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Poll: What's your favorite new track from Catching Rays On Giant ?
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What's your favorite new track from Catching Rays On Giant ?

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Old 13 Dec 2010, 12:00   #61
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I thought it was more common to say "to pet a cat", but here "to stroke" means to pass hand over, as in "to stroke the cat's fur". I learnt a new expression !
Note that french cats pronounce miaow this way : "miaou"

Edit : driving back to my workplace I remembered the lyrics of The One Thing, that I once translated into french, the "gentle stroke" part.

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Old 14 Dec 2010, 13:49   #62
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I haven't voted because I can not choise a single song only.
I like very mush End Of The World, The Things I Didn't Do, The Deep, Gravitation Breakdown & Phantoms. Also the album as a whole has seemed to me very nice.

Listen to the music of your soul
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Old 22 Dec 2010, 15:14   #63
Marina Orchid
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I finally voted for "Call Me Down" as it stands out from the general monotonous line of songs for me along with "The Deep" though. "The Deep" is as if "underdone" a bit pitily...

And we know that we know what we know.
Is it truth?
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Old 29 Dec 2010, 08:30   #64
Christian Garreau
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I voted for call me because this is the song that brings me the strongest emotion while playing.
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Old 29 Dec 2010, 11:35   #65
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*call me*, *phantoms* and *the deep*!!!
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Old 01 Apr 2011, 04:59   #66
Little Black Dog
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I got the same sort of feeling about it; about a great regret or unspoken pledge. (Voted for 'The Things I Didn't Do'.) But the context indicates to me that Marian or the analog that sings through Marian in the lyrics indicates, rather, a future pledge, perhaps along the lines of some sort of 'extended mortality', touched upon so long ago on 'Forever Young'.

Apart from the lyrics, though, the electronics worked _perfectly_ in the song. If it hadn't been for the enjoyment I'd been getting out of the first two tracks (Song For No One and I Die For You Today, respectively) which led to me going back and listening to just those two on CROG on a regular basis for about a week after I got the CD, and my not going all the way through to the end until a few days later, I'd definitely have pegged 'The Things I Didn't Do' as my favourite amongst Catching's tracks.

I will add one codicil, tho'. The alternate mix of 'I Die For You Today' near the end of the album is a near second-place to 'The Things I Didn't Do', for me anyway, but as it didn't appear on the poll's list, I thought I'd note it.

-Little Black Dog.
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