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7 Chat Transcript with Marian Gold 14 Nov 2016

(11/14/2016 20:00:02, room alphaville) Marian: hello everybody
(11/14/2016 20:00:02, room alphaville) Dingerz: hihi!
(11/14/2016 20:00:04, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: !
(11/14/2016 20:00:09, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: hi!!
(11/14/2016 20:00:15, room alphaville) Darqud: Do we have any idea how to take more info from Gold and Co.?
(11/14/2016 20:00:15, room alphaville) Andrei (to Karen): yes real madness
(11/14/2016 20:00:16, room alphaville) Dimitraville (to Marian): hello!!!!
(11/14/2016 20:00:17, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Hi Marian
(11/14/2016 20:00:21, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Hi, Felipe
(11/14/2016 20:00:23, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Hello and welcome Marian!
(11/14/2016 20:00:24, room alphaville) Dingerz: I'm being bad. I have a big deadline at work today. ; P But it's worth it.
(11/14/2016 20:00:26, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): Hello Marian!
(11/14/2016 20:00:29, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Marian
(11/14/2016 20:00:31, room alphaville) Baq: hi marian :D
(11/14/2016 20:00:33, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): Amazing concerts in Israel, thanks!!!
(11/14/2016 20:00:33, room alphaville) RevLa▀iOn319 (to Marian): Hi!
(11/14/2016 20:00:34, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Hi Marian!!!!!!
(11/14/2016 20:00:41, room alphaville) Merry: hello Marian
(11/14/2016 20:00:45, room alphaville) Yulia: Hello, Marian
(11/14/2016 20:00:48, room alphaville) Colette: Hello Marian, how are you?
(11/14/2016 20:00:55, room alphaville) Karen (to Dingerz): don't swear (the D word...)
(11/14/2016 20:00:56, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Hello!
(11/14/2016 20:00:56, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian): Hello!
(11/14/2016 20:01:04, room alphaville) Claudia (to alphaandre): huhu
(11/14/2016 20:01:08, room alphaville) nadialebnich: Hi Marian!
(11/14/2016 20:01:09, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): so welcome good to be here with you again
(11/14/2016 20:01:11, room alphaville) alphaandre: Hi Marian, Hallo Claudia :)
(11/14/2016 20:01:19, room alphaville) Marian (to Colette): I'm fine
(11/14/2016 20:01:27, room alphaville) Magista: Hello from Amsterdam!
(11/14/2016 20:01:27, room alphaville) Claudia (to shapeseven): tobi
(11/14/2016 20:01:30, room alphaville) Dimitraville (to Claudia): hello!!!!!
(11/14/2016 20:01:32, room alphaville) nadialebnich: so happy
(11/14/2016 20:01:37, room alphaville) Marian (to RenÚmoonboy): thanx
(11/14/2016 20:01:39, room alphaville) Darqud: hello Mr.Marian and the band and management of course.
(11/14/2016 20:01:40, room alphaville) Karen: evening Marian and Claudia :)
(11/14/2016 20:01:54, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Claudia): Hello and welcome!
(11/14/2016 20:01:59, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: So any news Marian or just regular chat :)
(11/14/2016 20:02:00, room alphaville) Claudia: Hello everybody
(11/14/2016 20:02:04, room alphaville) Misty: Hello Marian and Claudia!!
(11/14/2016 20:02:06, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marian, ready to see the supermoon tonight? Like jet set? :)
(11/14/2016 20:02:10, room alphaville) Andreas (to Claudia): Hello!
(11/14/2016 20:02:14, room alphaville) aaron: hello first time from georgetown penang malaysia
(11/14/2016 20:02:14, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Hi, Claudia
(11/14/2016 20:02:15, room alphaville) Andrei (to Claudia): hello claudia
(11/14/2016 20:02:16, room alphaville) Darqud: Hi Claudia
(11/14/2016 20:02:16, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Patten): Vńlkommen p÷jk
(11/14/2016 20:02:20, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Claudia): Hello!
(11/14/2016 20:02:22, room alphaville) Magista (to Marian): Guten Abend!
(11/14/2016 20:02:23, room alphaville) RenÚmoonboy: Hello Claudia
(11/14/2016 20:02:39, room alphaville) Apollo-Leif: Good evening to all
(11/14/2016 20:02:44, room alphaville) Clare (to Claudia): :-]
(11/14/2016 20:02:47, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): so any news ?
(11/14/2016 20:02:54, room alphaville) Karen (to Apollo-Leif): hi Leif
(11/14/2016 20:02:56, room alphaville) PiotrF: Hello from Poland!
(11/14/2016 20:02:56, room alphaville) Darqud: Someone have any question to Marian or Claudia maybe?
(11/14/2016 20:02:57, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Good evening Apollo
(11/14/2016 20:03:02, room alphaville) jetset: Evening to the Dream Tream :)
(11/14/2016 20:03:05, room alphaville) Marian (to Mart_Alders): yes, I have some news. The album is ready for release. It will be out early 2017
(11/14/2016 20:03:06, room alphaville) Clare (to Apollo-Leif): hello
(11/14/2016 20:03:06, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Apollo-Leif): Hello and welcome!
(11/14/2016 20:03:07, room alphaville) ItzelYesenia: Hello Marian and Claudia!!
(11/14/2016 20:03:09, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): i bet we all are impacient
(11/14/2016 20:03:14, room alphaville) nadialebnich: Marian I will see you in one month in Orleans for top 50 !!!
(11/14/2016 20:03:18, room alphaville) RenÚmoonboy: Yes we want good news!
(11/14/2016 20:03:19, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: really??!
(11/14/2016 20:03:21, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Yeaaaaahhhhh
(11/14/2016 20:03:25, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): Great news!!!
(11/14/2016 20:03:25, room alphaville) Apollo-Leif (to Karen): Hi Karen
(11/14/2016 20:03:26, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marian, this part of the year, how is your work now about music in general doing?
(11/14/2016 20:03:27, room alphaville) ajp: Hello from Jordan !
(11/14/2016 20:03:29, room alphaville) Magista: Yay!
(11/14/2016 20:03:34, room alphaville) Baq: that's cool and is it this time for good?
(11/14/2016 20:03:36, room alphaville) Dingerz: Yay! 2017 will be much better than 2016 already.
(11/14/2016 20:03:37, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): is that confirmed by the record company?
(11/14/2016 20:03:37, room alphaville) Hermit: Guten Abend Marian. Could you please tell us something about the new album? :)
(11/14/2016 20:03:42, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: defos sending that to my friend aaa
(11/14/2016 20:03:47, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): Great new !
(11/14/2016 20:03:51, room alphaville) Dimitraville: new year present!!!!
(11/14/2016 20:03:51, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Great news! Will there be a separate single release before the album?
(11/14/2016 20:03:53, room alphaville) nadialebnich: I will see you on 17th december in France, Orleans
(11/14/2016 20:03:53, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: II like the word 'will'
(11/14/2016 20:04:04, room alphaville) Merry: Marian are you again negiotiating a possible US-tour or due to unforseen election results hmm..we got Trumpusconi...
(11/14/2016 20:04:05, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): could you tell us about the playlist
(11/14/2016 20:04:08, room alphaville) Marian (to nadialebnich): yea, be there. Looking very much forward to a few days in lovely Paris
(11/14/2016 20:04:10, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Good,Marian!!!!
(11/14/2016 20:04:11, room alphaville) Apollo-Leif: Ich could figure out how to log in with my old account, so I had to come in as a guest with this double-name :)
(11/14/2016 20:04:14, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): ?
(11/14/2016 20:04:18, room alphaville) Apollo-Leif: not
(11/14/2016 20:04:22, room alphaville) Clare: Something to look forward to :)
(11/14/2016 20:04:28, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): release party?? when? where? :)
(11/14/2016 20:04:43, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Yeah part Felipe
(11/14/2016 20:04:45, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: One of the downsides to living in the States ^^;
(11/14/2016 20:04:51, room alphaville) aaron: where r u now?
(11/14/2016 20:04:51, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Party
(11/14/2016 20:05:19, room alphaville) Dingerz: ..or Canada. Always on the wrong continent, musically. ; P
(11/14/2016 20:05:23, room alphaville) really, out early 2017, i hope so :))
(11/14/2016 20:05:25, room alphaville) Marian (to ViviBrazil): i am already working on the follow up album of Strange attractor. Hopefully production time will be shorter
(11/14/2016 20:05:27, room alphaville) nadialebnich: will you sign autographs after the top 50 on december?
(11/14/2016 20:05:37, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): is for sure the release in early 2017 ?
(11/14/2016 20:05:38, room alphaville) Dimitraville (to Marian): are there more concerts coming?
(11/14/2016 20:05:42, room alphaville) Baq: and what about a first single?
(11/14/2016 20:05:48, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): release party in Berlin in 2017?
(11/14/2016 20:05:56, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): So two great news !
(11/14/2016 20:06:03, room alphaville) Merry (to Dingerz): yes but we have the new Mesh-CD running in the playlist
(11/14/2016 20:06:14, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Any particular reason for the delay of the album Marian? Or is that just do old times sake?
(11/14/2016 20:06:17, room alphaville) ajp: Please come to perform live to Amman, Jordan !!!
(11/14/2016 20:06:19, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Is it already mastered and mixed? How many songs? More synthpop or more mixed other rythms? Thanks Marian for the answer too!
(11/14/2016 20:06:20, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): How many tracks will be on the album? And is there any song you are more proud of than the rest?
(11/14/2016 20:06:22, room alphaville) Marian (to FelipeBrazil): realease party is a good idea. Hm, maybe in Berlin? Let me think of a nice magical venue
(11/14/2016 20:06:29, room alphaville) Hermit: Will the follow up album be on a smaller label or company?
(11/14/2016 20:06:36, room alphaville) Merry: Marian awesome news. Will there be another DS release in the making too?
(11/14/2016 20:06:46, room alphaville) Magista (to Marian): That's a great start of the year , isn't it?
(11/14/2016 20:06:47, room alphaville) aaron: ever thought of coming to malaysia to perform?
(11/14/2016 20:06:53, room alphaville) tjommen (to Marian): whats early 2017 for you
(11/14/2016 20:07:01, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): so any changes in playlist
(11/14/2016 20:07:05, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Releaseparty in Berlin???...we said Stockholm ;)
(11/14/2016 20:07:05, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): so, there won't be a single release before the album then?
(11/14/2016 20:07:10, room alphaville) Karen (to Marian): Clare'S back garden in Scotland
(11/14/2016 20:07:10, room alphaville) Andrei: @Marian?
(11/14/2016 20:07:15, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Haha Tjommen, getting anxious like me
(11/14/2016 20:07:16, room alphaville) Colette: Marian, where was the new album recorded and what will we love about it?
(11/14/2016 20:07:23, room alphaville) Marian (to nadialebnich): I have no information if something like that is planned. If so, I'll gladly do
(11/14/2016 20:07:25, room alphaville) Apollo-Leif: Good one, KAren ;)
(11/14/2016 20:07:36, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: i need to start building a physical AV collection; people question why i have the whole discography just chilling on my phone
(11/14/2016 20:07:51, room alphaville) nadialebnich: thank you Marian i hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(11/14/2016 20:07:59, room alphaville) Dingerz (to Merry): That's a good thing. : )
(11/14/2016 20:08:05, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: I agree with Felipe Marian, release party is always a good idea, with a show. And little announcements before, including TV if possible.
