenzo
(07/18/2006 21:36:30, room alphaville) Karen: sorry Marian, sorry guys - I have to leave you now
(07/18/2006 21:36:40, room alphaville) Poul (to Karen): bye
(07/18/2006 21:36:44, room alphaville) Karen (to Marian2): take care - hope to see you soon
(07/18/2006 21:36:47, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: How many of the songs you debuted at the 20th Anniversary will make the new release?
(07/18/2006 21:36:56, room alphaville) Justus (to Karen): Goodnight!
(07/18/2006 21:36:56, room alphaville) Kaddi: Bye Karen...
(07/18/2006 21:36:57, room alphaville) Romeo (to Marian2): please play around the universe in augsburg..please!!!
(07/18/2006 21:36:57, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Karen): take care
(07/18/2006 21:37:04, room alphaville) Alien (to Karen):
(07/18/2006 21:37:05, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare (to Karen): bye!
(07/18/2006 21:37:10, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Karen): takle care ;-]
(07/18/2006 21:37:12, room alphaville) Marian2 (to jacky27): u mean the aussie-mixes?
(07/18/2006 21:37:27, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: I still cherish that week in Germany... It was among the best times in my life!!
(07/18/2006 21:37:27, room alphaville) alphaaqua (to Marian2): are you still thinking about the famous tipi-gig?
(07/18/2006 21:37:40, room alphaville) wii (to Marian2): How many songs will the new album include ?
(07/18/2006 21:37:51, room alphaville) Karen: anyonw saying the chat log
(07/18/2006 21:38:05, room alphaville) nicki: if you were a girl, would you fall for yourself? another girlie question...last one...:-)
(07/18/2006 21:38:06, room alphaville) wii (to Karen): Yes, don´t worry
(07/18/2006 21:38:08, room alphaville) Travebaer (to Marian2): did you enjoy the concert in Dresden?
(07/18/2006 21:38:09, room alphaville) Mynx (to Marian2): i was listening to "romance" a ninute ago, and i'm wondering: what is your idea of romance?
(07/18/2006 21:38:13, room alphaville) Marian2 (to Ilwa): we still planning more shows, most of them outside of germany, nothings confirmed yet. well let u know in time
(07/18/2006 21:38:19, room alphaville) Karen: cheers Willy
(07/18/2006 21:38:24, room alphaville) Karen: night all have fun
(07/18/2006 21:38:35, room alphaville) wii (to Marian2): Scandinavia - please..........................
(07/18/2006 21:38:54, room alphaville) Ilwa: sounds great Marian
(07/18/2006 21:38:57, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: do you have relatives in Italy and Bulgaria?
(07/18/2006 21:38:57, room alphaville) paulg: More shows yes yes yes
(07/18/2006 21:39:01, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian2): yes...sweden
(07/18/2006 21:39:04, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: What about Canada?
(07/18/2006 21:39:11, room alphaville) Kaddi: Hallo Ilwa!
(07/18/2006 21:39:11, room alphaville) Marian2 (to Mynx): being alone with myself
(07/18/2006 21:39:12, room alphaville) alphaaqua: and HAMBURG old home of Warner!
(07/18/2006 21:39:20, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: Alphaville is played on the radio here every day...
(07/18/2006 21:39:25, room alphaville) Guest551: alphaandre: Marian, do you recognize the bad situation about the people(crowd) in Dresden ? I
(07/18/2006 21:39:22, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare (to Marian2): anywhere please (so long as a cheap airline flies there)
(07/18/2006 21:39:32, room alphaville) Ilwa: hi Kaddi!
(07/18/2006 21:39:33, room alphaville) Poul (to Marian2): Have FY2006 been released in New Zealand as well as Australia?? The Youth Group version is high in the New Zealand charts
(07/18/2006 21:39:36, room alphaville) Guest490: show in Indonesia pleaseee...
(07/18/2006 21:39:42, room alphaville) Romeo (to Marian2): who is going to produce the new album?
(07/18/2006 21:40:19, room alphaville) TorSalqvist: How many song will the new album contain???
(07/18/2006 21:40:50, room alphaville) Mynx (to Marian2): the best time to rediscover oneself... definately.
(07/18/2006 21:41:03, room alphaville) TorSalqvist (to Marian2): How many song will the new album contain???
(07/18/2006 21:41:04, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian2): hows about the synth-sounds on the new album?
(07/18/2006 21:41:13, room alphaville) Travebaer (to Guest551): Yes, my husband had to leave because of the situation
(07/18/2006 21:41:44, room alphaville) Guest490 (to Marian2):
(07/18/2006 21:41:45, room alphaville) wii (to Marian2): Please lots of synths, no guitars
(07/18/2006 21:41:55, room alphaville) nicki: what happend in dresden in the crowd??? schupsen oder was?
(07/18/2006 21:42:08, room alphaville) TorSalqvist (to wii): I agree...
(07/18/2006 21:42:11, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: Marian, i love sogs with synths you are in the right way
(07/18/2006 21:42:14, room alphaville) MalilaM (to wii): more guitars!!
(07/18/2006 21:42:18, room alphaville) MalilaM:
(07/18/2006 21:42:24, room alphaville) Claudia: willy - Marian is out again
(07/18/2006 21:42:25, room alphaville) Kaddi: To nicki: Yes
(07/18/2006 21:42:33, room alphaville) Alien (to MalilaM): yey for guitars!
(07/18/2006 21:42:36, room alphaville) Romeo (to wii): i also agree
(07/18/2006 21:43:02, room alphaville) nicki: `scary,,,, sad to hear....
(07/18/2006 21:43:05, room alphaville) wii (to Claudia): let him login as a member, it should work now
(07/18/2006 21:43:06, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: 14th trying
(07/18/2006 21:43:08, room alphaville) FallenAngel: two albums : one with guitars and one without them
(07/18/2006 21:43:28, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: what happened the last 10 minutes?
(07/18/2006 21:43:48, room alphaville) Guest490: @Marian2 show in Indonesia pleaseeee
(07/18/2006 21:43:55, room alphaville) Krapplund-: ohhh...hope for a album to bay in a regular!!
(07/18/2006 21:44:00, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Alien):
(07/18/2006 21:43:59, room alphaville) alphaaqua: three albums, one with guitars, one with synths and one with ricky and bernd
(07/18/2006 21:44:15, room alphaville) Claudia: willy - thid does not work
(07/18/2006 21:44:43, room alphaville) Poul (to Krapplund-): If Warner is in on it you can be certain it will be released in the shops!!!!!!!!!
(07/18/2006 21:44:49, room alphaville) Romeo: three with ricky and bernd AND synths!!
(07/18/2006 21:44:52, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Neil_Everlast): not so bad... you can still count
(07/18/2006 21:44:58, room alphaville) Ilwa: Kaddi, how are you?
(07/18/2006 21:45:22, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Poul): YES that great!
(07/18/2006 21:45:38, room alphaville) Kaddi: Now is it good, Ilwa... was a hard time...
(07/18/2006 21:45:44, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: Marian, do youstill feel nervous when u enter in a stage or TV? or not anymore??
(07/18/2006 21:45:48, room alphaville) wii (to Claudia): it does - I just did it and logged off again
(07/18/2006 21:45:53, room alphaville) wii (to Claudia): it does - I just did it and logged off again
(07/18/2006 21:46:00, room alphaville) alphaaqua: clear
(07/18/2006 21:46:17, room alphaville) Marian: high (sigh)
(07/18/2006 21:46:21, room alphaville) TorSalqvist (to Marian): How many song will the new album contain???
(07/18/2006 21:46:25, room alphaville) Claudia: he's back
(07/18/2006 21:46:35, room alphaville) Ilwa: ...haven't heard from each other since so long....
(07/18/2006 21:46:35, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: hello again - 15th try
(07/18/2006 21:46:39, room alphaville) wii (to Claudia): Oh good
(07/18/2006 21:46:39, room alphaville) Krapplund-: good
(07/18/2006 21:46:40, room alphaville) Guest490: So who is Marian Gold here???
(07/18/2006 21:46:44, room alphaville) paulg: Single CD released in the shops, but a special 10 CD version for fans
(07/18/2006 21:46:46, room alphaville) patten (to Marian): Hello again
(07/18/2006 21:46:47, room alphaville) Romeo (to Marian): will it be a synthi album and who will produce it?
(07/18/2006 21:46:55, room alphaville) Poul (to Marian): will "Sweet dreams" feature on the new album??
(07/18/2006 21:47:03, room alphaville) Marian (to TorSalqvist): about 12
(07/18/2006 21:47:09, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Guest490): Marian, of course
(07/18/2006 21:47:34, room alphaville) alphaaqua (to Marian): what do you think about the band keane? You have to love the 4th song on ther new album!
(07/18/2006 21:47:45, room alphaville) FallenAngel (to Marian): Gallery to??? I really like the song and miss it
(07/18/2006 21:47:47, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: 12 sounds good
(07/18/2006 21:48:07, room alphaville) patima: (to Marian): if you shoot a video just now then for what song or songs?
(07/18/2006 21:48:09, room alphaville) TorSalqvist (to Marian): and wich songs???
(07/18/2006 21:48:14, room alphaville) alphaaqua: 12 is perfect
(07/18/2006 21:48:12, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Is "Sweet Dreams" still among the 12 ?
(07/18/2006 21:48:16, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: OMG Keane! Marian - The members of Keane LOVED the MoonGirl t-shirt!
(07/18/2006 21:48:19, room alphaville) nicki: why shall he like "leaving so soon"?
(07/18/2006 21:48:20, room alphaville) Guest490 (to MalilaM): ok
(07/18/2006 21:48:25, room alphaville) Marian (to Poul): probably. we have lots of interesting songs. some of them maybe more interesting than sweet dreams
(07/18/2006 21:48:37, room alphaville) Mynx (to Marian): can i get your opinion on the story summaries i emailed (please be honest)? do you have one that you like better?
(07/18/2006 21:48:50, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): how will the sound be on the album? more synths?
(07/18/2006 21:48:55, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Lots of synths ?
(07/18/2006 21:48:56, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: how is going the book? Marian?
