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Say that SixShot! Same for me!

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Get Ready For The Show...

Originally Posted by Ariana Dreamer View Post


"Hi Marian/Bernhard:

I'll go you one better. How about the filmic references in
Afternoons In Utopia?

Bear with me about the length of this message (but I also included a
surprise). By ignoring the "gender" of AIU characters (along with
references to dolphins) which I considered Red Herrings (or Red
Roses) to mislead us, we have:

1. Fantasia: The peaceful land (a.k.a. Utopia/Gardens of
Delight/Jerusalem) suddenly bewitched and threatened to be devoured
by The Nothing.
2. The Nothing: (a.k.a. The Atmospheres/The Outlands) Looking like a
terrifying fiery thunderstorm (Ashen roses rain on the field). It is
a devouring emptiness that is consuming Fantasia (sinking to the
Channels of A'DAAR).
3. The Childlike Empress: Ruler of Fantasia (a.k.a. Universal
Angel/Teen-Angel Empress), who falls deathly ill in conjunction the
arrival of The Nothing.
4. The Ivory Tower: Home of the Empress (a.k.a. Palace of the
Sun/Universal Kingdom Number One). The last structure standing in
Fantasia after it's near destruction by The Nothing (City of the
Million Moons/Martian-Homesick City).
5. Atréju: Hero of the Plains People (a.k.a. The Voyager) who
sets out on the quest to find a cure for the dying Empress without
knowing the path (but he'll find it).
6. Bastian: The Earth Child (a.k.a. Little/Beautiful/Innocent
Dreamer) residing outside the boundaries of Fantasia who, after
losing his mother, believes more in his dreams than reality. He
holds the cure for the Empress and is the only hope for Fantasia.
7. The Auryn: An Amulet (a.k.a. Master of the Icy Shots) given to
Atréju, to guide and protect him during his journey, shaped like
two intertwined snakes biting each others tails (69). After the near
destruction of Fantasia, (in the book, not the movie) it is given to
Bastian by the Empress; he turns it over to read the inscription
"Do What You WISH" meaning to use his imagination to rebuild Fantasia
(unfold the secrets of the new Jerusalem).
8. Artax: Atréju's "pearl-white" horse and faithful
companion (a.k.a. Mr. Rainbow) who dies in the Swamps of Sadness
(north of The Underworld).
9. Falcor: The LuckDragon, the giant "pearl-white" dragon
with a dog's face (a.k.a. Mighty Maomoondog). He is actually Artax
reborn (The Phoenix) who flies in to save and accompany Atréju for
the remainder of the quest.
10. The Southern Oracle: (a.k.a. The Southern Cross) The blue-
colored twin sphinx statues who inform Atréju that only The Earth
Child holds the cure for the Empress, shortly before crumbling to the
power of The Nothing.
11. Moonchild: The Cure; the new name for the Empress. Originally
the name of Bastian's deceased mother, `he shouts it out'at the last
instant and saves Fantasia from total destruction.
12. The Neverending Story: The "stardust dawn"-colored storybook that
Bastian takes from a bookshop. Also the title of the 1979 German
book and 1984 German movie of the same name.
13. Afternoons In Utopia: The 1986 alternate soundtrack to the
movie "The Neverending Story" exactingly created and crafted by the
German musical group "Alphaville" (Gold, Lloyd, Echolette) to
coincide with the images and events contained in the movie.
14. Marco DeConno, an "Alphaville" and "Neverending Story" fan who
(while living in Germany during the 1980s) was privileged enough to
get behind closed doors at Bavaria Studios to see the LuckDragon in
1984; knew about the AIU/NES connection since 1986; has kept it a
secret for 15 years; and has not since watched "The Neverending
Story" without starting up AIU.

To enjoy this alternate version, simply start up the CD and
immediately pause; forward to Track 2 "Fantastic Dream" (at this
time, ensure that you set the CD to "repeat" as it will do so three
times total). Now start the movie and the exact moment that the
screen lights up to show the
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For anyone who is interested:

This is what I mentioned in 2002 on the Yahoo Groups...
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Thank you very much mrdeconno for sharing. I was aware of the discussion but I had never saw the syncro screenshots/lyrics, an awesome work! I find a good part of those syncs amazing and another part not-so-convincing. Mathematically the good part is big enough to say : Yes, there's something here.
It's also my belief that's this NES/AIU connection is one piece of the puzzle. The whole message is yet to be understood but your work is the best so far as far as I know.

A little complement about:

“Do What You Will”
It is also related to the Thelema Law of Aleister Crowley in the early 1900s.
This phrase, "fais çe que voudras", was first used by François Rabelais in the 16th century, it was the only rule in the Abbey Thélème (an utopia) from the novels: "The Life of Gargantua and of Pantagruel". Gargantua & Pantagruel are both Giants (father & son). Also, Pantagruel is the Prince of Utopians.

Rabelais is linked to the 'Gay Saber' (cf. W.O.A.). From wiki:
"The Consistori del Gay Saber was founded by seven literary men"
"the "most excellent poet", would receive the violeta d'aur (golden violet)"
"The best dança earned its creator a flor de gaug d'argen fi (a fine silver marigold)"
"the best sirventés, pastorèla or vergièra garnered a flor d'ayglentina d'argen (a silver dog rose)."
"The first prize was rewarded on 3 May 1324. Arnaut Vidal de Castelnou d'Ari received the fine marigold in silver at the festa de Santa Crotz"
(3 of May is nowadays, among others, arguably Jacky day")
"The contests were held intermittently until 1484"

The phrase served also as a motto in the 18th century for the "Hellfire Club". The Club was revived later as "Phoenix Society".
In the most famous arc story of The X-Men, issues 129-137, another Hellfire Club was responsible for turning Phoenix ('born' during a space trip) into Dark Phoenix, a near omnipotent evil entity. The book was written by Chris(t) Claremont and John (beloved disciple) Byrne. Phoenix was born in issue #101 & died on the Moon in #137.

Again, awesome work!

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I listened to the theme song for Never ending Story for the first time yesterday after reading this conversation and I absolutely loved it. However, I'm not sure if I'm the only one who notices this, but the background music, in some parts of the song, kind of reminds me of Forever Young. Its hard to explain exactly what parts of the song, but if you listen carefully, you can hear similar tunes. Its a great song. So did Alphaville have a connection with their AIU album with the Never ending story or is there just some similarities to the music?

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AH how wonderful! One of my favorite bands and one of my favorite movies united! I wanted to name my son Atreyu. I actually call him Bastien, but that's not his real name.

The future exists, first in Imagination, then in Will, then in Reality.
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Its such a great movie and definitely my favorites! I think the theme song is just amazing as well. Limahl is such a great singer and is quite awesome! He's definitely one of my favorites!

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4 also FY

thats not it if im right the 'bananas ver' of forever young has a video of what resembles the swamp of sadness. that may also explain the 'real' reason why they where not happy with budde verlag's decision to release SLAM before FY ,that the reason avlle gave was not to expose the connection between them n never ending story
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