(11/14/2016 20:08:23, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): around the universe handfull of darkness house of ghosts will be on the album ?
(11/14/2016 20:08:23, room alphaville) Darqud (to Marian): What about single "Heartbreak City" any date ?
(11/14/2016 20:08:38, room alphaville) Marian (to Colette): Well, what I love about it is that it is different from any other AV album. But at the same time it has the Alphaville spirit you find in all our releases.
(11/14/2016 20:08:39, room alphaville) Merry (to Marian): Mariannenplatz maybe??
(11/14/2016 20:08:50, room alphaville) Dingerz (to Marian): Is there anything specific about this album that you could identify as being quite different from the last one?
(11/14/2016 20:08:51, room alphaville) Merry: as release party location
(11/14/2016 20:09:06, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian, Karen): yes, under Ben Nevis!
(11/14/2016 20:09:30, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): tell me please around the universe handfull of darkness house of ghosts will be on the album ?
(11/14/2016 20:09:31, room alphaville) Apollo-Leif (to Clare): I'd be there ...
(11/14/2016 20:09:40, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Good to see that Felipe already met you twice Marian.
(11/14/2016 20:09:40, room alphaville) nadialebnich: where can we buy the new album in early 2017?
(11/14/2016 20:09:45, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: Sounds exciting marian!! im so excited omg
(11/14/2016 20:09:59, room alphaville) Clare (to Apollo-Leif): yay! Definite party
(11/14/2016 20:10:04, room alphaville) Andreas (to Krapplund): Why not a releaseparty in Emmaboda?
(11/14/2016 20:10:05, room alphaville) Dimitraville (to Marian): is beyond the laughing sky still your favorite song in this album????
(11/14/2016 20:10:11, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: What are you doing now Marian? Home?
(11/14/2016 20:10:12, room alphaville) MalilaM: Are the album versions close to the live versions of the new songs or are the live arrangements to make a very different sound?
(11/14/2016 20:10:24, room alphaville) Apollo-Leif (to Clare): including those awesome-looking nachos at the pub ???
(11/14/2016 20:10:26, room alphaville) Marian (to Darqud): The video is already shot. It is in b/w. It features a somehow sinister ambience. Basically it is a band performance.
(11/14/2016 20:10:30, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: Oh good, class ended now i can properly chat
(11/14/2016 20:10:37, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: Niiice
(11/14/2016 20:10:38, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Are the album versions close to the live versions of the new songs or are the live arrangements to make a very different sound?
(11/14/2016 20:10:43, room alphaville) MalilaM: (Sorry for the double post)
(11/14/2016 20:10:55, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: To anybody: how do I send (to Karen) or (to Anybody)...I'm a total dork with this interface
(11/14/2016 20:10:58, room alphaville) Karen (to Apollo-Leif): I don't do nachos - low-carb nowadays
(11/14/2016 20:11:00, room alphaville) Merry: will some songs like Kalte Asche or little moon find the way on the album that is in planning Marian?
(11/14/2016 20:11:25, room alphaville) Apollo-Leif (to Karen): leaves more of them for me then!
(11/14/2016 20:11:26, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Andreas): Yeah...why noy emmaboda??
(11/14/2016 20:11:29, room alphaville) Marian (to Dimitraville): Yes, still my fav track. The last song of the album. A real exclamation mark!
(11/14/2016 20:11:34, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Cool you have a video ready, I look forward to watch it. So you love also B and W? If it is dark, kinda gothic and sinister b and w is fine!!!
(11/14/2016 20:11:36, room alphaville) nadialebnich: for the 17th december, I was told we cannot get in touch after the concert...all top 50 is kept apart us...
(11/14/2016 20:11:40, room alphaville) Clare (to Apollo-Leif): yes, they still do those but the portion is smaller. You can get them with haggis now (which I must try).
(11/14/2016 20:11:47, room alphaville) Karen (to Apollo-Leif): you need fattening up anyway :-P
(11/14/2016 20:11:48, room alphaville) Mumu (to Mart_Alders): Look at the list on your right. Click on the white paper close to the one you want to chat with
(11/14/2016 20:11:50, room alphaville) Merry (to Marian): will some songs like Kalte Asche or little moon find the way on the album that is in planning
(11/14/2016 20:11:51, room alphaville) Magista (to Marian): So are you rather progressive than old-fashiond, according to the new AV-Album?
(11/14/2016 20:12:08, room alphaville) Krapplund: Today it┤s the international world diabetes day......never forget that people
(11/14/2016 20:12:09, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): house of ghost will it be ?
(11/14/2016 20:12:14, room alphaville) Apollo-Leif (to Karen): not that much more I am afraid ...
(11/14/2016 20:12:14, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Mumu): thanx
(11/14/2016 20:12:15, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: is that what you call it, magi?
(11/14/2016 20:12:23, room alphaville) Marian (to MalilaM): The live versions are different but not much.
(11/14/2016 20:12:24, room alphaville) Karen (to Krapplund): indeed
(11/14/2016 20:12:30, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Anything to say about Trump? Marian?
(11/14/2016 20:12:45, room alphaville) Karen (to Apollo-Leif): you put on weight since I last saw you?
(11/14/2016 20:12:47, room alphaville) Baq: any idea for the artwork of the new album or a single release date in early january?
(11/14/2016 20:12:49, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Yay! Thank you! I love the sound! :D
(11/14/2016 20:12:59, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Mumu): I clicked at the wrong one before and dropped out twice aargh
(11/14/2016 20:13:01, room alphaville) Hermit: Marian, I┤ve once read in an very old interview that you would like to publish a book at some time. Is it still planned? And would it be about Alphaville? About lyrics, songs, trips etc.? Autobiographical?
(11/14/2016 20:13:02, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): Does "early 2017" mean before April?
(11/14/2016 20:13:06, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil: "these politicians make me sigh" VIVI, lol
(11/14/2016 20:13:13, room alphaville) Clare (to ViviBrazil, Marian): Yes, I'm curious about that too.
(11/14/2016 20:13:14, room alphaville) Guest207: Hi Marian, how are you
(11/14/2016 20:13:19, room alphaville) Apollo-Leif (to Karen): not too much, fortunately
(11/14/2016 20:13:31, room alphaville) Karen (to Apollo-Leif): lost loads
(11/14/2016 20:13:49, room alphaville) Marie (to Marian): are there any positive, hopeful themes on your upcoming work? I miss that.
(11/14/2016 20:13:53, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Yes, what is the already filmed video that is ready? You know videos help to sell records Marian, consider making more than one, today with a good camera, you can make a lot yourself and your band.
(11/14/2016 20:13:56, room alphaville) Mumu (to Mart_Alders): It has been uneasy for me too the first time.
(11/14/2016 20:13:57, room alphaville) Clare (to Apollo-Leif, Karen): Alphanuts reunion needed (in time for the supermoon)
(11/14/2016 20:14:06, room alphaville) Krapplund: open another beer
(11/14/2016 20:14:07, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): can you tell us a few names from the final playlist of the album ?
(11/14/2016 20:14:09, room alphaville) Merry (to Marian): Lars Amend would be the perfect author for the AV-biography. He wrote biographies of Rudolf Schenker, Mario Gotti, Bushido (ahem)
(11/14/2016 20:14:11, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Marian): does Mafia Island have any part of the story left on the album that you told in Paris? I loved that
(11/14/2016 20:14:12, room alphaville) Marian (to Magista): In my humble opinion, the album is more experimental and less pop than CRoG
(11/14/2016 20:14:14, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Yes, Felipe, these politician there and here make me sigh too!
(11/14/2016 20:14:25, room alphaville) Karen (to Clare): for sure!
(11/14/2016 20:14:51, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Well Marian always good to experiment!!! Being youthe show, place or album is already magic!!!
(11/14/2016 20:15:01, room alphaville) Dingerz: More experimental, interesting.
(11/14/2016 20:15:06, room alphaville) tjommen (to Marian): why is the album delayed??
(11/14/2016 20:15:11, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Experimental Alphaville is my fav Alphaville though I love them all
(11/14/2016 20:15:18, room alphaville) Karen (to Marian): experimental in what direction?
(11/14/2016 20:15:32, room alphaville) Hermit: I like it experimental. I also love the b-sides. They are really experimental. Sounds great! ;)
(11/14/2016 20:15:40, room alphaville) Colette: Marian, can I ask if you watched the David Bowie prom and what you thought of it? (I've been wondering this since I watched it!)
(11/14/2016 20:15:41, room alphaville) Marian (to Mart_Alders): If you know the story behind MI the lyrics are kinda self-explanatory
(11/14/2016 20:15:50, room alphaville) ajp: experimental like "Prostitute", unbelievable best CD of Alphaville !!
(11/14/2016 20:15:53, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian): Why do you always play Monkey in the Moon live (on the day of the super moon) I'm alwasy curious?
(11/14/2016 20:15:57, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): do you have a final playlist or thigs can change ( around the universe handfull of darckness and house of ghosts are included ?)
(11/14/2016 20:16:02, room alphaville) RevLa▀iOn319: Mighty MaoMoondog is a healer & skip across the waves, Mael Maedoc Ua Morgair was a healer & prophet. Any connections besides the MMM?
(11/14/2016 20:16:07, room alphaville) Dimitraville (to Marian): i love "point of no return" so much... but i can find any info about your inspiration on that.... can you share 2 words...
(11/14/2016 20:16:07, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marian, no Idk the history behind MI
(11/14/2016 20:16:10, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: I thpught TBB was the experiment
(11/14/2016 20:16:13, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: tell us please!
(11/14/2016 20:16:14, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Karen): far out I hope 👁
(11/14/2016 20:16:16, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: thought*
(11/14/2016 20:16:24, room alphaville) Hermit (to ajp): right! :)
(11/14/2016 20:16:30, room alphaville) jetset: Marian, you mentionned a future production after SA, do you also plan a side-project like a Dreamscapes sequel ?
(11/14/2016 20:16:31, room alphaville) Darqud (to Marian): The is any guest vocal or musician on new album?
(11/14/2016 20:16:33, room alphaville) Andreas: @ViviBrazil, Felipe Yes, the lyrics in "Fools" seems more true than ever.
(11/14/2016 20:16:40, room alphaville) Misty: How about making an album in the spirit of Salvation like songs of whishfull thinking and guardian angel?
(11/14/2016 20:16:43, room alphaville) Karen (to Mart_Alders): Yeah - and hi!
(11/14/2016 20:17:00, room alphaville) Andrea_Ruby: Hi everyone!
(11/14/2016 20:17:07, room alphaville) MalilaM: New Dreamscapes! Yes, please!
(11/14/2016 20:17:08, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: How come Andreas? And why?
(11/14/2016 20:17:09, room alphaville) Mumu (to Andrea_Ruby): Hello Andrea
(11/14/2016 20:17:09, room alphaville) Marian (to tjommen): We managed to get a quite important German TV broadcast for 2017, so Universal wants to build promotion around it
(11/14/2016 20:17:12, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Marian): True....but I still love it though :)
(11/14/2016 20:17:15, room alphaville) tjommen (to Marian): who sings the Martin lister verse in ahod
(11/14/2016 20:17:23, room alphaville) Clare (to Andrea_Ruby): :-]
(11/14/2016 20:17:25, room alphaville) Andreas (to Andrea_Ruby): Hej!
