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Marian in german TV show 2018

I just read, that Marian will take part in the succesful TV show "Sing meinen Song" (= sing my song) next year.

7 more or less known singers meet and each show is about one of them. All the others perform songs of the star of the evening.
So there will be about 7 episodes and one will be about AV and all the others can choose an AV song, which they will perform live. And on the other episodes Marian will sing songs of the other artists.

This show is quite huge in Germany and there is always a CD release afterwards. So this is really a chance, to get some promotion.

Here the link: (sorry, the text is in german)
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Yeah... We have the same in Sweden called "Så Mycket Bättre"....

I fought Marian said some years ago that he wouldn't joina a program like this...

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Well, that's already some good news about next year! It's good to see Shinyguy on TV! :D
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Yay! Don't usually watch shows like this (actually don't have time to watch TV full stop!) but maybe next year I will . Thanks for sharing, Roland!

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