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Old 30 Jul 2003, 20:27   #21
poul e
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@Bernhard: It's really great to hear that you have remixed "Moonboy". This means that you still have a part in "the new Alphaville"....however small the part is....

I'm also very happy to hear that Max is well on the road to recovery. I can't wait to hear new stuff from Atlantic Popes & Vanity Affair!
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Old 30 Jul 2003, 21:32   #22
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Hi Bernhard!

So great to hear from you and to know that Max is on the mend!

Can't wait to hear ALL the work you've been doing lately - it's so exciting! Looking forward to it all

Before you judge me, make sure you're perfect.
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Old 30 Jul 2003, 22:29   #23
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Thanks for writing Bernd - we all know you are busy, and very excited about the future releases ! Can´t wait
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Old 30 Jul 2003, 22:32   #24
Trapped in Dreams
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Great news Bernd!

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Old 30 Jul 2003, 22:41   #25
big in japan
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Good to hear from you bernd.
Great news and good luck with everything !
@Willy : you're probably happy about Moonboy, right ?
Maybe its my chance to like this song better......

"Ok Adi, this song is for you..." Freiberg 13.8.2005
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Old 31 Jul 2003, 11:07   #26
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Dear Bernd,
It's great to hear from you =)...I am REALLY looking forward to the new AP music , I'm so glad Max is doing better. And definitely for Vanity Affair's album too... . I'm delighted you're remixing Moonboy [smile2]. We know you're busy, but that's great! More sensational music!!!

Open your eyes and let the sun break in for a while...there may be something that you've never seen inside...
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Old 31 Jul 2003, 11:19   #27
Arranged in White
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Wohoo Moonboy is my favourite too!!

Take care
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Old 31 Jul 2003, 11:42   #28
Some Kind Of Angel
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Isn't it nice to see so many happy faces?

So dear Bernhard keep on posting and brings us joy and pleasure!

Thank you so much!

You can do just what you wanna
You can kill or you can die
Be a beggar or a princess
But you'll never lose your style
Ephemere - Fallen Angel

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Old 01 Aug 2003, 13:14   #29
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Hi Bernhard! It's great to hear from you again, and Max is getting better.

Wow! 2nd AP album together with your other amazing works.. You must be busy naturally.
Hoping to get them all soon!

Best regards from Moonboy
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Old 17 Oct 2003, 20:13   #30
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quote:Originally posted by mAjor

The song "Game" has been included in a compilation cd released with the South African SL Magazine.

The full CD has also been released locally.
See if you can see a familiar name on Selection #11

da mAjor
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