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7 Concert in Västerås (Sweden), Jun 2003

Saturday the 14th of June 2003
Half ways to the bus stop, I discover, that I´ve forget my jacket, so I must run back for it. Not so long though. Back at the bus stop I have some time to think. It was hard to believe, but today I was on my way to Västerås to see Alphaville live again. What a feeling! It all was decided so fast. About three weeks ago I didn´t know they where going to play in Sweden at all. The Bus came and I get on. The trip to the city was okay. I was a little bit early at the meeting place. So I send Joachim a sms, that I was there, and just some minutes after I got his answer, my phone rang. It was Fredrik. He was already in Örebro, but at Järntorget. So, we decided to meet there instead. I ask him to call the others about the change plans and he did. And so I took my bag and walked to the new meeting place. When I crossed a street, I saw a car stopping for me and when I took a closer look, I saw they where waving at me.. Who are those people that waving at me, I thought. And by the time I already cross the street, but the car didn´t move. So I took a look behind. And to my great surprise it was Patrik. So I get a ride to Järntorget. After a while we all 10 were gathered there, and now we would try to find a place to eat. After some discussions we choose one place. We had to wait long for the food, but it tasted good! After everyone was fed up we head for the cars and went for Västerås!

We found the city alright…
But the hotel? Where was the hotel? We circled around and around. At least we get to know the city a bit better. And finally we find the way, and we could check in. I should share a room with a girl a never met before, Lisa. I knocked on the door and she opened. I must say I felt we made a good contact immediately. After a while a couple of us went to the Turistbyrån “tourist-Info” to get paper breiclet instead of our ticket. And we took a look on the “street market”. I didn´t buy much though. Later in the afternoon, well, it must have been around 19.00 o´clock we where gathered in a so called breakfast room, to chat and to have a beer or two.. or three… After some hours there, we felt it was time to get out. I also wanted to feel some of the atmosphere there in the city among all the people. It was just +13 Degrees so at least I dressed me warm. ( Too warm I must say, after dancing me warm).

The band before Alphaville
Was “Östen me resten”, and we heard them… from the beer tent. Short before twelve o´clock we went to the stage to get some nice places. Alphaville was late. (as usually hi hi), so I started to talk to the people around me. At my right there was three guys. They where worried about how many from Alphaville that would be there. And I couldn´t resist, so I told them, “only” Marian would be there. But that was okay, they say. His voice IS Alphaville. And then they ask if “Forever Young” and “Big in Japan” would be played. And I said, that I was pretty sure they would. And when they ask me why I was so sure, I could tell them, that it was my 6. Concert, and on the other five these songs always has been played. They look as they was impressed, but I don´t know ;-)

Right ahead of me
There was a guy standing. Suddenly he turned around, take a long look at me. I said, “hallo”. And as I said that, he suddenly “remember” and said. Hallo Ingela nice to see you here too. Well. Obvisley he had drank a little bit too much. He was fortunately easy to distract. So the show began. Elevator is a good beginning. So came Marian and the audience start to scream. I though Marian looked tired just from the start, but he gave all what he had and made a good show! They played a lot of old stuff but also Ways from Crazy Show. And as I could sing along a bit, I again, impressed the guys on my right. Hi hi.

When the show almost was to an end
There was a guy with a white shirt coming from behind and started to dance quite wild in front of me. After a while, of the guys to the right told him to calm down a bit, because I was standing there. He needed to talk in English because the guy in white didn´t understand Swedish. He did calm down, and asked me, if it was okay so. And I said it was. After Forever Young I asked him where he came from, and he said Germany, but before I had the time to ask more someone push him and he went back. I stood there and tried to decide if I should walk after him or stay. After all, I really wanted to talk more. And so I did. I actually also found him, and we talk some minutes more, before he suddenly said that he must leave. I went back to “my” place but the show was now finished, and they wasn´t allowed to play more. The space in front of the scene slowly emptied , but we stayed. We wanted so badly to go backstage. Joachim had a backstage pass, so he went to ask someone there “behind” if we could came or they to us.. But Marian was already on his way to the hotel. Suddenly Martin Lister came out to talk to us for some minutes. That was nice! We went back to the hotel and I tried to get some sleep. Most of us get awake at 5.30 or 6.00 when the cleaning machine started to clean up the streets outside. After a shower I felt ready for the breakfast. We stayed long in the breakfast room also this time. We discussed the concert, Alphaville and life in general. I had a very nice breakfast-hour before it was time to pack the things and went back home. It was a very nice weekend, but I must say, altough the Concert was not bad, but I have been watching better AV-concerts. It felts like something was missing.


At the keyboard; Ulrica Bakklund

"Alphaville ohne Bernhard ist wie eine Apfelstrudel ohne apfel"
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