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Random Motion
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Marian was on RBB 88.8; only him, the interviewer and a piano (and a small public).
It's not TV but the live-stream video can be watched on Facebook.
It's in German but still worth watching for non-German speakers. :)

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Thanks a lot Malila!

1) Oh Yeah (Roxy Music)
3) Big In Japan
5) Elegy
6) Forever Young
7) Moonage Daydream (David Bowie)
8) Double Feature (Science Fiction)

Someone to fill in the blanks ?

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Track #1 is Ghost Riders in The Sky - Stan Jones.

(Edited lyrics).

An old cowpoke went ridin' out one dark and windy day
Upon a ridge he rested as he went along his way
When all at once a mighty herd of red eyed cows he saw

A-plowin' through the ragged skies, and up a cloudy draw

Yippie-I-a, yippie-I-o
The ghost herd in the sky

Their brands were still on fire and their hoofs were made ofsteel
Their horns were black and shiny and their hot breath he couldfeel
A bolt of fear went through him as they thundered through thesky
For he saw the riders commin' hard, and he heard their mournfulcry

Yippie-I-a, yippie-I-o
Ghost riders in the sky

Their faces gaunt, their eyes were blurred, their shirts allsoaked with sweat
They're ridin' hard to catch that herd, but they aint caught 'emyet'
'Cause ya gotta ride forever on that range up in the sky,
On horses snorting fire, as they ride on, hear their cry.

Yippie-I-a (yippie-I-a), yippie-I-o (yippie-I-o)
Ghost riders in the sky

As the riders loped on by him, he heard one call his name
If you wanna to save your soul from hell or ridin' on ourrange,
Then cowboy change your ways today, or with us you will ride,

Tryin' to catch the devil's herd, across these endless skies

Yippie-I-a (yippie-I-a), yippie-I-o (yippie-I-o)
Ghost riders in the sky

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Random Motion
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The missing song is Franz Schubert's D 174, Das war ich.
Lyrics by Theodor Körner (1791-1813)

Jüngst träumte mir, ich sah auf lichten Höhen
Ein Mädchen sich im jungen Tag ergehen,
So hold, so süß, daß es dir völlig glich.
Und vor ihr lag ein Jüngling auf den Knien,
Er schien sie sanft an seine Brust zu ziehen,
Und das war ich!
Doch bald verändert hatte sich die Szene.
In tiefen Fluten sah ich jetzt die Schöne,
Wie ihr die letzte schwache Kraft entwich.
Da kam ein Jüngling hülfreich ihr geflogen,
Er sprang ihr nach, und trug sie aus den Wogen,
Und das war ich!
So malte sich der Traum in bunten Zügen,
Und überall sah' ich die Liebe siegen,
Und alles, alles drehte sich um Dich!
Du flogst voran in ungebund'ner Freie,
Der Jüngling zog dir nach mit stiller Treue,
Und das war ich!
Und als ich endlich aus dem Traum erwachte,
Der neue Tag die neue Sehnsucht brachte,
Da blieb Dein liebes, süßes Bild um mich.
Ich sah Dich von der Küsse Glut erwarmen,
Ich sah Dich selig in des Jünglings Armen,
Und das war ich!
Da trat'st Du endlich auf des Lebens Wegen
Mit holder Anmut freundlich mir entgegen,
Und tiefe, heiße Sehnsucht faßte mich.
Sah'st Du den Jüngling nicht mit trunknen Blicken?
Es schlug sein Herz im seligen Entzücken!
Und das war ich!
Du zogst mich in den Kreis des höhern Lebens,
In Dir vermählt sich alle Kraft des Strebens,
Und alle meine Wünsche rufen Dich.
Hat einer einst Dein Herz davon getragen,
Dürft' ich nur dann mit lautem Munde sagen:
Ja, das war ich!

Interesting gimmick for those AV fans who have always wanted Marian to sing classic music. :)

I must be going crazy or the brandy's won the race 32
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Just found out that the show had been published with english subs (well, just the gist) and what Marian says is as often very interesting, with some private life info too.

