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Old 08 Aug 2001, 12:06   #41
big in japan
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AV and beers go very well together <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>

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Old 26 May 2003, 10:15   #42
Trapped in Dreams
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*brings back another topic*

it's almost 2 years since we last wrote here something. Most of us saw some more AV concerts since then. so here are the questions again:
How many AV concerts have you seen? Which one was the best?

I've seen 3 AV concerts so far. and I don't know which one was the best.
Moscow one was my first AV concert. very special. [smile2]
St.Petersburg one was really great because of all the songs we heard live and all what was happening there.
Kiev concert was wonderful. I loved the way Marian performed there. and though it was short it was great. Marian seemed to enjoy it.
I can't choose. hmm... I know! the best concert was soundcheck before St.Petersburg show! [smile2][smile2][smile2]

and I've noticed one thing. the more I get - the more I want. Now I wanna see AV live again much more than I wanted it 2 or 3 years ago!

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Old 26 May 2003, 12:03   #43
Some Kind Of Angel
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ok, let's count ...... mmmm and ..... mmmmm and ..... that makes in total ..... 0! [cry][cry][cry]

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Old 26 May 2003, 13:11   #44
The dream
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Now I´ve seen three times and I think that the one in Hamburg 2002 must be the best one...PARTY!
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Old 26 May 2003, 13:26   #45
big in japan
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Location: Israel
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Saw 2 concerts (and soon will be the 3rd......).
1. Israel
2. Berlin
Israel was the best cause it was the first.
Just couldnt believe it......Marian standing right in front of me ?!?
The 2nd was also amaizing but it was like - been there, done that
but it was more special cause it was in Berlin and i was with my fellow utopians !

"Ok Adi, this song is for you..." Freiberg 13.8.2005
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Old 26 May 2003, 13:43   #46
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I have been to:
SLC 16 July 1999
SLC 13 April 2001
Linz 25 January 2003
SLC - Green Street - 15 July 1999 (if you want to count that, lol)

and soon, Chemnitz...[bouncy]

The best was the first SLC show, like Adi said, it was an absolute dream come true, I never expected to hear my favorite band live, after loving Alphaville for so many years. That show was pure fantasy [star][star][star], I can't describe how I felt to be there. But then, the 2001 SLC concert was soooo special too, because it was after that show that I met Marian for the first time, and Martin and Christian, and was introduced to this community of Utopians that I never knew existed . Green Street remains ever special too, for my first ever live Alphaville experience.

Love you all...

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Old 26 May 2003, 13:52   #47
Rebel Dreamer
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1. Leipzig ´95 (hmm, hard to describe...that was more Simple Minds than AV...strange!)
2. Machern (near Leipzig) ´99 (Pure adrenalin!)
3. Leipzig ´02 (Comfortable)
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Old 29 May 2003, 20:26   #48
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I haven't seen any consert yet, and i doubt i will in the near future. They are playing in about a month from now in my hometown Västerås, at the yearly festival called Arosfestivalen, but it's too late...just cant be downtown at 11.30 pm...

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Old 29 May 2003, 20:28   #49
Dream Master
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?? Can´t be downtown at 11.30 pm?? How old are you? Don´t you have somebody who can be there with you?
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Old 29 May 2003, 20:49   #50
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Been to one - Lommel, which was special for these reasons:

1. It was my first concert.

2. I met so many new friends with whom I enjoyed a brilliant weekend of food, beer and laughs in Belgium and really started to feel a part of this wonderful communnity.

3. I met Marian for the first time (still knocked out that he knew who I was)!

It was also special in that, although it was a bit of a pain to get to where we wanted to be, we all pulled together and made it even more of a wonderful experience. Such a great feeling to have so many people on your wavelength, striving for the same outcome.

Looking forward very much now to my second concert in Chemnitz and the days and nights in Berlin. I'm sure this is going to be even better, meeting so many more of you and having a lot more fun! (and beers...).

Before you judge me, make sure you're perfect.
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