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Poll: Which song should have been a single from Forever Young ?
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Which song should have been a single from Forever Young ?

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Of course [smile2]

Originally Posted by Krapplund View Post
You know what song I did vote for here
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i'd #lies# true song
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I've voted for 'AVOL' which to me is one of the masterpieces of the songs from AV.....Marians vocal reaches very high and very low in this song which not many people can do, very cool!!
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Avil, I'm glad I'm not the only one! It always surprised me that 'The Jet Set' would make it into the final lineup for 'First Harvest' (my first Alphaville album, and only the second CD I'd ever bought at the time) and not 'Fallen Angel'. I certainly understand 'Big In Japan' and 'Forever Young' making it in; outside of our close-knit fan base it's frequently difficult to bring any song other than those two to most music listeners' minds, and for my part I'm very fond of them, although BIJ is well in the lead of those two as a song I like to listen to frequently. I don't _mind_ Jet Set, but it really doesn't do a great deal more than sound nice when it hits my eardrums.

'Fallen Angel', in my opinion, is one of the most under-touted Alphaville songs that I know of and certainly that I like. Even 'Summer In Berlin' (which I do admit I enjoy) made it onto 'Forever Pop' as a remix. It wasn't until I got a listen of the remix of 'Fallen Angel' at the end of Catching Rays On Giant that I'd heard it anywhere other than on its original album, Forever Young. I certainly have never heard it on live airplay, though I will admit most local stations here are pretty much deaf to Alphaville's discography. It even struck me to ask Mr. Gold, if I remembered to log on during his chat from Berlin on Sundays, what he thought of 'Fallen Angel's status as (or not as) a core Alphaville song. Since this was months ago, before I had the chance to listen to the remix on CROG, I plan on thanking him for giving it another shot at stardom.. well, if I remember to get on at the right time. (I'm in EST.)

So yeah, 'Fallen Angel' is a song I would've loved to see (and to buy) as a single, especially if Marian and Lister and the crew gave it some tidying up (like the 'updated' Sounds Like A Melody and Victory Of Love on 'First Harvest') or a remix or two. 'The Jet Set' was reasonably good in its original format, but the Saunaclub Remix on 'Forever Pop' was one of the most unexpected and wonderful surprises on the disc, and made me do some thinking on what I thought of the original.

-Little Black Dog.
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