Sorry, forgot how to embed the YT links:

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Great! Time for a tracklist update I think:

Knapp Daneben - 7ember 17, 2019 · Berlin, Germany

0:00:27 Sounds Like A Melody
0:08:11 (Ghost) Riders in the Sky: A Cowboy Legend - Stan Jones and his Death Valley Rangers
0:17:36 Oh Yeah (On The Radio)- Roxy Music
0:28:06 Das war ich (Jüngst träumte mir) - Franz Schubert
0:36:05 Big In Japan
0:47:27 Space Oddity - David Bowie [extract]
0:54:49 Sie hieß Mary Ann (Sixteen Tons) - Freddy Quinn
0:59:27 Elegy
1:06:57 Forever Young
1:17:33 Moonage Daydream - David Bowie
1:27:00 Science Fiction / Double Feature

02: Stan Jones / Mercury - Popular Series (2747) - 5320 / 1949
03: Bryan Ferry / EG Records - 2001 972 / LP: 'Flesh + Blood' - 2302 99 / 1980
04: Franz Schubert - text: Theodor Körner / D 174 / 1815
06: David Bowie / Philips ‎– 304 201 BF / LP: 'David Bowie' - 852 146 BY / 1969
07: Merle Travis /
Capitol - LP: 'Folk Songss From The Hills'' - AD50 / 1947
10: David Bowie / RCA Victor - LP: 'The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars ' - SF 8287 (LSP 4702) / 1972
11: Richard O'Brien / Ode Records - ODS 66305 / LP: 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' - OSV 21653 / 1975

