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Sputnik Roadhouse live in 2012, presented by Ariane Mummert

Hi all,

I just found out that Sputnik Roadhouse was resurrected for the 7. Strassenmusikfest at Kulturbahnhof Biesenthal on 15. September, 2012, an event arranged by Ariane Mummert.

Did anyone from the forum attend???

You can see some live photos here:

I'm not that familiar with the band members, can anyone recognize who else was on stage?!

Marian Gold and what I presume is Ariane Mummert here:
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Sputnik Roadhouse live in 2012, presented by Ariane Mummert

The band was consisting of Jakob, Blacky, Lorenzo Ternelli and Marian. I've been there (that guy with the brown leatherjacket and the grey scarf), it was a quite crazy gig.
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