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Old 07 Feb 2001, 12:06   #31
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The movie is based on the comic book, called just SPAWN.
It’s released by Dark Horse.
Anyway, the nickname is cool.
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Old 19 Oct 2006, 17:59   #32
big in japan
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One of my fave artists - the fantastic Meatloaf - will release a new album in a few days !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im so happy. Its the best b-day present i could wish for (considering the fact that there is no AV new album right now cause that was really THE best )

"Ok Adi, this song is for you..." Freiberg 13.8.2005
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Old 21 Oct 2006, 11:54   #33
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1. Alphaville
2. Icehouse
3. Scorpions
4. dunno hmm Hooters or X-Perience
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Old 21 Oct 2006, 12:34   #34
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2.Joddla med siv
3.Lars winnerbäck
4.Wilmer x
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Old 21 Oct 2006, 13:57   #35
Arranged in White
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Other than Alphaville nowadays:

2. Joachim Witt
3. Wolfsheim
4. Silke Bischoff
5. De/Vision

Take care
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Old 10 May 2013, 12:02   #36
Stands in the Sunshine
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My favourites change all the time, but here are some of mine:

2. The Chameleons
3. The Birthday Massacre
4. Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill soundtracks)
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Old 19 Apr 2015, 00:15   #37
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David Tibet / Current 93
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Old 09 Feb 2017, 10:37   #38
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1- Alphaville
2- Mesh
3- Omd
4- Pet shop boys
5 Depeche Mode
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Old 10 Feb 2017, 22:46   #39
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Van Halen is the other big favorite. Rush is boosting their way up to third now; spent some time looking for all their earlier studio albums, finding most of them for cheap.

Hello, my friend...
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Old 13 Feb 2017, 21:53   #40
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Limahl, Kajagoogoo and Alphaville

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