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Thank you HalfNelson for the job done! Here is the transcription of the verbatim, it losts a lot from the german but it's better than nothing. (2/3)
-Mod: The older among you know the music because they have been growing with it, and the younger people know it because it is still played on the radio. So please enjoy our time travel with a man who contributed to his music and became older now, although he once planned to stay forever young: please welcome Marian Gold!
-Mod: Take a seat. I always liked this song, but you said well, we don't have to do this. But it has been one of your biggest hits, a worldwide hit?
-Marian: You're right, meanwhile I like this song a lot, but it was more or less a paid job by our record company. Big In Japan was a surprising success and the next single planned was FY actually. The record company was longing for another up-tempo song, so we wrote SLAM within one or two days, which consists of only 4 chords actually, which is a speciality of AV anyway (laughs).
-Mod: This is true art!
-Marian: composing this song was fun, and when I saw the Warner people jumping for joy when we played them this song, I suddenly felt I don't like that! It was not true. We were hippies, more or less and wanted to be authentic. However, in the middle of the 90th, Martin Lister asked why we never play this song. I told him the story, but he said well, it's such a good song, let's do a rehearsal. That day I found out it's really a nice piece of music.
-Mod: Normally you play in front of thousands of people, here it's only a bit uncommon for you, isn't it?
-Marian: Yes, quite familiar here. And they can hear every mistake.
-Mod: When did someone call you Hartwig lastly?
-Marian: My wife, this morning.
-Mod: So at home, you are both?
-Marian: Yes, 'both' sounds confusing but it isn't. People from before 1984 call me Hartwig, except for my wife, afterwards they call me Marian.
-Mod: When you wake up in the morning, do you sometimes think 'Wow Marian, look at what you have achieved in life'?
-Marian: What Hartwig has achieved?
-Mod: So you are always waking up as Hartwig?
-Marian: Ni, I wake up as myself! Those two names are related to only one person, I'm no one different when I'm Hartwig. One is a stage name, the other my birth name. I still like the name 'Marian', as it was my idea to use this name. In the beginning I thought maybe 'Roy Black' (already in use!), shit. But something with a
-Mod: Talking about the song 'ganz in weiss' from Roy Black. Is it music you were grown up with? Or rather Freddy Quinn?
-Marian: I came in contact with music using our jukebox at home. Such a radio thing with a green light in the front. All these old records, which I listened to. You took what you could get. One record that I loved was 'Ghostriders in the sky', this knocked me off my feet! My mother was working as a translator and explained me the story of that song. The music was great! What are we doing now?
-Mod/Marian(?): Incredible song! Never heard it better, and never played it with someone, 70 years old and still impressive.
-Mod: Your father was selling heating systems? Why didn't you join this business, was it planned at some point?
-Marian: It was, but I was not qualified for that.
Mod: Do you have brothers or sisters?
-Marian: I have 4 sisters, one younger, three older than me. When it became clear that I wouldn't join the business, their husbands entered the scene...I was greatful for that!
-Mod: Did the parents conciliate with it, after you became successful?
-Marian: My father never really understood how you can make a living with music. My mother was ok with it, but also not really impressed.
-Mod: Did you have a happy childhood?
-Marian: Yes! There were some fights with my father who has been quite dominant, but I accepted his role and started avoiding conflicts. In contrast to my sisters who always fighted with him, I did not. So the relationship stayed rather peaceful.
-Mod: Did this have any influence on you as a father? As most of us know you're a father to 7 kids. Was that your plan or did it simply happen?
-Marian: It was not planned.
-Mod: But welcome?
-Marian: Yes, absolutely. You always have your own intentions, and never want to be like your parents. When your kids grow up, in the beginning it's easy not to be like your own parents. I think they themselves were different, when I was still young. But when the kids grow older, problems appear and you begin to understand why your parents behaved that way. Not in every point, but some.
-Mod: Did you set any examples for your kids, hoping that they adopt this?
-Marian: No idea. I try to be a honest and loving person, that's all. They have to manage the rest on their own. I would not intervene, if one of my kids aims for a profession I dislike. They have to go their own way and I will fully support them.
-Mod: Do you know all the birthdays of your kids?
-Marian: Yes, sure.
-Mod: Ok, tell me two!
-Marian: Only if you have presents for them prepared (smiles).
-Mod: Let's make some more music. You sent me a list of songs that are important for you, featuring 'Oh Yeah' from Roxy Music, which deals with the topic 'radio' in a way.
-Marian: Roxy Music had a strong influence on my idea of music. The record came out at the same time as the one from Genesis [Nursery Crime]. I've bought them both, they were so very different from each other, and I loved them both. Roxy was 50th Rock'n'Roll combined with Brian Ferry new romantic style.
-Mod: You said you forget the lyrics from time to time. This is why you use a teleprompter, which is great if you have one to handle the device.
-Marian: Yes, sometimes I forget words in songs I sang thousand times before, like in SLAM today. Some lines are quite similar. So it came to the fact that our fans held up signs with the lyrics on our concerts, I'm greatful for that! Hardcore fans are helpful! So our first two rows know about their responsibilities.
-Mod: Did you write the lyrics yourself? You were a group of 3 and in the beginning really amateurs...
-Marian: That's true. We have been listening to a lot of music and have been fans. Until I met Bernd I could hardly imagine to be able to write songs on my own. But with usage of sequencers and drum machines we were suddenly able to do so. Based on the crazy ideas inside our heads. The 2nd song we have ever written was already BIJ. Most of the things we created together. Maybe lyrics were more my responsibility as a singer, therefore the two others cared more about melodies.
-Mod: Were they aware what a great voice you have?
-Marian: I wasn't aware of having such a great instrumentalist in the band, who on the other had no idea how to play. No-one knew. Even if they told us, it's crap what we do, we woudn't stop playing.
-Mod: Although it's not that easy anymore for you to hit the highest notes, you are still a great singer! I remember you could reach 'tenor' with your voice in former times.
-Marian: I was not aware of this. After facing some problems with my voice, some gave me the advice to take singing lessons to become more professional [technically]. I met a great teacher named Vera Kamarit and she showed me how to deal with the big range my voice offered. I was already 38. She inspired me for classical music like Brahms etc. It was a lot of fun. Later she moved to the East side of the city and we said goodbye.
If the wall had not come down, we would maybe still working together. Maybe I would sing operas nowadays.