(07/18/2006 21:49:07, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: Wow - and Sweet Dreams is an amazing song!
(07/18/2006 21:49:07, room alphaville) Poul (to Marian): In my opinion "Sweet dreams" is the best of the new songs that I have heard !
(07/18/2006 21:49:11, room alphaville) alphaaqua: lots of Marian?
(07/18/2006 21:49:12, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: I hope my system...
(07/18/2006 21:49:15, room alphaville) Marian (to Krapplund-): more synths
(07/18/2006 21:49:28, room alphaville) wii (to Poul): No doubt
(07/18/2006 21:49:46, room alphaville) Guest490: So, do you have a plan to concert in Indonesia???
(07/18/2006 21:49:47, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare (to Alphamoongirl): cool, you saw Keane?
(07/18/2006 21:50:02, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: ...goes on it's way!
(07/18/2006 21:50:03, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): When will the album be released ?
(07/18/2006 21:50:07, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): sounds good. and how´s going with the opera? nothing that you working on?
(07/18/2006 21:50:17, room alphaville) Romeo (to Marian): so maybe some of the songs we know already from your concerts never will be released?:-I
(07/18/2006 21:50:18, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: I saw them 3 times this year and met them last summer. I wore my MoonGirl t-shirt and they thought it was awesome!
(07/18/2006 21:50:20, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Poul): I agree with Sweet Dreams
(07/18/2006 21:50:25, room alphaville) Marian (to vivianbrasil): the book was in good progress the last couple of weeks. at the mo i concentrate more on the upcoming album
(07/18/2006 21:50:29, room alphaville) alphaaqua (to wii): 2012
(07/18/2006 21:50:49, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: more synths! it'll be a really good LP!
(07/18/2006 21:50:52, room alphaville) Claudia: I am back
(07/18/2006 21:50:53, room alphaville) nicki: i saw keane last summer at highfiled festival also!!!!!!!!!! got autographs plus photos!!!!!!!
(07/18/2006 21:50:57, room alphaville) Guest490: it's difficult to get Alphaville's CD here
(07/18/2006 21:51:05, room alphaville) Dingerz: heyo
(07/18/2006 21:51:07, room alphaville) Marian (to Poul): yes. that is quite likely
(07/18/2006 21:51:09, room alphaville) Guest490: after prostitute
(07/18/2006 21:51:12, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare (to Dingerz):
(07/18/2006 21:51:20, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: how is the play Alice in the wonderland?
(07/18/2006 21:51:22, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: You made it Tara!!
(07/18/2006 21:51:34, room alphaville) Dingerz: just finshed a job interview - of course it had to be sceduled now
(07/18/2006 21:51:42, room alphaville) Justus (to Dingerz):
(07/18/2006 21:51:51, room alphaville) Krapplund-: listen to Alphaville - Wishful Thinking [Extended Version]
(07/18/2006 21:52:02, room alphaville) Travebaer (to Marian): Do you remember your appearence on Flashlights back then?
(07/18/2006 21:52:05, room alphaville) paulg (to Marian): any more trips to the city of dreaming spires (Oxford) for inspiration
(07/18/2006 21:52:09, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: Will Warner be releasing the new CD worldwide?
(07/18/2006 21:52:10, room alphaville) Marian (to Krapplund-): i do some work on the musical but not too much. the album is the main target.
(07/18/2006 21:52:13, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare (to Marian): my friend Sally just asked me to thank you as Alphaville are really cheering her up at a bad time in her life.
(07/18/2006 21:52:16, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: Will Warner be releasing the new CD worldwide?
(07/18/2006 21:52:20, room alphaville) Dingerz: it's good to see everyone and Marian
(07/18/2006 21:52:21, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: ?
(07/18/2006 21:52:35, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to FallenAngel): by the and some frindes working on to book Code 64 for a gig here in my town...looks good now
(07/18/2006 21:52:37, room alphaville) tjommennn: is there a working title for the new album
(07/18/2006 21:52:54, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): sound good
(07/18/2006 21:53:26, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: is the book in German or English>?h
(07/18/2006 21:53:29, room alphaville) Marian (to Alphamoongirl): yea. if we come to terms with each other, the album will first be released in europe.
(07/18/2006 21:53:32, room alphaville) Romeo (to Marian): will the demos of the songs which will not be on the album be released (e.g. as MP3s)?
(07/18/2006 21:53:40, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: AOL...burn in hell
(07/18/2006 21:53:46, room alphaville) Kaddi: Dear Marian, what is your opinion about the concert in Dresden, about the bad guys for the stage???
(07/18/2006 21:53:51, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: sorry - 16th try!
(07/18/2006 21:53:54, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): have you found a producer yet ?
(07/18/2006 21:53:59, room alphaville) alphaaqua (to Marian): what was so far the best thing that happend to you in 2006?
(07/18/2006 21:54:15, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): any estimated date yet for the release?
(07/18/2006 21:54:17, room alphaville) Dingerz: so what time line are we looking at to hear the new album?
(07/18/2006 21:54:30, room alphaville) Marian (to Romeo): i dont know yet. i dont think that i will be interested in them for the next couple of years.
(07/18/2006 21:54:37, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: is the book i n german or english?
(07/18/2006 21:54:41, room alphaville) Travebaer (to Neil_Everlast): Never chat with AOL
(07/18/2006 21:54:43, room alphaville) FallenAngel (to Krapplund-): Shame it's so far.... would be great to see live
(07/18/2006 21:54:50, room alphaville) Guest490 (to Marian): please the CD come to Indonesia
(07/18/2006 21:54:51, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): congratulate to your addition in the family
(07/18/2006 21:55:45, room alphaville) Romeo: who will produce the album Marian?
(07/18/2006 21:55:48, room alphaville) Mynx (to Krapplund-): what happened?
(07/18/2006 21:55:54, room alphaville) Marian (to Kaddi): i really enjoyed the concert.
(07/18/2006 21:55:59, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare: ?clear
(07/18/2006 21:56:02, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare: owwww
(07/18/2006 21:56:11, room alphaville) FallenAngel (to Marian): the song Für dich will be also on the new album? Or will it be on a separate si cd?
(07/18/2006 21:56:25, room alphaville) alphaaqua (to Marian): make a release party in the dreamscapes location in berlin!
(07/18/2006 21:56:30, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast (to Marian): is the new contract signed?
(07/18/2006 21:56:33, room alphaville) Guest490 (to Marian): so difficult to get Alphaville's CD after prostitute
(07/18/2006 21:56:36, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: Is that song ever going to be released Marian?
(07/18/2006 21:56:56, room alphaville) Guest551: alphaandre: have seen the bad people in DD from stage ??
(07/18/2006 21:57:05, room alphaville) Dingerz: I love Für Dich.
(07/18/2006 21:57:18, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: sorry, three questions from three users the same time
(07/18/2006 21:57:18, room alphaville) Kaddi: Marian, yes it was great, but I must leave the situation... Too many drunken persons
(07/18/2006 21:57:22, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: what is your better video in your opinion?
(07/18/2006 21:57:35, room alphaville) alphaaqua: I want FÜR DICH!
(07/18/2006 21:57:38, room alphaville) Guest490: not released here after that
(07/18/2006 21:57:44, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: That's my song on MySpace
(07/18/2006 21:57:45, room alphaville) Marian (to wii): not yet. i actually have no specific name in mind at the mo. since the album will be released in the new year, there will be enough time. i could also imagine to produce the whole album together with an engineer.
(07/18/2006 21:57:57, room alphaville) Travebaer (to Kaddi): so did I ... they wanted to cause trouble
(07/18/2006 21:58:17, room alphaville) Dingerz: leah, you have für dich for your song on myspace??
(07/18/2006 21:58:27, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: YUP!!
(07/18/2006 21:58:37, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: Just the clippet from Kai's MySpace
(07/18/2006 21:58:43, room alphaville) Poul: what about the DVD....are you also negotiating with Warner about that??
(07/18/2006 21:58:49, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Ok, so you will produce the album together with someone else, cool. Maybe I suggest Bernd? Just kidding......
(07/18/2006 21:59:02, room alphaville) Marian (to FallenAngel): there are no concrete plans for fuer dich. but i like the song and would be happy to finally release it.
(07/18/2006 21:59:03, room alphaville) Kaddi: to Travebaer: Yes I saw it on Golden Feeling Forum...
(07/18/2006 21:59:07, room alphaville) Ilwa: Sorry, I have to leave again
(07/18/2006 21:59:29, room alphaville) Kaddi: To Ilwa... send you a message...
(07/18/2006 21:59:35, room alphaville) Claudia: bye ilwa!
(07/18/2006 21:59:39, room alphaville) Kaddi: Bye Ilwa
(07/18/2006 21:59:45, room alphaville) Ilwa: yes Kaddi, that would be nice
(07/18/2006 21:59:51, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to wii): why kidding?
(07/18/2006 22:00:09, room alphaville) Marian (to Guest551): actually not. i saw only happy faces.
(07/18/2006 22:00:13, room alphaville) Ilwa: Bye to Claudia, Marian and everybody...enjoy the chat!
(07/18/2006 22:00:17, room alphaville) wii (to Krapplund-): Well, we have no idea what the relation is now
