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I don't know if any of you other Swedish people on here watch "melodifestivalen", but they just had their "second-chance" tonight, and during the introduction of every song they played the album version of Sounds Like A Melody in the background! By far the best song, far better than the actual songs in the program
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I heard about FB was full of info about this and was the best music in the whole program

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Originally Posted by MalilaM View Post
...or they may be fans of the Spanish Alphaville, which has caused a strange impression on us Utopians more than once:

This may be a month late, well after you posted that video, but I've always wondered:

Did each band know the other was bearing the same name, and was there any settlement?

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I think we've asked ourselves that question long ago, but I think someone told me that the Spanish AV disappeared before the name became an issue.
The little I know is that they were commercially important between 1983 and 1986 or so and they became some sort of cult band. It seems their lyrics quote or are inspired by important thinkers like Nietzsche, but I was not really impressed by them. I might have to listen again some time. I have a greatest hits album somewhere (someone gave it to me by mistake).

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Every Thursday a man in his 90s comes to my office to pay his rent. Each week we hear him muttering as he comes in the door and he's complaining out loud half way to the desk. Last week I only overheard part of his story but it was something about his photo having been published in a Japanese magazine. He was famous, he told us, But "have you ever been to Japan?" my colleague asked. No he said," but I'm well known there". For some reason I wanted to burst into song. Lucky I resisted.

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Ja ja I understand you,Clare.The same has happened to me many times
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