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R / S Alsdorf PRO-536-A = B

both sides

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Record Service Alsdorf

German vinyl pressing, cassette and CD manufacturing plant. Founded 1975 as Record Service GmbH and as distributor for Warner, Elektra and Atlantic.

In 1976 record manufacturing started for Germany and increased until 1978 when WEA Musik GmbH manufactured WEA releases for GAS, Benelux, Scandinavia and a part of the French market. Rights societies appear on the record according to the distribution area of each edition while the covers were identical for all countries.

Many 7"s manufactured between 1976 and 1980 show a characteristic immersion around the centre hole and were predominantly mastered at Tonstudio Pfanz.
Examples: Camillo and Hotel California (1977); Gimme Some Lovin' / She Caught The Katy (1979).

Until the late 1970s WEA Musik GmbH ordered vinyl records at Alsdorf but in a large amount also at Teldec Press GmbH. Alsdorf 12" records show a wider pressing ring than late 1970s TELDEC pressings and usually do not show a 'Manufactured in Germany'-stamp. Please compare an R / S Alsdorf-edition with a TELDEC-Press GmbH-edition.

Until 1980 WEA Musik GmbH releases were almost exclusively mastered at Tonstudio Pfanz. If not identical to the matrix number used there, the European WEA catalog number can be found additionally etched into the mothers.
Between 1979/80 and 1981 indicators for galvanization at Sonopress (etched 020) can frequently be found in the runout area.

In this period capacities were massively expanded. The standard LP cover finish turned glossy around 1980/81 and the characteristic Warner-logo embossment on the cover rear was introduced. TELDEC-Press GmbH order pressings for WEA Musik GmbH virtually disappear.

Alsdorf vinyl pressings manufactured from 1981 until 1991 can be identified by an "R / S Alsdorf" stamp in the runout area. 1981 pressings can also show "R / S" exclusively.

Important note: Pressings which show this runout stamp on one or more sides were pressed in 1981 tve. please take this into consideration when submitting/updating.

More or less coinciding with the introduction of the 'R / S Alsdorf' stamp, a STRAWBERRY (G) (scarcely STRAWBERRY (E)) stamp can be found on masters made by Strawberry Mastering for Alsdorf between 1981 and 1983. These masters certainly were used for represses until the later 1980s.

The R / S-stamp was eventually succeeded by a 'WMME Alsdorf' stamp in 1991. Releases showing this stamp should be submitted to WMME Alsdorf.

By the mid-1980s Alsdorf vinyl pressings covered a good part of the WEA UK market by manufacturing LPs of international WEA releases and small centre hole UK standard 7"s of primary European WEA releases for export and delivery to the UK. The countries the pressed edition was destined for is often indicated by country codes in the runouts:

BE = Benelux
D = Germany or GAS (very occasionally 'A' appears on 'Austro Mechana' licensed releases until 1983)
F = France
S = Scandinavia
UK or GB = United Kingdom

The Alsdorf stamper number can also be found etched into the runout area but in most of the cases it appears very faintly.

Please note that in the mid-1980s Alsdorf often used US mothers, galvanized by Sheffield Lab Matrix for Allied Record Company which can be identified by the appearance of a long etched string including "△ 00000-X" and the [Allied 'ɑ' logo]-stamp.

Cassette manufacturing started in 1977, Compact-disc manufacturing started on 14 May 1986. CD pressings can be identified by 'RSA' in the matrix.

Please note that around 1990 Record Service Alsdorf manufactured small and large centre hole editions of 7"s and used the same label layout for both editions. This procedure partially affected the layout of the large centre hole editions and the record appears to be 'dinked'. Actually the record was manufactured and sold in this form. Alsdorf 7" editions with large centre hole were exclusively distributed within Continental Europe and should be submitted seperately.

I cannot find S7s promo disc anywhere on the net. If you would like it to be added to the Discogs Alphaville page, just email the disc images and I'll put them up

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