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A-ha in Hamburg

a-ha concert (24.11.2000)

Our trip is over, and what a great time we had.

Ken, David and I left Copenhagen at about noon on friday and arrived in Hamburg at about 4:00 pm. We fairly quickly found the Aquasport Hotel (which is the same hotel for the alphaville party in 2 weeks) and met the manager Stefan (from golden feeling) who showed us around this great hotel.

We had arranged to meet with tobi at the venue, so we did at about 8:00 pm, we had fun as always, and as the support band was finishing, our wait was over! see a-ha live for the first time ever! Morten sang very well, and the band was good, we got all the hits and lots of songs for the excellent new album. Some of the songs, like "Stay on these roads" were performed as acoutic ballads! it gave me the chills to listen to these wonderful songs like this - I wish I had a recorder! Also "Hunting high and low" was beautiful and everybody sang along. Also "The sun always shines on TV" was excellent, and the crowd went wild.

check out these pics from the show - from the official page:

visit us at:
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review from norwegian newspaper:

"Magic in the air" states norwegian press after Hamburg concert
a-ha come-back filled with style, power and kingly aura
The norwegian press give ovations to a-ha after the concert in Hamburg Sporthalle 24.11. 10.000 old and new fans crowded in and received a-ha as if they were true kings.
Dagbladet claims that the feeling was almost unreal.
-Everything was perfect ! There were magic in the air and goosebumps on the ears when the band got on stage and started out with Minor Earth/ Major Sky and when they left the stage almost two hours later there were still magic in the air but goosebumps on almost every conceivable part of the body.
The audience behaved as if they were experiencing both Christmas Eve and the tear-down of the Berlin Wall at the same time.

Vg´s headline is jubilation for a-ha! They report of an extatic audience that immediately took a-ha to their hearts.
- Let´s have a good time, said Morten as a welcome, and the audience screamed back in affection. The atmosphere was electric, and from then on things went right up into the sky.

Read more in Dagbladet:

visit us at:
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big in japan
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sounds like you had a great time <img src=icon_smile_cool.gif border=0 align=middle>
personally, i had a chance to see the PET SHOP BOYS a few months after AV were in Israel but i didnt go.
i just couldnt....
call me stupid but thats how i felt from inside out :)
see you in Hamburg,

@ville - forever and ever.
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Old 27 Nov 2000, 03:03   #4
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The concert was a great experience. I had never seen A-ha live before. I missed them, when they played in Denmark a few years back.

To hear several thoundsand people singing the chorus of &quot;Hunting high and low&quot; is a bueateful thing - Believe me! I really hope that they would release a live album.

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Ye, A-Ha is definately one of the greatests.
I recommend their hits col. :
&quot; Headlines and Deadlines &quot;

Let me show you the world
in my eyes
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