(07/18/2006 22:00:17, room alphaville) Romeo (to Marian): we all would love to hear some of the new songs as mp3-demos as you did it with some Crazy Show songs..why is that not possible??
(07/18/2006 22:00:28, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: Marian - who or what inspires you creatively right now?
(07/18/2006 22:00:30, room alphaville) Claudia: talk to u later, ilwa
(07/18/2006 22:00:37, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: claudia, willl the new album be sent by posst maybe?
(07/18/2006 22:00:40, room alphaville) MalilaM (to wii, Krapplund-):
(07/18/2006 22:00:45, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: back again...again
(07/18/2006 22:00:44, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to wii): hmm...yes you right
(07/18/2006 22:00:51, room alphaville) Kaddi: Marian, I can imagine, was so near from the stage...
(07/18/2006 22:00:52, room alphaville) wii (to Romeo): I would rather wait and get the album - makes it feel new and fresh that way
(07/18/2006 22:01:19, room alphaville) Kaddi: Ups.. can´t of course
(07/18/2006 22:01:27, room alphaville) Romeo: but not all new songs will be on the album...
(07/18/2006 22:01:27, room alphaville) Dingerz: I can't wait for the album..I can't believe how much time has passed since first hearing the songs live!
(07/18/2006 22:01:43, room alphaville) Dingerz: and crappy live boots just aren't the same thing
(07/18/2006 22:01:44, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): you don´t know anything about the remix that Bernd did for the sampler over in the U??? will it aver be released?
(07/18/2006 22:01:53, room alphaville) Krapplund-: US!
(07/18/2006 22:02:17, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: the new album will get a good chart-entry in germany. maybe top 50 or higher
(07/18/2006 22:02:22, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: what is the video you like most of you?
(07/18/2006 22:02:23, room alphaville) Mynx (to Krapplund-): new addition? is Marian a daddy again?
(07/18/2006 22:02:47, room alphaville) Marian (to Romeo): not as long as we deal with warner. and possibly also not after successful negotiations. record companies hate the net. as soon as they are involved they will do everything to prevent such things. you cant have the cake and eat it.
(07/18/2006 22:03:16, room alphaville) Marian (to vivianbrasil): soul messiah
(07/18/2006 22:03:45, room alphaville) Dingerz: Marian, are all the songs we heard at the 20th anniversary show going to be on the album?
(07/18/2006 22:03:45, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: thnks for the aswers Marian
(07/18/2006 22:03:54, room alphaville) patten (to Marian): Will there be a single and a video? or just an album?
(07/18/2006 22:03:59, room alphaville) jacky27: Yes, yes Marian, whats about the AUS Forever young release?
(07/18/2006 22:04:02, room alphaville) Guest490 (to Marian): so it's possible the new album come into Indonesia??
(07/18/2006 22:04:03, room alphaville) nicki: what you're reading at the mo?
(07/18/2006 22:04:06, room alphaville) Dingerz: or will you be leaving some of those you sung off the album?
(07/18/2006 22:04:10, room alphaville) Poul (to Marian): are you also negotialting with Warner about the DVD or is it "dead"???
(07/18/2006 22:04:28, room alphaville) wii: Live in Tipi would be so cool
(07/18/2006 22:04:47, room alphaville) Marian (to Dingerz): no, that wont be possible.
(07/18/2006 22:04:54, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: it steal really a wonderful video with the sky reflected
(07/18/2006 22:04:58, room alphaville) MalilaM: I vote for Live in Tipi as well
(07/18/2006 22:05:04, room alphaville) Poul (to wii): yes...and if not a DVD then at least a CD from Tipi !!!!
(07/18/2006 22:05:09, room alphaville) Fabien (to Guest490): order the albums online... I'm sure you can get them in Indonesia (the older ones)
(07/18/2006 22:05:26, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: i mean it is really a wonderful video
(07/18/2006 22:05:40, room alphaville) Marian (to nicki): a biography of henry j. darger.
(07/18/2006 22:05:41, room alphaville) Alpha-Katrin (to Marian): :"Questions of happiness"is the great new Song!
(07/18/2006 22:05:42, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: the keyboard isbad]
(07/18/2006 22:05:48, room alphaville) wii (to Poul): I read somewhere that the recording made for Tipi wasn´t good enough to be released
(07/18/2006 22:06:27, room alphaville) Poul (to wii): yes...I heard that the videofeed was not good enough....too many people standing in front of the camera
(07/18/2006 22:06:30, room alphaville) Guest551: alphaandre: Since 2002 the AV Live Shows are much better and more powerfull than ever before, please release a new show on DVD, exspecially the Tipi Show
(07/18/2006 22:06:33, room alphaville) Marian (to Poul): the dvd is not a topic right know.
(07/18/2006 22:06:39, room alphaville) Romeo (to Marian): please do your best for a hevy synthi album...nor so many guitars8)
(07/18/2006 22:06:46, room alphaville) nicki: spent weekend with dostojewski. "der spieler" can recommend that one.
(07/18/2006 22:06:48, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): Have you heard any soundclips from the To Germany With Love remix to the elektrisch sampler made by Sebastian Komor
(07/18/2006 22:07:03, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): if what do you think?
(07/18/2006 22:07:04, room alphaville) Poul (to Marian): I am sad to hear that
(07/18/2006 22:07:08, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): are there plans for more live show dates by late august?
(07/18/2006 22:07:28, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: what are the 5 of the shower now?
(07/18/2006 22:07:30, room alphaville) Dingerz: Marian - oops, I didn't clarify - are all the "new" songs that you sung at the TIPI (as in what you were working on for the new album at the time) going to end up on the album you release in 2007?
(07/18/2006 22:07:35, room alphaville) Marian (to Krapplund-): not yet. I cant wait to listen to them
(07/18/2006 22:07:54, room alphaville) wii: 39 online and performance is at 92% - that is really good
(07/18/2006 22:08:05, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: 20th anniversary...of Neil's logins
(07/18/2006 22:08:26, room alphaville) wii (to Neil_Everlast):
(07/18/2006 22:08:28, room alphaville) TorSalqvist (to Marian): In juny you were in Budapest in a secret concert... what was that???
(07/18/2006 22:08:39, room alphaville) Marian (to MalilaM): i dont think so. there will be a summer break. no confirmed shows for august.
(07/18/2006 22:08:42, room alphaville) Guest490 (to Fabien): yup the older ones, but after the prostitue album it's so expensive if order online
(07/18/2006 22:08:44, room alphaville) wii (to Neil_Everlast): disable your firewall, if you dare.....
(07/18/2006 22:08:48, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: I don't know, if I get an answer or not. get I?
(07/18/2006 22:09:06, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare (to Marian): who takes the photos on the Moonbase home page?
(07/18/2006 22:09:15, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Will the new album be ready in 2006 ?
(07/18/2006 22:09:31, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: what will you do in vacation time?
(07/18/2006 22:09:36, room alphaville) Marian (to TorSalqvist): well. apart from the fact that it was secretly, it was a regular 60 min. show.
(07/18/2006 22:09:42, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast (to wii): I don't know how
(07/18/2006 22:09:52, room alphaville) Alien: no dates in august....
(07/18/2006 22:09:54, room alphaville) nicki: photos at OP are greta indeed. nice artwork.
(07/18/2006 22:09:56, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): i think it´s cool that you take new photos and show them on moonbase for us...great!
(07/18/2006 22:10:06, room alphaville) MalilaM: oh, shame... many fans won't have their summer trip to Alphaville-Germany this year
(07/18/2006 22:10:09, room alphaville) Marian (to MoonstoneClare): guess who
(07/18/2006 22:10:10, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: Marian - who are your favourite new artists right now? Do you ever visit
(07/18/2006 22:10:12, room alphaville) Dingerz: if there are alphaville dates next summer I can go!
(07/18/2006 22:10:26, room alphaville) Mynx (to Marian): my daughter, anaya, asked me to say "hi!" for her. she's in my lap, reading this.
(07/18/2006 22:10:34, room alphaville) wii (to Neil_Everlast): Do you have any icons on the firewall at the bottom of the screen ?
(07/18/2006 22:10:48, room alphaville) Claudia: hi anaya!!
(07/18/2006 22:10:51, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare: no shows in August Will have to look down the back of the sofa for money to get to Augsburg
(07/18/2006 22:11:00, room alphaville) paulg (to Marian): any more trips around England for inspiration?
(07/18/2006 22:11:02, room alphaville) Justus (to Marian): Will you have to do plenty of promotional dates when the new album will be released this time - like tv shows etc.?
(07/18/2006 22:11:04, room alphaville) Dingerz: I'll have financially recuperated from this INSANE year by then. Plus, it's a perfect excuse to go to Germany.
(07/18/2006 22:11:08, room alphaville) Marian (to Krapplund-): yea, kind of diary. just a taste of things 2 come.
(07/18/2006 22:11:12, room alphaville) Poul (to wii): Marian already said it will be released next year
(07/18/2006 22:11:33, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare: have you ever been to Scotland?
(07/18/2006 22:11:38, room alphaville) wii (to Poul): ups, better read the log after this
(07/18/2006 22:11:40, room alphaville) Romeo (to Marian): are you afraid of having to do too much compromises according to the deal with warner?
(07/18/2006 22:11:41, room alphaville) Marian (to Mynx): hi, anaya!
(07/18/2006 22:12:09, room alphaville) TorSalqvist (to Marian): And should I know, who was the lucky person, that receives the concert in Budapest?
