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Old 14 Apr 2011, 15:46   #161
Marina Orchid
Back from the light
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My condolence, (((((((((((((Karen))))))))))))))))!!

And we know that we know what we know.
Is it truth?
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Old 15 Apr 2011, 19:24   #162
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((((((Karen)))))) I hope things improve for everyone's families soon.

"I've had many sobering thoughts in my life.... was them what drove me to drink!" [drunk]

Grandad, Only Fools and Horses (UK sitcom)
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Old 16 Apr 2011, 04:59   #163
Take it easy!
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I´m very sorry ((( Kaz )))

Nunca te arrepientas de lo que hagas. Arrepiéntete de lo que no has hecho. [kitty]
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Old 25 Sep 2014, 21:03   #164
Trapped in Dreams
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Somehow I didn't think I'd use this thread again...

My father died yesterday. He was ill since the beginning of September and we hoped for the best... But nothing could be done. It just made me feel so helpless and empty...

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Old 25 Sep 2014, 21:06   #165
Dream Keeper
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Have no words to say......all the best and strength to you Elena!!

"Alphaville ohne Bernhard ist wie eine Apfelstrudel ohne apfel"
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Old 25 Sep 2014, 21:38   #166
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It's always hard when losing a loved one. I'm so sorry..stay strong and over time, the pain will get easier. He is in a better place now. I know you are probably hearing that a lot, but it is true. I'll be thinking of you!

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Old 26 Sep 2014, 01:48   #167
Party nut
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I'm so sorry to hear this Elena :-( It's gonna be a hard time for sure, we are all here for you. (((((hugsssss)))) Lots of strength to you and your family!

~~ Ријaнa [love2] Алфaвил ~

~You gotta fight, for your right to party~
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Old 26 Sep 2014, 08:41   #168
Random Motion
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Thinking of you, Elena. I'm very sorry.
*big hug*

I must be going crazy or the brandy's won the race 32
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Old 26 Sep 2014, 15:34   #169
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I'm very sorry to hear about yout loss! That may probably be no comforting words, but: We think of you! (((E)))

G - O! Let's go!
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Old 26 Sep 2014, 17:00   #170
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Oh, sorry for you. (((((E))))

Whatever you do, never explain yourself : your friends don't need it, and your enemies won't believe you.
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