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Originally Posted by MarianGoldfan123 View Post
Prostitute initially was my least favorite album of them all (right next to Breathtaking Blue), but over time I've grown to like it a lot. It has quite a few great tracks on it... My favorite being "All in the golden afternoon"! Apollo is my second pick for this album due to it's uplifting nature...

all in the golden.... iron john...euphoria....apollo... they are all amazing and the rest from paradigm shift onwards. this was one special album. it was underated, but i wont let it lie. this album is something special. ive heard a lot, but this album simply shines.
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Salvation has also classic tunes. Inside Out, Monkey In The Moon, Flame, Pandora's Lullaby....

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I fell in love with it because of Ascension Day. I love that song.

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I will say that Prostitute was a different step for the band, mostly because as they were rolling forward, they would feel the need to change their music some to stay fresh (or dare I say, stay Forever Young?). Such was the case with Breathtaking Blue, as you can pick up on the other attempted genres like in this one.

Though the one thing about doing this is it's not without its obstacles. There are great tracks in there, personal favorites include "Impossible Dream" and "Iron John," but not sure what to make of ones like "Some People," especially at the end.

Even to this day, MG mixes things up with the live band to try and bring more variety to his sound, and while it may not sit well with those who are more used to the classic synth sound, I think it's nice to mix things up a bit.

I do find it interesting, however, how time makes a difference for those trying to find it. When it was new, I saw it somewhere, but they wanted more than I expected, being an import. I scored the CD in '98 while my family was visiting in Vancouver, Canada, and it was on sale, so we saved big!

Looking at it now on Amazon, they want WAY too much for it. Look it up; you won't believe your eyes.

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Euphoria and Apollo. Is there ever a more call to arms than these 2 tracks? Nope. It's the best thing I ever heard in a comeback album.
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I admire all the Alphaville'cds.Each of them has quality energy,beautyHowever I listen to them I find myself admiring such an excelent work:lirics,music,Marian's voice.;but,I have to add that I find Strange Attractor really amazing :beyong the laughing sky,Mafia Island,Nevermore,around the universe,handful of darkness..This songs are simply amazing!!a really artworkAll they touch becomes GOLD.Im looking forward to listening to the new work:thunderbaby
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