-Mod: You have been 30 already, when the AV carreer started. Quite ol for Bravo magazine?
-Marian: True, but they pretended I am 19.
-Mod: Easy for me. True. You always looked younger.
-Marian: Until mid-30 every looks like 19!
-Mod: I can't say that about me. So you wanted to play a song from Franz Schubert...
-Marian: I have always been interested in classical music. I'm not an opera singer, but I think I can do that song.
-Mod: We will give our best. But I think it's necessary to play all the 4 verses.
-Marian: It worked! Great for only one rehearsal...!
-Mod: It sounded not too 'funny for classical music...
-Marian: It's a singing technique from a time without electronic amplifiers. I love operas...even Wagner.
-Mod: Did Pavarotti ever sing Wagner?
-Marian: Don't think so.
-Mod: You mentionned Münster. I read you have been working in a kitchen at that time?
-Marian: That happened after being homeless. We were looking for a rehearsal room, which was difficult in Berlin. In Münster we had the chance to use the cellar of our drummers grandma. Our romantic exile...Münster caused my homesickness. For Berlin... That lead to the production of our first album in a way. Songs about homesickness...But we had a good time in Münster. The album was not finished yet that time. But within a few weeks BIJ became #1, so the chef fired me after saying 'hey they play your song again, again...go now!!
-Mod: What did you feel, when they played BIJ on the radio for the first time?
-Marian: Quite ok! We just had listened to it already 10,000 times before! Bernd once told me that for him it was the greatest moment when he held the vynil record in his hand for the first time.
-Mod: Vynil, dear kids is...(laughing).
-Marian: I can't really remember the first time on the radio, but on TV I think. Sounds like on LSD... I just remember hearing it many times in the kitchen where I worked.
-Mod: Wanna play it?
-Mod: You have to hold up the lyrics, not the lights!! (laughs) How often did you sing this song in your life?
-Marian: Can't even count.
-Mod: I know, but how often a year for example?
-Marian: We're playing between 40 and 50 gigs per year. So one time on every concert, like all the other songs. Not more often than other songs.
-Mod: You were happy to have three bits like BIJ on only one album, which probably
helped to secure your pension. One can say you are financially independent after three
worlwide hits, is that correct?
-Marian: Yes. (claps) So we are both here on our own free will.
-Mod: Yes, yes, yes. Do you know how often the song is played every day?
-Marian: On Spotify we see the number of streams. It's incredible...
-Mod: But streaming makes no money, right?
-Marian: In this high numbers, it does!
-Mod: There are also many cover versions of your songs...
-Marian: Yes, Beyonce has sung FY.
-Mod: Beyonce, really?
-Marian: Yes, better than me! I like cover versions, it's like a love letter to a song. It has nothing to do with competition.
-Mod: How does it work behind the scenes? Do they ask for your permission? Did Beyonce call you, 'Oh Hartwig, it's for you...Beyonce'. And then she asks you...
-Marian : Jay Z called.
-Mod: Oh, Jay Z, sorry...
-Marian : You don't have to ask an artist for permission to cover a song, as long as you don't change basic parts. Jay Z added rap parts, which needed our agreement.
-Mod: Totally unselfishly! You did not want to be mean...!
-Marian : Yes...
-Mod: Karel Gott and Bushido did a cover as well. How could you give your permission for that?
-Marian : Karel is great. I admire him a lot.
-Mod: So it didn't stop his career.
-Marian : No, you can't say that.
-Mod: When you see yourself in old videos, does it feel strange?
-Marian : I don't know how you see it, but when I dream for example...I'm not that old...only 35...I'm 65.
-Mod: I'm 57.
-Marian : I would like to be 57 again.
-Mod: And I hope to reach 65!
-Marian : When I dream I'm always mid-20. So when I watch myself on video, it's not that far away. But of course I remember the way I thought when I was that age. Huge difference. I would do things differently, if I had the chance. But I don't have. So I don't think about it.
-Mod: You also lost that androgynous style.
-Marian : I had to, because I changed more to hetereosexual.
-Mod: David Bowie was your greatest hero?
-Marian : Yes, an initial experience to hear his album. His voice, his personality [Ziggy Stardust]...Beautiful, from out of this world. You hear the first song and suddenly you know it will go on like that for ever. Or even better. Seldom moments...Something changes in your life.
-Mod: What kind of change do you mean? Becoming a musician?