(11/14/2016 20:17:41, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Great....and the album artwork is ready?
(11/14/2016 20:17:46, room alphaville) Dimitraville (to Andreas): I live in Greece... "fools" is so true here...
(11/14/2016 20:17:55, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Cool Marian, with help of Universal and TV it will be a big success!!!!!
(11/14/2016 20:18:00, room alphaville) FelipeBrazil (to Marian): It's sad that Maya left the band, but Alexandra is doing great
(11/14/2016 20:18:08, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Karen): yeah and deep and wide and beyond
(11/14/2016 20:18:14, room alphaville) Karen (to Dimitraville): the whole world is foolish this year
(11/14/2016 20:18:15, room alphaville) Marian (to Misty): If I was to produce another Salvation I would go more in the vein of Spirit Of The Age
(11/14/2016 20:18:22, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): Will there be any more Dreamscapes? I know you have lots of unreleased songs I am sure that we (the fans) would like a lot.
(11/14/2016 20:18:25, room alphaville) Clare: Fools is also valid here with Brexit :-(
(11/14/2016 20:18:26, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): tjommen (to Marian): who sings the Martin lister verse in ahod good question
(11/14/2016 20:18:33, room alphaville) Andrea_Ruby: Nice to be here again, It's been long...😁
(11/14/2016 20:19:00, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Yes, Dimi?
(11/14/2016 20:19:02, room alphaville) Baq: great news! :D
(11/14/2016 20:19:04, room alphaville) Andreas (to Dimitraville): In Sweden too...
(11/14/2016 20:19:11, room alphaville) Baq: make alphaville great again so to speak ^^
(11/14/2016 20:19:13, room alphaville) Karen (to Clare): don't even get me started on that
(11/14/2016 20:19:16, room alphaville) Misty: Yeah I like Spirit of the Age too. A great album. One of my favourite.
(11/14/2016 20:19:22, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Tobi told us that the cover artwork is fantastic, can we have a brief description on what to expect to see there?
(11/14/2016 20:19:28, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): Will we hear MARTIN LISTER's voice on the album ?
(11/14/2016 20:19:40, room alphaville) Darqud (to Marian): Any Martin touche on the record?
(11/14/2016 20:19:54, room alphaville) Marian (to Krapplund): album artwork is in the making but almost finished. I think it's really great. There's a band shot on the cover. First time since AIU.
(11/14/2016 20:20:34, room alphaville) nadialebnich: I give you my facebook acount : "Nadia Whatasuperstarcattery" you'll see our photo taken in Paris in 2014!
(11/14/2016 20:20:36, room alphaville) RenÚmoonboy: Wooh that is possible!
(11/14/2016 20:20:39, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): tell us please
(11/14/2016 20:20:44, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Yey for artwork!
(11/14/2016 20:20:57, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Antje): good morning
(11/14/2016 20:21:07, room alphaville) Karen (to Antje): hi there!
(11/14/2016 20:21:10, room alphaville) AmberAvalon: Well... better late than never, am I right?
(11/14/2016 20:21:15, room alphaville) RevLa▀iOn319 (to Marian): Marigold was one of the prizes of the Consistori del Gay Saber, when can we expect a french lyrics bird-song ?
(11/14/2016 20:21:17, room alphaville) wii (to AmberAvalon): You made it :)
(11/14/2016 20:21:31, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Hi, Antje, have you already been to their show?
(11/14/2016 20:21:31, room alphaville) Marian (to Darqud): there are 3 compositions on the album I did together with Mart. Heartbreak City, House Of Ghosts, Beyond The Laughing maybe more...
(11/14/2016 20:21:33, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Sound cool... will it be a new band-name layout/font?
(11/14/2016 20:21:36, room alphaville) Guest664: a Russian soberest to attend more concerts
(11/14/2016 20:21:50, room alphaville) Clare (to hervelam): :-]
(11/14/2016 20:21:53, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to wii): I did make it! What did I miss?!
(11/14/2016 20:21:56, room alphaville) hervelam: Hello everybody!
(11/14/2016 20:22:07, room alphaville) TravebaerLi: House Of Ghosts....I loved
(11/14/2016 20:22:07, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): I really like House of Ghosts :)
(11/14/2016 20:22:15, room alphaville) aaron: about the broadcast can u give more details?
(11/14/2016 20:22:18, room alphaville) Andreas (to hervelam): Hi HervÚ!
(11/14/2016 20:22:27, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Marian): Did you make a lot off instrumental tracks that were never released like the ones on Dreamscapes?
(11/14/2016 20:22:27, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): house of ghosts remains on the album ?
(11/14/2016 20:22:29, room alphaville) MalilaM (to AmberAvalon): New album soon. ;)
(11/14/2016 20:22:33, room alphaville) Baq: i like all the tracks from the preview on youtube!
(11/14/2016 20:22:33, room alphaville) Dingerz (to AmberAvalon): New album 2017, more experimental, and picture of band on front cover
(11/14/2016 20:22:41, room alphaville) AlphaFemale: hi herve
(11/14/2016 20:22:45, room alphaville) RenÚmoonboy: I hope you make tour in Switzerland also!
(11/14/2016 20:22:57, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marian, what video did you shot already?
(11/14/2016 20:23:00, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Dingerz): Great summary. :D
(11/14/2016 20:23:11, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to Marian): Hello Marian!! Nice to be in the same chatroom. <3 <3
(11/14/2016 20:23:16, room alphaville) Marian (to MalilaM): the whole artwork is very much built around the band
(11/14/2016 20:23:18, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Andrea_Ruby): welcome back :)
(11/14/2016 20:23:19, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to Dingerz): Thank you very much
(11/14/2016 20:23:37, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): how many songs about ww2 will be on the album ?
(11/14/2016 20:23:37, room alphaville) nadialebnich: where can I find house of ghots and the above mentionned??? in France there is nothing with MARIAN GOLD
(11/14/2016 20:23:43, room alphaville) aaron: btw where did u shoot the dance with me mv? how and details?
(11/14/2016 20:23:46, room alphaville) Clare: So long as they're still letting us Brits off this septic Isle, I'll travel anywhere for a tour or release.
(11/14/2016 20:23:51, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): How many songs will be on the album and will there be any extra track (a song not on the CD) on the single?
(11/14/2016 20:23:52, room alphaville) Dimitraville: band is so powerful... we need more concerts...
(11/14/2016 20:23:58, room alphaville) hervelam (to Marian): Any way to see you before or after the Top50 show?
(11/14/2016 20:23:59, room alphaville) Antje: Hello and Good Morning from Australia.....iam glad i made it......
(11/14/2016 20:24:02, room alphaville) Andrea_Ruby: Thanks Malila!
(11/14/2016 20:24:07, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): That's great. We haven't seen much of the band on covers. :)
(11/14/2016 20:24:17, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Good question, how many tracks?
(11/14/2016 20:24:17, room alphaville) Karen (to Clare): did you see reports about a possible solution?
(11/14/2016 20:24:20, room alphaville) nadialebnich: the greater singer of the world is unknown in France: a tragedy!
(11/14/2016 20:24:27, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Antje): What time is it there?
(11/14/2016 20:24:31, room alphaville) magicalmouse: Hey folks
(11/14/2016 20:24:34, room alphaville) Dingerz: The world is going MAD. Lots of material for current/future albums. ; P
(11/14/2016 20:24:38, room alphaville) Apollo-Leif (to Clare): At least I do not think anybody would build a wall along your borders ...
(11/14/2016 20:24:43, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Good morning@Antje
(11/14/2016 20:24:45, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: I still wonder about the origins of songs like Into the Dark and Days Full of Wonder
(11/14/2016 20:24:47, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): But Maja Kim is not at the artwork?
(11/14/2016 20:24:54, room alphaville) Antje: Its 6.24 am
(11/14/2016 20:24:55, room alphaville) Marian (to Andreas): There will be 13 songs on the album. The vinyl version will feature three additional tracks.
(11/14/2016 20:24:57, room alphaville) Merry: I can see Bernhard Lloyd online in Facebook
(11/14/2016 20:25:06, room alphaville) Karen (to Apollo-Leif): not since Emperor Hadrian anyway
(11/14/2016 20:25:09, room alphaville) feripest: :-]
(11/14/2016 20:25:11, room alphaville) Antje: Iam glad i made it....😃
(11/14/2016 20:25:13, room alphaville) AmberAvalon: ohhhh I think I need the vinyl.
(11/14/2016 20:25:18, room alphaville) Marian (to Krapplund): no
(11/14/2016 20:25:25, room alphaville) Clare (to Karen): Associate membership? I have this image of the faces when 75% of the UK claim it.
(11/14/2016 20:25:26, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Cool 13 and 16 then!!!
(11/14/2016 20:25:33, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Apollo-Leif): We'll find our way above or under it anyway. ;D
(11/14/2016 20:25:33, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): well we hear hod and atu ?
(11/14/2016 20:25:41, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: and vynil version!
(11/14/2016 20:26:02, room alphaville) Marian (to AmberAvalon): the vinyl will be a double album
(11/14/2016 20:26:05, room alphaville) Baq: so is the vinyl version a 2LP set?
(11/14/2016 20:26:11, room alphaville) Apollo-Leif (to MalilaM): Yes - sure about that :)
(11/14/2016 20:26:12, room alphaville) Karen (to Clare): it's comical to read what the leavers are aying about those who might take it up - they want to deprive us of our liberties as well as their own
(11/14/2016 20:26:14, room alphaville) Merry (to Marian): any hidden trcks o nthe CD-version?
(11/14/2016 20:26:14, room alphaville) Baq: hehe good guess :)
(11/14/2016 20:26:16, room alphaville) Karen: sickening
(11/14/2016 20:26:16, room alphaville) RevLa▀iOn319 (to Marian): CD+Vinyl=29 then, what a surprise ;)
(11/14/2016 20:26:17, room alphaville) Dingerz: Oooh, vinyl version!!!
(11/14/2016 20:26:18, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): tell me please
(11/14/2016 20:26:20, room alphaville) tjommen (to Marian): so will heartbreak city be released as a single before ??
(11/14/2016 20:26:22, room alphaville) MalilaM: Great. Now that I got rid of the turntable! bang
(11/14/2016 20:26:41, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): Thanks for the answer! Great with so many new songs!
(11/14/2016 20:26:48, room alphaville) Baq: will it have singles being released as cd-singles or vinyl singles?
(11/14/2016 20:26:49, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Apollo-Leif): :D
(11/14/2016 20:26:50, room alphaville) TravebaerLi (to Marian): : Very good decision with the additional tracks
(11/14/2016 20:26:51, room alphaville) Antje: Thank you for meeting me backstage in Leipzig Marian, it was so lovely to have met you....
(11/14/2016 20:26:51, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to Marian): ahhhh! A double! Even better. I have a brand new record player in the living room just waiting to be over used!
(11/14/2016 20:26:53, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Double vinyl then to make it fit or short songs :)@Marian
(11/14/2016 20:26:56, room alphaville) Baq: don't like that download crap
(11/14/2016 20:26:58, room alphaville) Clare (to Karen): if anyone wants to be imprisoned in the UK then can do so but chains do not suit all of us.
(11/14/2016 20:26:58, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Marian): on the single heartbreakcity, will there be a b-side as second track or "only" another version of heartbreakcity ?? :)
(11/14/2016 20:27:00, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Wow double! Cool! I love vynils, wish them to come back, big covers, big pictures, lyrics!