(07/18/2006 22:12:10, room alphaville) Marian (to MoonstoneClare): yes, was beautiful.
(07/18/2006 22:12:39, room alphaville) Guest490 (to Marian): so beside David Bowie, who is your childhood hero?
(07/18/2006 22:13:05, room alphaville) Mynx (to Marian): anaya is running and telling her friend- i can hear her from the other end of our apartment. lol!
(07/18/2006 22:13:05, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: plans for vacaztion?
(07/18/2006 22:13:31, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: I'm waitin' for the chat-script; it's easier for me
(07/18/2006 22:13:56, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: get I an answer?
(07/18/2006 22:14:03, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: did u meet bowie and have his autograph?
(07/18/2006 22:14:11, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): any new ideas for the upcoming gigs to show......videoprojektions? or maybe just after the new album relerase
(07/18/2006 22:14:12, room alphaville) Marian (to Romeo): i am not afraid of it. but i am observant to the fact and that makes the current negotiations not easier
(07/18/2006 22:14:38, room alphaville) Poul (to Marian): Are there any plans to release FY and AIU as digitally remastered CDs perhaps with long versions as extras??
(07/18/2006 22:14:56, room alphaville) Marian (to Krapplund-): probably after the nu release
(07/18/2006 22:14:59, room alphaville) Krapplund-: open a new beer
(07/18/2006 22:15:15, room alphaville) Marian (to Guest490): mike nelson
(07/18/2006 22:15:19, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Take a look at the latest pic of my daughter Stella:
(07/18/2006 22:15:35, room alphaville) Claudia: whats the prob, neil?
(07/18/2006 22:15:35, room alphaville) Romeo (to Marian): do you think the negotiations will be successfull in the end? do we have a chance of more than 50% to get a warner album?
(07/18/2006 22:15:53, room alphaville) Marian (to wii): will do
(07/18/2006 22:16:31, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): a crazy question to you: did you hear me screaming in Rostock to you "Grüsse aus Schweden"
(07/18/2006 22:16:38, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): thanks, she our pride and joy
(07/18/2006 22:16:39, room alphaville) MalilaM (to wii): she's beautiful... and she has grown up!
(07/18/2006 22:16:43, room alphaville) Krapplund-: hihihihi
(07/18/2006 22:17:09, room alphaville) wii (to MalilaM): yeah, she is getting bigger - loves music, like her daddy
(07/18/2006 22:17:12, room alphaville) Marian (to Krapplund-): i heard a lot of crazy shouts
(07/18/2006 22:17:23, room alphaville) Claudia: she's soo cute, wii
(07/18/2006 22:17:30, room alphaville) wii (to Krapplund-): You always shout at concerts
(07/18/2006 22:17:34, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: Marian - watch out! Warner = over promise, under deliver! I deal with all the record labels here in Canada. Universal seems to be the best...
(07/18/2006 22:17:38, room alphaville) wii (to Claudia): Thanks a lot
(07/18/2006 22:17:41, room alphaville) FallenAngel: if I dissapear that's because my battery is empty
(07/18/2006 22:17:43, room alphaville) Krapplund-: di joining now
(07/18/2006 22:17:47, room alphaville) Krapplund-: ADI
(07/18/2006 22:17:54, room alphaville) Mynx (to Marian): if you can, take a peek @ my myspace profile. i'm putting up a pic of anaya and you'll see why it's so funny seeing her reaction to you saying hello. i'm under the name mynx_nuzzles
(07/18/2006 22:17:59, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to wii): me screaming?
(07/18/2006 22:18:03, room alphaville) Guest490 (to Marian): only in europe, for one times please come and concert to asia
(07/18/2006 22:18:12, room alphaville) wii (to Krapplund-): Yeah
(07/18/2006 22:18:22, room alphaville) Adi24: Good evening everyone ! sorry im so late.............
(07/18/2006 22:18:40, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to wii): that´s have to join the meeting
(07/18/2006 22:18:42, room alphaville) Marian (to Alphamoongirl): that's what everybody says. but at least they are just another record companies with the sam interests.
(07/18/2006 22:18:44, room alphaville) Adi24: Hi Marian How are you ?
(07/18/2006 22:18:45, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare (to Adi24):
(07/18/2006 22:18:58, room alphaville) Mynx (to Marian): give a day, though- need to get her pics on our computer, first.
(07/18/2006 22:19:00, room alphaville) tjommennn: (to Marian) is it a one album deal or more with warner
(07/18/2006 22:19:05, room alphaville) Alien (to Adi24):
(07/18/2006 22:19:05, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Adi24): ;-]
(07/18/2006 22:19:10, room alphaville) Adi24: Hey Claudia !!!
(07/18/2006 22:19:11, room alphaville) Romeo: will david and pierson also appear on the album?
(07/18/2006 22:19:12, room alphaville) Marian (to Adi24): adi, sweetheart, how are you?!
(07/18/2006 22:19:17, room alphaville) Guest490 (to Marian): i'll be waiting your concert in indonesia patienly ...
(07/18/2006 22:19:24, room alphaville) wii: Seems the logical step to use Warner again
(07/18/2006 22:19:28, room alphaville) Claudia: hi adi!
(07/18/2006 22:19:41, room alphaville) Claudia: hi neil again!
(07/18/2006 22:19:41, room alphaville) Marian (to Romeo): definetely!
(07/18/2006 22:19:43, room alphaville) wii (to Adi24): AVs number 1 fan is late !!!!???
(07/18/2006 22:19:49, room alphaville) Lisa (to Adi24):
(07/18/2006 22:19:53, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Marian): : you know the situation around here......... trying to keep my sanity.......
(07/18/2006 22:20:03, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast (to Marian): does alphaville signed a contract already?
(07/18/2006 22:20:19, room alphaville) Adi24 (to wii): OUCH !!!!!!!! :-))) was with my BF
(07/18/2006 22:20:28, room alphaville) Marian (to Neil_Everlast): no, but things looking good.
(07/18/2006 22:20:32, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): the Sputnik Roadhouse prodjekt are on ice or "dead" since long or?
(07/18/2006 22:20:33, room alphaville) wii (to Adi24): ohhhhhhhhhh - in bed ?
(07/18/2006 22:20:37, room alphaville) Alpha-Katrin (to Adi24): :Hi Adi!
(07/18/2006 22:20:56, room alphaville) Poul (to wii): yes...a new deal with Warner is will certainly make releases of old material A LOT easier!!!
(07/18/2006 22:21:06, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: oh dear, down to 45%
(07/18/2006 22:21:15, room alphaville) Adi24 (to wii): where else ?? :-D
(07/18/2006 22:21:25, room alphaville) Marian (to Adi24): yea, know. im really worried. hope you and your family members are all well.
(07/18/2006 22:21:30, room alphaville) Adi24 (to wii): since i dont have you around
(07/18/2006 22:21:32, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast (to Marian): that sounds good, too
(07/18/2006 22:21:52, room alphaville) Marian (to Krapplund-): iced
(07/18/2006 22:22:09, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Marian): yep.........thanks
(07/18/2006 22:22:18, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: What about your collaboration with Syrian?
(07/18/2006 22:22:48, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): yes...what´s about the song to Syrian?
(07/18/2006 22:22:54, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: maria n don t forget brazil!
(07/18/2006 22:22:59, room alphaville) Krapplund-: to = with
(07/18/2006 22:22:59, room alphaville) Adi24: Is Anja here...?
(07/18/2006 22:23:19, room alphaville) Dingerz: hey, er, we ever going to see a silly dvd compilation of all those fantastic videos?
(07/18/2006 22:23:25, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: I discovered them throug MySpace while doing a search for Alphaville
(07/18/2006 22:23:34, room alphaville) Dingerz: it's funny, different year, different chat but the same questions heh
(07/18/2006 22:23:42, room alphaville) MalilaM: yeah, don't forget Brazil, and Indonesia... and Mexico!!
(07/18/2006 22:23:42, room alphaville) Marian (to Alphamoongirl): we did a really great song together. especially willy will like it
(07/18/2006 22:23:44, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: back
(07/18/2006 22:23:46, room alphaville) nicki: martin getting her form the airport, adi
(07/18/2006 22:23:57, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to wii): Synths!!!
(07/18/2006 22:24:01, room alphaville) Krapplund-: YEAH!
(07/18/2006 22:24:04, room alphaville) Krapplund-: LOVE!
(07/18/2006 22:24:05, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Neil_Everlast): 33?
(07/18/2006 22:24:08, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: with a show
(07/18/2006 22:24:09, room alphaville) Dingerz: I have to hear that song by Syrian, leah do you have it?
(07/18/2006 22:24:10, room alphaville) Adi24 (to nicki): : OH THANKS !
(07/18/2006 22:24:11, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: Was it released? I couldn't find any reference to this song!
(07/18/2006 22:24:12, room alphaville) Romeo (to Marian): dou you sometimes become sentimental when you listen to old AV-stuff?
(07/18/2006 22:24:17, room alphaville) FallenAngel: and Belgium!!! Good beer, cheese and me.....
(07/18/2006 22:24:17, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): thanks Marian, you know my style
(07/18/2006 22:24:24, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Neil_Everlast): sorry ... it was 23
(07/18/2006 22:24:25, room alphaville) Poul (to Dingerz): Marian already answered that a DVD is "not a topic" right now
(07/18/2006 22:24:32, room alphaville) Guest490 (to MalilaM): agreeeeeeee
(07/18/2006 22:24:40, room alphaville) wii (to Krapplund-): YEAH, we love synths !!!!!!!!!!!!!
(07/18/2006 22:24:49, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to wii): we do we do
(07/18/2006 22:24:52, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Marian): you dont want to dissapoint Willy