-Marian : No no, you just don't known. Suddenly a door opens and you can see a totally new life in front of you. It had something to do with sexual appearance, make-up, clothes, being different. I has been the same with Rocky Horror Picture Show. Thousand possibilities... That's what they give you...
-Mod: Maybe your artist name gives you the chance to try things you would not dare to with your real identity?
-Marian : After listening to this album, I went to around Bielefeld wearing lipstick and make-up. I felt so great! Innocent in a way, and free. Just like an alien.
-Mod: Great song! Bowie is just more than 'Let's Dance' or 'China Girl'. The same with Queen...
-Marian : But the real fans do know all the songs. And know what it is all about...
-Mod: Coming back to BIJ, you said you never visited Japan and actually the song has nothing to do with that country, but with the Berlin zoo station.
-Marian : Yes, BIJ means you pretend to be a star somewhere else (here: Japan), whereas in reality you are a no-one. So BIJ means 'pretender'... and deals with topics like heroin, prostitution etc. and two protagonists trying to escape the situation. Something that belonged to our daily life that time. Being homeles...
-Mod: For how long?
-Marian : One and a half years...
-Mod: No-one there to help you?
-Marian : I'm not sure if I wanted help. Not everything was bad.
-Mod: But look at all those homeless in Berlin nowadays. For most of them my impression is that all hope is gone. They are lost. So how did you manage after such a long time?
-Marian : Don't know. I just left Berlin. West Berlin was surrounded by the iron curtain and for me it was a place to leave all the old troubles behind. A nice place to get lost.
-Mod: Did you beg for money?
-Marian : Yes, sometimes. After they kicked me out of the German Army, where I had some problems with the high ranking military members, I went from Plön to Hannover and took the next train which went to Berlin. (Warsaw actually).
-Mod: Does this time still have an influence on you after many years as a wealthy popstar?
-Marian : This is what I meant with 'not eveything was bad'. It's still an important part of me, it makes me sensitive to the problems of other people, like homeless freezing to death in winter. There is a lot you can do. I would be happy to see more people engaging in charity projects. Like the night buses... Even if it's not easy, as some homeless people avoid going to hostels. Especially when they are drunk they are always in danger. Or when they take other drugs. You cannot say they deserve this. The ultimate goal is saving them. The same like with refugees in the mediterranian sea.
-Mod: What happened with your friends from that time?
-Marian : I don't know. I left the city and when I came back it was a totally different situation.
-Mod: Another song by a person who mainly influenced you...
-Marian : Ah yes, Freddy Quinn !
-Marian : Freddy can do everything. He speaks 7 languages, he can sing songs from every genre. In the 50th his manager has been asked to produce Blue Spanish Eyes. But he refused on the grounds that Spaniards do not have blue eyes. So Freddy missed the chance to become more famous. He had high potential.
-Mod: The same happened to Sinatra. So Al Martino sang his song and Frank later regretted. The next song is a kind of hidden track...let's try...Elegy.
-Mod: Did you try to find out as an artist, why a song like FY becomes such a hit, and a song like Elegy does not? Do you try to wirte FY again and again?
-Marian : Elegy as a song works for me in the same way as FY. We just not decided yet to publish it. Still waiting for the right moment. And regarding your other question: No! I don't try to write a new FY, it would just be boring, I did not become an artist to do repetition.
-Mod: When the TV show 'Sing my song' called about 2 years ago, what did you think?
-Marian : I thought: Why did you wait so long? It was the only show I really wanted to join. I don't like the others...where I have to explain others what they did good or bad. Not my cup of tea. But I liked the concept. You really work with the music of others. And you want them to like it. Standing in front of them, performing their songs is a very special situation. At some point you forget about all the cameras around you. Some were hidden anyway. Cameramen with bushes on their heads...funny.
-Mod: Did the show bring Alphaville back to public focus again?
-Marian : Yes, we sold more concert tickets for example. Being on TV etc. is always helpful. But that was only a nice side effect. I wanted to join this show [...and my manager too!].
-Mod: Which version of one of your songs did surprise you the most?
-Marian : Mary (Roos) with I Die For You Today. She did that very well. Mary really surprised me. We had a good relationship. We initiated a WhatsApp group, Ray and all the others and [I] keep posting things. So it still goes on. The show is simply true.