(11/14/2016 20:27:01, room alphaville) jetset: Marian, what do you mean by early 2017? :)
(11/14/2016 20:27:03, room alphaville) Karen (to Clare): I can tell them where to stuff their ballot papers - bring it on
(11/14/2016 20:27:03, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): When is early 2017? January, February, March?
(11/14/2016 20:27:04, room alphaville) Hermit: Only on Vinyl? Uff...
(11/14/2016 20:27:20, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Answer already there
(11/14/2016 20:27:39, room alphaville) Merry: Hi Antje wink
(11/14/2016 20:27:42, room alphaville) Darqud (to Marian): Have you done any cooperation on this album like guest vocal,musician ,idea or cover version?
(11/14/2016 20:27:53, room alphaville) AmberAvalon: My birthday is a fine time to release an album. April 9th. Lucky day lucky day.
(11/14/2016 20:27:59, room alphaville) Marian (to Baq): I actually play with the idea to put all Alphaville albums on vinyl, including Dreamscapes and CrazyShow. I started my own private record collection already ;)
(11/14/2016 20:28:15, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: omg
(11/14/2016 20:28:16, room alphaville) aaron: hello?
(11/14/2016 20:28:17, room alphaville) hervelam (to Marian): Hello Marian! Any way to see you before or after the Top50 show in OrlÚans?
(11/14/2016 20:28:32, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): questions of happyness will be on the album ?
(11/14/2016 20:28:35, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): Why was "Heartbreak city" chosen as the single?
(11/14/2016 20:28:42, room alphaville) Patten (to Marian): any releasedate for heartbeat city?
(11/14/2016 20:28:51, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Cool Marian, you know not difficult to put them in vynil and release, even in the USA, there is a record company I know that do it really cheap and good!
(11/14/2016 20:29:05, room alphaville) RevLa▀iOn319 (to Marian): I plan to buy the vinyl but Iĺve not turntables. Could you think about a mp3 download link with proof of purchase (some code thing) ?
(11/14/2016 20:29:05, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): It's a great idea, it would allow those who couldn't reach DS and CS to have them.
(11/14/2016 20:29:16, room alphaville) MalilaM: What am I missing about vinyl? I find more sound quality on CDs... :crazy:
(11/14/2016 20:29:19, room alphaville) magicalmouse: Best wishes to you all from the UK 8) 8)
(11/14/2016 20:29:27, room alphaville) Marian (to Darqud): There has no cooperation of any kind happen so far in this production apart from the choice of co-producers.
(11/14/2016 20:29:30, room alphaville) Antje: We have also just nought a new record player hand made in England.....Vinyls have defitely made a come back.....
(11/14/2016 20:29:36, room alphaville) Guest664: you're done :tea
(11/14/2016 20:29:40, room alphaville) Andrea_Ruby: Marian, we've been waiting soooooo long for the new album! Please give is a date 😃
(11/14/2016 20:29:42, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: I think vynil would sell a lot of the older CDs,you have a lot of fans around the world
(11/14/2016 20:29:46, room alphaville) M_Alders (to ViviBrazil): how are you Vivi?
(11/14/2016 20:29:54, room alphaville) Marian (to RevLa▀iOn319): good idea
(11/14/2016 20:30:02, room alphaville) Patten (to Marian): Heartbreak..
(11/14/2016 20:30:03, room alphaville) Karen (to MalilaM): more organic sound
(11/14/2016 20:30:04, room alphaville) Dingerz (to Marian): Having Dreamscapes and Crazyshow on vinyl would be amazing. It would also give newer fans a chance to have them.
(11/14/2016 20:30:09, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to Marian): Would love to see an AV show next year and will happily travel from Seattle to see one. I hope there is something fun in the works for the album release!
(11/14/2016 20:30:16, room alphaville) Karen: though I don't miss the scratches
(11/14/2016 20:30:29, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Hi MAlders, so so. Mom is alive, tryin to walk again.
(11/14/2016 20:30:30, room alphaville) Dingerz: I can see the artwork now on the vinyl.. I love sitting down with music like that still
(11/14/2016 20:30:38, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): so when will we fiind out the final playlist of the album ?
(11/14/2016 20:30:45, room alphaville) Merry: Amberyeah we were jealous on you. Next time we'll travel
(11/14/2016 20:30:54, room alphaville) Guest876: hi everybody! Hi Marian, happy to comunicate with you
(11/14/2016 20:31:11, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): sorry for bugging you
(11/14/2016 20:31:24, room alphaville) jetset: Please tell me Around The Universe is still on the playlist :)
(11/14/2016 20:31:41, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Karen): I'll die an outlier. I do like the clean sound of the CD. :D
(11/14/2016 20:31:41, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marian, I know a big fan of yours that after will read this whole chat! :) He always does. ;)
(11/14/2016 20:32:00, room alphaville) aaron: will av vinyls be available in malaysia?
(11/14/2016 20:32:10, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian, jetset): Please tell me Around The Universe is still on the playlist :) GOOD QUESTION PLEASE ANSWER TO US
(11/14/2016 20:32:16, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to Merry): Moon Palace in Cancun was amazing <3 <3 I met some wonderful people. Can't wait to meet more in 2017.
(11/14/2016 20:32:18, room alphaville) Marian (to Andrei): I could give you the final playlist
(11/14/2016 20:32:19, room alphaville) Guest876: I am Cristina , i forgotten my password again!!!
(11/14/2016 20:32:30, room alphaville) nadialebnich: Marian are you drinking beer?
(11/14/2016 20:32:32, room alphaville) alphaandre (to Marian): do get our last fanzine goldennews ? what do think about the keyholder with av-logo and the mafia island postcard :) :) ??
(11/14/2016 20:32:34, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): YES PLEASE
(11/14/2016 20:32:38, room alphaville) RevLa▀iOn319 (to Marian): If MOTR is indeed the Middle, does that means AVOL & PL are beginning & end (or vice-versa)?
(11/14/2016 20:32:47, room alphaville) Yulia (to Marian): Marian, do you have a favorite book or writer?
(11/14/2016 20:32:48, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Can you Marian give us it now?
(11/14/2016 20:32:49, room alphaville) Darqud (to Marian): It will be any old / new song on this album like "Miracle Healing" on CROG ?
(11/14/2016 20:32:50, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Yes please I agree Andrei and Marian
(11/14/2016 20:32:54, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): I think we are all expecting the playlist :))
(11/14/2016 20:33:01, room alphaville) magicalmouse: (To Antje) Yes, Vinyl is reviving. :)
(11/14/2016 20:33:06, room alphaville) Antje: Good Morning Martin, Vivi
(11/14/2016 20:33:08, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Yep
(11/14/2016 20:33:11, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): OK GIVE US THE FINAL PLAYLIST
(11/14/2016 20:33:13, room alphaville) Marian (to wii): you want the final setlist?
(11/14/2016 20:33:23, room alphaville) Tommy: :)
(11/14/2016 20:33:27, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Good evening here Antje. :)
(11/14/2016 20:33:29, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): Ha, ha, YES OF COURSE :)
(11/14/2016 20:33:30, room alphaville) AmberAvalon: Now Marian is just being a tease.
(11/14/2016 20:33:33, room alphaville) aaron: marian, im not sure if im being rude but please reply me this is my first time ???
(11/14/2016 20:33:33, room alphaville) jetset: drumrollllllll
(11/14/2016 20:33:34, room alphaville) TravebaerLi (to Marian): :Yeah
(11/14/2016 20:33:39, room alphaville) Apollo-Leif: No, MArian, nobody wants that ... we are all just teasing you ...
(11/14/2016 20:33:41, room alphaville) Marian: ok
(11/14/2016 20:33:42, room alphaville) Dingerz (to Marian): You need to sell t-shirts online somewhow. It would be great to wear those around, especially when the new album comes out.
(11/14/2016 20:33:42, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Yes, Marian, we do!!!
(11/14/2016 20:33:43, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to AmberAvalon): agree
(11/14/2016 20:33:43, room alphaville) Guest876: Marian, have you ever thougth to sing some songs written by your fans?
(11/14/2016 20:33:45, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): YES
(11/14/2016 20:34:00, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: please tell us!!
(11/14/2016 20:34:10, room alphaville) Clare (to Alien): :-]
(11/14/2016 20:34:12, room alphaville) Guest664: what are the plans for 2017 :-P
(11/14/2016 20:34:17, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Alien): Hello!!
(11/14/2016 20:34:28, room alphaville) Karen (to Alien): yoohoo!
(11/14/2016 20:34:35, room alphaville) jetset: Coucou Alien :)
(11/14/2016 20:34:36, room alphaville) Alien: hey there! :-]
(11/14/2016 20:34:39, room alphaville) Misty: Yes Marian, you could tell us! We want to know it...
(11/14/2016 20:34:48, room alphaville) Mumu (to Alien): Hello !
(11/14/2016 20:34:49, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to Mart_Alders): 8) 8)
(11/14/2016 20:34:51, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: setlist or playlist of the album you mean? right? not of the shows? but both are interesting. hehehe
(11/14/2016 20:34:59, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Alien): :-]
(11/14/2016 20:35:03, room alphaville) wii: He's copying and pasting the playlist, let's wait a while :)
(11/14/2016 20:35:13, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): yes it has been a hard time waitng for it
(11/14/2016 20:35:15, room alphaville) RenÚmoonboy: Is strange attractor the Real titel of the album?
(11/14/2016 20:35:17, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Anybody know why live section at Alphaville is almost empty now? Are we building up for the next tour?
(11/14/2016 20:35:18, room alphaville) Marian: Giants - Marionettes With Halos - House Of Ghosts - around The Universe - Enigma - Mafia Island - A Handful Of Darkness... end of the first half of Strange Attractor
(11/14/2016 20:35:19, room alphaville) nadialebnich: there are a lot of addicted here, lol
(11/14/2016 20:35:30, room alphaville) Hermit: He is now composing the songs! ;)
(11/14/2016 20:35:43, room alphaville) Misty: Will there be also remixes of the songs on the album?
(11/14/2016 20:35:43, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Ah, the vinyl version
(11/14/2016 20:35:54, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: hypehype HYPE
(11/14/2016 20:35:56, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): and second half?
(11/14/2016 20:35:58, room alphaville) TravebaerLi (to Marian): : Thanks
(11/14/2016 20:35:58, room alphaville) MalilaM: I can do with half the album already :D
(11/14/2016 20:35:59, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Well turn that thing around Marian
(11/14/2016 20:36:12, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): great GREAT GRAEAT GREEEEEEEEEEEEAT SUPERRRRRRRRR
(11/14/2016 20:36:28, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Andrei): agree
(11/14/2016 20:36:46, room alphaville) Marian: Second half of the show: Sexyland - Rendezvoyeur - Nevermore - Fever! - Heartbreak City - Beyond The Laughing Sky.
(11/14/2016 20:36:50, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: You are so creative for names!!!!!
(11/14/2016 20:37:09, room alphaville) Andrei (to Mart_Alders): :rtfm
(11/14/2016 20:37:25, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): GREAT, and the 3 vinyl exclusives?