(07/18/2006 22:24:53, room alphaville) Justus: Need to leave. Goodnight everybody, have fun! Specially good luck with the new release to Marian !
(07/18/2006 22:24:56, room alphaville) Krapplund-: and beer
(07/18/2006 22:25:02, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: I only have their last CD...
(07/18/2006 22:25:07, room alphaville) Alien (to MalilaM): and the whole globe...
(07/18/2006 22:25:13, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare (to Justus):
(07/18/2006 22:25:20, room alphaville) Dingerz: Poul - thanks, k, no dvd. I never thought it was a high priority.
(07/18/2006 22:25:23, room alphaville) Adi24: synth rules but i learned to love guitars lately.........
(07/18/2006 22:25:24, room alphaville) Marian (to Dingerz): i think it will be out in august or september. that's what i heard but no confirmation.
(07/18/2006 22:25:27, room alphaville) Dingerz: Bye Justus!!
(07/18/2006 22:25:44, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Justus): take care!!
(07/18/2006 22:25:55, room alphaville) Dingerz: Marian - oh great! I'll look for it soon then!
(07/18/2006 22:26:02, room alphaville) Marian (to Justus): bye justus
(07/18/2006 22:26:13, room alphaville) Adi24: sorry for the stupid question cause i was late........ did Marian say anything about releasing the new album ?
(07/18/2006 22:26:20, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: I'll ask Syrian through MySpace!
(07/18/2006 22:26:29, room alphaville) Dingerz: yeah adi - in the new year!
(07/18/2006 22:26:34, room alphaville) paulg (to Justus): Bye for now from me and Jan
(07/18/2006 22:26:36, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare: ?clear
(07/18/2006 22:26:39, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): will the new sound on the new album sound abit like wolfsheim? or ju just get ideas from them...?
(07/18/2006 22:26:39, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: crying and have fun with my PC (kickin' the **in computer in it's ass)
(07/18/2006 22:26:44, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare: arrggh
(07/18/2006 22:26:47, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Alien): of course, but AV goes to russia more often
(07/18/2006 22:26:56, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare: keep doing that
(07/18/2006 22:26:59, room alphaville) Poul (to Adi24): take a look at the forum....the short news about the new album is there under "News and rumours"
(07/18/2006 22:27:00, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): or nothing?
(07/18/2006 22:27:06, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Dingerz): cool ! good to see you
(07/18/2006 22:27:18, room alphaville) Marian (to Krapplund-): no. it will sound like alphaville.
(07/18/2006 22:27:22, room alphaville) Alien (to MalilaM): still never enough
(07/18/2006 22:27:31, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast: dear wii, send me a chat-script soon, ok?
(07/18/2006 22:27:40, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): YEAH great!
(07/18/2006 22:27:39, room alphaville) Romeo (to Marian): what do you think about the latest mesh album ?
(07/18/2006 22:27:42, room alphaville) Dingerz: yeah, good to see you too! In fact it's good to see so many of you after all this time.
(07/18/2006 22:27:56, room alphaville) Dingerz: I'll be around more now that the insanity is over.
(07/18/2006 22:27:58, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Krapplund-): :-D
(07/18/2006 22:28:34, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): no covers on the new album??
(07/18/2006 22:28:46, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: Marian, i can hear your daughters cryig from here. how are they?
(07/18/2006 22:28:51, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast (to wii): is it possible?
(07/18/2006 22:29:08, room alphaville) Marian (to Romeo): i think its phantastic. especially petrified
(07/18/2006 22:29:11, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Will Bernd be involved with the new album in any way ?
(07/18/2006 22:29:14, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Marian): are you planning more concerts in the next few months ?
(07/18/2006 22:29:27, room alphaville) TorSalqvist (to Marian): what do you think about the latest Apoptygma Berzerk album? synth with guitars... do you like?
(07/18/2006 22:29:33, room alphaville) wii (to Neil_Everlast): It will be at the forum later
(07/18/2006 22:29:39, room alphaville) Dingerz: Marian, that's cool that you love mesh.
(07/18/2006 22:29:40, room alphaville) Marian (to wii): that is and will be always an option.
(07/18/2006 22:29:52, room alphaville) Romeo (to Marian): i love the whole album
(07/18/2006 22:29:54, room alphaville) nicki: bye all......vivi we email
(07/18/2006 22:30:20, room alphaville) Marian (to Krapplund-): not as i can see
(07/18/2006 22:30:30, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Cool Marian, I hope it will happen - Bernd does something special to the AV sound
(07/18/2006 22:30:30, room alphaville) Krapplund-: ok
(07/18/2006 22:30:37, room alphaville) Romeo (to Marian): so you're still in contact with bernd in any way?
(07/18/2006 22:30:44, room alphaville) Guest490 (to Marian): how about Frank Mertens, where is he now?
(07/18/2006 22:30:44, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: clear
(07/18/2006 22:30:52, room alphaville) Marian (to Romeo): youre right. its awesome!
(07/18/2006 22:31:11, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to wii): we can hope bernd vill make some remixes to the singel.....or the singles
(07/18/2006 22:31:18, room alphaville) Dingerz: I want mesh to come to north america
(07/18/2006 22:31:22, room alphaville) Marian (to Guest490): no idea. frank who?
(07/18/2006 22:31:30, room alphaville) Dingerz: they can come with De/Vision since the plan is to hit north america in november
(07/18/2006 22:31:36, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: Marian, what is the cd you are listening now?
(07/18/2006 22:31:53, room alphaville) Dingerz: Marian, have mesh remix something on the new album!
(07/18/2006 22:31:55, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Dingerz): im gonna see DM live in 3 weeks here in tel-aviv !!!!!
(07/18/2006 22:32:07, room alphaville) Guest490: Frank Mertens, your friend at the first album fy
(07/18/2006 22:32:19, room alphaville) Dingerz: Adi - yeah, I know! Have a blast! I sae DM 16 times this tour
(07/18/2006 22:32:25, room alphaville) Dingerz: and this set list is better than the first leg!
(07/18/2006 22:32:36, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: Oooh - a Mesh remix would be ccool!
(07/18/2006 22:32:39, room alphaville) Neil_Everlast (to wii): ?
(07/18/2006 22:32:45, room alphaville) Dingerz: you're in for a great show definitely.
(07/18/2006 22:33:05, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Dingerz): my friend knows Martin so i might meet them..........
(07/18/2006 22:33:28, room alphaville) Kaddi: Frank who... huhuhuhuuu... I´m kucking...
(07/18/2006 22:33:29, room alphaville) Dingerz: adi, that's great! Do let me know if you get the chance
(07/18/2006 22:33:35, room alphaville) Marian (to vivianbrasil): thom yorke, keane, robots in disguise. I dont like the yorke album though
(07/18/2006 22:33:38, room alphaville) wii (to Neil_Everlast): Yes ?
(07/18/2006 22:33:55, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Dingerz): you're the first
(07/18/2006 22:34:01, room alphaville) wii: Poor Neil
(07/18/2006 22:34:03, room alphaville) Dingerz: I got to meet him again in montreal a month ago - he really loves his glittery make up these days
(07/18/2006 22:34:05, room alphaville) Poul (to Marian): A while ago you answered "in August or September" to Dingerz....was that a DVD with musicvideos?? I thought you said that a DVD was not a topic right now???
(07/18/2006 22:34:21, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare (to Marian): what do you think of Keane's latest album?
(07/18/2006 22:34:45, room alphaville) Dingerz: in fact - I just bought this gorgeous frame to put up on my wall with my pics with Marian, Bernd, Mart,David, De/Vision, and Mark Hockings from mesh
(07/18/2006 22:34:46, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Dingerz): their keyboard player is cute !
(07/18/2006 22:34:48, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): how producer would you love to have workning on your new album??? if you could wish
(07/18/2006 22:34:56, room alphaville) patima: (to Marian) you aw;wys say awesome and beeautiful. whats real shit in musik to you? honesly? Madona?
(07/18/2006 22:35:05, room alphaville) Guest490: is it wrong i writing mertens? i don't know his germany's name
(07/18/2006 22:35:06, room alphaville) Dingerz: poul - Marian was talking about the collaboration with syrian in august or sep
(07/18/2006 22:35:23, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: Marian, why did u choose to change look with less almost no make-up and the clothes? was it just a 80's style?
(07/18/2006 22:35:25, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: Hmmmmmm... need to slip Tim Rice-Oxley from Keane one of your CDs Marian - he loves synth pop
(07/18/2006 22:35:35, room alphaville) Poul (to Dingerz): oh ok...thanx....I just got my hopes back up
(07/18/2006 22:35:37, room alphaville) Marian (to Poul): youre right, poul. but the newtrials with warner changed our schedules
(07/18/2006 22:36:00, room alphaville) Dingerz: adi - which keyboard player is cute?
(07/18/2006 22:36:12, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: Marian, you are listening those cds now, and I am hearing yours, always yours, new and old ones
(07/18/2006 22:36:14, room alphaville) Dingerz: dm or de/vision or mesh??
(07/18/2006 22:36:22, room alphaville) Marian (to patima): i dont listen to shit.
(07/18/2006 22:36:23, room alphaville) Adi24: ummmmmmmm............Peter ? thats his name ?
(07/18/2006 22:36:28, room alphaville) Adi24: DM
(07/18/2006 22:36:40, room alphaville) Dingerz: ooh Peter Gordeno
