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Old 25 Apr 2018, 11:52   #11
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Here you can listen to Marian's performance from yesterday.
This is their playlist on Spotify.
Here you can pre-order the album with all cover songs (in case you're interested).
I don't think it'll be possible to watch the whole show. :/
Marian's performance was great, btw!! Everyone was surprised because he was That Quiet Guy until he went on stage and delivered a powerful performance. He never fails to amaze everyone. (I'm not sure if you can open the link, I'll just leave it here.)
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Old 25 Apr 2018, 19:18   #12
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Just use an VPN app and fake your location to Germany so you can watch the show online after it has been aired
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Old 26 Apr 2018, 07:41   #13
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Thanks, Tobi! I'll try that. :)

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Old 26 Apr 2018, 15:01   #14
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Or use Mobdro.

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Old 27 Apr 2018, 01:52   #15
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I can't believe I can watch the highlights from my location! <3 <3 <3 *bouncing around*

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Old 27 Apr 2018, 07:59   #16
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Another chance to watch the whole show afterwards is a German website called You have to pay an amount and then as a member you can download almost every tv show, movie, etc. that has been show on any German free TV channel. The recordings are available from one day after broadcast up to two weeks I think.
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Old 14 May 2018, 20:30   #17
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Got the CDs today

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Old 06 Jun 2018, 14:44   #18
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Well I wasn't expecting much of this kind of program, especially after 'meyleinsteine'.
I found myself enjoying all tracks sang by Marian. In any case he was in top form for all of them.

After 6/7 tracks on replay my favorites by far are 'Bring mich nach Hause' followed by 'Keine Liebeslieder'. ('Because of You' is without saying)

As for the other artists singing AV, there is one great job for my taste: 'Jet Set' by Judith Holofernes.
I found it unpretentious, funny, different from original but very true to the spirit (somebodies should take note), and with a guitar-duet to remember!

As a special bonus, on the deluxe double cd, Marian managed somehow to get, as his 3 attribued tracks, n 4, 7 & 17!

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