-Mod: So cover versions is a topic...
-Mod: Big applause, wow! Must have something to do with the kind of version...Would it be interesting to do such a relaxed version of the song?
-Marian : The are so many already exists. Slowly we get closer to the status of Yesterday, the most covered song of all time. I think in reality there are between 700 and 900 cover versions of that song.
-Mod: Do you sometimes take your family on a long weekend and say, 'well...let's listen to them all in row now... No-one is allowed to leave the room...'.
-Marian : It would be hell for me...Me in a white room.
-Mod: With your black suit...And when all the 900 versions are played...All the Yesterday versions follow...
-Marian : So this is what popstars are afraid of when they go to hell...listening to their own music in a loop.
-Mod: Yes, that's bad, you heard them all before so often. Many of us have been accompanied by this song all their live. Sometimes music saves life. Your music is part of our culture.
-Marian : We just tried to give something back. Other artists maybe saved my life, too.
-Mod: So, Bowie you mean?
-Marian : Yes, and Tim Curry.
-Mod: What will you say to Bowie when you meet him in Heaven someday in the future?
-Marian: Actually I tried to meet him end of the 70th, when I heard that he visisted the SO36 Club from time to time. Although I think I would not have dared to speak to him. Watching him would have already been ok. A funny story: there was a guy selling records out of a hawker's tray and he sold me a record by an english band called Big In Japan. At home I listened to it and liked it. It remained in my record collection and forgot about it. Two or three years later I've been searching for a refrain for our own piece of music, I remembered the name of the band and I successfully used this. When our song went into the charts in 1984, it was Frankie Goes To Hollywood blocking the number one position in Germany. Finally we became No 1, but FGTH singer Holly Johnson was also singer of the band Big In Japan.
-Mod: But Bowie has probably heard your songs as well.
-Marian : Maybe but I don't think about it. I would, but...
-Mod: But you're not the only 'shy' popstar. Billy Joel did not dare to talk to Paul McCartney, although he was already famous. Paul did not dare to talk to the Everly Brothers, etc. So there is always someone to look up to...
-Marian : I think it's important for an artists to be a fan as well. Even at my age I'm still fan of other bands...
-Marian : It's always easy to sing a Bowie song.
-Mod: But I didn't know this song before. Do you all know it?
(Talking with the audience about Bowie records). We are coming to the end of our nice little show...You have 7 kids. Looking at the world as it is today, are you in fear for their future or rather optimistic?
-Marian : Or was it song number three though...? (Relating to the discussion with the audience before). Of course I am thinking about our future. Kids need protection. They have no experience and are easy to outsmart. But in general I'm optimistic. I think there is a way out of all these climate problems and the fact that so many people are presidents nowadays.
-Mod: Trump can not last long, no way!
-Marian : He wanted to buy Greenland??
-Mod: He switched to Bavaria now, I think, but...You said you are dreaming of becoming a grandpa some day?
-Marian : That's true, but my kids are still young. But I'm dreaming of having a child that I only need to pamper all day long. No quarrels, no restrictions, no discussion about school...As a grandpa you just need to be friendly. And the kids just love you...
-Mod: How long do you still have to wait?
-Marian : Difficult to say. My eldest daughter is 22. Today they wait longer...
-Mod: The last song for today...from Rocky Horror Picture Show.
-Marian : We were walking through Berlin with a group of friends, when we saw a crowd of people in costumes and with beers standing in front of a cinema. We asked them what they do...So we joined them. The room got dark. Sold out. Everybody was smoking. 'Something'. The curtain opened, red lips started singing...That was the moment...unbelievable.
[Applaus und Danke schön's]
-Mod: Standing ovation for the first time in our show !

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Great updates! Thank you both!

I must be going crazy or the brandy's won the race 32
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You are great! Thank you for the translation! :-)
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Originally Posted by vafe View Post
You are great! Thank you for the translation! :-)
Vafe, I did not translate anything, just re-transcripted the subs- about a 4h' work 'aber wahre liebe kennt keine grenzen'.

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