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New Release - Question of Happiness (Mark V)

Released today at Alphaville´s youtube-channel

Te raconter enfin qu'il faut aimer la vie et l'aimer même si je suis fatigué du mensonge et de la vérité que je croyais si belle, que je voulais aimer et qui est si cruelle que je m'y suis brulé ... .
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Much more electronic than I expected since the live version is hard-rock almost (for some reason I assumed the studio version would closely follow the live version sound-wise). In any event I absolutely love it. So catchy!
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Old 20 Apr 2020, 08:54   #3
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I like it very much! What a great song OMG !!
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Old 20 Apr 2020, 09:18   #4
Streetside Romeo
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WOW, now that song is quite a strange beast... one of the best AV lyrics ever and I loooooove the transformation the song is going through about midway. Most unusual. Overall, the song oscillates between very pop and very weird - both to the extreme sometimes, which makes for a very interesting experience. I think I will love it in the end and I am very, very happy to see it released at last... I could never forget it since I heard it live in Dresden 2006.

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Wow here too... this version is better than in my wildest dreams! Outrageously brilliant arrangements, with an unexpected extra verses, designed for dancefloors. The way I see it: should be the next single.
I know I repeat myself every week but thank you again Shape7 for your majestuous video creations, and of course many thanks to Marian for these magical treats xxxxxx

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Thank you very much. The recognition means a lot to me. It's great to be able to make a difference with our work. This video was created by Marian and me Remote together
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Old 20 Apr 2020, 16:40   #7
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Yes this should be the next single with a little les talking in the middle of song otherwise its absolutely fantastic
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Old 20 Apr 2020, 20:05   #8
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I love it too. Great start to the week. Thanks to all involved.

"I've had many sobering thoughts in my life.... was them what drove me to drink!" [drunk]

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Old 20 Apr 2020, 20:31   #9
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This maybe the next Summer song all over European night clubs when they reopen. Its a real Ibiza Get Your Hands Up In The Air track.

I love the U2 bit it during the spoken bit.

And then Madonna's Ray Of Light mixed in.

Fascinating and brilliant

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Old 20 Apr 2020, 22:01   #10
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Wow,what a spectacular song and video!!!thank you to all who have taken part in it
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