(11/14/2016 20:37:28, room alphaville) Guest664: and when will come out new album
(11/14/2016 20:37:29, room alphaville) KaM: A Handful of Darkness. <3
(11/14/2016 20:37:35, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Marian): I remember you saying that you could get around the universe to work in the studio, only live. What's the secret that made it work?
(11/14/2016 20:37:35, room alphaville) Clare: gets more wine
(11/14/2016 20:37:36, room alphaville) Dimitraville: oh my... :)
(11/14/2016 20:37:39, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): i am so happy thank you Marian
(11/14/2016 20:37:43, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: my friend is going to be so jealous and i am so excited
(11/14/2016 20:37:44, room alphaville) Tommy: GREAT :)
(11/14/2016 20:37:45, room alphaville) Dingerz: I was about to say the same thing - very unique names.
(11/14/2016 20:37:46, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Yay, very good setlist! And the album, can you tell us?
(11/14/2016 20:37:50, room alphaville) nadialebnich: I don't know these songs, except giants,some are yet on the market?
(11/14/2016 20:37:54, room alphaville) jetset: I already love this album <3
(11/14/2016 20:37:56, room alphaville) Mumu (to Marian): Sounds quite interesting. It will be hard to wait 2017
(11/14/2016 20:37:56, room alphaville) feripest: When will Heartbreakcity shown in the video?
(11/14/2016 20:37:59, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: or not yet? Marian
(11/14/2016 20:38:01, room alphaville) Clare: I can't wait for Handful of Darkness.
(11/14/2016 20:38:12, room alphaville) Merry (to wii): maybe Lalte Asche or London Sky?
(11/14/2016 20:38:16, room alphaville) nadialebnich: I DREAM OF THEM
(11/14/2016 20:38:23, room alphaville) Clare: I knew 2017 would be better than 2016
(11/14/2016 20:38:28, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: already sounds like its gonna blow CRoG outta the water!!
(11/14/2016 20:38:31, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): Do you think "Heartbreak city" has the highest hit potential of the songs on the album?
(11/14/2016 20:38:35, room alphaville) MalilaM (to nadialebnich): It's not the same "Giants" of CROG
(11/14/2016 20:38:36, room alphaville) Marie (to Marian): Thank you for Around The Universe
(11/14/2016 20:38:38, room alphaville) wii: I can't wait for House of Ghosts
(11/14/2016 20:38:49, room alphaville) Marian (to wii): ...will be earlier versions of album tracks. Sounds boring but isn't. These versions are completely different from the finalized versions.
(11/14/2016 20:39:07, room alphaville) Marian: don't forget the long production time
(11/14/2016 20:39:09, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: One of the best things in be blown away by a new Alphaville song at a concert
(11/14/2016 20:39:11, room alphaville) RevLa▀iOn319: znerol, p=10, r=28, b=8/3
(11/14/2016 20:39:14, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): That's cool :)
(11/14/2016 20:39:23, room alphaville) Andrea_Ruby: Seems we will have a lot to celebrate soon
(11/14/2016 20:39:27, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: Magi you missed EVERYTHING
(11/14/2016 20:39:33, room alphaville) Mumu (to nadialebnich): Mafia Island was in Paris
(11/14/2016 20:39:37, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: ill send you caps on hangouts
(11/14/2016 20:39:45, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): So, when in 2017? Jan, Feb?
(11/14/2016 20:39:47, room alphaville) TravebaerLi (to Marian): I loved ! I'm looking forward to it... House Of Ghosts---Sexyland----Fever!Fun ... Everything
(11/14/2016 20:39:48, room alphaville) Baq: giants on crazyshow is a good track. like it!
(11/14/2016 20:39:57, room alphaville) nadialebnich: yes I remember, i loved it
(11/14/2016 20:40:01, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): Your will use Enzomusic for you tour booking?
(11/14/2016 20:40:01, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to Marian): very much looking forward to a new AV album. This year has been more of a roller coaster than usual.
(11/14/2016 20:40:06, room alphaville) Merry (to Marian): will Kalte ASch and London Sky be on the album after Strange Attractor which is now in production?
(11/14/2016 20:40:06, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: I like earlier versions more often than released versions and B sides
(11/14/2016 20:40:24, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: Love hearing SA news
(11/14/2016 20:40:25, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): you know it will be hard to us to wait but we love your creation
(11/14/2016 20:40:39, room alphaville) Baq: london sky should definitely on the album or be released as a b-side
(11/14/2016 20:40:42, room alphaville) Darqud (to Marian): How was been in Warsaw? Looks like very big show about 20 000 people or more???
(11/14/2016 20:40:48, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Merry): London Sky...beautiful
(11/14/2016 20:40:52, room alphaville) Baq: *be
(11/14/2016 20:40:53, room alphaville) Marian (to Baq): but GIANTS on Strange Attractor is a completely different song including the lyrics.
(11/14/2016 20:41:08, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Yes Marian, what one do you consider THE HIT and the put to radios to play?
(11/14/2016 20:41:12, room alphaville) jetset: Will we be able to preorder the album with autograph from all of you?
(11/14/2016 20:41:20, room alphaville) Apollo-Leif: Marian, more genral than asking about single songs: are you collecting all non-released songs for some later time (ans possible release) or are you also throwing away those you really did not like ?
(11/14/2016 20:41:24, room alphaville) Dingerz (to ViviBrazil): I found the same thing in many cases..
(11/14/2016 20:41:25, room alphaville) Antje: So exciting to hear of the new album counting down now.....
(11/14/2016 20:41:27, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: A new Giants? Niiice
(11/14/2016 20:41:27, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): the GIANTS version from Paris
(11/14/2016 20:41:29, room alphaville) Merry (to Mart_Alders): yes my hubby played that song for me and later his laptop broke down
(11/14/2016 20:41:33, room alphaville) AmberAvalon: YES! Would love Alphaville autographs!
(11/14/2016 20:41:35, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): ?
(11/14/2016 20:42:08, room alphaville) Marian (to jetset): that should be possible. Universal is still considering all kind of promo activities
(11/14/2016 20:42:10, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Marian): songs like Gallery and Demon Eyes and London Sky ever on any CD or Vinyl or Spotify or whatever?
(11/14/2016 20:42:11, room alphaville) nadialebnich: a wonderful christmas gift!!!
(11/14/2016 20:42:28, room alphaville) Andrea_Ruby: Marian, why not make a new version of one of the older B-sides? For instance Seeds, my favourite?
(11/14/2016 20:42:47, room alphaville) jetset: great ;)
(11/14/2016 20:42:47, room alphaville) Karen (to Mart_Alders): can't get Spotify here :-(
(11/14/2016 20:42:52, room alphaville) Krapplund (to Marian): By the way...did you use Autotune on the album? ;)
(11/14/2016 20:42:56, room alphaville) Merry (to Marian): so can we understand Strange Attractor as a concept album on fractals and Mandelbaum?
(11/14/2016 20:42:59, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: pre order is very good idea and also much promotion!
(11/14/2016 20:43:02, room alphaville) nadialebnich: I love love SEEDS
(11/14/2016 20:43:12, room alphaville) Dimitraville: i have to say bye... I love you Marian... Forever and never.... i cant wait for your angel voice again.... looooove you
(11/14/2016 20:43:15, room alphaville) Dingerz (to Marian): I was recently in Berlin for a long stay. It had been a while that I had 4+ days in the city in a row. The city is REALLY changing, I was amazed. What do you think about how much it has changed in the past 10 years?
(11/14/2016 20:43:23, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Andrea_Ruby): the Blank and Jones version is definitely VERY we'll done
(11/14/2016 20:43:28, room alphaville) Magistra (to nadialebnich): So do I!
(11/14/2016 20:43:29, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Well
(11/14/2016 20:43:38, room alphaville) Marian (to Mart_Alders): they're all good material for further Dreamscapes. Although London Sky could be on the follow up of Strange attractor
(11/14/2016 20:43:53, room alphaville) AmberAvalon: This has been stuck in my head for... some... time...... There should be more resistance Against industrial trusts And if there's no solution, there should be revolution
(11/14/2016 20:44:06, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Spotify already arrived to Brazil
(11/14/2016 20:44:08, room alphaville) didier72 (to Marian): The gig in Belgium (Wortegem) in august was fantastic! Thank you! It is very unfortunate that Top 50 in Brussels in december is cancelled - bankruptcy of the organiser ):(
(11/14/2016 20:44:11, room alphaville) Apollo-Leif (to ways): Hi MArtina
(11/14/2016 20:44:21, room alphaville) TravebaerLi (to ways): : Hi
(11/14/2016 20:44:23, room alphaville) hervelam (to Marian): Any way to see you before or after the Top50 show in OrlÚans in December?
(11/14/2016 20:44:24, room alphaville) aaron_goh: hello marian could u give details on the grman show?
(11/14/2016 20:44:26, room alphaville) ways: Hi :)
(11/14/2016 20:44:26, room alphaville) MalilaM (to AmberAvalon): same here.
(11/14/2016 20:44:29, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Thanks Marian, that's more epic every time I hear it
(11/14/2016 20:44:32, room alphaville) RevLa▀iOn319 (to Marian): does LMFP have a chance for a b_side or for next album ?
(11/14/2016 20:44:34, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): i apreciate here a big thing no commercial music only good music it's verry hard to do in these days how do you manege to do that ?
(11/14/2016 20:44:39, room alphaville) Hermit: Marian, do you do an exclusive explanation to the songs like you did for crog on itunes?
(11/14/2016 20:44:45, room alphaville) Clare (to ways): :-]
(11/14/2016 20:45:03, room alphaville) Antje: Spotify is a life saver when driving in the car on long journeys....
(11/14/2016 20:45:11, room alphaville) TravebaerLi (to ways): : I missed you already :)
(11/14/2016 20:45:15, room alphaville) Marian (to Baq): maybe. Hopefully for better reasons than the last time.
(11/14/2016 20:45:19, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Hermit, after give me the link
(11/14/2016 20:45:32, room alphaville) Karen (to Antje): would be great in hour long traffic jams in the middle of Bucharest
(11/14/2016 20:45:49, room alphaville) nadialebnich: on Seeds, Marian's voice is incredible; my drug in my car everyday going to work
(11/14/2016 20:45:54, room alphaville) Marian (to Hermit): I hate explanations. Well, maybe.
(11/14/2016 20:45:59, room alphaville) Andrea_Ruby: Or make a new version of Welcome to the sun?
(11/14/2016 20:46:06, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): i apreciate here a big thing no commercial music only good music it's verry hard to do in these days how do you manege to do that ?
(11/14/2016 20:46:16, room alphaville) aaron_goh: im not sure if im being impolite but im new here only been a fan since 2010 so please answer my questions it would mean alot
(11/14/2016 20:46:26, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to Andrea_Ruby): I'd love that.
(11/14/2016 20:46:46, room alphaville) Antje: Yes Karen, i can definitely agree....luckily i drive like 6 minutes to my shop....
(11/14/2016 20:46:47, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): I am looking forward a lot to the new album and I wish you all possible success with it!
(11/14/2016 20:46:50, room alphaville) Marian (to Andrei): because we have also some commercial songs in our luggage
(11/14/2016 20:47:04, room alphaville) RevLa▀iOn319 (to Marian): You mentionned at least twice Raymond Roussel. Wich book would you recommend for a start ?
(11/14/2016 20:47:08, room alphaville) Marian (to Andreas): thanx man
(11/14/2016 20:47:20, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): I think I'm not the only one who misses some political opinions expressed in your lyrics. Are those topics coming back?