(07/18/2006 22:36:40, room alphaville) paulg: Bye everyone, (time to eat) hope to see eveyone soon again somewhere in Europe (Marian I fancy the Baltic states next cocert/holiday)
(07/18/2006 22:36:49, room alphaville) Poul (to Marian): So right now you have no clue when a DVD will be released?? is that what you are saying?
(07/18/2006 22:36:50, room alphaville) Adi24: YES !
(07/18/2006 22:37:05, room alphaville) Dingerz: Yeah, I got some pics for you then if you want them
(07/18/2006 22:37:15, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare (to paulg): bye, say Hi to Jan too!
(07/18/2006 22:37:18, room alphaville) MalilaM (to paulg): see you, Paul!
(07/18/2006 22:37:18, room alphaville) Dingerz: of peter with us and also concert pics
(07/18/2006 22:37:26, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: i don t liste to shit either
(07/18/2006 22:37:42, room alphaville) Dingerz: did I mention how much I love my new digital camera? Hehe
(07/18/2006 22:37:47, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Dingerz): fave is still the singer of that band.....ummmm from the 80's........alpha something
(07/18/2006 22:37:48, room alphaville) Dingerz: one of the world's best inventions..
(07/18/2006 22:37:50, room alphaville) Marian (to Poul): that is exactly what im saying. and i might add, that i have no time in the near future to think about it any more
(07/18/2006 22:37:55, room alphaville) wii (to Dingerz): which one is it ?
(07/18/2006 22:38:09, room alphaville) Dingerz: willy - camera you mean?
(07/18/2006 22:38:11, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare (to Dingerz): digital cameras are cool, I have a new one too
(07/18/2006 22:38:13, room alphaville) Dingerz: Cannon
(07/18/2006 22:38:19, room alphaville) Dingerz: leah, what model? lol..
(07/18/2006 22:38:22, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): That´s fine, the new album is top priority
(07/18/2006 22:38:25, room alphaville) Guest490 (to Marian): have a plan to release your own album project? like united or so long celeste?
(07/18/2006 22:38:26, room alphaville) wii (to Dingerz): ¨Yes
(07/18/2006 22:38:43, room alphaville) Marian (to wii): yes sir
(07/18/2006 22:38:43, room alphaville) Alphamoongirl: Ummmmm A520 - Canon I think
(07/18/2006 22:38:44, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare (to Dingerz): mine's a canon too
(07/18/2006 22:38:55, room alphaville) Dingerz: Canon A520??
(07/18/2006 22:38:57, room alphaville) Dingerz: I have to double check
(07/18/2006 22:39:04, room alphaville) Dingerz: it's 4 megapixels
(07/18/2006 22:39:11, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Good
(07/18/2006 22:39:12, room alphaville) Dingerz: it has a bazillion settings
(07/18/2006 22:39:14, room alphaville) Poul (to Marian): ok...too bad....but IF you get deal with Warner then they would probably want to release some of the old stuff.....and a musicvideo DVD could be a topic again....I HOPE
(07/18/2006 22:39:20, room alphaville) Dingerz: you can film video
(07/18/2006 22:39:24, room alphaville) wii (to Dingerz): Mine is 7.2 MP
(07/18/2006 22:39:31, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: what part of berlin were u when there was the wall, east or west?
(07/18/2006 22:39:37, room alphaville) Dingerz: I can take lots of alphaville pics with it next show
(07/18/2006 22:39:43, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): how did you get in contact with Syrian?
(07/18/2006 22:39:43, room alphaville) Dingerz: willy niice
(07/18/2006 22:39:56, room alphaville) Dingerz: I figured 4 MP was good for now.
(07/18/2006 22:40:00, room alphaville) Marian (to Poul): that may well be. and i will be the last to prevent that.
(07/18/2006 22:40:10, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Marian): in any case, im your promoter in Israel, for free
(07/18/2006 22:40:35, room alphaville) Marian (to vivianbrasil): in the west
(07/18/2006 22:40:41, room alphaville) Guest798: Hello Marian I have remixed Syrian Once....a good band...but no band is better than alphaville was on the first album....that is the perfect synthpop album.
(07/18/2006 22:40:57, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: luck u the rich part of berlin
(07/18/2006 22:41:18, room alphaville) Dingerz: guest798 - but I think they got way better than the first album!!
(07/18/2006 22:41:17, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: was your family separated by the wall?
(07/18/2006 22:41:25, room alphaville) Marian (to Adi24): yes my dear, you are irreplacable!
(07/18/2006 22:41:50, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Marian): for better or worse :-D
(07/18/2006 22:42:04, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: or you didn't have trouble because of the wall, and if u had what were the troubles?
(07/18/2006 22:42:09, room alphaville) Mynx (to Marian): can you please describe your emotions at seeing the wall come down? it must have been amazing...
(07/18/2006 22:42:14, room alphaville) Cassiel: hello from Hannover
(07/18/2006 22:42:28, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): a old question from me; the will not be any "german" songs on the new album? the lyrics i meen.....
(07/18/2006 22:42:36, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: and i am your promoter in brasil u know and can be a guide and translator
(07/18/2006 22:42:47, room alphaville) Marian (to vivianbrasil): i had no troubles with my family because of the wall
(07/18/2006 22:43:08, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: luck u again
(07/18/2006 22:43:23, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: i cant wait for a show here in brazil
(07/18/2006 22:43:24, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Krapplund-): wanna beer ?
(07/18/2006 22:43:30, room alphaville) Dingerz: Marian, you were there when it came down though, right?
(07/18/2006 22:43:44, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: i know one day you''ll come sooner or later
(07/18/2006 22:43:46, room alphaville) Marian (to Mynx): well, when it came down i came from a party and i thought: i must be drunk. And in fact, i was.-
(07/18/2006 22:43:48, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Adi24): i have one...but thanks anyway
(07/18/2006 22:43:50, room alphaville) Dingerz: I remember watching that on TV
(07/18/2006 22:43:58, room alphaville) Cassiel (to Marian): when will the new Album appear? i guess this question was asked before
(07/18/2006 22:44:01, room alphaville) Dingerz: seeing it really happen!
(07/18/2006 22:44:19, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): how was it to perform with A_liFe [DivideD] live?
(07/18/2006 22:44:21, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare (to Cassiel): once or twice, yes
(07/18/2006 22:44:22, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Krapplund-): K R O M B A C H E R :-D :-D :-D
(07/18/2006 22:44:33, room alphaville) Marian (to Krapplund-): keine deutschen texte im augenblick
(07/18/2006 22:44:59, room alphaville) Marian (to Adi24): KÖNIGSPILSENER
(07/18/2006 22:45:00, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: do u still get nervous in a stage?
(07/18/2006 22:45:05, room alphaville) Poul: I really hope the negotiations with Warner go could mean a lot of interesting releases of old a mudicvideo DVD, FY and AIU albums digitally remastered with extra tracks (b-sides and long versions)!!!!
(07/18/2006 22:45:06, room alphaville) Mynx (to Marian): so when you felt better (sober), what were your emotions?
(07/18/2006 22:45:14, room alphaville) FallenAngel (to Marian): Will there be any song in German language beside Für Dich?
(07/18/2006 22:45:22, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): danke...aber warum nicht?
(07/18/2006 22:45:30, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Adi24): no H A R B O E
(07/18/2006 22:45:37, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Marian): hmmmm....didnt get to that one......yet !
(07/18/2006 22:45:40, room alphaville) Fabien: Shame they tore the wall down before David Copperfield had a chance to walk through it... Do you like magic tricks, Marian?
(07/18/2006 22:45:58, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: ich will mehr Liede auf Deutshc auch]
(07/18/2006 22:46:01, room alphaville) Marian (to Krapplund-): that was really great. these guys are so nice and so talented and it was simply a pleasure tro perform with them
(07/18/2006 22:46:07, room alphaville) Dingerz: lol fabien..
(07/18/2006 22:46:17, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): sounds great!
(07/18/2006 22:46:20, room alphaville) patten (to Marian): pherhaps a mnew video too?
(07/18/2006 22:46:46, room alphaville) Guest490 (to Marian): nice to talk with u but here it's 3:45 am! i'm not sleep yet
(07/18/2006 22:46:49, room alphaville) Marian (to Mynx): i was happy that i got over it
(07/18/2006 22:46:51, room alphaville) Adi24 (to vivianbrasil): genau !!!
(07/18/2006 22:47:41, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: why not a cd with some other laguages, the main part in English and one in Spanish one in Iltalian one in french it would ope new markets to AV
(07/18/2006 22:47:42, room alphaville) Marian (to Fabien): i like all kinds of magic
(07/18/2006 22:47:42, room alphaville) Mynx (to Marian):
(07/18/2006 22:47:51, room alphaville) Guest490: so every body nice to meet you all gtg
(07/18/2006 22:48:23, room alphaville) Adi24: love can be magic (it can be a game...)
(07/18/2006 22:48:25, room alphaville) Mynx (to Marian): i was told that you like to tell jokes. got any you could tell us?
(07/18/2006 22:48:40, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: what is your preferred drink?
(07/18/2006 22:48:52, room alphaville) Marian (to Mynx): oh please!
(07/18/2006 22:48:53, room alphaville) Adi24: vodka :-D
(07/18/2006 22:49:04, room alphaville) Romeo: Marian do you know if you play Around the Universe in Augsburg? Please!!!!
(07/18/2006 22:49:06, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: Marian, mynx is right , you look like a happy person and funny
(07/18/2006 22:49:16, room alphaville) Guest490: see ya all byee
