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Poll: Is Alphaville your favorite band?
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Is Alphaville your favorite band?

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Old 18 Sep 2018, 21:01   #11
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Yes. Though, not always because I didn't get really into AV until the mid-1990's.

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Old 29 Sep 2018, 12:43   #12
poul e
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I voted "It once was but not anymore". Alphaville were my favourite band for many years, but the last few albums haven't been that fantastic and my former second favourite band OMD are still releasing music that I really they are now my favourite band....
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Old 08 Oct 2018, 07:03   #13
Forever Canada
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That was my experience as well. It was impossible to find their stuff here in Canada during the 90's.

Originally Posted by lunarclair View Post
I always loved AV but Duran Duran were a big favourite and their stuff was so easily available here unlike Alphaville. I hunted through record stores for years, before the internet of course,when I rediscovered AV once again, to my surprise they were still going strong and had recorded so many amazing songs ,it was like finding the hidden treasure chest and only then I began to understand the lyrics more.

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Old 08 Nov 2018, 20:11   #14
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Yes is my best band from `80 to the future and "Strange Attractor" is my another AV favorite album.
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Old 17 Nov 2018, 16:58   #15
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Pink Floyd were and still are my first love for music. Alphaville came along after following a band from Scotland named The Skids.
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Old 05 Dec 2018, 22:22   #16
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I am in love with the band since the begining I find The voice of Marian wonderful I love his videos
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Old 05 Dec 2018, 22:25   #17
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Hello guys!Im new in thisIm in love with this band since the begining
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