(11/14/2016 20:47:28, room alphaville) nadialebnich: even your commercial songs are jewels!
(11/14/2016 20:47:39, room alphaville) Dingerz (to MalilaM): Good question!
(11/14/2016 20:47:57, room alphaville) Karen (to MalilaM): I reckon you could do a whole album just on 2016 alone
(11/14/2016 20:48:02, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): I will do what I can to promote the album Marian, can't wait to listen to it :)
(11/14/2016 20:48:17, room alphaville) Merry (to Marian): like forever young for Downy, can you tell us about your FY Foundation?
(11/14/2016 20:48:25, room alphaville) Hermit: Marian, you did the explanations very well! Even if you didn┤t say anything at all. It is always interesting to listen to your own interpretations.
(11/14/2016 20:48:29, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Yes all the songs that have your fingers in the middle are precious, and also from me much success with all your music and this release!
(11/14/2016 20:48:32, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marian
(11/14/2016 20:48:36, room alphaville) Marian (to RevLa▀iOn319): They are all very strange. I love Strangeness in art. Locus Solus is my fav novel
(11/14/2016 20:48:48, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Karen): A bitter one too.
(11/14/2016 20:48:54, room alphaville) Guest876 (to Marian): are you exiced for the new album like the first one or it's different any time?
(11/14/2016 20:48:56, room alphaville) Clare (to Dingerz, Marian, MalilaM): I agree. I like politics in lyrics too. Especially when there's space for people to interpret
(11/14/2016 20:49:01, room alphaville) RevLa▀iOn319 (to MalilaM): Totally disagree with that! :)
(11/14/2016 20:49:03, room alphaville) Andreas (to nadialebnich): You are so right, they also are jewels/diamonds!
(11/14/2016 20:49:13, room alphaville) aaron_goh: marian ever thought of releasing albums in malaysia?
(11/14/2016 20:49:14, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Marian): hence James Joyce
(11/14/2016 20:49:16, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to Marian): I'll promote however I can. Have to get Alphaville playing at the Whiskey A Go Go in Los Angeles ;)
(11/14/2016 20:49:27, room alphaville) Karen (to MalilaM): plenty to write about
(11/14/2016 20:49:35, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): not the today top kind of sgons i guess you kow it's a hard mission in these days but i am sure that you will have all our respect all of it
(11/14/2016 20:49:49, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to AmberAvalon): I'll be there
(11/14/2016 20:50:21, room alphaville) nadialebnich: it is so easy to be happy listening to you: how do you manage that???
(11/14/2016 20:50:21, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Karen): and plenty more to try and understand. :crazy
(11/14/2016 20:50:42, room alphaville) RevLa▀iOn319 (to Marian): Thank you very much. RR wrote, if I'm not mistaken, with bird language. Does that mean you read in french? Could we expect some french lyrics someday?
(11/14/2016 20:50:49, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): ALPHAVILLE a name a life a fantasy a realty a dream machine
(11/14/2016 20:50:53, room alphaville) Antje: We all look forward to the new Album but ultimately it is always great to have huge success with it and make money.....
(11/14/2016 20:50:56, room alphaville) Karen (to MalilaM): What's to understand? perspective is a weird thing
(11/14/2016 20:50:58, room alphaville) Andrea_Ruby: Marian, what have been the reasons the album is late? I'm sure you have good ones.
(11/14/2016 20:51:03, room alphaville) magicalmouse: (To Marian) D'you know/like Gurdjieff's work?
(11/14/2016 20:51:14, room alphaville) Dingerz: I'd love for Alphaville to play Toronto. The last attempt was in a venue that was crazy big. If you get a place where bands like VNV Nation, Covenant play then it could be totally doable. I still hear Forever Young on the stations here.
(11/14/2016 20:51:17, room alphaville) aaron_goh: hello?
(11/14/2016 20:51:20, room alphaville) jetset: Is "early" a cold month, or a mild one :) <= trying to get info
(11/14/2016 20:51:41, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): thank you for all of that
(11/14/2016 20:51:48, room alphaville) Marian (to MalilaM): hm. I am not afraid of political opinions in AV songs. When they happen, it is ok. I write what comes to my mind. But not all songs make to the final album. I don't think that there is a "political" song on Strane attractor, apart from, maybe, A
(11/14/2016 20:52:10, room alphaville) Clare (to jetset): are we talking Neshie scale?
(11/14/2016 20:52:12, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Hand full of darkness
(11/14/2016 20:52:15, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to magicalmouse): VNVNation just played at the Showbox in Seattle. Bummed I missed them. It would be a great venue for Alphaville as well.
(11/14/2016 20:52:38, room alphaville) Hermit: Are there also ideas for the second single after Heartbreak City? Is there already a video in the making after Heartbreak City?
(11/14/2016 20:52:52, room alphaville) Marian: Handful of darkness which deals with war children, migrants and refugees
(11/14/2016 20:52:53, room alphaville) Karen: we have some great festivals in Romania now
(11/14/2016 20:53:02, room alphaville) Dingerz: Yes - and then the older fans could finally learn of all the newer songs and they'd be shocked to learn they have a lot of albums to go through.
(11/14/2016 20:53:20, room alphaville) Dingerz: It kills me that most don't know how good the albums have been since then.
(11/14/2016 20:53:24, room alphaville) Guest876 (to Marian): do you dedicate to somebody your album?
(11/14/2016 20:53:32, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: note to self: tell mom about Strange Attractor
(11/14/2016 20:53:34, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Cool theme about refugees and children in wars, revolting you are right Marian!
(11/14/2016 20:53:36, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Karen): I was formed to have a certain illusion of explaining and understanding... from that to achieving such things there is some distance indeed :D
(11/14/2016 20:53:47, room alphaville) AmberAvalon: Plus, if Alphaville play in Seattle they can all stay at my house. We have 4 bedrooms and our sailboat can sleep 8 people :D
(11/14/2016 20:54:07, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: And migrants. This song can help them and open mind of people a lot Marian
(11/14/2016 20:54:11, room alphaville) nadialebnich: Marian, like HervÚ Lamoureux, could you escape from the top50 on december in Orleans???to sign autographs or even go drink a beer?
(11/14/2016 20:54:19, room alphaville) Krapplund: loves that Handful Of Darkness will be on the album
(11/14/2016 20:54:22, room alphaville) Karen (to MalilaM): I've given up. Sick of the mind games
(11/14/2016 20:54:26, room alphaville) Darqud (to Marian): Can you give as any idea and difference between " Strange Attraction " and next album ?
(11/14/2016 20:54:31, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: I'm very excited :D
(11/14/2016 20:54:42, room alphaville) nadialebnich: HervÚ, I did it!!!
(11/14/2016 20:54:50, room alphaville) Marian (to Andrea_Ruby): the delay was all my fault. I started with no idea what the album would be and then I travelled through many metamorphoses
(11/14/2016 20:54:58, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to AmberAvalon): Let's all go to Seattle Yeahhhhh
(11/14/2016 20:55:02, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Thank you for the answer. =) Those topics were more frequent in previous albums.
(11/14/2016 20:55:10, room alphaville) hervelam (to nadialebnich): :)
(11/14/2016 20:55:28, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): do you like Jean Michel Jarre ?
(11/14/2016 20:55:34, room alphaville) magicalmouse: (To AmberAvalon) Sounds good :-P
(11/14/2016 20:55:55, room alphaville) Mumu: Bye everyone, I have to go. Thanks for all your answers, Marian.
(11/14/2016 20:55:56, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to Mart_Alders): ha!! Yes! House is open to AV fans equally as much!
(11/14/2016 20:55:57, room alphaville) Karen: suppose we were all young and idealistic back then
(11/14/2016 20:56:05, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: this is going to sound silly but is it actually martin that sings in Call Me Down? :s
(11/14/2016 20:56:07, room alphaville) Marian (to Andrea_Ruby): it was all my fault. When I started with the production I had no idea what it would be and then I fought my way through lots of contradictionary metamorphoses
(11/14/2016 20:56:07, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Andrei): I do :) preferably the old stuff though
(11/14/2016 20:56:09, room alphaville) Darqud: sorry Attractor
(11/14/2016 20:56:11, room alphaville) Karen: shame reality bites
(11/14/2016 20:56:12, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: It is common till the final an album to suffer methaphorsis and if U R happy with it now, it is what matters, not the delay. :)
(11/14/2016 20:56:28, room alphaville) Karen (to Mumu): nigth Mu - have a good rest of the week
(11/14/2016 20:56:31, room alphaville) nadialebnich: l like nobody except Marian, and the other alphavillians?
(11/14/2016 20:56:31, room alphaville) Andrei (to Mart_Alders): of course the old stuff
(11/14/2016 20:56:36, room alphaville) Karen: night too
(11/14/2016 20:56:37, room alphaville) Marian (to Andrei): sure
(11/14/2016 20:56:39, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Karen): I can't give it up... I still work formally on that from time to time. ;(
(11/14/2016 20:56:39, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: Magi you keep missing all the good stuff
(11/14/2016 20:56:40, room alphaville) Clare: I'm still ..... idealistic.
(11/14/2016 20:56:45, room alphaville) Magistra: I guess so.
(11/14/2016 20:56:54, room alphaville) Marie: I
(11/14/2016 20:57:00, room alphaville) Karen: I'm apathetic
(11/14/2016 20:57:07, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: Ill catch you up on Tumblr though
(11/14/2016 20:57:12, room alphaville) Clare: @mumu, bye!
(11/14/2016 20:57:27, room alphaville) Andrea_Ruby: Marian, thanks for your reply and respect to you for waiting until it's even better! Makes me feel more excited but patient too! I'm sure it's worth the wait!
(11/14/2016 20:57:29, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Andrei): well, in Alphaville I definitely also like the new stuff :)
(11/14/2016 20:57:31, room alphaville) Karen: apart from on the Brexit thing - that directly touches me
(11/14/2016 20:57:40, room alphaville) AmberAvalon: I'm a mix of idealistic, realistic and apathetic depending on the day and time. And sometimes I am all of those at once!
(11/14/2016 20:57:43, room alphaville) tjommen (to Marian): please give us a releasedate
(11/14/2016 20:57:43, room alphaville) jetset: Who produced this album, by the way? Is Sebastian involved, for example?
(11/14/2016 20:57:52, room alphaville) Magistra (to CrowTRobot): Hahaha, I just wanted to do that!
(11/14/2016 20:57:59, room alphaville) Marie: ...I'm tired of bitterness and cynicism and see forward-thinking as the only option.
(11/14/2016 20:58:11, room alphaville) Karen: I just live in the now
(11/14/2016 20:58:15, room alphaville) RevLa▀iOn319 (to Marian): If MOTR is indeed the Middle, does that means AVOL & PL are beginning & end (or vice-versa)?
(11/14/2016 20:58:27, room alphaville) CrowTRobot (to Magistra): And i might see what i can send through Hangouts cus you missed a looooot
(11/14/2016 20:58:32, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): by the way the productions of Jean Ferrat or Didier Barbelivien what do you think about ?
(11/14/2016 20:58:44, room alphaville) Magistra: Awwww!
(11/14/2016 20:58:51, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Marie): think so too...don't worry about things you can't change
(11/14/2016 20:58:55, room alphaville) Clare (to Karen): I need to continue believing that there is good in the world. I can't survive without it.