(07/18/2006 22:49:26, room alphaville) Marian (to vivianbrasil): milk
(07/18/2006 22:49:27, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare (to Guest490):
(07/18/2006 22:49:38, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: Marian, i scaped work to be here now.
(07/18/2006 22:49:43, room alphaville) Marian (to Romeo): yes, we will
(07/18/2006 22:49:52, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: Marian, i love milk too
(07/18/2006 22:50:06, room alphaville) Guest490:
(07/18/2006 22:50:11, room alphaville) Mynx (to Marian): come on, Marian! you must know a good one or two... please? (on my knees, begging)
(07/18/2006 22:50:15, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: i think everybody had tio drink more milk
(07/18/2006 22:50:21, room alphaville) Romeo: great!!
(07/18/2006 22:50:26, room alphaville) Marian (to vivianbrasil): yea, milk rules!
(07/18/2006 22:50:31, room alphaville) Alien (to Marian): last time it was cacao. now it's milk. what a progress!
(07/18/2006 22:50:38, room alphaville) Krapplund-: and beer
(07/18/2006 22:50:40, room alphaville) Romeo: and gallery as opener?
(07/18/2006 22:50:41, room alphaville) Krapplund-:
(07/18/2006 22:50:45, room alphaville) Fabien: how can you like something that's come straight out of a cow!?
(07/18/2006 22:51:03, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Krapplund-): yeah beer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(07/18/2006 22:51:08, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: what is the present you prefer to receive from a fan?
(07/18/2006 22:51:09, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Adi24): love
(07/18/2006 22:51:18, room alphaville) Dingerz: milk eek, milk means death to me
(07/18/2006 22:51:21, room alphaville) Mynx: coffee... definately coffee...
(07/18/2006 22:51:36, room alphaville) Dingerz: diet pepsi for me :P
(07/18/2006 22:51:52, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): do you know why the performans in Rostock was changed from 90 to 45 min??
(07/18/2006 22:51:54, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare (to Mynx): with you on the coffee, that's how I like milk best
(07/18/2006 22:51:59, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: what is your favourite dish, Maria?
(07/18/2006 22:52:04, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: I mean Marian
(07/18/2006 22:52:15, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Dingerz): diet anything for the ladies
(07/18/2006 22:52:15, room alphaville) Marian (to Fabien): oh, it comes out of a cow?
(07/18/2006 22:52:24, room alphaville) Krapplund-:
(07/18/2006 22:52:36, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: ha ha, Marian
(07/18/2006 22:53:01, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Marian): no, a bat..........
(07/18/2006 22:53:02, room alphaville) Mynx (to Marian): okay, i'll bite: where did you think it came from?
(07/18/2006 22:53:09, room alphaville) FallenAngel (to Krapplund-): Beer is much safer isn't it Peter?
(07/18/2006 22:53:22, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: do u still paint ?
(07/18/2006 22:53:27, room alphaville) Dingerz: adi - I just run 5km a day, 5 days a week so I can pig out on cookies hehe
(07/18/2006 22:53:29, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to FallenAngel): sure...safer than milk
(07/18/2006 22:53:31, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare: ..white wine's nice too
(07/18/2006 22:53:45, room alphaville) Adi24: at least we know where the beer came from
(07/18/2006 22:53:45, room alphaville) Dingerz: man am I addicted to cookies right now..
(07/18/2006 22:53:57, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: i always dream i enter in a room and see your pictures strange dream
(07/18/2006 22:53:59, room alphaville) FallenAngel (to Krapplund-): Never saw a mad beer, only mad cows....
(07/18/2006 22:54:13, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to FallenAngel): thru thru
(07/18/2006 22:54:17, room alphaville) Krapplund-:
(07/18/2006 22:54:23, room alphaville) Alien (to FallenAngel): mad bunnies, mad cows...... you're scary
(07/18/2006 22:54:35, room alphaville) Fabien: Marian, if you were writing a crime / mystery story, what clever / original way of killing someone off would you come up with?
(07/18/2006 22:54:36, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: as i tell my dreams in the list. do u laugh when we tell our dreams in the list Marian?
(07/18/2006 22:54:39, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Alien): and me?
(07/18/2006 22:54:40, room alphaville) Poul (to FallenAngel): but I bet there's a lot of mad beermakers and beerdrinkers all over the world
(07/18/2006 22:54:49, room alphaville) Lisa: mad Krapplunds after drinking beer
(07/18/2006 22:54:56, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Dingerz): i havent eaten in 2 wweks because someone really really pissed me off it did the job...
(07/18/2006 22:54:58, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Lisa): sure?
(07/18/2006 22:55:04, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: I swear they were real dreams at night, i had after to watch your videos
(07/18/2006 22:55:06, room alphaville) Alien (to Krapplund-): you're always scary I remember you....
(07/18/2006 22:55:15, room alphaville) FallenAngel (to Alien): yep; that's why we understand eachother so well!!!
(07/18/2006 22:55:17, room alphaville) Lisa (to Krapplund-): for sure
(07/18/2006 22:55:17, room alphaville) Marian (to Fabien): i'd ask him to death
(07/18/2006 22:55:18, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Alien): hmm....
(07/18/2006 22:55:29, room alphaville) MalilaM (to FallenAngel): I agree with Alien
(07/18/2006 22:55:29, room alphaville) Krapplund-: open a new beer
(07/18/2006 22:55:46, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare (to Alien): yep, they're both scary!
(07/18/2006 22:55:56, room alphaville) Romeo (to Marian): are you sometimes angry about fans searching for you in hotels and so on?
(07/18/2006 22:55:57, room alphaville) Dingerz: Adi - wow! That a way to drive a point home!
(07/18/2006 22:56:18, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): will you sign the new elektrisch samplers to this time???
(07/18/2006 22:56:34, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: romeo, goodquestion, but i dont think so
(07/18/2006 22:56:55, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Dingerz): its a long story that ends up with a lawsuit........ ill tell you about it later
(07/18/2006 22:57:29, room alphaville) Marian (to Krapplund-): dont know.
(07/18/2006 22:57:38, room alphaville) Dingerz: adi - wow - yeah, we'll have to catch up and exchange stories sometime soon.
(07/18/2006 22:57:44, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): i hope it
(07/18/2006 22:57:52, room alphaville) TorSalqvist (to Marian): what is the reason, that my favourite AV song, Elegy was never on a normal album??? It is completely perfect...
(07/18/2006 22:58:03, room alphaville) Adi24: cool
(07/18/2006 22:58:07, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: Marian, what was the happiest moment of your life?
(07/18/2006 22:58:24, room alphaville) Dingerz: that
(07/18/2006 22:58:31, room alphaville) wii: be right back
(07/18/2006 22:58:34, room alphaville) Dingerz: that's a good question
(07/18/2006 22:59:02, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): have you seen the clip from the tv-serie OC when the band Youth Group playing FY?
(07/18/2006 22:59:08, room alphaville) Adi24 (to TorSalqvist): thats why AV are so special
(07/18/2006 23:00:07, room alphaville) Marian: hey leute, ive got to leave you now. it was nice to talk to you, as always. love you all. bye my friends. thanx to willy, who made this all possible.
(07/18/2006 23:00:11, room alphaville) Poul: well.....I'm working in 7 hours so I'll go to bed now.....
(07/18/2006 23:00:31, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: bye, Maria, good night, gute Nacht
(07/18/2006 23:00:32, room alphaville) Poul (to Marian): Thanx a lot for all your answers!!!!
(07/18/2006 23:00:33, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare (to Marian): thanks for joining that chat!
(07/18/2006 23:00:36, room alphaville) Mynx: bye bye, dear Marian! ((HUGS))
(07/18/2006 23:00:49, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: Marian < imean
(07/18/2006 23:00:50, room alphaville) MalilaM: Thank you, Marian, thank you Claudia!!
(07/18/2006 23:01:00, room alphaville) Dingerz: THanks!!
(07/18/2006 23:01:00, room alphaville) TorSalqvist (to Adi24): and the B side songs are albumfriendly too
(07/18/2006 23:01:05, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: good luck Marian
(07/18/2006 23:01:06, room alphaville) MoonstoneClare (to Claudia): yes, thanks Claudia!
(07/18/2006 23:01:07, room alphaville) Alien (to Marian): hope seeing you in Russia again one day
(07/18/2006 23:01:14, room alphaville) Krapplund- (to Marian): All the best for you and your family!! take care and see you soon on a gig somewhere...thanks for the answers and that you joind. Bye bye
(07/18/2006 23:01:19, room alphaville) Dingerz: Bye Marian!!
(07/18/2006 23:01:22, room alphaville) vivianbrasil: bye Claudia
(07/18/2006 23:01:27, room alphaville) Adi24 (to Marian): bye ! thanks for being here
(07/18/2006 23:01:29, room alphaville) Nastya_Dream: Good Luck, Marian!
(07/18/2006 23:01:32, room alphaville) Poul (to Claudia, Marian): We hope that you'll be able to join us again another time!! Once again...thank you!!!
(07/18/2006 23:02:01, room alphaville) Romeo (to Marian): bye bye Marian all the best
(07/18/2006 23:02:03, room alphaville) FallenAngel (to Marian): ciao-ciao Marian and thanks!!!
(07/18/2006 23:02:03, room alphaville) Claudia: see you soon!!!
Last edited by wii; 19 Jul 2006 at 19:28.
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Nothing has been edited, other than all mentions of Marian in red, makes it a little easier. Who wants to write a summary of the chat ?

