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Old 05 May 2002, 20:47   #1
Bernhard Lloyd
Bell II
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20 years

@ wii, AV_Defender, Poul E., stefan, Avil, Streetside Romeo, Alien, andreas, russharvey, trent and everybody else in this place who was involved:
I would like to say THANK YOU for this very special present that i received from you at the party on friday night! it is realy moving me.
and i can´t write this letters big enough!!

bernhard lloyd
everybody is a pope......
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Old 05 May 2002, 20:58   #2
Dream Master
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Glad you like it Bernd - I´m sure as people get home and online they will post their thought about the present.

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Old 05 May 2002, 21:50   #3
poul e
Dream Keeper
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I´m really glad that you like it :)

We really wanted to give you something in return for all the pleasures your music has given us!!!

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Old 06 May 2002, 00:22   #4
Streetside Romeo
Strange Attractor
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Yes, I can't underline that big enough! Not to forget en plus all the inspiration you and your music has given us!

We are what we are - the meaning of life
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Old 07 May 2002, 00:08   #5
Trapped in Dreams
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I have nothing new to say... just glad that you like it.

I can see you through...
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Old 07 May 2002, 04:23   #6
Dream Keeper
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All I can say Bernhard... is 'You are welcome!!!'

***This life is expensive, but at least it comes with a free trip around the sun!***
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Old 07 May 2002, 08:41   #7
The dream
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That´s pretty cool that bernhard puts down so much time on us, and this is great, you are worth it Bernhard.

<center> ~/~/~Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, live today~/~/~ </center>
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Old 07 May 2002, 19:23   #8
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@Bernhard: im happy you liked it. as everyone else have said we wanted to pay of some of the dues we have for you, thank you for the inspiration and everything else that cant be explained in words. you really mean alot to us<img src=icon_smile_blackeye.gif border=0 align=middle>

I'm just a shadow-You are the light
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Old 07 May 2002, 22:40   #9
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As I heard from almost all fans: the most important thing about the party was, that Marian and Bernd were there both!
We have more than respect for Atlantic Popes or Dreamscapes 9, but for us the blood is mostly turning our body when you make something togther.
We don´t mind that Marian likes more the stages and you prefer the studios...
Keep on doing so...but don´t forget to do music-things together, because that brought us together and that is something important in all our lives!
Am I right fans?

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Old 08 May 2002, 00:55   #10
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You are right. *smile*

I'm a danger in your paradise.
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