(11/14/2016 20:58:55, room alphaville) Guest876 (to Marian): Marian, who is fool people in your opinion?
(11/14/2016 20:59:19, room alphaville) Magistra: You mean "foolish".
(11/14/2016 20:59:20, room alphaville) hervelam (to Andrei): How can you associate these two!!??
(11/14/2016 20:59:37, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: ??
(11/14/2016 20:59:40, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Karen): how's not too bad most of the time :)
(11/14/2016 20:59:46, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Now
(11/14/2016 20:59:49, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Good question in the old song that talk about keep dancing all your fools,who are they Marian?
(11/14/2016 20:59:52, room alphaville) Guest876: Yes, sorry ... foolish
(11/14/2016 20:59:53, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to Marian): - this is very important. Tell me all about the shoes you will wear during the concerts next year. I do love shoes. O:-) O:-)
(11/14/2016 20:59:54, room alphaville) Karen (to Mart_Alders): totally
(11/14/2016 21:00:32, room alphaville) Hermit: Marian, do your children like your music? :) And is there someone among them who likes to make music in the future? Maybe a new Alphaville member? :)
(11/14/2016 21:00:40, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to ViviBrazil): I'd guess everybody
(11/14/2016 21:00:40, room alphaville) Marian (to tjommen): Sebastian did some really beautiful contributions to A Handful Of Darkness. The whole album is produced by the band with co- producers Andreas Schwarz and Telonio, both good friends with lots of understanding for the spirit of Alpha
(11/14/2016 21:00:46, room alphaville) Dingerz (to Clare): I do too but that hope is fading. I mean there will always be good people in the world but so many of my FB friends have already posted incidences of violence since the election.
(11/14/2016 21:00:48, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: does fools that dance have to do with some religion Marian? I mean by the video
(11/14/2016 21:00:56, room alphaville) Marian: ville
(11/14/2016 21:00:57, room alphaville) RevLa▀iOn319 (to ViviBrazil): I'm not Marian ;) but I'll say they're us. (toys 'r us)
(11/14/2016 21:01:03, room alphaville) Andrei (to hervelam): by the kind of songs dadicated to him like this one
(11/14/2016 21:01:22, room alphaville) magicalmouse: (To AmberAvalon) Shoes Mmm!
(11/14/2016 21:01:23, room alphaville) Fry: good evening@all did i miss some news about release of new album?
(11/14/2016 21:01:24, room alphaville) Karen (to Dingerz): don't think too much - helps to preserve some semblance of sanity
(11/14/2016 21:01:40, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: i might have to update my Tomodachi Life miis for SA Hype
(11/14/2016 21:01:51, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to magicalmouse): We all have our weaknesses. Shoes are mine <3
(11/14/2016 21:01:53, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: lol, right this Marian?
(11/14/2016 21:01:53, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian, AmberAvalon): I'd like to hear about the shoes too... and the white shirt change. ;D
(11/14/2016 21:02:01, room alphaville) Antje: Good bye i have to go, thank you everyone....have a great day/night....
(11/14/2016 21:02:08, room alphaville) Dingerz (to Karen): Good point. ; P
(11/14/2016 21:02:15, room alphaville) CrowTRobot (to Fry): you missed a lot. And by a lot i mean EVERYTHING
(11/14/2016 21:02:19, room alphaville) st2010: [@Marian] How did you like the Yello performance in Berlin? Did you have the chance to meet Dieter and Boris before / after the show?
(11/14/2016 21:02:23, room alphaville) AmberAvalon: SEE? I knew shoes were important.
(11/14/2016 21:02:51, room alphaville) wii (to Marian): btw Marian, did you ever see my recording from Paris of Still falls the rain?
(11/14/2016 21:02:54, room alphaville) ricky: do you already have favorite songs in the new album
(11/14/2016 21:02:55, room alphaville) Marie (to Marian): just curious, are Nevermore and Fever! original songs or covers?
(11/14/2016 21:02:56, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to AmberAvalon): European size 43 anything for you Amber? I can send you some :)
(11/14/2016 21:03:13, room alphaville) idol: Hi, Marian, do you have any musical wish or goal that still waits to come true?
(11/14/2016 21:03:35, room alphaville) Alien (to Marian, MalilaM, AmberAvalon): And what about the whole on stage style for the band?
(11/14/2016 21:03:37, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): tell me please any other french singers writers actors do you appreciate ? ( beside Jackues Brel)
(11/14/2016 21:03:37, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to Mart_Alders): oh dear - I have to go look at shoe size conversion chart now!
(11/14/2016 21:03:38, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: good question Marian, Idol
(11/14/2016 21:03:48, room alphaville) hervelam (to Andrei): Oh, true, I heard about this song once. I hurried to forget about it! O:-)
(11/14/2016 21:03:49, room alphaville) Marian (to st2010): the concert was amazing, I was completely blown away. Unfortunately I had to leave soon after the show for family care ;)
(11/14/2016 21:03:50, room alphaville) Fry (to CrowTRobot): short version :) when will it come?
(11/14/2016 21:03:55, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Hahaha
(11/14/2016 21:04:02, room alphaville) Misty: Will there be in the future more instrumental tracks on the next album? That would be great.
(11/14/2016 21:04:17, room alphaville) CrowTRobot (to Fry): Early 2017
(11/14/2016 21:04:24, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian, wii): Still Falls The Rain in Paris was so amazing! Great voice, great arrangement, great occasion.
(11/14/2016 21:04:29, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: you missed the tracklist too
(11/14/2016 21:04:57, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): tell me please any other french singers writers actors do you appreciate ? ( beside Jackues Brel)
(11/14/2016 21:04:58, room alphaville) ajp: How can u qualify Alphaville spirit in a couple of words ?
(11/14/2016 21:05:06, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to st2010): Yello were in Berlin? You should have called....
(11/14/2016 21:05:24, room alphaville) Fry (to CrowTRobot): well thats good news. i will buy it anyway so i will see the Tracklist early enough
(11/14/2016 21:05:27, room alphaville) KaM (to MalilaM): The introductory speech was amazing
(11/14/2016 21:06:04, room alphaville) ajp: Alphaville / Camouflage could be an amazing music collaboration : do u personaly know them ?
(11/14/2016 21:06:08, room alphaville) Darqud (to Marie): I do not think so Fever is a cover of Kylie M
(11/14/2016 21:06:10, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to KaM): agree
(11/14/2016 21:06:11, room alphaville) Karen (to MalilaM): that was definitely a high point
(11/14/2016 21:06:11, room alphaville) Andrei (to hervelam): numero 1 du top album includes a lot of big names
(11/14/2016 21:06:11, room alphaville) Fry (to Marian): my boy is named after you and made today his first steps :)
(11/14/2016 21:06:12, room alphaville) Guest664: where you want to fly in 2017
(11/14/2016 21:06:33, room alphaville) nadialebnich: alphaville spirit is our best friend
(11/14/2016 21:06:33, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: i need to listen to Supernova again haha
(11/14/2016 21:06:44, room alphaville) st2010: [@Marian] Great to hear! I couldn't make it then but I've seen they've already announced more dates for future concerts.
(11/14/2016 21:06:48, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): I remember last chat you were with your new baby... are you accompanied tonight too?
(11/14/2016 21:06:54, room alphaville) wii (to MalilaM): Yeah, it was great. Sabrina talked too much though :)
(11/14/2016 21:07:06, room alphaville) KaM (to Marian): Great show in Finsterwalde! I was leaping about like a salmon. How does it feel to appear alongside Die Cappucinos? :)) :)) :))
(11/14/2016 21:07:10, room alphaville) Karen (to MalilaM): that and Anyway
(11/14/2016 21:07:16, room alphaville) jetset: On a range of Jan.-June, where is 'early'? running under a box
(11/14/2016 21:07:18, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: yes, good question, what are doing now Marian? Wine, baby?
(11/14/2016 21:07:25, room alphaville) Apollo-Leif (to Karen): yes ... anyway
(11/14/2016 21:07:26, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to KaM): that sounds fishy...
(11/14/2016 21:07:52, room alphaville) CrowTRobot (to jetset): when it happens itll happen
(11/14/2016 21:07:53, room alphaville) wii (to jetset): early normally means january, february :)
(11/14/2016 21:07:53, room alphaville) Marian (to Andrei): Brel (well, he's Belgian), Veronique Sanson, Rachid Taha, Soko, Jean-Pierre Massiera, Air, Brigitte Bardot, Serge Gainsbourg,
(11/14/2016 21:07:53, room alphaville) nadialebnich: like sugar, a lot of poetry, pleasure, when needed
(11/14/2016 21:07:57, room alphaville) MalilaM (to KaM, Karen): I was moved to tears... as I was in Tipi 2004 :D
(11/14/2016 21:07:59, room alphaville) Andrei: by the way Congratulations for poland players against Romania Lewandowski rules
(11/14/2016 21:08:04, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Fry): congrats....I tried naming my daughter Marian but the wife didn't go mother's name is Marianne so I thought I could get away with it
(11/14/2016 21:08:05, room alphaville) Marian: there are so many, Edith Piaf
(11/14/2016 21:08:08, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: Looking forward to it hopefilly appearing on Google Play
(11/14/2016 21:08:10, room alphaville) KaM (to AmberAvalon): They were... Ermmm...
(11/14/2016 21:08:16, room alphaville) MalilaM: (During most of the concert anyway)
(11/14/2016 21:08:19, room alphaville) Marian: Francoise Hardy
(11/14/2016 21:08:21, room alphaville) nadialebnich: Brigitte Bardot! sorry I love her
(11/14/2016 21:08:33, room alphaville) nadialebnich: but not for her songs lol
(11/14/2016 21:08:42, room alphaville) wii (to MalilaM): Yeah, but it was ok, I was excited too :)
(11/14/2016 21:08:50, room alphaville) Marian (to nadialebnich): me too
(11/14/2016 21:08:58, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): thank you good big names good music indeed
(11/14/2016 21:09:13, room alphaville) Magistra (to Marian): My imagination of the Dreamroom is a clouded air with people sitting on the clouds talking to eachother and you sitting on the biggest cloud answering the queations. What is yours?
(11/14/2016 21:09:16, room alphaville) nadialebnich: I am so happy
(11/14/2016 21:09:27, room alphaville) Marian: Une histoire de Plage, great!
(11/14/2016 21:09:31, room alphaville) hervelam (to Marian): All of them are dead! (Or nearly)
(11/14/2016 21:09:36, room alphaville) Andrea_Ruby: Great French taste Marian!
(11/14/2016 21:09:37, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): Do you like any Swedish artists? In that case, Which?
(11/14/2016 21:09:38, room alphaville) KaM (to MalilaM): Caught the back of my throat too. I've never uploaded my videos yet. I should!
(11/14/2016 21:09:59, room alphaville) Fry (to Mart_Alders): well the female at the Hospital known alphaville as we told her the name of our boy. Aaaah like Marian Gold :-D
(11/14/2016 21:10:02, room alphaville) CrowTRobot (to Magistra): your cute is showing magiiii
(11/14/2016 21:10:03, room alphaville) Marian (to Magistra): lots of letters swirling around me
(11/14/2016 21:10:04, room alphaville) hervelam (to Marian): Don't you know the new ones?