By the way, the chat server performed very well, limit of 40 was perfect, so we can do this again sometime.
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*whispers* just somebody has to teach Marian how to get in......
It was fun as usual.

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Ok, let me try to write down the highlights:

1. Negotiating with Warner about the new album
2. Planning for 12 tracks
3. Lots of synths
4. New songs performed live at upcoming events
5. Planning more show outside Germany
6. DVD not planned yet
7. Bernd involvement may be an option
8. Marians favorite video is Soul Messiah

Did I miss anything?
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I think it was the best chat i visited so far [thumbup]
It wasnt too messy nor too crowded and the feeling was good.

"Ok Adi, this song is for you..." Freiberg 13.8.2005
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Yeah, it was great - 40 users as the limit was perfect !

We´ll do it again...
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It worked great, I was affraid that my puter would'nt be able to follow.

I was using my portable in the garden and the connection was low, but I was still able to follow the chat perfect!

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Originally Posted by wii
Ok, let me try to write down the highlights:

1. Negotiating with Warner about the new album
2. Planning for 12 tracks
3. Lots of synths
4. New songs performed live at upcoming events
5. Planning more show outside Germany
6. DVD not planned yet
7. Bernd involvement may be an option
8. Marians favorite video is Soul Messiah

Did I miss anything?
Not so big highlights

9. No cover-songs on the new album

10. No songs with german lyrics on the new album

11. Change in the liveshow (videoprojektions) probably after the new release

12. Marian have made a really great song together with Syrian

13. Did some work on the musical but not too much, the album is the main target

14. Marian can´t wait to listen to the soundclips from the To Germany With Love remix to the elektrisch sampler

15. The Sputnik Roadhouse prodjekt are on ice

16. The performns with A_liFe [DivideD] live was really great, like he said "these guys are so nice and so talented and it was simply a pleasure to perform with them"

"Alphaville ohne Bernhard ist wie eine Apfelstrudel ohne apfel"
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Seems like a decent chat. Unfortunately, I totally forgot about it.

No big loss I guess. :)

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11. Change in the liveshow (videoprojektions) probably after the new release
COOL [thumbup]

15. The Sputnik Roadhouse prodjekt are on ice
Oh really ?? What a surprise

"Ok Adi, this song is for you..." Freiberg 13.8.2005
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