(11/14/2016 21:10:04, room alphaville) wii (to Magistra): Nice question :)
(11/14/2016 21:10:05, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to Magistra): that is sweet. My cloud has lightening and rainbows coming out of it. MWUAHAHA!!!
(11/14/2016 21:10:31, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: mines just storm clouds cus storms are rad yo
(11/14/2016 21:10:41, room alphaville) Magistra (to AmberAvalon): Mine is light purple (my favority color)
(11/14/2016 21:10:42, room alphaville) KaM (to MalilaM): The new cosmic Heaven on Earth has me bewitched. I tried to film it in August, and I was shaking like a leaf (when I wasn't leaping like a salmon)
(11/14/2016 21:10:44, room alphaville) MalilaM (to KaM): mine have horribly distorted sound. :-I
(11/14/2016 21:10:57, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: lol Marian it is this, lots of letters, but with our big God answering lol
(11/14/2016 21:11:10, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Fry): now THAT'S aGREAT hospital...too bad I already had my vasectomy
(11/14/2016 21:11:16, room alphaville) Marian (to hervelam): Air's not dead, Soko's not. Colleen?
(11/14/2016 21:11:18, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): great music long time did'n heard it thak you for remind me about it
(11/14/2016 21:11:24, room alphaville) Darqud (to Marian): And the question is : Why you sang playback in Warsaw? It was so many people 20 000 or more?
(11/14/2016 21:11:33, room alphaville) Marian: The Dodoz
(11/14/2016 21:11:49, room alphaville) Marian: Franšoiz Breut
(11/14/2016 21:11:56, room alphaville) KaM: Air... How does it make you feel? 8)
(11/14/2016 21:12:03, room alphaville) Fry (to Mart_Alders): now i still pray that my boy loves alphaville later too :-D
(11/14/2016 21:12:05, room alphaville) Andrea_Ruby: The dodos are extinct
(11/14/2016 21:12:23, room alphaville) hervelam (to Marian): I know, I was joking ;)
(11/14/2016 21:12:23, room alphaville) Marian: M83
(11/14/2016 21:12:31, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Fry): it just HAS to be
(11/14/2016 21:12:31, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: My mom laughs. Her 16 year old daughter.. An Alphaville fan !
(11/14/2016 21:12:38, room alphaville) Guest876: Marian, Iremember
(11/14/2016 21:12:48, room alphaville) Marian: Phoenix, hey
(11/14/2016 21:12:49, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Alphaville will live forever and be forever young!
(11/14/2016 21:12:58, room alphaville) Mart_Alders (to Fry): how can you not love 'em
(11/14/2016 21:13:00, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: Heck yes
(11/14/2016 21:13:09, room alphaville) KaM (to Marian): Do you like MGMT? Quite like M83
(11/14/2016 21:13:37, room alphaville) Karen (to KaM): electric feel in the abbey road sessions was cool
(11/14/2016 21:13:38, room alphaville) Andrea_Ruby: Good question Andreas! Swedish bands anyone?
(11/14/2016 21:13:41, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Don't forget Nile Rodgers and Daft Punk :)
(11/14/2016 21:13:46, room alphaville) AmberAvalon: Member Chewbacca? I member.
(11/14/2016 21:13:49, room alphaville) Magistra (to CrowTRobot): Oi, mate! You are back!
(11/14/2016 21:13:49, room alphaville) Fry (to Mart_Alders): i love alphaville for a very long time and i still love it much. hope that the next generation will share that love
(11/14/2016 21:13:53, room alphaville) AmberAvalon: NILE RODGERS FTW!
(11/14/2016 21:13:54, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: Daft Punk is gooood
(11/14/2016 21:14:00, room alphaville) Marian (to KaM): fantastic band. But I can't see many simularities to M83
(11/14/2016 21:14:07, room alphaville) hervelam (to Marian): You may have a look at my website my reviews of albums (French and not French singers and bands)
(11/14/2016 21:14:08, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: Marian, did Beatles inspire you somehow too?
(11/14/2016 21:14:09, room alphaville) CrowTRobot (to Magistra): i never left! >:V
(11/14/2016 21:14:10, room alphaville) Andrei (to hervelam, Marian): they are many alive ones who could never release what the "dead" did
(11/14/2016 21:14:29, room alphaville) Andrei: and that's a fact
(11/14/2016 21:14:36, room alphaville) AmberAvalon: I do hope Chic gets into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. They deserve it. Nile deserves it. He's a legend.
(11/14/2016 21:14:36, room alphaville) Andreas: @Marian,Andrea_Ruby Let's go for good Swedish artists instead of French - there are more of them ;)
(11/14/2016 21:14:37, room alphaville) Magistra (to CrowTRobot): Sorry, mate!
(11/14/2016 21:14:51, room alphaville) st2010: M83 collaborated with JMJ on his Electronica 1 album.
(11/14/2016 21:15:14, room alphaville) Fry: and the siren sings again from upstairs i┤ve got to go. good evening to everyone here
(11/14/2016 21:15:14, room alphaville) Andrea_Ruby: Yes Andreas, and most are alive!
(11/14/2016 21:15:19, room alphaville) KaM (to Marian): I suppose I'm thinking mostly of Midnight City, not the ambient stuff.
(11/14/2016 21:15:21, room alphaville) hervelam (to Andrei, Marian): Sure, but this was another time.
(11/14/2016 21:15:25, room alphaville) Angidlo (to idol): hey!
(11/14/2016 21:15:27, room alphaville) Marian (to Andreas): oh gee! too many of them
(11/14/2016 21:15:32, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to Mart_Alders): oops I got a little enthusiastic there
(11/14/2016 21:15:39, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: @Fry see you
(11/14/2016 21:15:40, room alphaville) Yulia (to Marian): Do you want to fly in space?
(11/14/2016 21:15:41, room alphaville) Dingerz: I'm glad I got to see M83 live when they opened up for DM. They are very good.
(11/14/2016 21:15:52, room alphaville) Magistra (to CrowTRobot): What do toy mean with my cute?
(11/14/2016 21:15:54, room alphaville) Marian: my fav one is fever ray
(11/14/2016 21:16:00, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): Many, but not too many. Let's start with Sn÷modd ;)
(11/14/2016 21:16:03, room alphaville) KaM (to Karen): That sounds amazing.
(11/14/2016 21:16:17, room alphaville) Andrei (to hervelam): what's wrong with another time ?
(11/14/2016 21:16:21, room alphaville) Karen (to KaM): just had to listen to it now I'm mentioned it
(11/14/2016 21:16:28, room alphaville) Karen: I've
(11/14/2016 21:16:34, room alphaville) Magistra (to CrowTRobot): You just said my cute was showing.
(11/14/2016 21:16:37, room alphaville) Guest876: Marian, is it possible to send you letters like we did 20 years ago? Is there an address?
(11/14/2016 21:16:53, room alphaville) hervelam (to Andreas): Ha ha
(11/14/2016 21:16:56, room alphaville) Marian: LAdies and Gentlemen, it's time for me to leave.
(11/14/2016 21:17:05, room alphaville) KaM (to Karen): Should I say 'you're welcome'? ;)
(11/14/2016 21:17:11, room alphaville) Marian: It was great talking with you, as always
(11/14/2016 21:17:15, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: aw, bye!
(11/14/2016 21:17:17, room alphaville) Apollo-Leif: Good night Marian. Thanks for your time, much appreciated
(11/14/2016 21:17:19, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to Marian): Thank you for coming, Marian. I hope you found your tiger's eye pyramids useful.
(11/14/2016 21:17:23, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Thank you so much Marian
(11/14/2016 21:17:23, room alphaville) Clare (to Marian): Thanks for being here
(11/14/2016 21:17:24, room alphaville) ajp: noooooo, don't leave !
(11/14/2016 21:17:26, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): ok see you soon
(11/14/2016 21:17:28, room alphaville) AlphaFemale: :-]
(11/14/2016 21:17:30, room alphaville) Karen (to KaM): you could, but I'm now up way past my bedtime :-(
(11/14/2016 21:17:32, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: ah but OK Marian, good to have your news, thank you, good night! good luck and take care!
(11/14/2016 21:17:35, room alphaville) Andreas (to Marian): All the best! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance!
(11/14/2016 21:17:36, room alphaville) hervelam (to Marian): Any way to see you before or after the Top50 show in OrlÚans in December?
(11/14/2016 21:17:40, room alphaville) Guest876: nooooo
(11/14/2016 21:17:41, room alphaville) Magistra (to Marian): Guten Abend noch! :)
(11/14/2016 21:17:42, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Hope you enjoy it
(11/14/2016 21:17:45, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: talking to you too was great Marian!
(11/14/2016 21:17:46, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): thank you for all Marian Big respect
(11/14/2016 21:17:50, room alphaville) Andrea_Ruby: Thank you Marian, love ya!
(11/14/2016 21:17:50, room alphaville) jetset: Thank you Marian <3
(11/14/2016 21:17:52, room alphaville) idol (to Marian): :-]
(11/14/2016 21:17:53, room alphaville) nadialebnich: we love you!
(11/14/2016 21:17:56, room alphaville) Marian (to AmberAvalon): absolutely. They're here on my desk, in front of me
(11/14/2016 21:17:56, room alphaville) magicalmouse: Take care x x x
(11/14/2016 21:17:56, room alphaville) didier72: :-] :-] :-] :-]
(11/14/2016 21:17:58, room alphaville) Colette: Marian, thank you so much for being here and thanks for answering my question. X
(11/14/2016 21:18:04, room alphaville) RevLa▀iOn319 (to Marian): Bye-bye *11, thanks!
(11/14/2016 21:18:04, room alphaville) Mart_Alders: Be back soon I love this
(11/14/2016 21:18:09, room alphaville) MalilaM (to Marian): Thank you for chatting with us, thank you for the news, thank you for the music, and most of all, thank you for the friends your work has given me the chance to meet.
(11/14/2016 21:18:11, room alphaville) ajp: Can't wait to her Strange Attractor and to finally see you live !!!
(11/14/2016 21:18:13, room alphaville) CrowTRobot: This was an amazing first chat <3
(11/14/2016 21:18:14, room alphaville) KaM (to Marian): Thank you, for tonight and ... well, everything else!
(11/14/2016 21:18:16, room alphaville) AmberAvalon (to Marian): <3 <3
(11/14/2016 21:18:22, room alphaville) MalilaM: <3
(11/14/2016 21:18:26, room alphaville) Marian: Love you all.
(11/14/2016 21:18:27, room alphaville) Dingerz: By Marian!
(11/14/2016 21:18:31, room alphaville) Dingerz: Bye rather. : P
(11/14/2016 21:18:44, room alphaville) Andrei (to Marian): goodnight marian
(11/14/2016 21:18:45, room alphaville) Clare: Hope to see you live soon Marian.
(11/14/2016 21:18:46, room alphaville) Magistra (to Marian): Good bye!
(11/14/2016 21:18:46, room alphaville) Guest876: Love forever
(11/14/2016 21:18:51, room alphaville) Marian: ...and c U soon somewhere
(11/14/2016 21:18:54, room alphaville) ViviBrazil: We love you too!
(11/14/2016 21:18:54, room alphaville) Karen: night Marian
(11/14/2016 21:18:54, room alphaville) Marian: bye
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Thanks for posting
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Great Chat! Thanks, Willy!

G - O! Let's go!
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Thank you, mate!
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Thanks for posting the chat, looking forward to next time
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